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tv   News  ABC  April 30, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." a special milestone for new york city and world trade center. details ahead. >> a judge's ruling may have owners -- pit bull owners upset. what could be done in the event of an attack. >> if you are looking for the biggest threat to america, right now she is right there kim kardashian. >> it was a star studded event with a lot of laughs. we will go to the white house correspondence dinner. details on that just ahead.
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it's monday morning, hope you had a wonderful weekend. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley is out live and we will check in with him in a bit but right now lynette charles and it was pretty nice yesterday. >> it was gorgeous. we made it up to 70 degrees. but we are not going to do a repeat for today. so check out the satellite and radar. you can see the showers and thunderstorms off to the south and west of us right now. what we are getting in on is increasing clouds throughout the day. we won't see the showers and thunderstorms until overnight tonight into tomorrow. that definitely is a possibility. but what we are looking at this morning is the fact well we have temperatures that are a little on the cool side. and we are looking at 35 degrees right now in towson and joppa around 42. and 48 now in sparrows point and millersville is 44. we are on breezy side. check out the gusts in sparrows point around 23 miles an hour. and 17. let's check traffic with ralph siegel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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lynette and everyone. let's look at the beltway at liberty road. traffic coming towards us is on the inner loop of the beltway. outer loop we are building volume but traffic is still at speed making the trip down past the baltimore national pike. no problems on the top side. you are in good shape on the beltway. making the trip from route 1 around past providence road southbound 95, still quiet from white marsh to the beltway. on this south side northbound 95 building volume around route 100 and continuing north at the beltway on northbound 95 an accident was moved off the roadway onto the left shoulder. back to you guys. 5:32. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the killing of al-qaeda leader osama bin laden. but today will be a special milestone for new york city. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here to explain why. >> reporter: today the new york port authority will mark a major milestone in the construction of one world trade center with the installation of steel column that will make the
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skyscraper the tallest building in new york. when the call ums are put in place the building will officially -- column are put in place the buildings will officially surpass the empire state building. the beam placed is scheduled for 1:30 and a press conference will be held shortly after that. last september, abc2 news received an he can collusive tour of the world trade center. linda used to work for rtkl, associate in baltimore and urs grinner in hunt valley is overseeing the construction of the freedom tower womb spoke to her during the visit and she says she -- tower. we spoke to her during the visit and she says she wish everybody could experience what she does. >> i wish i could bring every woo on the site. it's a big job. emotionally i am going all day. the trucks come in here and dump concrete into the pumps and the concrete is pup p ped -- pumped underground into the core. >> reporter: good morning america will cover the milestone from several
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different angle. abc's george will speak with guest at the world trade center to discuss the construction. 68 marylanders were among the thousands who died on 9/11. beams from the world trade center are a part of a memorial at baltimore's world trade center. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. one bite and you are out. maryland's highest court says all pit bulls are dangerous making it easier for victims to file a lawsuit after just one attack. the court tracked several cases similar to a young girl who is local many her name is keyniya. she was attacked in october needing 40 stitches. she has a lifetime scar on her leg and under the ruling a lawsuit if filed, the victim would only have to show that the dog's owner or landlord of properties knew that dog was at least part pit bull since the courts claim they are all aggressive. >> they belong on a farm away from kids. you know, put them on a big
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farmhouse you know. i mean, yard or whatever not around kids. >> because the case impacts landlords they may be more reluctant to allow certain types of dogs on their property. and because of that, people might be faced with eviction if they have a certain kind of a pet. >> the maryland spca hopes the case will be reconsidered. aileen gabbey believes owners have a big say in whether or not the dog learns to attack. she says it is more likely for a dog to be aggressive if that dog has not been neutered. it's 5:35 right now. university of maryland basketball player has been arrested for disorderly conduct in college park. he was arrested about 2:30 sunday morning outside a college park restaurant. university of maryland police say that howard was not involved in a fight however he was shouting nearby. the california native missed the last month of the season after suffering a knee injury in february. tomorrow is the first meeting of an official task force on florida's controversial stand your ground
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law. the governor formed the task force after the trayvon martin case gained so much national attention. police say that the teen was shot and killed by a member of the neighborhood watch group as he was walking to his dad's fiancee's house. the shooter is charged with murder in this case. taking a look at news around the nation, police near denver colorado released this video of a convenience store clerk shot in the arm during robbery. police say the gunman fired shots at customers at the many mart but missed. police say the two men came in and shot the clerk right away before grabbing money from the register. the coast embarred suspended the -- sus -- guard suspended their search for a member. they served saturday and yesterday morning for the only boater unaccounted for. the search was called off late yesterday afternoon. three other sailors from the boat were found dead yesterday. the fourth crew members were
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participating in a sailboat racefrom newport beach california to mexico. two teens are recovering in the hospital after they were hit by a car while sunbathing. the 13-year-olds fell asleep on a rural pennsylvania road. a 19-year-old boy was questioned by police but not arrested in the case. the girls were airline lifted to a -- airlifted to a hospital and are he can spkd to be okay. it was about the punch light at the white house correspondence dinner and we begin with the president. take a listen. >> a pleasure to be here in the vast magnificent hilton ballroom or what mitt romney would call a fixer upper. four years ago i was locked in a brutal primary battle with hillary clinton. four years later, she won't stop drunk texting me from cartagena. >> and then it was jimmy
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kimmel's turn to roast the president. listen to this. >> mr. president, you remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. that was your best one yet. you know there's term for guys like president obama, probably not two terms but there is. >> it was certainly a star studded event with celebrities like george clooney and diane keeton and kim kardashian even attended the event. there is an app for everything. no doubt about it. there's a new one that is going to tell you how attractive you are. is it a joke or just a bad idea. we have details on it straight ahead. and the new study about diabetes in your teenage. why you might want to keep a close eye on how they take care of themselves. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. >> and it's going to be cooler today but we have warmer weather on the way. i will tell you exactly when
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now "good morning
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maryland." 5:42. there seems to be an app for everything. and now there's an app that has you asking yourself how ugly are you? it's called the ugly meter and here's how it works. you take a picture of yourself and let the ugly meter decide your fate. it gives your face a good once over and examines your eyes and nose and bone structure and scores you on a scale from 0 to 100. creator of the app scored a 32. >> how you do your hair and you have a beard or not. those things don't matter. this is facial structure. so, unfortunately, someone like a 32, me, there's nothing i can do about it. that's what you are. >> the app is currently the number one -- number 6 on the most popular paid apps the iphone and cost 99 cents. we want to know what you think about this. you think this is good fun or could it kill yourself esteem. it's the stupidest thing i've heard of. head to our facebook fan page
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and weigh in. be positive in the trace oftragedy how a couple is dealing with a diagnosis for their baby and how they hope it will help other families. >> reporter: the johns hopkins tower said to open soon. hear what patients are saying about the new facility.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:46. patients at johns hop cns made the move -- hopkins made the move this week toned a new tower offering more comforts and new technology to treat patients and sherrieionson -- sherrie johnson joins with us more. >> reporter: it officially opens tomorrow but it was moving day as patients and staff made their way into the new tower. brooke shockley has been in and out of the pediatric unit for more than a year battling bone cancer. she was happy to see the new unit and her room. new technology in the facility will give doctors a better advantage when it comes to patient care. the staff moved about 150 pediatric patients. shockley says it will be nice to have the clinic nurse and inpatient nurses together. >> really excited to see what it feels like. i will be a part of history.
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i am really excited because of the view from the windows. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: hospital administrators say families will be happy because they have separate playrooms for teens and younger patients. it has top notch raidology equipment and great upgrades for patient care. sherrie johnson. >> 5:47. they brought home the new baby only to get really devastating news from dps doctors a few months later. now houston company is going crusade for life and sharing their daughter's story with the world. her name is easery and she was diagnosed with spinal must cue could you lar astro if i. she is only given 18 months to live. this is a rare genetic disorder so her parents took the story online and offered her own bucket list. >> mike told me we have got all
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the time in the world to cry. we can cry you know when she is no longer here but for now we want to enjoy the time we have with her and just make memories. >> we can watch her die or let her live and through letter her live we will try to educate other people so they don't have to go through it too. >> so her memory is including throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game and her first easter and even some memories that her father made up first college trip. she has genetic disorder that has no cure be a the website is meant to raise money as well as awareness. other news this morning. a warning for parents with overweight teens. if your child develops diabetes, they will have a very tough timekeeping it under control. one in five teens in the study had a very high blood pressure and very high blood sugar
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rather. doctors say the single approach is not only going to get the job done. the study points to a need to create basically eating less and more healthy lifestyle, one that involves moving more. >> a marine veteran is embarking on a 35 day cross- country bike trip beginning today. his name is rich blake and he is making the trek from baltimore to tacoma washington. and he is returning after pursuing a docket rail in clinical psychology. so blake -- doctorate in clinical psychology. he has given the health and wellness program and this starts today. time for a check on your weather. here's lynette. hopefully he will have good weather but who knows frombaltimore to washington. >> he should stay dry but by tomorrow he will hook at showers especially early in the morning. but winds today, yeah, a little on the breezy side.
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the wind at 8 miles an hour out of the northeast in baltimore and more in easton. rich said it's chilly and cold there this morning and a little on the windy side. thanks for that report. he is one of my weather watchers and i appreciate that. now we look at the wind chill with the wind. we are feeling it especially in york, pennsylvania. it feels like freezing. 44 in baltimore. easton coming in at 42 at least that's the way it feels. and also, cecil county is under a frost advisory until 8 this morning and points northward. so our neighbors to the north and east looking at that frost advisory until 8:00. the satellite and radar not doing a whole lot or picking up on precipitation. no type of rain out there across our neck of the woods. we see the clouds off towards the west. western maryland getting in cloud cover mostly cloudy skies and partly cloudy skies and this increases as we go through the day. and then, we have this warm front that's going to try to work its way in here especially for tomorrow we will be feeling the effects of it. high pressure is going to move off the east and with that,
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allowing for the rain to work et cetera way in here. overnight, around 2 in the morning, tomorrow morning, rush hour could be a little on the wet side. and then all week long we will have the chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. 65 degrees as we head through the rest of today. and here's the check of the seven-day forecast. looking at the 80s as we head into thursday, and also friday. let's check of the traffic with ralph siegel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's look at southbound 95 at white marsh boulevard making the trip down towards the beltway. should find your travel lanes opened and traffic moving prettywell all the way. no problems on the top side of the beltway. looking good from route one past providence road continuing past 795 and i-70 and baltimore national pike. remember we still have the construction on the jones falls expressway near 28th street. that construction has caused delays frequently in the morning rush hour. so that could still happen but so far so good in that area.
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back to you guys. there have been accusation of racial profiling at airports across the nation. and now, there is an app if you experience it while flying to the next destination. how this works just ahead. plus the world's best selling book is being read cover to cover today in the nation's capital. we have details on the reading marathon ahead. we will be right back.
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jurors are expected to begin deliberating in the case of a man trying to detonate a bomb in new york city subway in 2009. he is charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction allegedly plotting the attack with two others. the accused shooter at the university in california expected to enterer's plea today. one -- enter a plea today. he is charged with 7 counts in murder in connection to a shooting spree that killed 7 people and injured 3 others at that university. finally you can -- a complaint about racial profiling can be done with your cell phone. a app allows people to complaint about -- complain about profiling and it is send to tsa and homeland security. a live look at washington,
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d.c. where there's going to be a 90-hour continuous opening reading today of the bible. the part of the bible reading marathon put on each year by the international bible reading association. again happening today. we know our civic duty but many people try to find ways to get out of jury duty. and in this week's scam alert, how scamers are using your missed appointments to get your personal information. details on that ahead. plus, if you have a newborn, why health officials say you should hold off on using a pacifier for the couple weeks and wean textings and -- text -- between texting and tweeting the data can go fast but what are the things you are not using and how it eats away at your data. >> and maryland's most powerful radar is quiet right now. but it will be more active. i will tell you when and how it will affect your neck of the woods. details coming up.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." three generation of a family are gone after a horrific crash near the bronx zoo. new information coming up. >> fire rips through a wateringhole now it's being rebuilt as we speak. how you can be a part of history coming up in a live report. >> a new ruling by maryland's highest court could


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