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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of residents. >> reporter: the dust is still settling from last book's abrupt announcement of fred bealefeld's rest sig naismghts two figure heads who were architects in the crime fight huge baltimore had one of the bad wraps and and to have someone who has done such a phenomenal job would raise considerable concern. >> reporter: the fragile success of five years of decreasing crime and homicide could easily become undone with a new commissioner and a new way of doping things-- doing things. a spokesperson for the mayor told us today not to focus so much on the man but the commitment to public safety this mayor has made since she took office. citing that in three straight
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years of budget cuts the police department went largely unscathed, but isn't just the amount of resources but how it chooses to use them. >> i'd like to think they will at least continue to focus on violent offenders, keeping guns away from those individuals. it's working. >> reporter: professor daniel webster is the codirector for the center of gun policy and research. he was a researcher to the commission. given the drop in violent crime webster believes while the new pick may have his own ideas, he encourages him or her to work off the current blueprint. >> i've got to think some of that will be sustained even though you have different individuals coming into play. they're going top understand --
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to understand what's been working. >> reporter: experts are hoping not to fix what's after five years is not broken. >> commissioner bealefeld's last day will be august the 1st. the mayor has asked limb to be part of the transition team. we had a crash on the jarrettsville pike and it has again claimed another life a voxes wag john jetta went two the path of a tractor-trailer. then a fallston woman lost control of her car four miles from that accident and crashed into a rock wall, taking out a wooden fence before hitting a utility pole. >> she's a great person. >> friends say she had just
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called her boyfriend and told him she was a few minutes away before the crash. tonight we know the name is of the man found shot to death behind northwest baltimore elementary school. police identified the victim mass 18-year-old quniton point dexter. police are still looking for a suspect. funeral arrangements are set for the two women shot to death inside of a church in ellicott city. brenda brewington and 62-year-old marguerite kohn were shot by douglas franklin jones. douglas then killed himself. police say douglas, who was homeless, was turned away from the church's food bank. the funeral will be tomorrow at the cathedral of incarnation and for brenda brewington thursday
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at st. john's parish in ellicott city. a man is arrested after trying to board a plane at bwi-thurgood marshall with a loaded hand gun. the gun was a 9-millimeter glock 17, 10 rounds of ham mow, two magazines, another 10 rounds. the tsa said the man whose name is not being released is in florida. dog owners, you better stay away from some of the diamond pet food products. several people got sick with salmonella. it was manufactured in a facility in south carolina but it has been found in nine states. it's possible people got sick after contact with the dogs that eat the foods. the recall affects clicken so you, diamond and diamond naturals, premium edge, taste of the wild and kirkland's
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signature. chrysler is bringing back 119,000 chrysler 300 and dodge sedans. there's a problem that causes the hasn't lock stability system to fail. and the safety system can overheat. it has not caused problems. nobody has been hurt but you can take it back to the chrysler dealer to have the fuels replaced. it can be frustrating for people on these gluten free diets who eat out. it will be easier. domino's is making pizza with a gluten free crust. it's prepared in ovens that are gluten free. they cost a little more. others who are catering are pf
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kens -- chang and anheuser-busch. here's abc2 news roosevelt leftwich right outside stall 40. >> reporter: the horses got here so early that they're putting them in another stall. so they may break some tradition here but may also come out with a win. let me show you some of the pictures. i'll have another arrived in the area at the airport just after 3:00 on a flight from louisville. it was escorted to pimlico where it arrived after 5:00. trainers say the reason they brought it in, because they wanted the horse to get acclimated here and to the trac here early will allow it to get familiar with the surroundings. the assistant trainer said this was a move that they thought would be the best thing right
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now. let's hear what he had to say. >> just the way he's progressing. we take everything in stride. how will he handle the track after beulah -- after churchill downs. he took it all in stride. this is a talented athlete oar one thing, they will not put the horse right up on the track right away and give it a workout. they will let it rest for a couple days. walk around. walk around the surface of the track and let it get adjusted. some of the folks at pimlico think because this horse came early, others may say that might be a good idea, maybe we should bring our horses up so we can get a july, too. so we may have a whole stable
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full ready for the preakness by the end of the week or early next week. >> way to g thank you. hometown hero. like swimmer michael phelps plans to retire once the summer games in london are all over. the coach admitted there was a period he wasn't sure if michael would make. it if he could win three medals, he will retire with the most. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. yet, many of our children are going to school hungry. they want to make sure every child starts the day with a proper breakfast. so the school breakfast program is available at schools across the state. according to a study, last year two thirds of u.s. middle school teachers said they taught children who regularly came to
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school hungry. >> want to make sure that all children have the same opportunities as hopefully mine will to have a whole some breakfast before they start school. meals are -- food and nutrition are the most important factors in the success. >> thanks for doing this. tonight education reporter sherrie johnson will take a look at the push for state leaders and educators to offer school breakfast programs for students. getting paid to drive your own car. that sounds like a good idea, right? wrong. scammers are offering this. we'll tell you what you need to watch out for. plus, think about four of your facebook friends. at least one of them lie. it's right there on their protime of the why your friends lie coming up tonight on abc2 news at 6:00. why, wyatt, why?
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>> it should be pure truth. 68 at bwi today. we guaranteed you 70 so we have a two-degree winner. ellen alvarez, congrats, from pape pea. you'll get an abc2 storm umbrella in the mail. four days in a row we hit it for you, and we'll talk about the cloyds and the chance for rain going up. that's straight ahead on abc2 news at 6:00. [ mosquitoes buzzing ] ♪
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you did not know this but dundalk has a sky scrape are. our camera is on the ccbc camera and overlook the har bormt you
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got key bridge to the right, the marine terminal. wyatt will be right back with the rest have your forecast. have you noticed that your money has taken you further between trips to the gas prices. the prices are down and drivers have lower crude oil prices to thank. we're also working for you to save money. log on to our web site to find the lowest prices in your area. even though gas prices are dropping just a little bit a fillup can be quite expensive. we're all looking for ways to cover costs. scammers have one for you. joce sterman has a warning for you so you zoo get wrapped up in their -- don't get wrapped up in their game. >> reporter: it cost as ton of money to keep our cars on the
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road. what if you could make a few bucks driving the car. according to the federal government's internet crime center cam -- scammers are saying you can get paid for driving your own car. just wrap it up with advertising. you can advertise for coke or red bull using those vinyl car wraps. lay cord fog the -- according to the bogus ads you would be paid $400 to 700 a week. they are told they would be paid upfront. this is a classic overpayment scam. you will get a check or money order but for more. you're supposed to deposit that and wire the difference but the check is bogus and that leaves you on the line. so wrap up this offer and throw it in the trash. there are legitimate companies that pay people to wrap their cars but those people
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will not overpay you for the service and that's the biggest red flag. you can find all those stories right now. joce's been working on them. just go to and click on the money tab. well, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet. that holds true for facebook. wyatt, you're broken up about this. about one of every four of your friends lie. sometimes it's about privacy. those facebook liars post something false to protect their own identity. others use incorrect or incomplete names to hide from employers or list fake birthdays to avoid getting their identity stolen. >> if people continue to pack on the pounds, 424% of us -- 42% of us could be obese by 2030.
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it finds an additional 33 million americans will be obese in 18 years. extra weight take as toll on health increasing type two diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea and other chronic illnesses and costs billions of dollars in extra medical expenses. divorce can have a lasting effect on kids. if parents divorce when the child is preschool age that could lead to behavioral problems. disruption during a child's first few years will have an effect. there didn't appear to be negative behaviors from children going from a single family home to a blended family. log on and check out the page. you'll find the day's health lines as well as different
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health categories. same story, different day. clouds holding tough and temperatures close to 70, 67 at bwi. winds are southeast at 15. getting breezy. you see our camera shaking just a little bit in the wind if you look closely. mt. airy today, let's see if we can find sunshine out to the west. not finding it. just not seeing it. how about kent island. there's some sunshine, right? not really. then in ocean city, yes, a little bit breaking through here at times today. so you had to get all the way on the eastern edge of the state and even here at the beach. maryland's most powerful radar. we still stay dry. the closest rain today has been way out toward deep creek lake
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where it was warmer today. 59 at the beach where there was a little sun. you had the east breeze off the atlantic. spots around the maryland coast, that east breeze works to cool things down. but this wind should shift a little more south. that will allow temperatures to come up into the mid-70s. we'll be cloudy, on the murky side, on the gray side. humidity moderate tonight. western pa down to western virginia and in ohio they've had pretty significant rain. toward the midwest, chicagoland to the deep south. it's this unsettled weather moving west to east and entering the mid-atlantic states. we have high pressure off to the east that's still kind of protecting us from any rain but it's in the protecting the
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skies. this unsettled weather steadily pushing from west to east as we go into tomorrow night and especially into the day wednesday. here's some indicated timing. actually, for some reason we passed that graphic. the timing did show the rain coming in late tomorrow night and through the day wednesday. tonight it's 55. really dry. i think tomorrow will be generally dry and cloudy, a little bit warmer, maybe a stray shower or thundershower tomorrow night but probably not much rain until we get, i believe, into the day wednesday and on wednesday we could see some fairly heavy rains, especially from baltimore eastward on to del mar va eastern maryland, where the biggest rainfall deficit s so a soaker for delmarva wednesday would be a real good thing, especially for our farmers. and into thursday and friday sunshine coming back out and looks like we'll start on a sunny note. last weekend we could get one
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sunny day. early indications are good to start. >> that's good, friday, saturday, sunday, beautiful. we'll get the game in tonight. >> let's see if we can go to 18. >> all right. here we are at the inner harbor. hope you have a great night. we'll be back and tell you what to expect at 11. ♪
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here's a look at what's coming up tonight. you better check your receipts. there's a good chance there's a survey at the bottom but does anyone ever win? >> plus, you know all their hits. find out about their big hearts as we go back stage with an exclusive visit by click. those stories and more. i tell you, it's going to be good, oh, yeah. saturday in patterson park. >> quick check, talking about out on the grapes -- grass, how about out on the field. 67. rain free. the ball should be carrying. 72 at noon. 75 at 4:00 tomorrow, so another one of these cloudy days, but a
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better chance for rain by tomorrow night, especially wednesday. we cop use it, especially eastern maryland. just you and me along with kelly. we'll see you then. next up, diane sawyer will tell us what is happening next. watch "dancing with the stars" and make sure you blog with our katie. ♪
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. tonight on "world news," terror plot, the cia foils an al qaeda plot. the plan to use a new kind of underwear bomb on a plane heading to the u.s. al qaeda trying to strike again on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. financial


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