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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 2, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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to the brink. star suicide. a nfl legend found dead in his home. a gunshot wound to his chest. everyone wondering, were concussions to blame. made in america. told by judges to take his job abroad. >> can we take it over seas? >> why not. >> you will see how it changes tonight. and best friends. a blind dog, that golden retriever, finds his own seeing eye dog. the power of a real friendship. good evening. we begin with john edwards and the intense drama in that north carolina courtroom. the eldest daughter leaves the courtroom in tears.
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cate edwards has been a steady presence by her father's said, unwaiving until head. what happened? bob woodruff tells us. >> reporter: cate edwards has been there at her father's side nearly every day of this trial. stoically listening to the humiliates details of his affair with rielle hunter. but today, with the new witness about to take the stand, john edwards leaned over to his daughter and said, i don't know what's coming. do you want to leave? she left the courtroom in tears. the witness that had john edwards so worried, campaign aide christina reynolds, a close confident of his wife elizabeth. her dramatic testimony, a window into how mrs. edwards coped with her husband's infidelity. vividly describing how mrs. edwards confronted her husband at the raleigh airport the day after a national enquirer published its first story about the scandal in october, 2007. elizabeth was very upset, reynolds testified. she stormed off and collapsed into a ball in the parking lot.
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she wanted, we took her to the bathroom in the hangar. she seemed a little calmer and then stormed out of the bathroom and tried to engage mr. edwards. she said to him, you don't see me anymore. and she took off her shirt and bra. edwards was mortified and humiliated by the publicity. earlier today, the jury heard from josh brumberger, the candidate's young, trusted traveling aide. their close relationship captured by rielle hunter herself in those campaign webisodes. brumberger was there the night i was worried that some of the staff were talking about how he treated rielle hunter differently from the rest of the staff, brumberger testified. he says edwards replied. i got ya, i appreciate it. he said edwards in a profanity tirade said, why didn't you come to me like a man and tell me to
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stop? that night, his relationship with edwards was open. cate edwards did return later and listen to a wrenching details about a fight with her father and mother. diane? >> okay, bob. thank you. and knew we turn from one family drama to another. late today, word of a mysterious death. word of a suicide by on powerful athlete on the football field. junior seau, dead with a gunshot wound to the chest. his mother in shock tonight. and his football colleagues asking if there is an example of the punishment the players take on the field. here is david wright. >> reporter: during a 20-year career, junior seau took countless, brutal hits. one of the best linebackers of his generation. but today, a grim footnote to
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that career. seau's girlfriend found him in a pool of blood in his san diego home, apparently in a gunshot to the chest. >> mr. seau is deceased. it's been investigated as a suicide. >> reporter: his mother, understandably distraught. >> took me, my god. take me. >> reporter: too early to tell why he may have taken his own life, but four others in a little over a year. including chicago bears safety david duerson, who shot himself in a chest. he asked for his britain to be studied. >> we think in some instances that head trauma can be related to depression. and depression at times can be
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related to suicide. but we just don't know. >> reporter: the science of traumatic brian injury is in the early stages. the nfl has compared notes with the army. >> some say the lag time between the damage that is done goes between 40 and 60 years. >> reporter: studies have showed high school football players are also at risk. 2 million brain injuries a year among teenage players. junior seau often advised young players no to the despair over obstacles in life or in football. >> stick it out and know there is going to be a time when you are a football man. >> reporter: advice he couldn't keep. his career stats, more than 1500 tackles and not a single concussion. kind of hard to believe that the nfl is focused on this issue.
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never before because of high profile lawsuits taking place on and off the field to take players safer. >> and a lot more vigilance about help today. the weather, from washington, d.c. to the wid west, americans but in for rough night. weather expected to hit 80-mile-an-hour wind, large hail and a possibility of tornadoes. and on the heels of severe weather in the last 24 hours, including this funnel cloud in illinois. also, reports of at least 16 other tornadoes. and over seas now to an amazing story out of china. a blind human rights hero escapes the guards holding him using the sounds to guide him in the dark. the u.s. gave his refuge to have the story take a twist tonight.
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and martha raddatz reports on that. >> reporter: he is a spokes person on abortions, imprisoned and beaten over the years. not anymore. the first pictures out of beijing are tender screens. chen on way way to a hospital, clutching the u.s. diplomats who took him in after the dramatic escape from the house arrest. hours later, chaos. i had felt abandoned by the u.s. and feared for his safety. if i didn't leave the embassy, the chinese authorities would endanger my family, i had said, his midnight run was an embarrass.
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to the chinese, a bloond man weakened by months of beatings, eluding dozens of armed guards keeping him under house arrest. in a moonless night, he made his move. climbing a paul and despite injuring his leg, evading rings of guards and crossing a river and flailing through flails. >> a blind man, has an anazing sense of hearing. i think he could hear the direction of where is the river and the main road. >> reporter: his flight to the u.s. embassy is a potential diplomatic crisis for the u.s., happening just as hillary climateton arrived. >> our second of state promised someone would be with him from day one. but everyone was so exhausted from getting him to the hospital, no u.s. official stayed on to provide comfort. >> reporter: in beijing tonight, nothing with you uncertainty. he is reunited with his wife and
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children but he is so fearful, he wants to leave china. martha rat rats, abc news, washington. incredible story. tonight, some of america's new fighting planes are sitting on the tarmac and sof pilots don't want to fly them. a mere tier use thing can make you lose consciousness in the cockpit. brian ross looks into the f-22. >> reporter: it is the single most expensive fighter jet ever built, almost $500 million each. >> incredibly capable, incredibly lethal. >> reporter: but the truth about the f-22 is that it's never flown in combat. >> it's been a failure. >> reporter: and worse, the f-22 has a potentially fatal flaw in the oxygen system that
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could cause its pilots to black out. the air force admitted this week some pilots are now asking not to fly the f-22 because the problem remains unfixed. >> if i knew what the problem was, it would be gone. i just have not found the problem yet. >> reporter: two years ago, captain jeffrey haney was killed when his oxygen was cut off and his f-22 crashed in alaska. but to the outrage of his family, the air force blamed him, not its expensive aircraft. >> he gave his life and he just deserves the truth. >> reporter: this computer simulation prepared by the air force shows what happened to captain haney. >> the beeps going off are telling the pilot, something's gone wrong with the airplane. >> reporter: former navy pilot steve ganyard, an abc news consultant, says the intrumt shows that he blacked out and the gaining con shssness too late.
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for the lockheed martin company, and in a ceremony today the final of some 187 f-22's was turned over to the air force. >> we complete the f-22's fifth generation, flight or fleet. >> reporter: but for now, the prominent use is to perform tricks in air shows, a $500 million stunt claim. the fleet was grounded last year for five months and they could not fix the oxygen problem. as you will see on "nightline," the air force says it has added safety features for a flean they are calling a turkey and a lemon. >> they are flying the air shows at a lower altitude. thank you. we keep hearing about medicaid fraud in the country. well, today, the largest nationwide bust in medicare
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history. seven cities, 107 doctors, nurses and social workers were charged and the fbi said they scrammed taxpayers out of nearly half a billion dollars. billing for ambulance trips that never halved. and in baton rouge alone, the scams took in $225 million. and today, the end of the road for a colorful presidential contender, newt gingrich. announcing he is ending his campaign what he calls a truly wild ride. one that leaves his campaign in $4 million in debt. he did not endorse mitt romney. but he said you can laugh at his idea to bring a lunar colony on the moon but he means it. you have not heard the last of it. made in america. small town inventor told by tv
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and we're making sure people know that the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues, but that doesn't mean our job is done. bp's still here, and we're still committed to seeing this through. or treat gas with these after you get it. s like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. and now, made in america keeping jobs here at home. we heard about an inventor with a new idea. but he was told to take his business overseas. he resisted and david muir went out to find him and shows us what happened next. >> reporter: so many viewers
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wrote in about that the lightning rod moment we saw an the popular show "shark tank." when one small town guy heard no to made in america, we asked why not? he's the small town carpenter who walked onto the tv show "shark tank," hoping to convince the judges to invest in his american idea. >> hello, my name is donnie mccall. my company is invis-a-rack. >> reporter: his invention -- a rack you unfold within seconds. instantly turning your pick-up truck into something bigger. able to carry ladders and lumber, canoes and kayaks. and more than that, he wants it made in america. >> i'm one man trying to do his best for this country. i know a truck rack's not going to save the u.s. economy, but i want to do something that can bring jobs and some hope to my small town. >> how much can the invis-a-rack hold? >> reporter: the sharks grilled him. and when the questions turned to cost, and where he could get his invention off the ground cheaper and faster -- >> you don't want to go overseas? can we take it overseas?
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>> no, sir. >> why not? >> it's not what i'm going to do with my company. i believe in what i'm doing. so if i can help in any way, i will. >> reporter: the judges with the final word. >> you seem particularly resistant and closed minded, i'm out. >> i'm out. >> i'm out. >> reporter: what were think thinking. he was think stog start in china and bring it back. >> i he is saying, i would rather no the have a business to help anyone if i don't do it one way. >> reporter: they don't call you a shark for nothing. >> this is reality, my friend. you got embrace it. >> reporter: turns out, the inventor standing his ground too. we found him in north carolina. >> the sharks don't know what he is thinking. >> reporter: in a warehouse, empty, except for his intense. it turns out, after that show --
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>> all sold out. >> reporter: all sold out? an american manufactures from iowa talled donnie, and we wanted to know if he is serious. i heard you are looking at the rack? >> someone in china can't make it. >> reporter: donnie, determined to prove the sharks wrong. that is good. >> thanks, apreez yate it. >> reporter: tonight, he has an american manufacturer on board. that meeting is next week. and we called home depot for him. and they told us, it's a kood idea and they called him this afternoon. the judges told me, they said it's a case by case basis. tomorrow night, three american inventors they signed off on. and you will be able to taste the success. >> can't wait for tomorrow night. home depot called him?
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he had college girlfriends, two women, there is one of them. genevieve and alex mcnear. and in a letter to mcnear, he writes about a trip to new york. moments trip gentry along here. snow caps the bushes in unexpected ways. birds shoot and spin like balls of sound. my feet hum over the dry walks. we were so romantic when we were young. it's a trove of letters and journal entries that obama and his friends created in the early 1980s. last night, we told you about facebook helping mothers, children, waiting for an owe gar to help save lives. tonight, we can report the facebook effect has begun. and in 18 state, 18, there is a spike in the numbers signing up to become donors. look at california.
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and now, two puppies scarred by life, and one healing friendship. a blind golden retriever finds a pal who becoming a seeing eye dog for a dog. our actual ta affiliate first reported the story. john bermon brings it to us. >> reporter: forget the adorable irresistible face, this is a dog that was down on his luck, really down to his last chance. >> i can tell you more than one, time i recommend putting tanner to sleep. >> reporter: tanner, a golden retriever now 2 years old, was born blind. by the time he was turned dover to the animal hospital in tulsa, oklahoma, he had nightly uncontrollable seizures. >> things got different in his world, and that stress led to his seizure disorder getting worse. >> reporter: but his whole life was turned around, probably saved, by the world's most unlikely helping hand. helping paw really. >> just haven't seen anything
6:57 pm
like this ever. >> reporter: several months ago, blair arrived at the hospital. a street dog with her own problems, shy to the point of cowering. probably because she'd been shot as a puppy. when the blind, seizure-stricken tanner met the timid, gunshot victim blair, they did more than play, they bonded. blair came out of her shell. she seemed to have a purpose. this amazing footage, blair grabbing a leash and leading tanner through the yard. a sighing eye dog for a dog. is it possible this street dog knows her friend is blind? >> oh, yeah. i don't think there is a doubt. >> reporter: they are now inseparable. and what's more, tanner's seizures are disappearing. the healing power of dog's best friend. john berman, abc news, new york. and we thank you for watching. we're always here at
6:58 pm "nightline" will be here later and "nightline" anchor cynthia mcfadden has a very special cameo on the entertainment show "revenge" tonight. watch it tonight on "revenge" and we'll see you tomorrow.
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