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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 1, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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let's start with a check of the forecast, saying held to lynette charles. was that rain that woke me up? >> we need the rain, 4.33 inches for the year. we are below. that this is welcome rain, coming in on maryland's most powerful radar. grab is rain eck out a radar to we zoom in across the bel air area, looking at harford, baltimore, kingsville, dealing with the yellow. that's moderate rain falling in across the area, around bel air, and this is pushing towards the east right now. we are seeing light showers, heading in to arundel county. around lake shore, arnold,
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annapolis. as we slide back to the south and west, along i-66 and i-95, crossing now, lookinged at heavier rain as well. if your travels are taking you along the area, be prepared for the wet weather in the forecast. temperatures that are on the mild side this morning. close to 60 degrees in bel air and edgemere. the traffic for you, the forecast will be affecting it as you make your morning commute. 95 at 895, not so much of the rain soaked highways you see here, see a little bit of a glean from some of the rain overnight. be careful as you make your way. things moving smoothly. an accident in baltimore, frank fort and sinclair lane moving to live traffic cameras, 695, liberty, see the road slick, give yourself ample space when your drivers. if you slide, tap the brakes,
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don't slam on them, will cause you to slide further. jfx, road construction there, both left lanes are closed. expect congestion as you make your way downtown. always stay updated at today is the one year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. security is tight across the country. >> current and former u.s. navy sales are speaking out about the death of the former al- qaeda leader. >> a lot going on on this up with year anniversary. new information, current and former u.s. navy seals criticized president barack obama for taking credit for killing osama bin laden. the seals spoke out to british web sate mail on line. today is the first anniversary of the killing often bin laden. security stepped up across the country and overseas.
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there are concerns terrorists could use a new type of bomb, one that is inside their bodies. authorities are studying the possibility of terrorists using body bombs. the plot is not farfetched. medical experts say a terrorist could have explosives surgically implanted, maybe inside the stomach. bombs makers have had bombs designing body bombs with no metal parts to get past security. >> it's mark of the excellence of our intelligence teams and military teams. a political process that worked. i think for us to use that time for some reflection, to give thanks to those who participated, is entirely appropriate. >> u.s. authorities say they have made adjustms to security such as turning up the
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radiation used in screening to make it easier to spot body bombs. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> weigh in and let us know what you think, do you think president bomb become is trying to politicize the anniversary in the death of osama bin laden. leave your comments. more than a decade after the terror attack brought down new york city's twin towers, a skyscraper is built at the site. one world trade center, freedom tow ser the tallest building. we have a new view from the crews working on the project. when it's completed one world trade center is expected to
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reach 1776 feet high. task force for the controversial stand your ground law will meet for the first time. governor formed the task force after the martin case gained national attention. the teen was shot and killed by a member of a neighborhood watch group in february. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder. opening statements are set to begin in the case of a campaign consultant to use robocalls to suppress black voter turnout. julius henson is charged with attempting to influence a voter's decision, whether to go to the polls through fraud. they said governor martin o'malley and barack obama won, so the voters needed to relax. two school zone speed cameras will be activated in baltimore county. perry hall high school, in the 4600 block of ebenezer road. the second one is in the 5900 block of craigmont, outside of
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johnny cake. drivers have a 30 day grace period before they get tickets in the mail. proposal concerning money. mandating that any revenue raised above $5 million must go to education. here is the problem, state law claims that all money raised must go to public safety. >> ow state lottery was created many, many years ago for the soul purpose of funding education. it's an interesting read to think how many of the dollars go towards education. >> it was sent to a budget committee. we will leyou know what happens, of course. good news conditioning your money. the bge bill you get will go down. you will see an average drop of $54 a year. it's because of the bidding taking place twice a year with wholesale providers. the break runs from june
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through next may. the average cost for a gallon of gas is $3.83, a $0.13 drop from a year ago. the prices will continue to fall perhaps as low as $3.50 by the summer. for every 10 crept drop, the average family saves 100 100 years on gas. amore has made an on line name as coupon, her first tip is to properly inflate your tires. you can save $0.11 a gallon. >> buy gas at wholesalers like costco, saving you an extra nickel. pay with cash. stations sometimes knock off $0.10 a gallon if you skip using the plastic. here in maryland the average cost for regular is $3.83. mid range is $3.99.
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premium is $4.12. go to to find the lowest gas prices in the area. look under the traffic tab and punch in your zip code to find the lowest price near you. opening day for johns hopkins hospital. >> the doors open for business today. linda so is here with a preview of what we can expect. this place looks spectacular. >> we have only seen the outside of the billing. the public will get to see what it looks like inside the new state of the art facility. the staff at hopkins spent the last two days moving existing patients from the old building in to the new one. we got a look inside the hospital on sunday. command center has been set up to monitor patients as they are moved in to their new room. 14 year old brook shockly, battling bone cancer, says the new pediatric unit is so much better. we anticipate the families and
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the kids being extremely happy, we have separate play rooms for teenagers and child age patients. the outpatient and inpatient unit are together on the 11th floor, there will be fabulous continuity with nurses, mid level providers and physicians. it has a new emergency department, one thing you will notice is they have taken out the overhead paging and loud noises to provide a quieter setting for patients. today students at one baltimore city school will celebrate a new addition to their cafeteria. they will get a salad bar and water taps. it's part of the weight of the nation, a documentsry series and the goal is to improve childrens access to fruit and vegetables. baltimore is one of 12 cities to receive salad bar grants.
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they may seem like every day cosmetics. >> do we know what is in the products that we are putting on our face? lawmakers say it's time to find out. two government agencies are to blame for the 2010 floods in nashville. why they say they have to pay for damages. roads washed out, trees knocked down, what storm chasers caught on camera. powerful storm knocked through the area in parts of kansas. it's the fist day of may, we will are supposed to be seeing flowers not showers. more updates coming up. need any help?
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lack of communications tampered the flood warning and saying the good flats in nashville were opened too soon. -- flood gates in nashville were open too soon. greensburg kansas, storm chasers captured pictures of funnel clouds. powerful winds knocked down trees. no repots of injury. time for a check on our weather. it's the first day of may. look at you. >> she is upset with me. >> you are the messenger. i know. we need the rain.
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we could get sunshine this afternoon. there is a chance for showers in the forecasts that's why meagan was like, i don't want to take the girls, and the showers will pour. i hear you. go equipped. have the rain gear as you head out and about. we are getting the first round and another round in to the afternoon. we do have storms out here across the middle of the nation, in moving in to arkansas right nows out of oklahoma and we are looking at missouri. these have been days upon days they have been seeing showers and thunderstorms across the area. nothing too severe. looking at the satellite and radar closer to home. another round of showers and storms pubbing off in to west virginia and alvirginia as of now. also marylands we are finally getting hit with some showers and wet weather but we do need the rape that we are seeing
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this morning. temperatures are on the mild side. the reason whys we will have a wham front pushing through the rest of the morning and see the 60s in rock hall. around 60 degrees there. 63 delina, we are feeling it. it's going to get warmer in to the afternoon. here is the system doing the damage if you don't like the warmer weather or the rain. if you do you should be happy with that system. we will see scattered showers and storms moving in as we go in to the afternoon tomorrow. that will continue as we go through the next several days. for today, the temperature coming in around 80 degrees. over to you. the traffic for you this morning, two incident to tell you about. an accident in baltimore, frankfort and sinclair lane. hand over, rach restrictions at maryland hundred, westbound,
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and 295, baltimore washington parkway. this is 695 southwest. traffic beginning to pick up. see the rain soaked roads, be careful as well. give yourself time to get to work on your commute as it will be rainy. keep up with traffic at there is a new report that suggests there are 120 untested chemicals and care products used everyday by women. it's time to do something to finds out why the cosmetics we are given are not given a closer look. >> reporter: the average woman applies 12 beauty products to her body everyday. 120 chemicals for men 6
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cosmetics and 80 chemicals. few including betty lee, think much about what is in them? >> i don't. shame on me. >> reporter: no one has the authority to help her. not even the government. here are the chemicals, formal diside. dioxane, lead on your lips, possibly linked to cancer and deodorant and mercury in skin lightning creams. allergies hormone disruption and dermatitis. critics say cosmetic makers mix a riskier brew of me product for domestic use. >> companies think they are european customers and deserve safer products. >> there is a move regulating
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cosmetics by summer, prohibiting ingredients linked to cancer or reproductive products. until congress acts advocates recommend finding the shortest label with the fewest ingredients. if you can't pronounce them, don't use it. i feel like i need to wash my face. when should you get a mammogram? the answer varies. discuss the options with your doctor. women who are at an increased risk for breast cancer will benefit every other year starting at the age of 40. this comes two years after the u.s. prevent tiff service task force told women not to get mammograms before the age of 50. may is stroke awareness month. an expert talks about the warning sign.
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>> the inability to use one sides of your body or feel one side of your body, any of those symptoms, any of those symptoms can be a sign of a stroke. >> he says a way to determine if someone is having a stroke is to apply the acronym fast, the f is for face, a drooping face is a stroke like symptom, a is arm, victims experience weakness or loss of sensation, s is speech, someone having a stroke has trouble speaking and the t stands for time. seek medical attention as quickly as possible. music festival starts out as a good time until a man decides he wants a bird eye view of the concert. the car on the left was filled up with
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man's effort to get a view at a cop certificate landed him at the hospital. he took a step backwards and plummeted to the grounds. he got up and saluted the crowd and was taken to the hospital and discharged. some people said they thought he was dead. octopus in the philippines ha as mobile. he drag as tin can around with him, and dpets tired of his close up with the camera and stuffs his body in to the can covering himself with a nice metal shell. >> has to be one of the most unusual jobs. how would you like to wear a panda bear suit and hold baby pandas. that's happening in china. he started this final phase of
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training to prepare for his release. his handlers are dressing up as pandas. mcdonald's is super sizing their restaurant. world's largest mcdonald's. this is according to the daily mail. it will only be open during the summer games. it's going have the thousand employees and seat 1500 people. >> i bet there is still a line. >> what about after the olympics? >> maybe turn it in to a warehouse or distribution house. marathon proposal in oklahoma by a man. cj got down on one knee, proposed to his girlfriend, after they crossed the finish line in a race sundays. weis ran 26.2 miles with a ring in his pocket. she said sure, why not. they have been dating for more
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current and former university of maryland students. grand papers say they were having fun. police are not laughing. what they did with this toy car that left them with numerous charges. army tanks no longer just for war. they are good for around the house projects. we will tell you what those are on this tuesday, may 1st. a start to a wet day on this tuesday, may 1st, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start. did the rain wake you up? >> yes. >> let's get a check on how long that's going to hang around. mother nature is cooperating. we like that. as you head out and about, everybody needs take the rain gear. one round


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