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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  May 6, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> jeff: and this is sometimes the most overlooked part of rebounding. the free throw rebound. too often, people assume the ball is going to be made. you have to know exactly what your responsibilities are on this blockout. >> mike: one-point game. they get it away to smith. heat have to foul. ahead to stoudemire. and stoudemire is fouled by haslem. amar'e stoudemire, who is a good free throw shooter, but is 3 of 5 and again, wearing the heavy padding on that left hand. meanwhile, haslem fouls out of the game. and there's still plenty of time remaining for the heat. stoudemire's played extremely well with that padding. 19 points, ten rebounds. couple of blocks, as well.
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two-point game. and this one, huge. although the heat still with one time-out left, jeff. even if stoudemire hits this, they don't necessarily have to go for a three, correct, or now you have -- >> jeff: no, they don't have to. they can play it off the make or miss and attack. if you take your time-out, you're more than likely signaling that you most likely will shoot a three. >> mike: stoudemire misses. bosh the rebound, and they call time-out. stoudemire rolls his fist in anger. >> jeff: hasn't he learned? stop! at least it wasn't at something. >> mike: and now it will come down to the eat, down by two, with 13.2 remaining. >> jeff: three missed free throws by the knicks or this game is sealed. anthony with two misses, stoudemire with one. >> mike: and of course it's enormous in terms of the way it turns it around for the heat now.
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they don't have to go for the three. they can go for the two and look for overtime. >> jeff: and though they haven't shoit we shout it well, they can put in so much shooting that surrounds james and wade that you're going to be reluctant to help, because you don't want to lose on this guy. though, i wouldn't -- listen. i'll take a three by anybody. i do not want james or wade at the rim, particularly with tyson chandler fouled out of the game. >> mike: that's where, certainly critical with chandler sitting on the bench now. the heat will get the ball in the front court. now, the heat are out of time counts. they obviously have to get the ball in. see if the knicks try and deny. stoudemire, bibby, carmelo anthony, j.r. smith and fields. wade, bosh, james, chalmers and battier for the heat.
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the knicks trying to force a game five. bibby playing off chalmers. up top is wade. fields on him. wade drives. helped out by stoudemire. wade. lost it. got it back. final seconds. wade -- the three -- won't go! game over! there will be a game five! and the knicks' playoff losing streak comes to an end. 41 for carmelo anthony. and the knicks finally beat the heat. >> jeff: again, this is a favorable match-up for the miami heat. when stoudemire switched out on wade.
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but give stoudemire credit. after he switched, he got in a good chance, with no help, except for landry fields. forced him to veer out and take the long desperation three. that was very well defended by the new york knicks and amar'e stoudemire. >> mike: fields did a good job on a couple of fronts, at the very end, contesting that shot. difficult shot. so, stoudemire returns after missing the game and contributes mightily. carp mellow anthony, 41 points, he's with lisa. >> lisa: thank you, mike. it looked like you were not going to let this team lose. what was your mindset? >> we gave it our all tonight. well rallied the troops that we wasn't ready to go home yet. as long as you leave everything out here on the court, we can go home happy. >> lisa: what did you sail to yourself when you missed the
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first two free throws? >> just disappointed in myself. my teammates did a great job. ail m amar'e did a hell of a job on d-wade at the end. >> lisa: congratulations on the win? >> thank you. >> lisa: mike? >> mike: smiles at msg. just over 11 years the last time these fans experienced a playoff victory. as now, miami, still with a /ir÷d#z. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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now abc2news at 6:30.
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an occasionnal drizzle. gray with occasionnal sunshine and don't forget the cooler temperatures. what is on tap for tonight? kind of a mixed bag so let's check in for that first forecast. all over the place today. >> a little of everything. cloud cover and limited rain. you may have seen a little pass or two of drizzle but most of the rain has been limited. temperature-wise, right around 70 degrees, 68 baltimore right now. 66 in easton. remember this part of early may 70 would be average so we're where we should expect to see. 60s for the rest of the day. quiet sunday evening weather- wise. we'll talk about how things will change through your workweek coming up. thanks. it could be the kentucky
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derby murder mystery. a case of the body found in the stable area of the churchill downs racetrack just one day after the running of the races. here is the latest. >> reporter: a record crowd of more than 165,000 packed churchill downs racetrack saturday. >> i'll have another on the outside is closing in. >> reporter: they cheered on a thrilling climax as i'll have another streaked across the finish line to win the first leg of the triple crown. >> as the champion basked in the winner's circle there was no hint that a scene of celebration would more if into a crime scene. a track employee discovered a man's body in a barn occupied by louisville trainer. >> our investigation is ongoing
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to determine specifically why he would have been at this location. >> police are treating the case as a homicide. >> there is foul play involved but we do not have an exact cause of death so we'll await the coroner's report. >> police combed the area. the death has no a parent connection to the racetrack and all the personnel have been accounted for. this is not the first time death has shadowed the run for the roses. a week after last year's derby, a body was found in the vehicle. it was ruled an accidental overdose. the autopsy in this case is scheduled for monday. we will continued our abbreviated newscast right after the break.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate.
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>> next weekend of weather. at times clouds, at times sun and temperatures not as warm and muggy today. 68. it has been a change today. winds out of the east bringing in a cool breeze off the chesapeake bay and atlantic ocean. >> in baltimore, taking a walk, big crowd downtown today. why not? generally rain fall. the clouds winning the war so to speak late in the afternoon. there was a bright certainnaire yo there through midday and again, the clouds thickened up later in the afternoon. temperatures across the state, 70 west in hagers town. 55 ocean city, cool. that is that atlantic air coming in. 68 in baltimore. 70 in dulles. winds from the east. this part of spring with the water temperatures still on the cool side, that is what we're
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seeing now. humidity moderate. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s you don't notice the humidity so much. a couple of showers to the west. most in the western edge of virginia, not so much in maryland. across the east coast right now, again not much real active weather, but not a lot of clear weather either. in that in between scenario where the weather is somewhat quiet, but not all clear. warmer air to the south. mild air over the east and a storm system up over chicago. not a particularly powerful one. light easterly flow cooling things off over the northeast and the warm air, 91 in memphis today. >> chances of rain, pretty slim tomorrow. generally dry. a mix of sun and clouds, more sun. this could spark showers tuesday afternoon and evening and those could persist into our wednesday. that will be a slow-moving
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boundary. we stay cloudy. late drizzle. tomorrow night again a hit armies shower. really not a lot of rain due until probably toward midweek. you see we'll bring in the chance for showers late tuesday into our wednesday. a slight chance on monday. cooler and sunnier weather later this week. that will be refreshing so we'll look forward to that. that is your outlook. back with more abc2news coming up in just a few minutes. our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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