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as regular laundry detergent. when does the rain move in? we have new information tonight and allegations about whether a homicide detective abused his authority. >> he has been suspended. we're live at police headquarters with more on the investigation. >> tonight, the head of the department is -- if the charges against daniel nicholson turn out to be true, he could lose his job and be prosecuted criminally, or both. >> he was one of the lead detectives and the high profile case of phylicia barnes, a teenager who went missing in december of 2010 and whose body was found in the susquehanna rinever. now detective susquehanna rinever's. >> daniel nicholson's career is in jeopardy after searching for his daughter. they sent out this flyer asking for help locating the
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15-year-old girl. county police began their own investigation. >> friday, he reported to us and said his daughter was missing. so we have been handling that missing persons case throughout the weekend. >> it is not the first time there have been issues between the detective and his daughter. in september of last year, baltimore county police investigated a complaint of abuse. it indicates that the detective discovered his daughter had a facebook page which she was not allowed to have. police say he took her out of school, but her home, and used a cable to be her. >> as a result of that investigation, we charged him with second-degree assault. that case has been adjudicated. the charge was dropped by the state's attorney after the family agreed to go with her mediation. >> now the detective has been suspended by baltimore city police in connection with what they call a very serious allegation. that he abused his power by
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entering an apartment while searching for his daughter. police are investigating daniel nicholson and also whether supervisors knew about his activity. >> meanwhile, detective bob cherry who is the head of the police department said, that he knows him -- nicholson was a good person and left his daughter. he could face administrative sanctions or he could be prosecuteprosecute do criminally depending on how the case plays out. thank you. he said that he did not want to testify in an attack. he said he wanted to drop the charges against eli werdesheim and avi werdesheim. they were charged and in the can -- attack with a teenager in park heights. we're not releasing the victim's name. he said that he wanted the charges dropped. he was very upset on the stand and emotional.
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he was also difficult to understand. >> we said that we cannot do our jobs a month we have the ability to hear what the witness says. that way we can accurately cross examine. >> the prosecution will now proceed the case without the victim. you usually go to a barbershop to get a little off the top come on up to fire a gun. two man walked into this barbershop and got into a fight with a man and shoot him. police tell us that he was rushed to the hospital and is expeit. area schools were on lockdown. just to be on the safe side. numfive people have been charged for selling knockoff designer bags and shoes as part of a federal raid on a fleetwood mac -- fleamarket. four people are under arrest and the search is still on. 39-year-old -- 39-year-old patapsco. the video of this one went
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viral all over the internet. it shows a man being robbed, beaten, and stripped of his clothes. police say there were a lot of tips on this. we will take you to annapolis where it was anything but quiet yet -- yesterday. women were pushing a baby stroller when they say a man on a bike path them a couple times. then he was running up behind them and then dropped his pants and started grabbing himself. >> a couple of the beggars talked to themselves. they would yell at people. i am not surprised that this happened. >> after the man exposed himself, the women say that he ran away. police are asking anyone who has information to call crime stoppers. some changing weather moving into maryland. we are already seeing the
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leading edge. take a look at the prospective here across the mid-atlantic. showers and storms in west virginia. creeping further west. we're picking up showers now over maryland from west to east. that is the weather maker for tomorrow and will make for a much in the friday. temperatures come on up a great deal different. we think they will be up close to 70, despite the cloud cover. tonight, temperatures have not fallen all that sharply except for york. most spots are split 50 degrees. tomorrow, we should climb to near 70. much of the day will be in the 60s. watch out for showers and hit and miss thundershowers tomorrow afternoon. we will have more on this weather and when the next one comes in. the year was 1903. the wizard of oz was on broadway. it was when the baltimore orioles moved to new york to become the yankees. it was also the year that goldie miller was born.
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today, she met -- she turned 109. there are few people that live that long. it is believed that she may be the oldest person in maryland. his -- her son says that his mother is living proof that aged beauty. >> i think it is wonderful. it is a situation where the old school continues to outdo and out with the young people by showing their strength and their desire to live and participate in everyday life. >> several state leaders signed a card for goldie. goldie was born the year that theodore roosevelt was president. it is happening right now. folks in the gingrich campaign are -- his exit from the campaign trail just one day after mitt romney -- the former speaker says he is planning to end his bid for the presidency
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next tuesday. we have the latest from washington. >> on the campaign trail wednesday, newt gingrich said he accept -- excepts mitt romney's nomination for the presidency. >> i think that i would be a better candidate. the voters did not think that. >> gingrich calls for unity and the -- republican party and says he will do everything he can to ensure mitt romney is an effective candidate. >> no conservative should have any doubt about the importance of defeating barack obama. >> the former house speaker announced his candidacy on facebook and twitter last may. the campaign struggled from the start with that and in june, several people resigned. voters seem to be searching for an alternative to romney and gingrich found himself at the top of the polls for a while. analysts credit strong debate performances. >> destructive, bish is, negative nature of the news
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media makes it harder to govern this country. >> he scored a major win in south carolina and was not deterred by losses in iowa, new hampshire, a florida. >> we're going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> the other primary victory came in his home state of georgia. gingrich is expected to officially end his campaign and expressed his support for romney next week. and washington,. the supreme court seems to be showing support for the integration -- immigration law. they are leaning toward upholding part of the law. they say, how can states rule when they cannot protect their borders? they need to come up with something else. they are focused on the most controversial measure. if the officers have reasonable
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suspicion that they are in the country, illegally. a mad cow disease, will it stop people from buying meat? they are telling us that the chances is small. listen to this dairy farmer who lives by the farm where the ill cow was found. >> people are going to hold back. >> the inspectors are now deciding if it must kill any calves delivered by the mad cow. these are cows that were born in the same year and at the same place. this is the hot topic tonight on facebook. we will ask if the new case of mad cow disease will cause you to change her eating habits. what if it happens closer to home? we are working and trying to clear up confusion on a chore that everybody hates. >> what is that? a laundry? >> not only is there always a
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lot to do, but there seems to be more laundry detergent object -- options and shoppers say they are confused by the hd symbol. >> i just smell it and whatever smells good, i usually buy it. >> regardless of what brand you prefer, the options are endless. all truck, double concentrated, and -e. that is specially formulated made specifically for high-efficiency washing machines. >> i thought it was the same as regular laundry detergent. >> these products will not damage your traditional washer or your clothes. >> i don't notice a difference. >> but they use traditional detergent and a high-efficiency machine, and you may see a different. consumer reports says that it is a concern because traditional detergent create too many says for machines that use less energy and less water.
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you will pay more in the long run for repairs and you will lose money every time you run the washer. >> that means that the rents sectoral -- red cycle will run longer. you are using more water. >> that is why manufacturers recommend these products for high-efficiency machines. even when you have to buy a specific product, the selection is and less in the detergent aisle. >> now there are these new detergent pouch is similar to what you use in your dishwasher. with these, you toss them right into your washing machine come on up the tray on top. they are still testing these products. results are expected in the next couple of weeks. abc2 news. we are all stressed out and multitasking, talking on the phone, texting while driving. it is also walking while distracted that is a big
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danger. brian keebler takes a look at the real dangers pedestrians face if walking while distracted. that is tomorrow night at 11:00. it is the new wave and punishment. >> let's just say that mom put a picture up and wrote a caption and it is strong enough to make the 11:00 news. find out why there is a 50-year-old it. before you cash your tax refund, what are the fore best ideas to do with the money?
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. we are all going to need paperbacks for this. watch this plane come into view. look at the wind take the plane. i am getting sick just watching this. it was tossed around in very
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heavy wind. four other pilots decided they could not risk it. look at that. it is unbelievable. the members that go -- got so mad at his daughter that he shot her a laptop computer, here is another parent getting a little heat. denise abbott says her 13-year-old daughter was mouthing off and getting involved in too much drama on facebook. but she did not just ban her daughter from the social media site, she made a retaliation post. have it changed her profile picture and her daughters to a picture of a girl with this caption. >> i decided to do something that would impact her. and then the next time she started that, she would not want that all of hour facebook again. >> she sent an e-mail out apologizing for being disrespectful.
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her mom sees a little progress. if a child commits suicide, are the parents to blame? that is one meeting that people are getting. state representative germy face the was against a cyberbullying bill. >> there are children who have committed suicide. i will submit to you today, they did not commit suicide because of somebody bullying them. they committed suicide because they were not taught proper principles. >> opponents called his words disgraceful. he apologized for his poor choice of words. >> there is a frightening statistic. it includes things like playing music too loud, texting, and driving drunk. 83% of teenage girls say they are having more than one passenger and they call and that causes them to lose focus on
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the road. fewer americans seem to be getting divorced except one particular section of the population. they are seeing more marriages break up with baby boomers. new members -- there is more than double the divorce rate among the same age group 20 years ago. a lot of them say that they are not the same people they were when they married them in the 20s. >> you grow apart emotionally, physically, and we just cannot relate to each other anymore. >> we have just grown apart dark intimacy has faded away. >> what is behind the trend? experts say that it is more of empathy for individual happiness. and did it could also be that there is less social pressure and women are more financially independent then they have been in the past.
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in our consumer alert, lawmakers are responding to president obama's calls for them to keep rates from rising. if nothing is done before the summer, rates will double. republicans said they will force a vote friday on the bill that will keep that from happening. >> this week, the president is traveling the country on the taxpayers dime. campaigning and trying to invent a fight where there is not one. >> chances are, there will be a fight over how to take the bill. presents want to take money from the overall wall. if they cannot compromise, 7.4 million students will have to pay higher rates. if you have not already got your tax refund, it should show up any day. whether it is $200 or $2000, we are working with you to find the four best ways to spend the money. pay off credit card debt and
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put some of it toward retirement or a college fund. also, and best. funds or home improvement projects. the fourth recommendation is, treat yourself. whether it is new clothing, an ipad, or a vacation. pay for it in cash so you don't get hit with the bill after you run out of money. the most powerful doppler radar. today, more of a spring day. typically, upper-60s and son. that is what we have today. fifty-one right now. kind of a mild night. not quite the chill in the air. sunshine all day today and baltimore. some high-speed wins about. jetstream very nearby. if you are outside, clouds were streaking by. we did have some high-speed
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wins in the area. take a look at the winds tonight. they have gone, after a gusty day. that is all done. temperatures are comfortably mild in the low 50s right now. most spots are really mild. as we check out the highs of the day, right around 70 degrees. we should be right back there tomorrow. not much warmer but more humid. we will not have quite the cool start in the morning. as we begin to work into the overnight period, a little cooling, but not much. cloud cover already increasing out of the west. there is also some storm activity out to the west as well. we think at some point in time tomorrow, this will show itself over maryland. the wildcard is, how much and wind? right now, just a hit or miss shower or storm could flare up. it is going to be one of those days, with hit or miss showers. that is moving in pretty fast.
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take a look at the pattern, cool air still locked in north. warmer air on the march tomorrow. with the cloud cover and the showers, it probably won't feel warmer. a warm front will knock on the door tomorrow though. timing, the model indications that we have is that this wet weather to the west will diminish as it heads east. we may get some mid-day sunshine around here. then it looks like an afternoon or evening round of showers. this model may be underplaying it. but you do see some hit or miss showers as we go into the evening. that could affect the evening commute tomorrow night. plan for showers. friday, we are dry again and looking good until we get into saturday when a new weather maker pushes them. this looks like some late afternoon or evening showers on
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saturday. overnight, 50. clouds increase. tomorrow, the potential for showers will definitely be there. seventy on average. some spots cooler and some warmer. it depends on how much son we get. and then a drive friday in the mid 60s. very april like. drying out and warming up next week. that is the pattern as we see it right now. a little bit of everything. how would you like to tarnish tim tebow's image? would a million dollars work? a website is willing to pay cash to any woman to say that she had sex with the new york jets quarterback. coming up, the world's most beautiful woman.
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. let's go to southern germany. the international beer tournament. not bad. 163 men from all over europe and the u.s. presented their facial hair. eighteen categories.
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two germans won the top prizes. one for a chinese chin beard. one had a beard with two braids. people magazine has named new mommy beyonci as the year's most beautiful woman. they welcomed their daughter to the world in january. she says that her daughter has given her a new meaning to life. she loves changing diapers. >> there you go. companies go to great lengths. how about in the fictional world? and the rebid -- recent episode, the main character support the howard johnson's hotel. those hotels want to make it right. if your name is don draper, you can get a free night stay at a hotel between now and august 31. you just ask for the don draper rates, and you have to show
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your id of course. >> i remember the howard johnson with the clam night. >> we used to have one down the street. >> take a look outside. a little rain coming in through west virginia. i do not think we will see it until later in the day tomorrow. after you get that howard johnson excess, look for 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. keep the on burlap -- umbrella handy. ♪
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. beyonci changing diapers. >> i did not know that howard johnson had the seafood buffet. have a good night.
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