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tv   News  ABC  April 30, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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el at 41 and millersville and the light northeastern weez we are -- breeze we are feeling chillier. you don't need the rain gear but keep it close. i will tell you why coming. but right now let's check the traffic with ralph siegel. good morning. >> looks like we are having a problem with traffic. we will check in a little later we apologize for the technical error but will keep you posted. ground deer deer wrote word -- zero, the world trade center a significant milestone for the new bidding. sherrie johnson is standing by with what's taking place and why it's so exciting. right there is a live picture of new york city as the sunrises. it looks beautiful. what's going on. >> reporter: well, a little later today, the new york port authority will mark a major milestone in the construction
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of one world trade center with the installation of steel columns that will make the sky scrape earth tallest building in new york. when they are put in place it will oa ifsly surpass the height of the empire state building. the beam placement is 1:30 today and a press conference will be held shortly after that. last september, abc2 news received an he can collusive tour of the -- exclusive tour of the new world trade center. linda used to work for rtk can l associates in baltimore a company in hunt valley she works with is overseeing construction of the freedom tower. we spoke to her during the visit and she says she wishes everyone could experience what she do every day. >> i wish i could bring everyone on to the site and give them a tour. it's big job. emotionally, i tell you i get into the office and i am going all day. the trucks come in here they dump the concrete in the pumps and the concrete is pumped underground into the core. >> reporter: good morning
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america will cover the milestone from different angels. they will speak with guests at world trade center to discuss the construction. 68 marylanders were among thousands who died on september 11th. beams from the world trade center are a part of a memorial at baltimore's world trade center. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:32 is the news time. we may learn more about a suspicious death around one yesterday morning. officers found a man dead in the 5500 block of belleville avenue in northwest baltimore. the body was sent to the chief medical examiner's office and we will keep you posted on what they find. a man is accused of stabbing a pregnant woman to death. jasmine moss was found in a car in district heights. they have arrested her estranged boyfriend a man named nathan rogers who lived around the corner from the crime scene. authorities say he had a previous arrest and was on house arrest. >> it's really shocking so i am
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praying for the family and hoping by the grace of god they will be all right. >> the expectant mother with a fun-loving and -- was fun- loving and had just started a new job. police are searching for suspects in connection connection with a -- connection with a triple stabbing. all three were taken to shock trauma. this morning arizona police have interviewed three potential witnesses in the case of a missing 6-year-old girl. the three why among the five people seen in this surveillance video taken near the home of isabel celis. the same morning she was reported missing. police say that they are just witnesses right now and not suspects and they are looking for two other people seen in this video. she has been missing since last saturday. 6:34 right now. have you ever looked at your smart phone and wondered what the image is. wonder what happened? well, there's unlimited data plans are scarce. we will tell you what you can
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now "good morning maryland." between textsing and tweeting and smart phone apps it's easy to ask where did my data go. but you may not know there's somethings that you are useing that could be pushing you over the limit. >> that could be a risk many especially with android where more apps can do stuff on their own. i've been testing this tablet and the second biggest consumer data is application that down loads news articles. i don't think i used. >> so another culprit constant app updates and youtube video
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clip or two won't been through the data but watching longer tv shows and movies can. and last but not least, switch over to wi-fi with your device to cut down on data usage when ever you can. a big weekend at the box office to tell you about. think like a man held on to the number one spot taking in 18 34eu8ion doll -- million dollars in ticket sales. sony release of the pirates band of mysteries captured the number 2 spot with the debut this weekend. the lucky one came in at number 3. long awaited film the avengers opened this friday in the united states but the flick opened internationally over the weekend to a huge 178 million dollar debut. the film is expected to make a similar slash domestically and could be one of the highest grossing films of the year. will farell signed on for a new gig there's word this morning that he plans to host saturday night live on may 12th
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acording to published reports usher will be the musical guest. should be a good show. all right. your abc2 news to go is coming up next. we are following new details about a car crash in new york. sherrie. >> reporter: a family of 7 is dead after a horrific crash near the bronx zoo in new york. new information on the crash straight ahead. >> reporter: and not just another brick in the wall at mount washington tavern. how you can be a part of the historic rebuild after fire gutted this building five months ago. and we will be in a 60s by this afternoon but 80s are the in nor forecast. i will have the forecast coming up.
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in good monday morning this is your abc2 news to go. we are work on a lot of stories. sherrie johnson has all new information on a deadly crash in new york killing 7 family members. charley is live with details how to help a local landmark and also ahead this morning, we will see more on the flights more than usual in the dc area but first a check on the
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weather with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. yes, we are looking at the middle of the nation. that's where all the activity is. and this is poised to slide this way but it's going to stay away from us as we go throughout the day. so what we are contending with this morning, a few clouds trying to move in, but lots of us seeing plenty of sunshine right now. i am going to say mostly sunny to partly sunny as we go through the afternoon. this morning, though, very chilly. 39 degrees in northeast. reisterstowns at 37 and edgewater around 50. and the temperatures will warm up as we go throughout the day but still staying below where weshould be be now for this time year right around 69 degrees. we are dealing with breezes this morning. we have had gusts up to 20 miles an hour and that's what we are seeing right now. there is more wet weather that is poised to move in. i will talk about that coming up and right now, let's check the traffic with ralph siegel good morning. >> reporter: good morning. looking at the top side of the beltway -- beltway, traffic is moving well from route 1 past harford road. traffic is moving very well
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with light volume heading over to the harrisburg expressway in good shape. building volume on the outer loop of the beltway from liberty road heading down to the baltimore national pike. but no incidents along the way. moving to 95 south of town 95 at 195, light volume traffic moving away from us heading south. as you can see, traffic is moving well heading up towards the baltimore beltway. back to you. 6:44. new york officials are investigating an suv crash at the bronx zoo that killed 7 members of a family. it happened on sunday. the victims were traveling in an suv when it went out of control crossed the highway and plunged to the ground. abc 2 news sherrie johnson has been following details on the investigation and joins us with what happens today. sherrie. >> reporter: well, investigators will be back on the scene today looking into the crash that killed 7 people including three children. also today, the medical examiner is expected to release the cause of death. the accident happened on sunday. it involved two sisters ages 45 and 39, three girls ages 10, 7
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and 3 years old and the grandparents who were visiting from the dominican republic. police say the 45-year-old woman, maria gonzales, was driving south on bronx river parkway and lost control of the honda pilot. the suv flipped over a 4-foot high iron fence and dropped 60 feet landing upside down in remote area of the zoo away from the exhibit and closed to the visitors. all seven people were pronounced dead at the scene. >> we believe that the driver may have struck a jersey barrier. and reacting to striking that barrier the driver makes a severe turn right-hand turn and goes over the side wall. >> sometimes you come on events that are horrific and this this is one of them. >> reporter: now officials say the height of the guardrail will be one of the parts of the investigation they will look into. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 6:46. religious leaders here in maryland are scheduled to release a let they are morning
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asking lawmakers to do away with more than 500 million in cuts and also to enact on the increase for tobacco tax in the area. now, lawmakers are expected to return to annapolis in mid-may to address the budget situation. parents who can't make car seat inspections can do it through skype. maryland's kids in safety seats is offering a new service beginning today. experts can chat with parents live online and demonstrate how to install car seats from their office. starting tomorrow drivers in baltimore county will have two more school zone speed cameras to look out for. the first is at perry hall high school in the 4600 block of ebenezer road. the second is in the 5900 block of craigmont road outside johnnycake elementary school. drivers will have about 30 days of grace period before they start getting the tickets in the mail. again that starts tomorrow. fire ripped through the mount washington tavern about five months ago and since then,
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crews have been working really hard to rebuild the historic baltimore landmark. now you can get involved. abc2 news charley crowson is live with all new information on how to help. charley. >> reporter: hey, you can get involved with the rebuild of the mount washington tavern and help a great cause. mount washington pediatric hospital. now shannon maddox is is here with mount washington and we have a brick, what people can have at the-try way at the tavern. >> that's correct -- entry way at tavern. >> that's correct. find out the information at and for $75 you can put your name on the front doorsteps of the tavern. >> reporter: here's an example of a brick this is the example of the tavern. we will show you the reconstruction while it's underway. it's been five months since the fire ripped through. where did the ideal for the brick procorrect come from. >> it was a conversation between the owners and general cruetor deciding what to do
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with thefront steps and the owner saw at a fire station up by his house, the idea and wanted to involve the community because they were devastated by the fire. and help out a charitable cause. >> reporter: the hospital has been around for 90 years as well. let's look at some of the rebuild as it is underway. one of the original parts of the building didn't burn on halloween. >> that's correct. bottom part -- the bottom part in the front is the original part built in the 1800s that didn't burn at all. we wanted to keep that intact. and also when we found the walls we found stone and beautiful work behind that. it's going to be part of the new tavern. >> reporter: people want to take part and donate $75 for the brick, mount washington mt washington we will have a link at -- and we will have a link at our website later this morning. we are live in mount washington. charley crowson, abc2 news. 6:49. the secret service agent at the
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center of the columbia pros -- colombian prostitution scandal. c help n says it's arthur huntington. source tell cnn that he was the agent who had a dispute over pay with an escort. we are told he has left the secret service but it's not clear under what circumstances. sources say that it's his dispute with the escort that brought the whole entire incident to light. if your college bound child is interested in playing sports at pen states the coaches are coming to baltimore. they are going to be at the marriott inner harbor in baltimore tomorrow and you can meet the football and basketball coaches. and you can also meet with the coach for the man's and women's track and field. lunch and featuring the coaches is happening tomorrow starting at 11:30. basketball player from the university of maryland has found himself in trouble with the law. police say they arrested howard for disorderly conduct. it happened around 2:30 yesterday morning outside of a college park restaurant. police say that howard was not
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involved in a fight going on but shouting nearby. he was issued a citation and released. time for democracy 2012 news. republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich is ending his bid for the white house this week. sources say he will officially end his campaign on wednesday and gingrich is expected to express his support for likely gop nominee mitt romney. a spokesperson says the two spoke by phone last week and they say the decision to make the announcement this week was due to logistical reasons. tonight, at 11, there are extremely powerful and they shop and tracking every single dime that they spend and the vote will likely well be one of the most important in the upcoming presidential election. they are known as what people are calling wal-mart moms and brian kuebler find out how big the influence is. that story runs tonight at 11 on abc2. the charm city circulateor
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is in route and expected to be arriving at fort mchad beenry. a congressman and the mayor will be holding a news conference happening this morning to gib more details about the bus route. they are going to be joined by former senator paul sarbinesch it's set for the front gate atfort mchenry at 10. five things to head out before heading out. the accused shooter in the university out in california that happened that rampage page is due in court. he is charged with murdering 7 people, three were injured during the shooting. today is the first meeting for an official task force on florida's controversial stand your ground law. the group is charged with looking into the current law and possibly proposing new ones addressing self-defense and public safety. the task force was formed after the shooting death of trayvon martin. a new app is unveiled today that will let you send complaints of racial or religious profiling at
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airports. you can write up a complaint on your smart phone or tablet and send it to the tsa and department of homeland security. people will be be reading the world's best selling book for 90 hours today in washington, d.c. to international bible reading association is holding an annual u.s. capitol bible reading marathon. it will be read for 90 continuous hours from cover to cover. and right now, in dc, you are looking live at more activity in the sky than usual. the north american hair o-- can be aerospace defense command and fa are conducting flights over washington that will help refine norad's ability to respond to potentially threatening aircraft. all right. we have a wind chill to talk about. last day of april and it's cold. 32 is what it feels like york. 33 in frederick. feels like 43 in baltimore and 42 in easton. you will need the bigger coat this morning and maybe a light jacket and a sweater as we go into the afternoon.
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but we have a warmup on the way. and i will show you that in the seven-day in a second. but check out what's making it so cold this morning. we do have the winds out of the northeast at about 8 miles an hour in baltimore right now, 5 in easton and 8 in dc and 3 in frederick, and this is the way it should stay as we go through the rest of the afternoon. we look at satellite and radar and have showers back off towards the west and the south. thunderstorms and as we look across michigan right now we are looking at a few scattered showers and storms popping up across the area. but here close to home, we are not looking at that. we have the clouds starting to push into the area so increasing clouds through the afternoon and starting this morning in some spots. now taking you outside that was a look at satellite and radar, but go outside where glen oak is seeing a beautiful sunrise. nothing but sunshine and cloudswill push in. more of the say in towson a few high clouds across the area andthen more clouds heading into chesapeake beach calvert county you are seeing more clouds stretching into the area
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as of now. but high pressure will begin to slide off the east coast here into the atlantic. and this warm front will approach. so that's why we are going to be feeling the temperatures quite warm tomorrow. future trend not picking up on a whole lot for today but going through the overnight that's the chance for showers maybe a rumble of thunder and we will have scattered showers possible as we go into tuesday and also wednesday. but for today, that high temperature coming in right around 65 degrees. and your seven-day forecast looks like this. as we will warm things up as we head into thursday and friday in the 80s but across the board we will have a chance for showers and possible thunderstorms. let's check the traffic with ralph siegel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. outer loop of the beltway making are way past harford road good shape. slows a little bit before you get over to the harrisburg expressway. then, on the jfx, you are in great shape through the work zone heading south past the work zone which blocks the left lane at 28th street.
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the west side of the beltway, traffic is moving pretty well as you make your way past the liberty road area but as you approach the baltimore national pike, you will find traffic starting to slow off and on. back to you guys. >> all right. it's almost 7 but before we go you can find an app for just about anything but this may take the cake called the ugly meter and you take a picture of yourself and let the ugly meter decide your face and it gibbs you your face a good once over and examines your eyes and nose and bone structure and scores you on 0 to a hundred and the creator scored a 32. >> how do your hair and you have a beard or not. those things don't matter. it's facial structure. so, unfortunately, someone like a 32, me, there's nothing i can do about it. that's what you are. >> the app cost 99 cents. people are paying for it. it's the 6th most popular paid for app on the iphone. unbelievable.
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so this is the hot topic this morning. what do you think about this app? good fun or can it hurt your self-esteem. ion says if anyone allows a phone app to hurt their self- esteem they have little or no self-esteem. go to the wmar facebook fan page and leave your comments. i know we are probably discouraged from giving our opinion but it's the dumbest thing i heard. >> and i don't give my opinion but it's so fool shall i have to say it. why? what's the point? >> especially paying a dollar. >> exactly. >> all right. anyway. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i hope you have a great start to your workweek. weather wise. >> not bad. we will be dry today. showers tomorrow. >> all right. have a good one. we will see you tomorrow morning. >> okay.
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