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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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city cop, police commissioner fred bealefeld is reflecting on his career. brian kuebler sat down with him. >> reporter: the commissioner sat down with us this morning to explain why he made what he calls an incredibly hard decision. >> reporter: he knows it. he knows there will be rumors or whispers about his resignation, from political to angling for another job but commissioner bealefeld said he's tired. >> everybody's anticipating some big moment. it just won't come. maybe, maybe brian they'll say, maybe the guy was just showing up every day working his tail off trying to make a difference. >> the open air traffic is much reduced. >> reporter: that's all this baltimore cop wants and the
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statistics show he was. murder is down 43% since he took the post violent crime down 14%. most importantly he changed the police culture by changing community relations and having the force focus on the guns and the really bad guys that carry them, a general approach he warns can't change, not now. >> this would be a tragedy and a failure of policing for us to revert back to strategies that didn't work, this overdependence on arrests to move away from targeted enforcement. if that happens after we leave, it would be a tragedy for this city. >> reporter: bealefeld believes he is leaving behind a solid foundation, built on passion and a you neck type of baltimore moxie that always lands the commissioner on the evening
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news. >> there was a lot of consternation about my colorful language, calling people knuckleheads, more rones and idiots. judges on the ben were of panning me about calling people names. i've always felt like i was speaking for other people, and i tried to use this position to advocate for the people of this city. >> reporter: and that right there is what the commission are said it was all about, the people of this city and not just through the last five years as the boss, but the 26 help spent before that on the street. >> what i'm going to miss is this. i've been a cop for a long time. i'll miss that. >> reporter: now bealefeld's resignation is august first and
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will be around to gift new commissioner advice on how to keep the crime numbers trending down. stay tuned at 6:00. we'll have the mayor's reaction and yes, another resignation from another high level city employee. an emotional interview. there for more with commissioner bealefeld check off squareoff on abc2. it starts at 11. windsor hills elementary middle school was closed after a body was found behind the body. a woman, walking her dog, found the body. the police contacted school officials who decided to close for the day. police believe the shooting happened last night. >> we did have some discharging calls in the area last night about 11:30. officers responded, did some area canvassing, walked around
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but didn't find anything until this morning. >> police will not release the identity until they're able to identify his family. so far, no motives or suspects have been identified. two young men are dead and a third is battling for his life after an -- an early morning crash in baltimore county. >> reporter: long time homeowners along the stretch of jarrettsville pike where the accident happened calls it dead man's curve. the driver lost control, skid out of joel in the on coming path of a tractor-trailer. the car was no match for the 15-ton rig carrying 45,000 pounds of milk. the driver the 18-wheeler survived even though the tanker careened off of the car into a tree before rolling over. >> right now he's at sinai being
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checked out and after the fact he will be able to go for counseling. >> reporter: paramedics transported a third man from the jetta to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries. the truck transports milk primary in york and harford counties, but this load was bound for virginia. jeff hager, abc2 news. meteorologist wyatt everhart has a look at the first forecast. tell us what kind of weather are we looking at for the rest of the night and is the weekend going to be rained out? >> i don't think we'll be rained out. there's a chance of a pop-up shower. we had a chance this afternoon, maybe one of the reasons we decided to head indoors. we're at the edge of ocean city at the casino at ocean downs.
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this is joe, the general manager. i have to say my first time back in ocean downs since we have renovated this place to the hit. tell us about what's available for people coming down to ocean city. >> we've been open about a year now. this building that we're standing in takes the place of the old grandstands. if you used to come down to the tracks, we're right in the grandstands that used to be there. we have 800 of the hottest spots, fine dining as well as blackjack, roulette and poker. 10 minutes outside of ocean city, maryland, right off the beach, great place to be. >> reporter: we will be talking to you a a lot more -- to you a lot more. we have preakness in a few weeks, derby this weekend. so much nicer for the horse
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racing. >> we have much better amenities. the facility has been remodeled. our events coming up for the kentucky derby will be in the clubhouse, out on the pavers. we'll have the race showing on the large screen tv a great place to hang out. >> reporter: we'll have much more and some of your fine assistance. let's get a quick check of your weather. i tell you, you know, it's going to be nice outside, but nice indoors, too. take a look at the conditions. we've had a few pop-up showers earlier this afternoon. those are generally cleared, maybe a pop-up storm the rest of the evening. you could see much cooler to the east. weave a been in the 60s and 70s in oat heat, closer to 80 closer to baltimore. i tell you, this weekend's forecast in ocean city if we could skip ahead to that sunshine will be much of the rule saturday and sunday, a little more humidity but it's
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going to be a great weekend as it so often is. we'll have much more coming up live right by the beach straight ahead on abc2 news. back to you, joce. memorial day is right around the corner. that means it's time to start planning your summer vacation. we have tips to save you money. >> reporter: a summer getaway can be fun and relaxing but can also be expensive. there are some great deals out there if you know where to look and now is the time to start look. the folks at cnn money talked with a number of travel experts and compiled a list of trips. first, if you're going to fly, start looking early it. used to be if you started looking two months out you were good. experts say three months out is better. there are three new web sites causing a bu.z back lets
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hotels come people. check rates after you book issuing refunds if you overpay and hotel suites lists small per properties not listed on major websites. try a rental property instead of a hotel. it can be just as nice and affordable. also, look for all inclusive packages. cruise lines and family resorts are struggling with the fallout from the recession. that means they're offering deep discounts. low cost carriers like virgin america has been opening with affordable rates. reporting from new york. last night an abc2 news investigation pulled back the curtain on a dark problem, doctors struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. experts say if you suspect your if i vision or physician you
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work with is dealing with an addiction, you shouldn't stay silent. obviously, we're having technical difficulties. just go to medicine. you're going to find all the information you need about these physicians. you can look them up by name, by complaint. click on the doctors and you'll get an individual file about the if i visions. you can go through, scroll through and see their entire history. find out what the board had a problem with and you can even look at their court documents and pinpoint what happened to them. you'll find that on medicine. also coming up on abc2 news,
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we know the names of two women gunned down in a howard county church as well as the identity of the shooter. how the woman survived is doing and why the shooter targeted the church no a 6-year-old is suspended for sexual harassment. the song that got him in trouble is problem one you heard your kids belting out, too. you're looking live at the action at oceans down at the waters edge. we'll have a live report at 35bg from the beach and the new casino here. it's straight ahead.
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she fell in a traffic hang gliding accident but investigators in british columbia are struggling to figure out why. in part because the woman's instructor ate the only evidence. she had start lad flight with an instruct for when she fell plunging more than 100 feet to her death. that instructor has been
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arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. investigators say just after the fall he swallowed the memory card from a recorder that captured the entire flight on video loo there has been a series of x-rays taken. we are in the waiting process here. we have confirmed that the memory card is still inside. >> now authorities are hoping the card is retrieved and that the video will be viewable. one third of the pine nearing rap group the beast ti boys died at the age of 47. he had been getting treatment for cancer for more than two years. last month the beastie boys were inducted into the hall of fame. he was also known for his efforts in the free tibet movement. we're checking out the casino at oceans down. meteorologist wyatt everhart is there.
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i hear they have some pretty good deals going on. what can you tell us? >> an awesome deem and you're thinking i want to make a run to the beach. there's a lot of different ways you can combine it. we will' talk more about your weather in a second. i want to bring in shawn mcmahon. tell us a little bit, people have not been to your location. there's so much there. are a right on the boardwalk. >> we're steps away from the beach. we are the newest hotel. we've got a full service restaurant called the captain stable. >> it dids back. >> fresh seafood, fresh stake -- steaks. courtyard on the boardwalk. come see us this weekend. >> i know you said a couple
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rooms left. when people went to come down to the beach, you stay several weeks ahead. >> especially with some of those in the area, whether it's the air show, other stuff that we talked about later. any good weekend, just give us a call. call ahead if the weather is nice. >> you can get a great package combined with the casino at oceans down. you stay at the marriott, get beerchtion the track, awesome combination. >> we'll talk to you more. it's beautiful down here at ocean city, no question about that. it makes you wish there was a race in progress. you have the slots inside. show you the current conditions. across the state the radar has cleared up nicely and temperature wise a real contrast. humidity has come up. we've seen temperatures ranging cooler this morning in oc but
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now into the 70s. in central maryland, closer to 80. we had cloud cover that held temperatures down. the forecast tonight will be interesting, maybe a stray shower, cooling off, a mild night in the 60s and low 70s. tomorrow looks like a pretty good saturday for your cinco de mayo, maybe a hit or miss shower or storm. by tomorrow night partly cloudy skies and temperatures falling back down into the 60s. here is your seven-day forecast. the interested is not bad at all. cooler on sunday. we'll probably stay in the 70s that day and early next woke a gradual climb through the 70s. but setting up for a great weekend, not just in baltimore but at the beach in ocean pines. we've got the kentucky derby coming up tomorrow.
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we'll have much more live from right by the beach coming up. >> today's jobs report shows the number of jobs last month fell short of what economists expected. roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: the white house said the slight drop in unemployment is a sign the economy is making head way toward recovery but even more people have give up looking for help. the government reported the economy added 115,000 jobs, far short of what they were expecting. >> these are not good numbers. you need about twice that to actually be adding real workers to this economy. >> reporter: the unemployment operate dropped down to .1% a three-year low. economists say that's because there are fewer people in the workforce. a new bedford, massachusetts,
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company laid off half of its 700 workers. the demand has dropped as the war in afghanistan winds down. >> it makes me feel mad. >> reporter: president obama repeated a familiar mantra. >> more than 1 million jobs in the last six months aloan. there's still a lot of folks out of work which means we have to do more. >> reporter: in a week where the president's surprised trip to afghanistan dominated the headlines, it gives mitt romney a chance to get back on message. >> people are wondering why the recovery isn't happening faster. >> reporter: there was one bright spot. job gains were revised upward for both february and march. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. more teenage girls are taking an important step to protect themselves from pregnancy, what the study says
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about berth control and the rate of sexually active teens. i hate when this happens, when you eat a great meal but still people hungry.
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federal health officials said teenage girls are getting better at using birth control. they use pills, rings or patches. the cdc said the number of teens who say they are sexually active, has led to a drop in teen pregnancy.
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some people feel hungry even after a big meal a new study says a hormone could be the blai. researchers served test subjects two types of meals. after two hours, levels were up after the tastier meal but down after the bland one. the study suggests foods we like to eat don't have the same effect on the hormone. an arthritis diagnosis is no longer the end of the world for patients. there are several treatments that can help relieve the pain associated with inflammatory arthritis. some of the treatments are so effective that they clan put the dis-- can put the disease in remission. log on and check out our page to find owl the information that you and your family needs. police named the victims and the shooter from last night's
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church shooting in ellicott city. how the surviving victim is doing tonight. it's one of the best things about living in baltimore. the flower mart is back and we have a preview of what to expect. live in ocean pines maryland. the race track at oceans down casino. we'll be back with a live report at 5. stick around.
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getting you up to the minute on some of our top stories. he spent more than 30 years as a city cop, the last five as the leader of the department but police commissioner fred bealefeld is saying farewell to the police department. he sat down with our brian
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kuebler, tearing up talking about leaving his job. kids were kept home from a baltimore school after a woman walking a dog noticed a body behind the building. police say the 18-year-old body was covered in gunshot wounds. the victim's identity has not been released. baltimore county police are investigating a crash that killed two people and seriously injured two more. this happened on jarrettsville pike and dulaney. a vehicle lost control going around the curve, coming into the path of a milk truck. two of the three people in the car were killed. the driver of the truck was taken to sinai with serious injuries. now to the latest on that deadly church shooting in howard county. a service will be held at st.


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