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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 30, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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pit bulls in shelters. and their owners in court. we have details on that. but here's a live look outside from the camera down at the inner harbor. the sun is starting to rise on this monday april 30th. thanks for joining us. i hope you had a great weekend i am megan pringle. we will start with a look at the weather. and here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> lots of sunshine over the weekend especially yesterday i hope with sunshine today. but the clouds will begin to move in. and we can see that we are dry as of now. but we look at the satellite and radar off toward the south and west, and that's where all the active weather and stormy weather across the parts once again for today. but we will be dealing with theincreasing clouds as we go into the afternoon and also this morning. so get out there this morning if you want sunshine to enjoy that. if you want the clouds, wait until the afternoon and tomorrow because that's when we will have a chance for wet weather to push in as well. for right now, temperatures coming in right around 46 degrees in glen oak and it's going to be a little on the
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breezy siwith the wind out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. let's check the traffic with ralph siegel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no big problems to talk about right now. we will start off on the beltway. should find your travel lanes opened on the top side as you make your way around past 83 the harrisburg expressway and jones falls expressway. southbound on the jones falls expressway so far no delays reported. construction zone continues along the left side at 28th street and that has been causing problems at times. then moving to the south side of town northbound 95 making your way past group 100 traffic is moving pretty well. no problems to report as you approach the beltway. things are quiet right now as you make your way past liberty road and continue north. the outer loop is quiet as well. back to you guys. 7 people including three children were killed in a crash. this happened on sunday near the bronx zoo. the suv flipped over guardrail and plunged to the ground and
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sherrie johnson is here with more details on what happens today with the investigation. sherrie. >> reporter: well investigators will be back on the scene today looking into the crash that killed 7 people including three children. also today, the medical examiner is expected to release the cause of death. the -- deathch accident happened on -- death. the dent happened on -- accident happened on sunday. police say the 45-year-old woman maria gonzales was driving south on the bronx river parkway when she lost control of her honda pilot. the suv flipped over a 4-foot high iron fence and dropped 60 feet landing upside down in a remote area of the zoo away from the exhibits and closed to visitors. all seven were pronounced dead at the scene. they were wearing their seat belts. even the most experienced emergency crews who raced to the scene were shaken by what they found inside the mangled suv. >> injuries were horrific.
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in 30 years i've seen something like this once or twice. everybody was taken back by it. everybody has a relative. everybody knows a child and has a grand parent and you can see the emotion on everybody. it's upsetting to happen this early something like this. >> reporter: this wreck was the deadliest in new york since march of 2011 when a driver of a tour bus lost control and slammed into a pole killing 14 passengers. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's three minutes after 6. and new this morning the half brother of phylicia barnes is training to become a baltimore police officer. he is set to start the the academy as a cadet this week. 24 years old brian barnes says he was inspired by detectives who worked on his sister's case. the north carolina teen was missing for months before her body was found in a maryland river. a suspect has been charged with first degree murderer in the case. students of a former teacher serving life in prison is going to fight to keep him
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in prison. a judge ruled john merzbacher should be offered a ten year plea deal because of inefficient counsel. he taught in the 1970s. a bite and you are out. a court says all pit bulls are dangerous making it easier for victims to file a lawsuit after one attack. the court traced several cases similar to that girl you saw right there keyniya harris. she is 7 years old attacked near her rosedale home in october needing 40 stitches. she has a lifetime scar on the leg. if a lawsuit is filed, the victim would only have to show the dog's owner or landlord of a property knew that dog was at least part pit bull. since the cord's -- court's claim, all pit bulls are aggressive. >> because the case impacts landlords they may be more reluctant to allow certain types of dogs on their property. and because of that, people might be faced with eviction if
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they have a certain pet. >> the maryland spca hopes the case will be reconsidered. aileen gabbey believes that owners have a big say whether or not the dog learns to attack. she says it's more likely for a dog to be aggressive if that dog has not been spade or neutered. construction fast andfurious at mount washington tavern. since fire destroyed it five month ago, all new for you this morning, how you can be part of a project to bring back the historic watering hole for a good cause. so abc2 news charley crowson is live to explain what it's all about. charley. >> reporter: hey, megan, contractors are expecting the mount washington tavern to be reopened by fall of this year. the almost -- it will be almost a year -- anniversary rather since it opened in 1979. now, joining us for how to get involved to be a part of that is shannon maddox. how have things ben for the past five months. >> it's been exciting for us.
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seeing it go from literally nothing to this like we can't believe it. we are so excited to come back full force in the fall. >> reporter: a lot of heart break in october when it burned. >> yeah. i mean, we couldn't believe it the amount of people that were driving by you know. we would stand out on the sidewalk for hours that day, and people driving by and on our facebook and messages and just people so sad and telling about how much they enjoyed the tank. >> reporter: we want to show the progress. paul is showing us some of this. but there's great project being done in concert with the pediatric hospital about how people can get involved in have their name be a part of mount washington. >> we are selling bricks for the front sidewalk. $75 each and 100% of it goes to the mount washington pediatric. so, you can buy a brick and you can commemorate your time here at tavern. >> reporter: there's several bricks around 500 is the goal but this speaks to the
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community of mount washington one helping another. >> yeah. you know, we have done a lot of work in the past for mount washington pediatric and they do good work for the community and baltimore city and rounding -- surrounding areas and we want to give back to them for what they do for us. >> reporter: thanks so much. mount washington is the place to go $75 through september we will have a link to the website at our website, for now live in mount washington charley crowson abc2 news. today a group of religious leaders will release a letter calling for the governor and state lawmakers to convene a special session. they want to restore the doomsday budget cuts and enact a tobacco tax increase. the letter contains 30 signatures and will be released at 10 this morning. also today, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will make an announcement about the extension of a charm city circulateor route.
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this line will soon run to fort mchenry. a news conference is set for 10 this morning. getting more relief at the pump to tell you b that's good news. gas prices continue to inch downward. aaa says prices dropped by a nickel over the past week. the average for a gallon of regular unleaded now stands at 3.82 nationwide. let's look at how prices look around the country what drivers are nag other cities. a-- are paying in other cities. about 3.79 a gallon tulsa oklahoma it's 38 cents cheaper averaging about 3.41 a gallon. we are work for you to help you save monday -- working for you to help you save monday. log onto to find the lowest gas price. look under the traffic tab and we will try to help you out. we have all thought about creative ways to get out of jury duty. but a new scam says you might think twice about your civic duty. we have information on ways
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scanners are trying to get your personal information. we will explain straight ahead. >> the move a new tower johns -- move to a new tower at johns hopkins is underway. severe weather did a number on cars and businesses in st. louis. we will look at the damage and what they are dealing with this morning. >> and you will need a sweater or jacket this afternoon. but soon you will be able to turn in that sweater and jacket for shorts and t-shirts again. i will tell you when coming up. >> a live picture of new york city times square. let's get a look at today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, google reportedly looked the other way. the search giant has blamed a lone engineer for harvesting personal data while mapping for the street view service. the fcc report say the management knew the data was being collect and allowed it to continue for two years. it now appears samsung is the top cell phone seller.
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the sales past nokia in the first quarter. and the sales of smart phones may be greater than apple's's. your chances of getting the right medication improve if your doctor writes prescription electronically. more than 5 times as many mistakes in handwritten prescriptions and that didn't include legibility. and today's smart phones might have been very different. a former apple executive says they were considering a physical keyboard for the iphone rather than a touch screen keyboard that influenced the industry. those are your tech bites. 3q
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every day, an average of 5,000 people switch from cascade to finish dishwasher detergent. that's about 150,000 a month - over 2 million people so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without having to rinse them first. now see for yourself why millions have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. and for two years in a row, finish quantum was rated #1 by a leading consumer publication. violent storms caused damage across the midwest. st. louis missouri straight line winds ripped apart a huge
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tent filled with 200 cardinal baseball fans. the owner of the bar says the image of the panicked crowd will forever be in his mind. >> my heart bleeds for every person here that bled. >> the storm came out of nowhere and hit so fast everyone was underneath the tent. >> that's when a gust of wind roared in and lifted the tent and launch medal rots across -- metal rods across the crowd a man was struck by lightning and died of a heart attack. about a hundred people were treated at the scene. the storm that hit st. louis brought in monster sized hail. some buildings windows were broken. car windshields and smashed and they said it was reportedly some the size of golf balls. and you can see how large it is. sound of that kills me. it's intense to listen to. >> exactly. and they will get another round today. more showers and thunderstorms coming in across the area.
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for us we are nice and dry. >> beautiful yesterday. >> you do feel bad when other parts are hit with bad weather. >> exactly. across the middle of the nation, back across the southern plains, you can see in oklahoma, they are dealing with showers and around missouri like i said, you can see the line of showers and thunderstorms working their way across the area. and also up into michigan at this time, they are seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms working their way this morning and they will have it as they go into the afternoon too. but closer to home, we are dealing with mainly clear skies right now. so you are getting sunshine out there. and the clouds will be on the increase as we go throughout the day. we look at temperatures right now. and we are looking at them on the chilly side in parkton, 43, 42 in bel air and 38 in cockeysville. heading over to the eastern shore, rock hall good morning. you at 43. and 41 in galena. middletown at 45. yes, we have the temperatures on the cool side. but also we have wind gusts that are pretty on the high side this morning.
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so making it feel a little bit chillier out there this morning. more like we are in the low 30s to mid-40s. so we look at the weather pattern and high pressure will begin to slide off towards the east. once it does this, this warm front is going to work et cetera way to the north. and -- its way to the north and we will feel the warm air going into tomorrow. future trend bringing us showers and storms across the area. tomorrow morning and that could linger into the afternoon and spotty off and on showers possible. that is going to be the scenario going through the next seven days. but here's the temperatures for today. 65 by 4 p.m. and the 7-day forecast makes it warmer heading into thursday and friday. look at 80s. let's check the traffic with ralph siegel good morning. >> reporter: good morning. starting off on the top side of the beltway, making the trip around past the route 1 area, and heading past harford road continuing to 83. travel lanes are opened and traffic is at speed on the outer loop of the beltway, moving to the baltimore national pike area, building volume outer loop make your way past baltimore national pike
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but no big problems to report so far. southbound on the jfx still at speeds through the work zone at 28th where the left lane is blocked. and we had an accident 895 at mow abe yeah road moved to the left shoulder and traffic is moving well. back to you guys. two teenage girls hit by a car while sunbathing and police say the 13-year-old fell asleep on a rural road in pennsylvania. a 19-year-old boy was questioned by police but not arrested in the case of the-- case. the girls were airlifted to the hospital where they are listed in fair condition. this morning it's been sought for many years giving pacifiers to newborn babies can interfere with breast feeding but a study finds limiting the use of pacifiers in newborn nurseies may increase a consumption of formula during the hospitallations. >> there are other ways to console babies and one of the ways hospitals can do to continue to support breast
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feeding moms without offering forel lais educate themselves and moms on alternate strategies to console newborns in that time period. >> the findings are presented at the pediatric academic society annual meeting. the new johns hopkins tower is set to open and some of the pediatric patients are moving in to the new places where they will be staying. so the new technology at the facility will give doctors a better advantage when it comes to taking care of patients. there is a command center where doctors and nurses can coordinate logistics and monitor patients. we are told the transition has been going very smooth. security obviously a big concern before millions come to london for the summer games. so, we are going to tell you what they are doing right now. the apartment dwellers are learning firsthand how serious authorities are taking the whole situation. plus a little girl and her family have so much to be thankful for.
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when you see the video, you will know why.
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now "good morning maryland." 6:21. when it shows up in the mail, it makes you cringe all know jury duty is not fun, ditching it on purpose can get you in troubleand scamers know that. they are using that fact to scare people in to sharing information. abc2 news joce sterman explains how in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: the idea of sitting in court listening to hours after hour of testimony might make anyone look for excuses. >> you dread it. we think oh jury duty. >> reporter: but it's your civic responsibility and the court is counting on you to show up. scamers know that and they are using jury duty in the latest scheme. they call at night claim they work for the courthouse and that you are going to be arrested for not showing up for jury duty.
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>> just an identity thief trying another way to steal our information. >> reporter: and inned deanna -- and deanna booker says you can tell them if you say you weren't called and that's when booker says they will ask you to verify personal information. even credit card numbers. >> it sounds official and like someone in authority and where i think we are wired to respond to folks in that capacity. >> reporter: but these are scamers playing a role on the phone. so keep in mind jury notices are typically sent by mail. if you miss your date, the clerk's office would likely call during business hours. court officials also don't ask for things like your social security number or bank accounts. and if you have done something that really warranted an arrest. >> they are not going to call you first. you know so that's something i want people to be aware of. if you get this call and they are saying we are coming to arrest you, no one is going to give you a heads up. >> reporter: you have one about a new scam.
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joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you get a call immediately hang up. don't provide personal information over the phone instead independently look up the phone number for the local courthouse and then contact them to check and see if you have missed a potential date. and remember you can find more on this story and any other scam alerts that joce has done on the website, head to and when you get there click on the money tab at the top of the home page. look at this. this story out of china that's where a young girl quick action may have saved her life. look at the screen because it's where you see the video. she was crossing the street when she nearly is hit. a truck was barreling towards the child and she ducked and crawled underneath the truck. and she got away with only a few minor injuries. the girl's family says terrifying to watch the video when they saw it and they couldn't believe she survived and is okay. longedan he -- london's gearing up for the summer olympics and we are 87 days away from opening ceremonies.
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security will be top priority. surface to air missiles could be be stationed on the roof top of an apartment block in east london. around 700 people living in the building or two miles from london olympic stadium have been contacted and warned about the weapons. and they said about 10 troops are likely to be based at the site for about two months. >> at the end of the day coming home from work, to armed police guarding the building, they are here 24 hours a day. >> well, in a leaflet sent to residents the ministry said it was a venue offering uncluttered view of the area and entire sky above olympic park. a sequel to titanic we are not talking about the movie. an australian billionaire says he plans to baled near perfect replica of what's the most famous ship in history. claude palmer says while the new titanic will look like the
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original it will be fullyequipped with modern technology. >> the ship will be constructed under the technology on some planes as the original ship as far as it goes room decor. >> palmer says the ship will make its maiden voyage from england to north america in 2016 taking the exact same route the doomed ship took when it sank 100 years ago. lots of laugh at the white house correspondence dinner. not only did the host for the night jimmy kimmel get a few zingers so did the president. >> a pleasure to be here in the vast magnificent in fact it's a lot more material prepared but i have to get the secret service home in time for the new curfew. >> that was a star studded event with celebrities like george clooney diane keaton and kim kardashian attended the event. a week is gone by and still
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no sign of a missing 6-year-old from arizona many we will bring you up to speed on the investigation including who police are talking to right now. plus a new way you can get your questions answered about your car seat installation without ever leaving your home. and as we go to break this morning a. live picture of the uss intrepid in new york. we will be right back. 3q
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are's watching the station that works for you good morning maryland. >> a big day for the new world trade sentedder in new york city. a look at what happens today straight ahead. into a pregnant woman killed and police arrest a man closely connected to the victim. we will tell you about the connection. it's monday april 30th. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley is out live and we will tell you about a great project going on so we will have more details on that ahead. but of course, you always want to know what the weather is going to be like before heading out. so here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. all right. let's talk about what's going on this morning. unseasonably cool temperatures all day. we have a light northeastern breeze at increasing clouds that will happen as we go throughout the day. we are dry now, know and we aredealing with breezes that will pick up going into the afternoon but temperatures are on the cool side. 43 right


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