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tv   News  ABC  May 3, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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some reduced visibility across the region. this morning might not be a bad morning to turn on the low beams. out on the jfx we have the ongoing construction now the northbound lanes will be completely shut down overnight at 28th street as crews work. one lane will be shut down in both directions this morning so falls road and initialings street not a bad alternate route. here's what it looks like in parkville. everything up to speed here at hartford road. a very nice easy 11 minute road on the outer loop from 95 up towards 83. here's a look at the west side. at route 40. baltimore national pike a little bit of cars starting to crowd that outer loop but no significant delays. we have a crash in howard county right along the northbound lanes of route 108 at bed blanch road. that's a look at your timesaver traffic. back to you. we're hearing the frantic 911 calls after police say that a mother stabbed her 8-month- old daughter. it happened during a social
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services visit and abc2 news linda so joins us with more this morning. linda? >> reporter: megan, there were several frantic 91 calls placed after the baby was stabbed. kenisha thomas stabbed her baby in the head and neck. it happened last week. thomas remains in jail without bond. the baby pretty diamond was released from the hospital on monday. >> okay, just stay with me okay? where's the baby? >> the worker got the baby, the baby has a knife in her. this baby -- she is real dangerous. >> i know, just calm down okay? all right. is the baby completely alert. if you don't know say i don't know. >> i don't know. >> where'd she stab the baby? >> in the neck. >> in the neck? >> yes. >> the governor plans to visit later this morning to thank the workers who responded quickly to save the baby's life. linda so, abc2 news. new this morning police in montgomery county are looking
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for a man who impersonated a police officer and robbed a woman. the woman says that the driver was blowing the horn and monitoring for her to pull over. he drove it beside her and even flashed a badge. that man made the woman sit on the curb, took her purse, took her cell phone. and took off. he was driving a small black car with maryland tags. if you have any unless police want to hear from you. one master sergeant is being held without bail accused o of trying to kill his wife. 40-year-old eugene pettyford your is now charged with attempted murder and assault. we found out that another man had left her a message. pettyford lives in the 700 block of monarch court in bel air. 33 new cameras are being installed in northeast baltimore and this puts the city's crime camera network at
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580. it's part of of crime watch. last year city watch assisted in more than 1200 arrests. taking a look at news around the nation this morning, a man who was running for sheriff in arizona was among five people shot dead on wednesday. now police haven't said if jt ready was the shooter of the victim but he was a prominent former neonazi in the area. they found the bodies of two men, two women and a baby. investigators believe that the shooting was the result of a domestic situation. a san diego college student forgotten in a federal holding cell without food, water or toilet for four days has filed a $20 million claim against the dea. daniel congress' lawyer says the treatment constitutes torture under the law. he was told he would be released before he was forgotten for four days. he was forced to drink his own urine and suffered from hallucinations. it is seeking damages from pain and suffering as well as future
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treatments. especially the comments the pastor harris made about children who may be homosexual. in a 55 minute sermon on the marriage amendment but it's what he said about 45 minutes into the sermon that's raising eyebrows and causing the controversy this morning. >> dads, the second you see your son droppable the limp wrist you drop over there and crack that wrist. >> the pastor harris would say it differently if he had to do it again. he said jesus often uses hyperbole. also, it was also written in the scripture and at this point he makes no apology. >> the bible makes no compromising for effeminate behavior. god created you a male. god created you a female. if you were a male. you were to act as a man. >> this sermon is causing quite a stir on the internet. we want to know what you think. head to the facebook fan page
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and weigh in and let us know what you think about the pastor's comments during the sermon. facebook fan page. all right, let us know what you think. listen to this. one way to get the artwork on display could draw a google doodle for millions to see. >> some youngsters now hoping the doodles end up on the internet search giant's front page. see if they can win some cash. >> all right ladies this story the for you. where do you think is the best city for you to live? it's closer than you realize. we're going to reveal the winner coming up next. >> the foggy conditions out there once again for today. i'm going to tell you if it gets worse before it gets better and when it lifts coming up. >> 895 at o'donnell street. from some of the other main lines look like coming up in my timesaver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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well, a brand new traffic system this monday. is designed to give you the most accurate up to the minute traffic reports and help you avoid the problems during your morning commute. it's basically a giant ipad and with a simple touch of the screen it shows you exactly
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what accidents, delays or construction you'll need to get around. the new travel time feature lets you know exactly how long it will take to drive from point a. to point b. and lets you know just how fast or slow speeds are clocking in and of course i'll provide the best alternate routes to help you avoid the congestion, watch "good morning maryland" beginning at 4:30 a.m.. lauren cook, abc2 news. >> and lauren, welcome to the "good morning maryland" team. remember abc2 news is working for you for the latest traffic conditions on the show and lauren is our newest member and find out any closures or delays, you can like her on facebook and find the link to her page on our page. just scroll down the screen a little bit and you'll find all the information you need. a fan who was flipping excited about a foul ball coming his way. take a look at this. this is the mariners and tampa bay rays game. he goes for the ball and flips right over the railing. we have seen this so many times. he was on the ground level
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though so he walked away unscathed. i like the dismount the east german judge probably give him a 2. he did not get the ball and he spilled his beer. now -- he's disqualified. >> impressive though. a 7-year-old could be winning a $30,000 scholarship courtesy of google. >> dylan hoffman is a finalist in the doodle google con fest and the theme this year was if i could travel in time i would visit -- he would visit the pirate times. he would like the fight even go on adventures and find a treasure. the contest was open to kids across the country from kindergarten to 12th grade and a girl from maryland by the way also a finalist. take a look at her drawing. joe annona is 11 year -- joanna is 11 years old and her theme was leaving my past. stay with us this morning. mother's day is coming up hopefully you know that. so how much are you willing to
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shell out for mom this jeer? >> as much as it takes, retailers now hoping that's exactly what you do and you don't go cheap this year. we're going to break down the numbers of what you should do if you're going to splurge on mom. >> plus a thick pair of glass is keeping this lion from attacking the child. so what did the mother have to say about this? we'll have details straight ahead. kid seems totally unfazed. 3q
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and welcome back. the death of an nfl legend now leading some questions about what may have led to an apparent suicide. abc2 news linda so is here with more on the death of linebacker junior seau. >> he was found dead from an apparent several inflicted gunshot wound to his chest. his girlfriend found him and called 911. there was heart-breaking grief from his mother louisa. mourners gathered hugging each other and paying tributes. will he played for three teams and his storied career now has many wondering if the hits on the field may have led to his death. >> priest blow -- previous blows to his head can
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accumulate over time and lead to something known as chronic traumatic ensyphilopathy. >> it's a progressive degenerative disease that can leads to memory loss and anger and depression. a year ago a former defensive back shot himself in the chest and left a note asking that his brain be examined for cte. and it was determined he had the disease. linda so, abc2 news. news time right now 5:45. and recognition of national police week, howard county, the police there will hold a memorial service honoring fallen officers, it's happening at the headquarters today. the state police trooper shaft hunter will be added to the memorial. he lost control of his police car last may during a chase. it will honor the seven police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. howard county memorial fire will be on hand today passing the sites where the seven fallen officers have passed away. in our consumer alert this
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morning mother's day is just around the corner and you have nine shopping days to go so get moving. retailers think that you'll spends more this year to honor your mom. most people will shell out about $150 on mother's day of that's the highest amount in nine years. >> it doesn't mean that the consumer doesn't have concerns or consideration but for the most part a strong third and fourth quarter this year as well. >> up might be wondering what are people buying for mom? a meal at a restaurant is number one spot. we are expected to spend $3.4 billion on dining out this mother's day. that's a lot of money. flowers the second and then florists could also bring in as much as $2.2 billion on mother's day weekend. clothing and accessories also popular picks. retailers predict those as well and they say that shoppers will spends 1.$6 billion to outfit mom. all right, if you're thinking to take out some college classes why not go to
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harvard or m. i. t.? there's a new program right now that offers some ivy league online classes and it's free. it's part of a new nonprofit program it's called edex. they each are giving $30 million to funds this project and the nonprofit will offer five courses starting this fall on subjects everything from engineering to humanities. quell, the best place -- well, the best place to live for women just down the road. washington, d.c. is the best place for women. the research was done as part of the project that's called the measure of america. it compared differences in the womens' education, earnings, marital status as well as life expectancy. in 25 of the most populated metropolitan areas. here's a look at the other cities. washington, d.c. number one, we told you rounding out the top five though san francisco, boston, minneapolis-st. paul and new york city. if you're curious baltimore is number eight. time now for a little
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sports and jake arrieta the baltimore orioles may now have the yankees' collective attention. he gave up just five hits no base runner reached second as the orioles move seven games over opinions 500 for the first time -- .500 for the first time in seven years. o's win in the bronx winning that series, final score 5-0 baltimore over new york. team is off today and they start a weekend set with boston. that's tomorrow night at fenway park. game three of the stanley cup playoffs went into early morning hours for the washington capitals. and the new york rangers. triple overtime. this wasn't decided until well after midnight and ranger gaborik goes five hole on caps' goalie braden holtby from behind the net for the 2-1 game three final. rangers over the caps. they now lead that series 2-1. game four at verizon center in dc saturday afternoon. turn around and patining. this is going to be the void oh of -- pay attention. this is going to be the video
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of the day. >> this lion at the oregon zoo in portland clearly wanted that little boy sitting outside the exhibit. the child barely noticed that anything was happening but something about him made sure that the animal was paying attention. so internet commenters remarked that the baby may be looked a little bit like a zebra. >> oh no. >> his mother was not worried about the child's safety. >> i really thought it was hilarious. >> you weren't concerned at all? i'm assuming because of the glass? >> no, not really. it was more like oh my gosh, but he wasn't scared. if he was i would have picked him up. >> lion is actually biting at glass. zoo workers say the lions often interact with young visitors and the glass keeps them safe. >> look at the size of the paw. it's bigger than the child's head. >> lynette. wouldn't you be nervous come on? >> i probably would have moved my child for security. >> it's great video though. >> it is really good video. but -- whoo.
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scary. the baby -- >> zebra? >> that is true charlie. you guys have some good points this morning. don't forget the rain gear because you can see on maryland's most powerful radar some rain and thunderstorms, some hear rain in some spots this is a good thing. we need the rain so let's go ahead and zoom in on some lighter showers now around manchester, westminster, new windsor and also tiny town. carroll county getting that light rain right now. and we're seeing moderate rain just in-between connie town, westminster and manchester. also some more heavier rain this is some good stuff over into cecil county. in port deposit heavier rain there along i-95. travel this morning is going to take awhile. but the has beener degrace area looking at heavy rain as well. kent county as well even queen ann's county sliding south millington right now. chestertown getting on some heavier rain across the area and that's going to be the name
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of the game this morning. then we'll start the get system breaks in the action. and then possibly do it all over again as we go into the afternoon but visibility, it's a problem this morning. it's reduced we only have five miles in baltimore. seven easton right now and the inform in easton 52 degrees. right now, but temperatures hopefully will be going up. they won't stick in the 60s. we came in below average yesterday because of the easterly flow. and because of the cloud cover. but we're hoping that that warm front finally makes its way in here through today and with that temperatures could soar up to 83 degrees. good morning, patchy fog affecting the roadways. yes lynette. we are dealing with fog across the region and extremely important to reduce the speeds and maybe turn on the low peoples as you sped -- beam as you head out this morning. 695 on green spring avenue. everything up to speed. no significant delays in the clear imto 83 or down to 795. as for the harrisburg expressway a shot at swan road.
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everything will be up to speed here. a disables car right along the southbound lanes at timonium road. watch out for all of that construction on the jfx. one lane shutdown in both directions at 28th street. the northbound lanes at 28th street will be meetly shut down overnight as crews work to repair the damaged pipes. so you will want to stick with falls road or even charles street as your alternate routes. we have a crash in howard county. right in columbia along the northbound lanes of loop 108 along red branch road and more problems in hartford county with the accident on 165 at norrisville road. back to you. support for trayvon martin and his family now being felt in the south today. >> we have new details this morning on another hoodie freedom walk that's being planned. we'll tell you more about it all in -- it's being planned in the teen's honor. >> and a live look at dc many thorn where organizers -- this morning where organizers are gearing up for a huge dance party at the national mall. that's a live look at the white house near the washington monument. "good morning maryland"
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the martin's death. >> live look now at washington, d.c. this morning with a huge section of the national mall that's going to be covered to create a giant dance floor. it's a fundraising event called ball on the mall. this is the fourth year for the event. well, stay with us this morning. the mansion of a former musician it goes up if flames. >> who owned the property and the cost of the damage done. >> also ahead this morning the reason students at one university are pretty excited about the living arrangements coming to their campus. >> also this woman sunburned or suntanned? how much is too much when it comes to tanning? lynette. >> and temperatures are above average this morning but a cooldown is on the way. details coming up. >> no delays this morning on the southbound corridor of the beltway. i'll show you what some other main lines look like coming up in my timesaver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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two brothers accused of beating black teen could learn their fate. how soon a decision could be made. and after weeks of going back and forth it looks like maryland lawmakers are going into special sessat what's on t right now let's fake a live look at our camera down at the inner harbor this sun is coming out. we're going to find out what today looks like on this thursday, may the 3rd. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. a foggy misty look out and also some rain in the forecast, now


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