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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 5, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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hours from now. will he get the death penalty? mystery on the beach. weeks after a 2-year-old vanished on a new england beach, her 4-year-old sister now says she remember a mystery man that took her. does her mind hold the clues that could solve the case? attacked. a woman posing with supposedly tame cheetahs, then they pounce, mauling her. she escaped alive. but why did her husband just keep on taking pictures? and sudden impact. watch what happens in this video. a college tradition gone terribly wrong. how on earth did the boy with this backpack walk away from all this with barely a scratch? good morning, everybody. and, yes, we want to say -- let's pull that video up again. the student that got hit by that bus -- ow. look at that. he did get up and walk awe way.
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he's doing totally fine this morning. we're going to explain the whole thing to you in just a moment. but first, in for bianna golodryga, on maternity leave this morning, we have the vivacious -- >> vivacious. >> -- who could easily withstand an attack from a bus, cheetahs, whatever. we have a lot of news to get to this morning including explosive testimony in john edwards' trial. how aides say he lashed out with very foul language at anyone who questioned his relationship with his mistress. some very damaging testimony about the money trail. >> they're saying yesterday was a big break for the prosecution. a fascinating story. more coming up. also, look at this. remember those exotic animals that escaped and went on that rampage in ohio last year, police had to shoot and kill many of them? why are the surviving animals being released to the same family compound where this whole disaster started? plus, my favorite story of the morning. why supermodel linda evangelista
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says she needs -- wait for it -- $46,000 a month, you heard that right, $46,000 a month, to cover her 5-year-old's expenses. and new revelations about her billionaire ex-husband's relationship with salma hayek. >> the lives of the 1%. we want to start with a look at the stories developing right now, including that terror trial. we go to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning to you. good morning, everyone. the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks will finally face a military court today at guantanamo bay. khalid sheikh mohammed and four co-defendants will answer to charges including terrorism and murder. all could get the death penalty if convicted. family members of those who were killed on 9/11 will be able to watch a transmission of the arraignment at u.s. military bases around the country. six families will be there in the courtroom. >> i want to see the people that killed my sister face-to-face. that's what you do in america. you face your fight. that's our justice system. if we didn't have our justice system, we don't have america. >> the actual trial is probably a year away.
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president obama kicks off his re-election campaign today. the president is scheduled to hold rallies in two battleground states. ohio and the key state of virginia. mr. obama, of course, has been in campaign mode for months noup but the official rallies will free him to take an even more direct aim at his almost certain republican opponent, mitt romney. and the job numbers on friday, could spell tough going for the president's re-election bid. the job growth slumped for is second straight month with only 115,000 jobs created. that disappointing news led to a sell-off on wall street. the dow sinking nearly 170 points. a member of the influential rap group the beastie boys, adam yauch, better moan known as mca, passed away after a long battle with cancer. the beastie boys helped bring rap music into the mainstream. yauch was a director, movie producer and activist. the group was inducted into the hall of fame last month.
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he was 47 years of age. >> sad. >> really. finally, that bus accident we showed you glimpses of at the university of texas in austin caught on videotape. but before we show it to you, we want to warn you the student involved was not seriously injured. the freshman, his name is nick ingman, was hit by a bus -- look at that. hit by a bus. during the traditional foam swordfight. bounces off the bus' windshield. one witness said everybody was stunned. >> it started at noon. and from behind the bus, i saw the whole commotion stopped. and everybody just froze. >> and the bus driver was given a ticket for running a red light. although, it looks to me as if kid ran out in front of the bus there. the student said on his facebook page he is the sorest guy on the planet. another witness said, if he can take a hit like that, he should be playing football. >> yeah. exactly. >> you should see the bus, by the way. mangled. >> thank you, ron claiborne.
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now, to the john edwards' trial. the focus, shifting from sex to money. specifically money from this woman. a 97-year-old heiress, who thought john edwards reminded her of her old friend, john f. kennedy. meanwhile, on the witness stand, this young staffer, describing edwards profane and unpresidential reaction, when confronted over his extramarital affair. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: dramatic testimony by john edwards' former adviser, peter scher. he told the jury that in september of 2006, he started to hear rumors that edwards was having an affair with rielle hunter, who was now traveling with their team as a videographer and confronted him. and edwards said, are you asking me if i'm sleeping with her? he i said, that's precisely what i'm asking you. but he said no. scher warned him that eventually, it would come out and it would destroy his political career. he agreed that she should not travel. hunter did stop traveling at first, by october she was back on the road.
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so furious, peter scher called edwards by phone. i said, john, what the expletive are you doing? how did mr. edwards respond, the prosecutor asked. he said i should back off. that i didn't need a babysitter. and i would expletive myself. but the big question has been about the money. and yesterday, a damaging blow against edwards' defense. during edwards' campaign, rachel bunny mellon, donated $720,000. although, it is still unclear if she knew this money was being used to fund the cover-up of edwards' affair. bryan huffman, mellon's close friend, said that when mellon found out, she was not upset about the affair. it was that the money was going to help out the mistress. but she thought that maybe edwards should pay for the girlfriend himself. from the beginning edwards said that the money was not for his benefit. but yesterday, alexander forger, one of mellons' lawyers, said he
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asked if edwards' lawyers if he knew about the money. john had said yes. he acknowledges this is for his benefit. edwards' lawyers will now have their chance to fight back on monday. bob woodruff, abc news, greensboro, north carolina. and for more on the edwards trial, we're joined by jean carsarez. when they were talking about this, they kept making a big deal about the specific language he used. why does it matter? he was upset. but why does the language matter? >> it got pretty dicey. they want to dirty him up, prosecutors do. but more than that, if it's the truth, you must speak the truth in court. and the truth becomes evidence. more than anything, it's the state of mind of john edwards. this is back in 2006. this is a former campaign adviser that said, look, this is a political campaign. you want to become president. she can't be so close. she can't travel. and he agreed. john edwards agreed. the prosecutors will say, right there, before the money even
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started flowing, he knew that she shouldn't be a part of someone who wants to become president. >> and they keep going back to the timeline. exactly when did elizabeth edwards know? and why is that important? >> prosecutors may argue there is a smoking gun in this case. they may say it's the timeline because this week, it came out that "the national enquirer" had this big article, october 2007, which talked about the love child, rielle hunter, there were pictures. and then, elizabeth had that emotional display at the airport. according to the indictment, the checks keep flowing. the money keeps coming in from these benefactors. you know when it ends, sharyn? the indictment says it ends when the campaign was disbanded. when he decided he didn't want to become president. i think they will say prosecutors would say that's the smoking gun. >> that's a big day for the prosecution. two weeks in now. off the bat, john edwards was faring pretty well. but now, two weeks in, how is he doing?
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>> this is supposed to be a six-week trial. it's going to be up and down. the prosecution will be ahead. the defense will be ahead. i think this week with former campaign advisers and aides coming forward, that's about the political campaign to become president. so, john edwards did not fair that well this week. >> thank you very much, jean. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, sharyn. thank you, jean. now, to a big development in the secret service sex scandal. do not call her a prostitute. she insists she's a high-priced escort. there she is, the woman at the center of this international incident, speaking on camera, for the first time. and spilling some racy, new details. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: hi, dan. this morning, the escort at the center of the colombian sex scandal is calling secret service agents fools. and speaking of a night out of control. speaking on a radio show, dania suarez says the evening
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began with secret service drinking heavily. we were on the bar dancing. and i thought crazy. they were all drunk. they bought alcohol like they bought water. >> she is able to make a hockry of everything. and the agents put her in that position, where she has an international audience to ridicule the secret service. >> reporter: dania said at the time, she did not know the man who approached her at the club was a secret service agent. when i am in a discotheque he comes close and said sex. she responded. >> he paid me cash money. >> reporter: he said how much? i said $800. he said $800, okay. they arrived at the hotel caribe at roughly 1:30 a.m. the argument started the next morning when the agent offered only $30. the other agents were shouting, please, please, no police. no police. but authorities were called. and the scandal went public. suarez says she has yet to talk to the secret service. congressional leaders are not happy about that. >> how was she able to appear on television and radio and give an interview? yet, the secret service and the colombian police cannot track
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her down. >> reporter: as for suarez, she says her escort days are over. she says she's been in hiding, afraid for her safety. sharyn? >> all right. well, remember those exotic and dangerous animals that went on a rampage in ohio six months ago? now, they've been returned to the very compound they escaped from. and the neighbors are up in arms that these possibly deadly animals are back in their midst with little oversight. david kerley has been covering this story from the beginning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, to you, sharyn. animal activists are shocked and dismayed. but there was nothing they nor the state of ohio could do to stop the animals from being taken back to that infamous zanesville farm. this morning, the survivors of the country's most horrific wild animal incident are back in their cages. two leopards, a bear, and two monkeys. followed by cameras in the air the entire journey. marian thompson demanded her animals back. and was finally able to load them up from the columbus zoo.
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monkeys in small animal crates. the cats and big bear, in big crates, loaded on to a truck by a forklift. zoo officials do not approve. but thompson drove off, headed for her farm. >> they're going off somewhere where we'll never see them again. we're concerned for their welfare. >> reporter: it was eight months ago, that thompson's husband, terry, seen here a few months ago, opened the cages on the farm, releasing 56 animals and then killing himself. and set off a real-life "jumanji." >> there's a lion on mt. perry road. >> reporter: police officers, forced to gundown 48 of the 56 animals. >> fired one shot, killing the animal instantly. >> reporter: a searing scene of death and carnage. jack hanna was also on the scene in october and says it changed his life. >> this is beyond a tragedy for the animal world. >> reporter: earlier this week, hanna tweeted, it breaks my heart to think that these animals could be returned to the horrid condition in which we found them. but marian thompson had law on
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her side. so, ohio officials released the animals, which thompson says she has a deep emotional bond with. admitting to zoo officials, that even one of the monkeys often slept with her. the reason that marian had the law on her side is that ohio has no law against having these animals. now, the state was talking about passing legislation that would require inspections. but it's not passed. nothing has passed. now, it's up to local officials to make sure the animals are treated well. dan, the humane society was out there three times before the animals arrived and everything was fine. but now, the animals are on the farm. >> a lot of people find this story frustrating. david kerley, thank you for your coverage. many us of plan for all sorts of disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods. but look at this. here is a calamity few of us could ever anticipate. a giant sinkhole threatening to swallow up a house. this is happening right now to families in florida. and this mounting, there's mounting anxiety about how big this hole is going to get. here's abc's yunji de nies. >> reporter: these views from the sky, taken less than a day apart, show just how much this
8:14 am
sinkhole has grown. inching closer to the house, forcing this family out. >> thinking, you know, you're not going to be moving out of your house the next morning. it happened so rapidly. >> reporter: his neighbors are packing up, too. do you think you'll be able to move back into your house? >> no. i don't think so. i think we'll find somewhere else and move somewhere else. >> reporter: sinkholes form when water weakens the rock beneath the ground. eventually, the rock gives way. and the land above caves in. engineers surveyed the devoured backyard. eventually, they'll need ground radar to search for other holes, possibly lurking beneath, and then, seal them with concrete. >> need to do some borings, ground-penetrating radar. see if there's anything else going on. if there is, then the grounding would be need to be done in those areas to seal off any conduits. >> reporter: because the
8:15 am
sinkhole is so large, the insurance company has deemed the home is a total loss. that means the homeowner will get a check for the value of the house. they were lucky. they had sinkhole insurance. sinkhole insurance is an add-on to most policies. certainly worth the investment here. while this damage is mind-boggling, with four, young children, lou lambros was lucky. >> god was watching out for us. i was thinking about what could have really happened. you put things in perspective and we were blessed that our kids are okay. and no one was hurt. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, windermere, florida. >> wow. >> i'm thinking do i need sinkhole insurance? >> note to self. get sinkhole insurance. >> put that on my to-do list. let's check our weather now with our ace meteorologist -- she loves when i call her that -- ginger zee. ginger, the supermoon is, i guess, super? >> it's super-duper. it's going to happen late tonight. i'll be talking about it in just a moment. let's talk about something very important. in the last 24 hours, 209 reports of severe weather.
8:16 am
some of the most dangerous weather happened yesterday afternoon, in parts of iowa and southwest minnesota, including tornadoes. but it wasn't tornadoes that did this. look at this video. this is a wind-driven dust storm. students there in orange city caught this on tape. and just incredible pictures coming out of northwest iowa. hey, same deal's going to happen today. same area. so, the pocket of severe weather you need to look out for includes the dakotas, southwest minnesota into northwest missouri. this morning already, some really strong storms in parts of kentucky. now moving off to the south and east. it will be a little part of it down in texas, too. with it comes rain. and you see rain along the stationary front. derby should be with the heaviest of rain. and then, there's that fuller, brighter m
8:17 am
>> let's get right to the twitter photos i want to share with you. from paula faris' hometown of jackson, michigan, thursday. they had a big storm come through. actually, flint, michigan, had a lot of flooding. same deal. they're now cleaning out over the weekend. that super, super-duper moon comes tonight. >> thank you, ginger. you're a self-professed weather geek. >> yes. >> are you going to stay up until 11:35 tonight to see the supermoon, even though you have to get up at 4:00 on sunday morning? >> i'm going to go with no. i'm not that much of an astronomy geek. >> it's very nuanced. >> this is why i majored in
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english. all right. now, to a fashion statement that has implications for girls and young women across this country. after years of featuring superskinny and often superyoung models, "vogue" magazine, the marquis name in fashion, are banning models too skinny or too young. abc's tanya rivero is on the story. >> reporter: "vogue," magazine. for many, the final word on beauty and style. now says being healthy is hot. and being too young or too skinny is not. >> it will change things. "vogue" is a very powerful vehicle. >> reporter: editors of "vogue," around the world, collectively announced they will no longer knowingly use models younger than 16. or those who appear to have an eating disorder. >> hiring models who are adolescents really promotes this
8:19 am
unhealthy physique. and i think it's encouraging that "vogue" is listening and will do something about it. >> reporter: "vogue" will ask casting directors to check i.d.s at photo shoots. and ask designers to stop making such tiny sample sizes. this all comes as the chorus crying for change reaches a crescendo. 14-year-old julia bluhm petitioned "seventeen" magazine, to publish one unphotoshopped spread a month. >> we want to tell "seventeen" that we love our bodies just the way we are. we don't need photoshop to fix us. >> reporter: "seventeen" has not yet agreed. but bluhm received over 26,000 signatures in support. >> you're seeing the celebration of a new trend, which is living healthy. being healthy. looking healthy. >> reporter: but many remain skeptical. similar guidelines were adopted in 2007, by the council of fashion designers of america. >> "vogue" is saying they won't hire models under 16, which is
8:20 am
exactly what designers are supposed to have been doing. it hasn't been enforced. >> reporter: but with "vogue," coming out so strongly, there's hope healthy really is the new black. for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> oh, no. there goes my career as a fashion model. too thin and too young. well, as a mom, you always feel a little guilty when you put the kids in front of the tv, just pop them down there. don't worry. you can take comfort in this story. a 6-year-old girl saved her best friend's life by performing the heimlich maneuver. how did she know how to do that? well, from watching the disney channel. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: millions of kids love to watch disney's hit show, "a.n.t. farm." and fortunately, beanie mar is one of them. the first grader says it's because of what she saw on the show that she was able to save her classmate's life. >> i choked on the apple.
8:21 am
it was down here. >> reporter: anthony roy was sitting across the table from his fellow first grader, aniyah, when he saw her gasping for air. >> he kept yelling out. aniyah's choking. aniyah's choking. and they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: but beanie knew. she remembered this episode of "a.n.t. farm." >> oh, my god. she is choking. >> help. what do we do? >> i knew what to do. and i did -- >> reporter: she's just 6 years old and 38 pounds. but that was enough to dislodge the apple from her friend's throat, with a single thrust. >> and i said, did i save your life, aniyah? and she said, yeah, you did. >> reporter: little beanie doesn't see her as a big hero. but aniyah sees her as a great friend. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:22 am
america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i love it. >> is there anything cuter? reminds me of the "simpsons" episode where there's a sign on the wall of one of the restaurants how to give the heimlich maneuver. and there's a full lobster coming out of somebody's mouth. a little bit of absurdity. coming up here on the broadcast, the mystery of the missing toddler. a 2-year-old vanishes on a beach when her mother looks away. now, the only witness, the girl's 4-year-old sister is coming forward with new clues. are the keys to this case locked in her very young mind? and look at this. a tourist suddenly mauled by cheetahs at a game reserve. we hear from her husband who took the terrifying photos. and how she survived this violent attack. what was she thinking as he was just snapping pictures? >> dude's in the doghouse. the supermodel on the stand. why linda evangelista needs nearly 50 grand a month to care for her 5-year-old son. and pop quiz. and which famous game show host may be retiring? in the form of a question. that's your hint. the answer, coming up. the shops concept encompases a lot of newness.
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at the beginning, it was pretty fun. look at this woman, posing for pictures with cheetahs. then, the animal turns. the animal she thought was safe and tame, start attacking her.
8:30 am
she manages to escape alive. but here's the burning question why did her husband stand by and continue to take these pictures while his wife was being attacked? it wouldn't go over well. >> you don't want to share those pictures with family. i'm sharyn alfonsi, in for bianna golodryga. it's saturday, may 5th. my favorite story. linda evangelista, taking the stand in her headline-grabbing trial. how does she justify spending as much money in one month on her son as many families earn in an entire year. >> apparently, there's a legal justification. and why are these people in extreme pain? what are they doing here? cinco de mayo might hold the answer. coming up request "pop news." first, we get to news this morning. the search for a missing massachusetts toddler, kelly harrison, who has not been seen
8:31 am
for two weeks. her family says she was kidnapped while playing on the beach. now, her older sister may have the clue to solve the mystery. t.j. winick is here with more. >> reporter: this morning, a neighbor's dog hit on a scent that convinced authorities to take a second look for caleigh. while police believe the toddler may have been accidentally swept out to sea, the family's other daughter convinced them she was abducted. searchers were back on this beach friday, looking for caleigh harrison. now, a new twist. could the key of her mysterious disappearance be locked in the mind of her 4-year-old sister? it happened on april 19th. allison said she was playing with her two daughters, caleigh and lizzie, on the beach. when caleigh chased after a ball, then caleigh vanished. >> we had our arms outstretched. and caleigh was gone. >> reporter: now, young lindsay seems to be remembering more of what happened that fateful day. according to her parents, lizzie says caleigh was abducted by a mysterious man.
8:32 am
they told their story to nancy grace. >> at first, it was the mean guy. then, she got into detail about black shorts. he was smoking a cigarette. he had facial hair. >> reporter: lizzie even drew this picture of the man she says took her little sister. while some might see this as a breakthrough, experts say relying on a 4-year-old's account is rife with problems. >> what happens in children that young is, they incorporate comments by people into their own psyche like they're real. and so, in her mind, it may be real. in reality, it may not be real at all. >> reporter: the state police have said there are no signs of an abduction. but caleigh's father has hope that lizzie might bring her little sister home. >> this came from her. this came from her. and i believe her. and i don't care if nobody else believes her. i believe her. >> reporter: her parents say lizzie mentioned nothing about an abductor during a meeting with a state psychologist. that she only started talking
8:33 am
about this mysterious man days later. and authorities stress that just because the little girl hasn't been found yet doesn't mean she wasn't swept out to sea. >> t.j., thank you. now, to the story of a dream safari vacation in africa. a married couple getting the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to pet cheetahs. the cheetahs were supposed to be tame and safe. but something went very wrong. and abc's alex marquardt is in london this morning. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that game reserve in south africa is calling this mauling a freak incident. saying these cheetahs are normally very friendly. but for reasons that are still unclear, what was supposed to be this dream birthday present, he went terribly awry. on their dream vacation, archie and violet demello were going to get up close and pet two
8:34 am
supposedly tame cheetahs at a game preserve in south africa. >> they were seemingly tame. >> reporter: but suddenly, they turned violent. bun cheetah lunged for a child. and violet was knocked down and bitten. >> just about 30 seconds, both of them had gone on to my wife. and we didn't expect anything to happen like this. and i don't think the guide even knew what to do. >> reporter: incredibly, archie kept taking pictures, not realizing what was happening. violet screamed and tried to play dead, as the brother cheetah bit and scratched her head, legs and stomach. the terror lasted more than three minutes before the guide was able to beat the cheetah back with a stick. >> she had a lot of cuts. >> reporter: violet's left eye was closed up and she lost a lot of blood. but in the end, no life-threatening wounds. violet has called this incident a nightmare. the park has closed the petting facility and is investigating the attack. the manager said, these cheetahs are not aggressive and probably wanted to play.
8:35 am
one theory they are working with right now, a female cheetah in heat in a nearby cage may have excited the two males. dan? sharyn? >> interesting. thank you for that. let's get it over to ron claiborne and the stories developing overnight. >> good morning. five men charged with funding and planning the 9/11 attacks. are at a military tribunal in guantanamo today. khalid sheikh mohammed is among them. they are not expected to be entering pleas. and jan brewer has signed a bill into law, cutting off funding for planned parenthood for nonabortion services. the republican governor says the law insures that no tax money is used to indirectly pay for abortions. planned parenthood is planning legal action. and an update on a 27-year-old woman who plunged to her death while hang gliding. the pilot has produced the memory card from the glider's camera. he had swallowed it after the accident. police believe it may hold answers to the tragic accident. and finally, a gray whale tangled in a fishing net off the coast of california for weeks has finally been freed.
8:36 am
the fishermen used bamboo poles to help rescue the whale, who then did a lap around the vessel as a thank you. which is pretty cool. time, now, for the weather and ace meteorologist, ginger zee. >> ace. i'll take it. it's spreading like wildfire. as for the heat on this cinco de mayo. near-record heat. let's start in dallas. a really nice start after the storms of yesterday. today, going to be a hot one. lubbock, we should break a record at 100. kansas city, up to 86. denver, one lost warm day before the big cooldown, which comes on the latter half of your weekend. i want to leave you with a look across the nation. 74, l.a. severe storms in the northern plains. and also through the carolinas,
8:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by walgreens. >> thank you, ace. coming up here on "good morning america," the supermodel in the hot seat. linda evangelista taking the stand as things get ugly in her child support trial with her billionaire ex-boyfriend. and it's a potential game-changer for one of the most popular quiz shows ever. the host who is considering hanging up his question cards forever. who is it? [ dad ] hello. [ female announcer ] quality everyday products at a way better price. [ girl ] mom! ♪ [ female announcer ] now that's nice. right now nice pistachios and other select nuts are just $2.99.
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add your flavor naturally. here's the question we've been pondering all morning. how do you spend nearly 50 grand a month on a 5-year-old? the supermodel, linda evangelista, got on the witness stand to talk about the amount she needs to raise her child in her eyebrow-raising, headlinemaking, custody dispute with her billionaire ex-boyfriend and baby daddy. abc's john muller is here with this interesting testimony. >> reporter: it sure is, dan. this one's got it all. a supermodel. a french billionaire. a superstar actress. of course, it all comes down to proper financial support for a child. in this case, is $46,000 a month a fair allowance for a billionaire's son?
8:42 am
dressed impeccably, linda evangelista, said she was in court strictly as a mother. not the high-powered fashion icon of the 1990s, whose mesmerizing face graced so many magazine covers and the george michael video, "freedom '90." asking for a whopping $46,000 a month for her son, evangelista focused on her own humble beginnings, picking fruit in canada. 50 cents a basket. 20 baskets. they made me pick from the ground. they wouldn't let me go up the ladder. the man being asked for 46 grand a month, the father of the boy, french billionaire, francois-henri pinault. grilled after telling the judge he spent $260,000 on in 2010. evangelista's lawyer asked, how much of that, if any, were gifts for augie? pinault's answer, he didn't know.
8:43 am
but asked if he remembered what he got his son for his birthday. i don't know, pinault answered. and the christmas present? i bought it online. it was a piano thing. the obvious question, is 46 grand a month outrageous? >> if one parent is a billionaire, then $46,000, believe it or not, may be within the realm of reason. >> reporter: the other bombshell. new revelations about the french billionaire's child with superstar actress and now wife, salma hayek. pinault said he didn't recognize his son with evangelista at first, because soon after, he met and impregnated hayek, who had a rough pregnancy. we were told the baby had down syndrome. she almost lost the baby. pain pinault said she was grateful to evangelista for delaying the process until after the birth of his baby. but apparently that gratitude stopped short, at 46 grand a month. hayek's baby is okay. evangelista asked for child support five years ago. but he counteroffers and she never responded before deciding to sue. testimony resumes monday here in new york, dan. >> tough to be a billionaire,
8:44 am
apparently. >> billionaire angst. >> this is what we call high-class problems. >> high-class problems. coming up, if you think jalapenos are hot, you're not going to want to try this. you'll see why this guy's suffering. coming up next in "pop news." [ laughing ] that's why there's new beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four new snacks... to help spark play in your day.
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[ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] all right. it's time for "pop news." in a minute, we're going to tell you why ron is wearing rubber gloves. first, let's get it out to our entertainment reporter, and the host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, out in l.a.
8:49 am
rachel, good morning to you. >> good morning. "pop news" is hot, hot, hot this morning. let's first get to the question we've been asking all morning. which world-famous game show host is thinking of hanging up his answer card? the answer, alex trebek. trebek has been hosting "jeopardy!" for 29 years. he is still saying he's torn because he loves doing it so much. now, if his movies prove anything, samuel jackson is not a man to be messed with. now, he's taking on one of the biggest movie critics in the country. jackson took to twitter to attack the negative review of "the avengers" in "the new york times." got him a new job. jackson plays a job called nick fury, after all. but we doubt one bad review will slow down this blockbuster at the box office. and as they say in "the little mermaid," it's much better where it's wetter. a company in dubai is going to create an underwater hotel. guests can sleep with the
8:50 am
fishes at 21 rooms that are 30 feet underwater. it may be tough to book 1 of the 21 rooms. more hotels are in the works. i think i'm sticking to land. and in honor of cinco de mayo, we pay homage to the world's hottest chili pepper. scientists have recently crowned the trinidad moruga scorpion as the hottest pepper. people are brave enough or dumb enough to try them on camera. take a look. >> the scorpion? >> oh. oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> now, it's starting to move towards the front of the tongue. >> who invented these, man? >> my throat. i can't feel my throat. >> it's cold outside. >> oh. >> i'm sweating. it's god awful. >> that's hot. >> that's one hot pepper.
8:51 am
>> okay. that's why ron is wearing rubber gloves. we have some peppers here. i don't think you should try it. >> i do. i do. >> i love you as a friend. >> sharyn's egging him on. rachel, thank you very much. ron it trying it. we'll be right back with the results. ♪ [thor] who dare cross the avengers? [iron man] it's loki! [captain america] wait! i forgot my shield. i think my mom has it. [mom] i'm over here. [captain america kid] come on, guys. hey, mom. we're looking for loki. [mom] did you look over there? a superhero in every aisle. the avengers, now at target.
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[ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. so, the results of our science experiment, ron claiborne healthy and alive. >> tiny piece. it's extremely hot. >> really? >> yeah. i'm warning you away from it. and the jalapeno was pretty hot, also. >> anything you have to eat with plastic on your hands, maybe not a good idea. >> fine. >> just in case you're concerned, we had a defibrillator on stand-by. >> and milk. >> it was more important, as it turns out. >> yeah. >> i think you should follow it up with a jalapeno bite. >> would you do it again?
8:56 am
>> will i? >> probably not. >> we have to go. we'll keep an eye on him. see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice?
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