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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 8, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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don't ever doubt him. and an attempted robbery is cautioning a firestorm as much for the actions of the thief as for the actions of his victim. surveillance video shows that the man demanded the woman's purse, but she ran away without her 4-year-old daughter. now the child eluded his grip as well. later the mom ran back to a store for help but the man attacked again and stole her purse. the police say she acted
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properly but some parents do not agree. >> i don't think i agree. >> that's -- i don't get that. now to politics where the republicans are closing ranks. rick santorum officially announced his support for mitt romney's presidential bid in an e-mail to his supporters. santorum says that after romney visited him in pittsburgh last friday he was impressed with his deep understanding of the importance issues. santorum also said he will keep pressure on romney to hire more conservatives for his team. and president obama, meanwhile, is going positive. he's out with a new tv ad that says america is on the rise and credits the president with pulling the economy back from the brink. it also detailses president obama's foreign policy accomplishments, including the killing of osama bin laden n ending the war in iraq. the new ad called "coming back" will air in nine politically important states. >> it's going to be a long, hard slog until early november. well, oprah winfrey's golden touch is apparently not working
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when it comes to her struggling cable network. >> the oprah winfrey network has reportedly lost a staggering $330 million since it launched last year. there's been a recent up tick in ratings thanks to shows featuring oprah herself. industry insiders believe without a dramatic turnaround, the own network won't survive another year. >> she had the midus touch for so long. she said we kind of launched this before we were fully ready. she compared it to sending out the invitations but you weren't really ready for the wedding. she launched too much, too fast and now -- >> i still believe in oprah. she's the oracle. i think there's something there still simmering. >> if anyone can pull it off, i think she can. not a pretty start. here's a look at your forecast. snow ramps up in the mountains near denver. scattered thunderstorms across new mexico and texas.
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severe weather from laredo to san antonio. a chance of showers and thunderstorms from the deep south to the northeast. cooler with showers from the dakotas to wisconsin. >> just 57 in fargo. 63 in the twin cities and 71 in chicago. 68 right here in new york. 86 in miami and 76 in dallas. phoenix hits 90 and albuquerque, 67. it was a slice of hollywood here in new york. a parade of a-list stars all glammed up for the biggest night in fashion. >> sarah jessica parker, look at her. oh. and she's accompanied by valentino. she's wearing valentino. hit the red carpet at the m metropolitan museum of arts. that's gisele. scarlett johansson. kanye. linda evangelista. michael bloomberg. ryan seacrest. tim tebow. a parade of stars. >> the fashion is really gorgeous, though. i think there were more hits than misses. well, and then anna winter.
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she's always, i think, ahead of the fashion curve. look at her. just gorgeous. >> the event is dubbed the fashion oscars. where was our invite? again, we didn't get the white house correspondents dinner. >> this is 2 for 2. >> i'm feeling no love for the overnights. i'm feeling jilted. >> we need to make up our own gala. right here and get dressed up. >> nursing moms, hospital workers, strippers, crackheads. everybody. you all are invited to our party. >> that's going to be a good idea, actually. coming up, generation xxx. >> the secret online epidemic boys and girls as young as 8 addicted to internet porn. we'll hear from a young ex-addict. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular.
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♪ you're gonna have to face it you're addicted to love ♪ this next story, i'm not quite sure exactly what to make of it. a 17-year-old says he became addicted to porn at the age of 12 and actually this is not a problem unique to just him. >> it's a scary epidemic growing among teens lured by images that are just a click away on a smartphone or computer. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: it's after school and nathan is out walking bonnie, the family dog in alpine, utah. because it's his turn. and that's the kind of kid he is. >> these are just like a fraction of all my merit badges. >> reporter: on his way to eagle scout. and a 3.75 grade average. student council. and the sports. and his connection to his family. he is one of eight children and at 17, the oldest of those still living at home and it almost
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doesn't fit that nathan once managed to cover up from everybody a habit he could not shake. until he finally did. an addiction. online pornography. >> so 12 to 13 all the way up to probably 14 it was kind of there, uninterrupted. i became almost numb to it. >> meaning what? >> it became such a part of my, pretty much daily routine. >> it was automatic. >> it was automatic, exactly. >> reporter: nathan is far from alone. there is still little research on just how many u.s. kids are addicted to online pornography. one study reports exposure can begin at a very young age. for some as young as 8 years old. nathan would view it late at night on the family computer. he got good at covering his tracks. >> eventually it got to deleting that and deleting specific searches and clining my mess afterwards. to the time where i timed it masterfully. >> reporter: the warning signs for those who become addicted may include depression, poor school performance,
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self-isolation. also lying. >> it seems silly to me. i would catch him in a lie and -- >> silly things. >> yes. like why would you lie about that. it just -- it seemed unnecessary, but i could tell it had become a habit. >> reporter: studies show that seven out of ten teens have been accidentally exposed to pornography online. boys are more likely to view it but, yes, girls get hooked, too. like bre ann of austin, texas. >> i started to isolate myself because i hated what i was doing. i hated that i couldn't stop. >> reporter: she is now 22, but remembers how she was addicted during all of her high school years. >> i would say that this is something that was not just me. i knew tons of students who were in my grade, my peers who were struggle with the same thing. >> reporter: while not yet formerly recognized by the psychological association as a listed addiction, people who work in the field, like psychotherapist matt boclee are
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treating it as one. >> a lot of times the pornography becomes a coping style. a way they deal with negative emotions in their life. pornography provides a euphoria, a high. >> reporter: and he warns -- >> i think we're at the front end of it. i think in the next five to ten years is this rising generation moves into adolescence, i think that we're going to have an epidemic, really. >> we're just at the beginning of it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: breann appears on the fight the new drug sight as someone who beat the addiction. that's the good news. the addiction can be beaten. >> because all it takes is for someone to say, oh, my gosh, i am addicted. this is an addiction. women do go through this. >> reporter: the point game for nathan, too, when he became a program the church designed. he got himself unhooked and now he's putting himself throughout to help other kids who are trapped. >> i know there will be someone out there in my life and they'll have this attitude. they'll maybe tease me if they want. but it's not up to me to care because for all i know, they are
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suffering from the same problem. >> reporter: so today, he's back on track, and that ipod touch he's listening to is set up so that even by accident, no kind of risque image can get in there because as he and many other kids know, that's how it starts, if you're not careful. i'm john donvan, in alpine, utah. >> see, and therein, i think, lies one of the solutions. you have to put those parental controls on the computer. on the iphone, on the itouch, whatever your kid has that you are providing to your child. you have the responsibility as a parent to try to help. >> technology has gotten to that point where you can control what is seen as parents. it makes sense. why not take advantage of that. because those kind of images, 8, 9 years old, that's -- >> how did that happen? >> scary. >> anyway. >> i'm glad everybody in the piece got their sight back. coming up next, 30 years of letters to mom. >> yes. this is a great story. he's written his mom every day. and has no plans of stopping. stay tuned. you're watching "world news
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♪ if i could save time in a bottle the first thing i'd like to do ♪ there's a man in new hampshire who takes being a mama's boy to a whole new level. >> he's been writing a letter to his mother, sending it by snail mail every day for the past 30 years. reporter adam sexton has this mother's tale. >> reporter: every day for the last 30 years, four months and ten days, mike jirosi has written a letter to his mother gloria. >> you should appreciate the ones that you love and show your appreciation, and -- because you never know. one day they might not be there. >> reporter: on christmas night 1981, her chevy citation was hit by a drunk driver. >> the dash was into my knees and they had to use the jaws of
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life to pry me out. >> reporter: michael was 19 years old and 3,000 miles away in california starting a career in the budding computer industry. he wrote a letter and mailed it the day after christmas. >> i wish so much i could be by your bedside right now. >> reporter: gloria needed four months of therapy to learn how to walk again. every day, a new letter arrived from mike full of love and encouragement. >> i thought it was wonderful. >> reporter: even after she recovered, he didn't stop writing. weeks turned into months, months turned into years. not a day passed he didn't put pen to paper. >> i enjoy writing the letters to her, and i knew it gave her joy to read them. so i thought, why not continue writing. >> reporter: as a software engineer he knew about e-mail a long time before the rest of the country. while he considered moving his letter writing online, ultimately he decided to keep doing things the old-fashioned way. >> i could never do that, sit down and write every day. you know, he's lucky to get a letter from me once a year, you
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know? >> reporter: mike started a tradition for every 1,000th letter. sending a framed note or plaque etched with words of love. >> i have no plans of stopping ever. so i'm here to stay. the letter writing will continue on. >> reporter: after more than 11,000 letters, the feelings haven't changed. and tomorrow's handwritten "i love you" will be just as heartfelt as it was so many years ago in letter number one. >> you're the love of my life. >> oh, here we go again. >> what are they saying, though? that's a lot of words. a lot of letters. >> a lot of letters. i'm sure an interesting life. just wants to share it with mom. >> that's lovely. >> we know she'll have a good mother's day. [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do...
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consider the journey of today's athletes: ♪ their training depends on technology. [ beeping, ticks ] and when their devices are powered by a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell so whether they're headed for london or the journey has just begun... they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> well, my, my, my, some eastern michigan students were quite upset recently when they received a dismissal e-mail.
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the entire student body -- >> 23,000, right? >> 23,000 received a dismissal e-mail that basically said you are dismissed from the university because of poor academic performance. apparently the e-mail was only supposed to go out to 100 of the students. but went out i the entire student body. of course, the university has apologized. the president herself, susan martin, apologized to all of the students explaining that the e-mail was not a breach of security or an incident of hacking. just a very terrible mistake. >> that must have been an awful feeling when you hit that send button. oh, that went to everybody. >> can you imagine receiving it? it's like a student's worst nightmare. how do you explain that to your parents. >> you are dismissed. >> oh, glad they cleared that up. sure not a good moment for a couple thousand kids in michigan. this picture is getting a lot of play out here. we always hear how in america we're falling behind educationally in terms of other countries around the world.
2:56 am
china especially is known to be tough with their kids. they get -- it's very strict educational system. but take a look at this picture here. apparently they are in some classrooms here where these kids who are studying for their college entrance exams are hooked up to an i.v., literally as they are prepping, as they are working to keep their energy levels up at the time. so they are getting like vitamins or getting their nutrients there as they work there at their desk to keep their energy up. the government gave them a subsidy to graduating seniors who particinate the exams. an incentive to do well. now they're saying they are bringing these i.v.s in to save a trip to the school nurse for not feeling well. they can bring the equipment to the classroom and be hooked up so they stay alert and fresh while studying. >> while studying. i need an i.v. i need one right now. >> i got something special. >> it's ridiculous. >> china, relax. >> relax. a los angeles city council committee, this is very interesting, apparently in l.a.,
2:57 am
they will ban paper bags and plastic bags from about 7,500 supermarkets. >> so gone. >> gone. paper and plastic. so you'll have to sort of use something else. take it with you. and it's about recycling and i think it's about, you know, the environment and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. plastic and paper bags, why use that? why not just use something you can bring with you. >> that makes sense, too. take a look at this guy. one man's symphony going
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this morning on "world news now" -- bomb plot spoiled. >> the cia ended the latest plan by an al qaeda affiliate group to take down a u.s.-bound airliner. the bombmaker is a familiar foe. it's tuesday, may 8th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. that familiar foe is said to be the same bombmaker who was behind the so-called underwear bomb plot. and he's still on the loose. >> scary, to too. that was, what, christmas day 2009? so 2 1/2 years ago, what have you. and what's scary about this incident is this bomb, this plot, the bomb itself was a lot more sophisticated than the one we saw on that christmas day morning. >> and there could be problems detecting that kind of bomb at airports all over the country. and we have so much enhanced security. and i think that's what's so scary about it. >> we get smarter and so do they. these latest bombs don't have metal. sobering news this morning on that. also coming up today, the raging debate over gay marriage. new questions about the president's position just as voters in a key battleground state go to the polls today to decide whether to ban it.
3:01 am
a big vote in the state of north carolina coming up today. >> that's right. listen up, everybody. remember that mother's day is sunday. yes, coming up. still time to get your mom a pretty cool gift. one that she will actually use. we have some high-tech gift ideas for the tech-savvy mother in your life. something a bit different, right? instead of just candy and flowers. >> something a little more pricey. >> yes. >> sophisticated. also a big announcement here at abc news. we are teaming up with spanish language tv giant univision to launch a new 24-hour channel. it is exciting, and it is coming to a tv near you sooner than you may think. a big, big announcement from our news division yesterday. >> that's a big deal. >> a growing demographic. there are huge numbers out there. we're trying to tap into that market. big day for the division. so hola, everybody. >> hola. but first, the threat is far from over this morning as the bombmaker behind this latest plot as we said is still at
3:02 am
large. >> and there's an urgent question as to whether airport security is sophisticated enough to stop these kinds of attacks. abc's karen travers joins us this morning with the latest. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob and sunny. government officials say that the plot was foiled before any flights were in any potential danger. but officials here and in europe say the threat is far from over. the cia, other u.s. counterterrorism agencies and partners around the world foiled the latest plot to blow up planes. following a man who had not yet picked a target or bought a plane ticket. the cia seized the bomb in yemen, but it is still not clear what happened to the alleged bomber. >> this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news this latest bomb was an improved version of the so-called underwear bomb made only of chemicals used by omar
3:03 am
abdulmutallab in the failed attempt to blow up a delta flight on christmas day 2009. the fbi later demonstrated what would have happened if the bomb had detonated successfully. what's even more frightening, this new bomb has a highly redefined detonation system without any metallic parts, making it harder for security systems to detect. one security expert said there's no guarantee the most sophisticated airport scanners would have caught the device. >> we're dealing with a dynamic adversary here. so they're going to try to always identify the vulnerabilities and the work-arounds in our own system. >> reporter: u.s. and other intelligence services say al qaeda bombmaker ibrahim al asiri is the mastermind of previous bomb threats and this new one. securities officials say that they have not caught the bombmaker and he could be building other devices or training potential suicide attackers. rob and sunny? >> scary news here. interesting, too, kip pauley, the former head of the tsa has a
3:04 am
book out. take the comments in context. but he doesn't think that first underwear bomb in 2009 would have been enough to take down the plane. interesting note there despite the video you saw there. body scanners, the poof, poof machines we get into, they are helpful but he's advocating a better system of patdowns which have been pretty controversial before. he's saying that's what we need to focus on more so than the body scanners. >> that's interesting because so many people, myself included, i just prefer the poof, poof and just get there and have the body scan. >> we all do but it may not be enough. >> interesting. the u.s. and china are pledging to work together against the threat of cyberterrorism. defense secretary leon panetta and china's defense minister announced the agreement after high-level meetings in washington. it's quite an about-face since just six months ago the u.s. accused china of systematically stealing american eye-tech data for its own national economic gain. investigators say they found no foul play in the death of a soldier who died while skyping
3:05 am
with his wife. captain bruce clark collapsed back on may 1st in afghanistan during a simple video chat. his wife had suggested her husband had been shot but now the military says there is no evidence to support that. the exact cause of death is still pending. there's a new grim turn in the search for a missing mother and her three daughters. the fbi now says two bodies found behind the suspected kidnapper's home in mississippi are those of the mother, jo ann bain and her oldest daughter adrienne and there are heightened fears over the safety of the two remaining girls who are 12 and 8. they are believed to be with adam mayes, a longtime family friend who is the subject of an intense multistate manhunt. more grim news this morning. a minnesota woman is under arrest for trying to suffocate her 5-month-old baby at a st. paul hospital. 24-year-old katie lewis told doctors her son occasionally stopped breathing and then alone in a room with him, a surveillance camera caught her allegedly suffocating him. lewis later told police she was
3:06 am
stressed about caring for the baby and her other child all by herself. john edwards intended to create a $50 million foundation for himself after losing his presidential bid in 2008, according to testimony in his corruption trial. a one-time friend claims edwards said it would be a chip shot for elderly heiress bunny mellon to defend it for him. his defense hinges on the fact he never directly asked bunny mellon for money. >> the plot thickens. >> yes, it does. next up, a health report about the staggering epidemic of obesity. nearly one-third of all americans are obese today, but a new survey finds that by 2030, that number will rise to 40%. and the study says that already overweight people are simply getting even bigger. the number of severely obese people is now projected to double to 11%. and that will cost all of us. the cdc estimates it will increase health care costs another $555 billion.
3:07 am
>> that's significant. >> that is huge. that is huge. we're killing ourselves. >> yes. well, a big honor for the third in line to the british throne. prince hairy hrry has accepted humanitarian award here in the u.s. colin powell presented harry with the award for his charitable work with wounded soldiers. harry urged americans and the british to work together to support servicemen and women saying they paid a terrible price to keep us both safe as well as free. >> i like harry. >> i think, yeah -- >> he's coming on to his own now. >> you like him in that sense. he's a cool guy or that bad boy sex appeal. >> i think he's sort of getting -- from behind, i guess, you know, prince william's shadow. >> a little bit. coming into his own. >> i think so. >> we'll see. here's your tuesday forecast. a chance of showers from the northeast to the deep south. scattered thunderstorms across much of new mexico and texas
3:08 am
with hail and gusty winds around laredo and san antonio. snow tapers off this morning in the colorado rockies. showers from fargo to green bay. >> 63 in minneapolis. 70s from kansas city to detroit. 68 in new york. 81 in atlanta. 86 in nola. phoenix climbs to 90. sacramento, 88. a retired massachusetts state trooper immortalized by norman rockwell has died at the age of 83. richard clemmons was rockwell's neighbor when he was asked to pose for his iconic 1958 painting. it actually appeared these cover of a "saturday evening post" and became the symbol of police work at its best. >> the 8-year-old boy who posed as the runaway is now 61. he's quoted as saying clemm omo was a good cop and an even better man. >> who doesn't know that image. >> of course. >> amazing. time passes. certain imarges indelible. >> can't believe he's 61.
3:09 am
>> feeling older there. coming up -- gay marriage. the hot political issue of the moment. >> that's all because of some very frank answers from the white house. so who is the latest to speak out? that story is next when we come right back. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by hoveround power chair. to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost. call now for your free dvd and information kit. and now every hoveround comes with this tote bag and cup holder for handy access to your favorite items.
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welcome back, everybody. well, another member of the president's cabinet has come out now in favor of marriage, just a day after the vice president did the very same thing on national tv. >> and that's forcing the administration to do some explaining. abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: the white house is playing defense on gay marriage, breaking from president obama's official position, two members of his cabinet have publicly indicated support for same-sex marriage, begging the question, just where does the president stand on this social issue? >> do you believe that same-sex men and women should be able to
3:14 am
get legally married in the united states? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: this just one day after the vice president admitted -- >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. >> reporter: the president supports civil unions but has long insisted his position on gay marriage is a work in progress. >> my feelings about this are constantly evolving. i struggle with this. i'll keep on giving you the same answer until i give you a different one. i'm still working on it. >> reporter: the white house is adamant the administration's position has not changed, but will not say if the president's evolution is complete. >> the president is the right person to describe his own personal views. >> reporter: a majority of americans support same-sex marriage. but with an election around the corner, instead of defining the president's stance on gay marriage, the obama campaign is choosing to focus on mitt
3:15 am
romney's opposition to it. >> my view is that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. it's a position i've had for some time and i don't intend to make any adjustments at this point. >> reporter: the issue is becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail, just as the key battleground state of north carolina readies to vote today on a measure that would ban gay marriage. rob and sunny? >> thank you very much. and, i mean, north carolina is a very interesting vote. they went with obama in 2008 but they can lean socially conservative. so a lot of eyes on that vote. okay. biden came out, did his thing. now education secretary arne duncan. so this seems a little calculated now. >> it seems orchestrated. i can't imagine all of them are breaking ranks, right, and going against the president's evolving interpretation of this issue. >> it seems like a trial balloon. we've seen a few culture wars. the contraception debate. the stay-at-home mom debate with ann romney and now it seems like democrats are playing the same game with the always hot button
3:16 am
of gay marriage. so it's out there. it's getting interesting. >> it really is. >> we'll see what the president says. coming up, mother's day gift ideas. >> stuff that moms want most on their big day coming up this sunday. don't forget mom. we'll be right back. >> announcer:
3:17 am
♪ mama mia welcome back, everybody. with mother's day fast approaching, it is time to start picking out that perfect gift and who better to give us some great ideas for your tech-savvy mom than abc's tech contributor andrea smith. good morning, andrea. thank you as always for being here. some great gadgets if your mom -- doesn't have to be too tech savvy, but great lineup you have. >> what mom doesn't like to take pictures and share pictures? >> every mom likes pictures.
3:18 am
>> and one of the biggest problems for moms is they are using their smartphones because they have them with them all the time. some of them, the new iphone has a great camera, but some of them, the cameras aren't so great. so the samsung camera here, i love this camera because it does two things. one of the things it does is it's incorporated wifi. take a picture, send it right from wherever you are. >> so like a smartphone you can post it on twitter or facebook. >> exactly. second problem is how do you get your kids to focus? well, you stand there with your fingers behind their head. it doesn't always work. it's got this children's mode. what you do is press it and it starts this little animation. >> oh, very smart. >> and that gets your kid's attention. also keep with photos, the new ipad has -- well, iphoto is now available for ios systems. the ipad and the iphone. it's a great way to -- edit photos, make albums, journals. moms love -- >> a scrapbook.
3:19 am
>> calendars, a scrapbook. yeah. it's so easy to do. you make a journal. put pictures of the kids. go through them. you can organize them. it can have different albums, journals. it's about 20 bucks to order them. the other thing you can do with an app is cards. apple has a free app called cards. use your very own pictures. make cards. apple will send them for you right to the recipient. so here's the other thing that moms really like to do. with the ipad, we've become really good cooks. well, i don't know. don't ask me, but -- >> i'm sure you're good. >> but it's ter nibble the kitchen because your fingers get all sticky and you don't want to touch your tablet. >> so the stand comes in handy? >> this is the belkin chef stand. put your tablet right in here. even with the case on it, it fits. you can have your recipe up and it's got this stylus. when you have chocolate or any kind of -- >> flour, butter, whatever. >> this works. you can go through it, tap through it and do everything. >> the stylus messy, not your
3:20 am
screen. >> exactly. >> beautiful. >> no chocolate on the tablet. >> more for the kids to lick off the spoon. >> all right. now i have something that's going to solve your problem in bed. >> oh, you have my attention. all right. >> an ereader. great gift for mom. really fabulous. this is the barnes & noble nook simple touch glow light. how many times have you heard, honey, turn off the light. i'm trying to sleep. you just press this here. and it's got a built-in -- they call it a glow light. a patented technology that illuminates it from inside so the whole place can be dark like this and you can read. and the anti-glare technology also makes it easier to read outside in the sunlight. >> so you are able to catch up on your reading without disturbing the person next to you. they can get to sleep, enjoy the darkness. not intrusive at all. >> ereader makes a great gift. it's so light weight. catch up on reading on the carpool line or anywhere you are.
3:21 am
take it on the plane. take all your books with you. >> catch up on your reading. i'll catch up on my sleep. this is for a very fitness minded, very secure mother. >> you really have to have the right mom for this gift. you have to be very sure. it's a wifi connected scale. it's great for someone who is into fitness and tracking their goals. it's a wonderful gift for the right person. make sure they're not going to be insulted by giving them this scale. >> good for the health conscious folks. thank you so much, andrea. for details on everything she's shown us, check out our facebook fan page, we'll be back with more right after this. pssst! don't go in there! it's your surprise party and we want this hair color to be party ready. let's get some dimensional color. now!? what if it comes out wrong? [ gigi ] nice 'n easy gets your right color every time. guaranteed. in one step get tones and highlights for a gorgeous result. surprise! surprise! surprise! surprise! i had no idea. [ gigi ] get the color you want every time with nice'n easy.
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and now new non-permanent nice'n easy. natural looking tones and dimensional shine for first time colorers. from the color experts at clairol.
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you ready? finally this half hour, a major announcement. [ speaking spanish ] >> abc news and univision are now joining forces to launch a new 24-hour news and lifestyle network. >> abc news and univision -- [ speaking spanish ] >> i love spanish. abc's diana perez has the details. >> abc's diana perez -- [ speaking spanish ] it's the joint venture that will catapult abc news into the demographic of america. >> we're going to change the way our stations communicate with 50 million hispanics. >> reporter: a partnership that will be dedicated to hispanic americans, the fastest growing group in the country.
3:26 am
on air, both univision and abc announced they are joining forces. [ speaking spanish ] >> we're going to launch a 24/7 news information and lifestyles network targeted right at america's hispanic community. >> reporter: how was this idea born? >> we let ourselves dream about a pioneering new never done idea. >> this new multiplatform partnership will be delivered in english with a latino perspective. >> and how do we get viewers? >> we defer to the masters at programming for this huge and incredibly influential audience. univision since 1962 has understood the u.s. hispanic community and they are the true masters at reaching this audience. >> reporter: both on tv and online, the news and programming will focus on immigration, the economy, politics, health care and lifestyle issues among others. >> this is going to be a unique new way of connecting with this audience in english but at the same time also have broad appeal
3:27 am
to the overall population. >> reporter: after a year of hard work, the team behind the deal marked the big announcement in a town hall meeting. >> this is a transformative event. and paves the way to a really, really bright future for the news division. congratulations, guys. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: the new network will debut online this summer. its division launch will be in 2013. diana perez, abc news, new york. >> going to be interesting. >> tapping into a whole new market. the yahoo! deal. now
3:28 am
3:29 am
this morning on "world news now" -- a new terror threat against airliners bound for the u.s. >> an al qaeda group was working to blow up a packed passenger jet until the plot was foiled by the cia. it's tuesday, may 8th.
3:30 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. the plot to bring down that airliner seemed to be more lethal than past al qaeda threats. we'll get the details from brian ross. >> sobering story there. especially summer, flying season. it hits home on a lot of levels here. stay tuned for that. also this half hour, the trial stemming from the deadly incident involving a small tourist boat in philadelphia. some stunning details coming out about those final seconds before that impact right there. >> that video is something. >> hard to watch. and gluten-free food. plenty of folks are paying lots of money for it. domino's pizza is rolling out a new menu item, but is it worth it and is it really necessary to go gluten free? we're hearing about gluten, gluten, gluten all the time now. >> a hot new thing. remember the atkins thing. now gluten free. the story did a good job of
3:31 am
pointing out some of the pros and cons of whether you should and need to do it. stay tuned for that. and, whoa, william levy last night on "dancing with the stars." a perfect score helped him into first place. somebody get sunny some water. who is on the chopping block in tonight's double elimination? we'll talk about it coming up in "the skinny." >> i could just watch him all day. >> you and paula both have a crush on that man. >> he's my boyfriend in my head. >> we'll get to that in a second. first, the news of the morning. officials are worried there are other would-be bombers who could get through most airport security screenings. >> the device did not contain metal meaning it probably could have passed through an airport metal detector. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the latest on this terror threat. >> reporter: as abc news first reported last week, the plot led the u.s. to order scores of air
3:32 am
marshals to europe to protect u.s.-bound aircraft. flights out of gatwick airport in britain and elsewhere received 100% coverage with air marshals on every flight according to u.s. officials. the plot was foiled in time so that no flights were ever actually in danger. >> u.s. government is saying it never came close because they had insider information. insider control. >> reporter: u.s. and other intelligence services said al qaeda bombmaker ibrahim al asiri operating out of yemen was the mastermind of the plot. authorities tell abc news this latest bomb was an improved version of the so-called underwear bomb made only of chemicals and used by umar abdulmutallab in a failed attempt to blow up a flight on christmas day 2009. the fbi later demonstrated what would have happened had it detonated successfully. this latest version had what is being called a highly redefined detonation system and is now being examined by fbi bomb technicians. white house officials said president obama was briefed on
3:33 am
the plot in april. and just one week ago, his top counterterror adviser john brennan denied there was any such plot. >> there is no reporting that there is an active plot under way to coincide with the anniversary of the bin laden takedown. >> reporter: developments come on the same day a kidnapped aide worker, warren weinstein, was seen on an al qaeda video pleading for his life to president obama. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president. if you accept the demands, i live. if you don't accept the demands, then i die. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the head of operations for al qaeda in yemen was killed over the weekend by a u.s. drone strike. but still, the bombmaker al asiri is at large and is believed to be training other bombmakers and making other bombs all aimed at u.s. aircraft. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> you have to imagine this bombmaker now bumps up a few notches on the list of people we'll start targeting in terms
3:34 am
of next one we have to take out overseas. >> no question because this is not the first time he's been involved in this sort of plot. so i agree. this is someone that they have to catch, perhaps interrogate. find out what's going on. >> and the fact the bombs are getting more sophisticated which is scary. one last note, the hostage in that piece, warren weinstein, a state department spokesman said our stance is still the same. we do not make concessions to terrorists. as hard as that video is to watch, apparently the white house saying we're not going to, you know, give in to those al qaeda demands. we'll see how that plays out. also a developing story out of mississippi this morning. that's where the bodies of a missing mother and her oldest daughter have now been positively identified. the fbi believes jo ann bain's two other daughters are still with alleged kidnapper adam mayes and that the girls are in grave danger. mayes was a family friend who was helping to pack up their belongings for a move to arizona when the four victims
3:35 am
disappeared. the case of missing utah mom susan powell is being revisited now. the jury selection has begun in the case against her father-in-law. steve powell was accused of secretly recording more than 2,000 images of two young neighbor girls in their home as they took baths and used the toilet. he's facing 14 counts of voyeurism. it's presumed susan powell is dead. her husband killed himself and their two sons in february. prosecutors in the child sexual abuse case against jerry sandusky say they got one fact wrong. the alleged locker room assault that triggered the entire case took place a year earlier than they thought. two penn state officials say that means the statute of limitations has expired in the charges against them. the hearing in the sandusky case is set for tomorrow. so one fact wrong but, sunny, that's a key fact. now we're dealing with statute of limitations. >> it's possible it goes away. maybe not all clear. my understanding is perhaps one of the counts gets dropped,
3:36 am
perhaps not both. but it's really significant. bottom line is, i guess mcqueary must have thought the locker room shower incident took place in march 2002. now apparently it was february 2001, 13 months earlier. and 13 months would make all the difference for a statute of limitations issue. >> you think for his sake he would remember something that -- >> should be engrained in your memory. >> you remember the year, maybe not the month, but at least the year. >> so the question is, does this -- his credibility really take a hit at this point? >> and so much of the case, you know, hinges on his -- >> rides on his story. >> okay. well, now to another trial in pennsylvania. this one over a fatal collision on the water. two young tourists died when their sightseeing boat was run over by a giant barge about two summers ago. opening day testimony revealed the heartbreaking selflessness of the youngest victim. abc's lisa stark has more. >> reporter: it was a horrific accident caught on videotape. an outing on the delaware river turned into a tragedy when a barge rammed into and over a
3:37 am
duck boat filled with sightseers. two students from hungary visiting the u.s. drowned. in court, an attorney representing their parents revealed a heartbreaking detail. he said after the duck boat's first mate abandoned ship, it was 16-year-old dora schwendtner who you can see here tossed her life jacket to help the man. her father speaking through an interpreter hardly knew what to make of it. >> translator: i'm speechless. i don't even know how to respond. i'm completely broken up. >> reporter: the family's attorneys contend the duck boat's captain wasted valuable time by not ordering everyone into life jackets a good 12 minutes before the accident. right after the crew shut down the engine because of a suspected fire. >> it's incomprehensible that ride the ducks told their captains that they didn't have to follow emergency procedures. that cost these two children their lives. >> reporter: the first mate in the tug boat that was pushing the barge that summer day in
3:38 am
2010 never saw the small duck boat although others on the river tried to warn him. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! >> reporter: but the mate on that tug was on his cell phone dealing with a family emergency and had his radio turned down. he has pleaded guilty in the accident and is serving a year in prison. both boat operators have declined to comment. a centuries old maritime law could cap damages to less than $2 million. too little, attorneys argue, for the lives lost. lisa stark, abc news, washington. and the company that makes pink slime is closing three processing plants. about 650 bpi workers will lose their jobs in texas, kansas and iowa. until recently, 70% of all ground beef contained the filler which is made of beef scraps treated with ammonia. mcdonald's and other major chains stopped using it after the controversy over safety and lack of disclosure erupted. here's your tuesday forecast, everybody. something more appetizing.
3:39 am
stormy in south texas with hail, high winds and a chance of tornadoes around laredo and san antonio. also pop-up thunderstorms stretch into new mexico. also lingering morning snow in the colorado rockies. showers in the upper midwest. a chance of showers and thunderstorms from boston through the gulf coast. >> 80s from new orleans to atlanta. and 60 in boston. mostly 70s in the nation's midsection. 67 in seattle, and 70 in salt lake city. you have to check this one out. a baseball catch you just don't see every day. >> it happened in a aa minor league game. long fly to deep center field. wait for it. >> over the fence they went, but somehow the guy made the catch. and even though it was out of the park, the umpires ruled it as an out. look at that. >> all that and their team lost 6-0 anyway. but you've got to love that. >> an "e" for effort. not the "w" but "e" for effort.
3:40 am
>> no question. i love that. coming up later in this half hour, the "lost" star now arrested for dui coming up in "the skinny." plus, now with gluten-free pizza, even beer, is the health craze right for you? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day
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nice 'n easy root touch-up. ♪ all right. >> as someone who likes to cook, i've noticed in supermarkets the growing number of items now offered as gluten-free. i just bought some gluten-free waffle mix. >> did you like it? >> i didn't like it. >> even the fast food giant domino's pizza announced they are offering gluten-free pizza. is there an upside or all just
3:44 am
hype? abc's sharyn alfonsi gives us the dish. >> reporter: one of the world's largest pizza chains is hoping a new item will deliver new customers for them. for an extra $3 you can now get a gluten-free pizza. >> what do you think? how does it taste? >> it tastes fine. >> i don't even taste the difference. >> the crust is a little gooey. >> reporter: gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and other grains and in many processed foods. soup, salad dressings and sauces. now millions of consumers are paying a premium for gluten-free food, and there's no shortage of items to choose from. everything from gluten-free beer to gluten-free goodies. today it's a $6 billion market. so what's behind the explosion? well, for some people who suffer from celiac disease, it's a necessity. gluten can actually damage their intestines. but less than 1% of americans have celiac disease, so why the
3:45 am
gluten-free frenzy? blame it on hollywood. some celebrities claim the diet helped create their fierce physiques. it's been heralded as an energy booster, even lessening the symptoms of autism. so is a gluten-free diet better for all of us? no. >> gluten-free diet is not entirely healthy. often it lacks fiber and the manufacturers of wheat flour fortify wheat flour with vitamins and minerals. >> reporter: doctors say there's no proof that a gluten-free diet promotes weight loss. and some go a step further saying, unless you have celiac disease, it's probably not a good idea. >> it's been demonstrated that if you are on a gluten-free diet long term, you can actually become b vitamin deficient. >> reporter: still, others swear going gluten-free makes them feel better. fueling one of the fastest growing sectors of the food market that everyone wants a slice of. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> you don't have the disease, maybe you don't need to do it.
3:46 am
that's what i get from the piece. >> it's a weight loss tool. >> now you're intrigued. >> that's intriguing. >> now you'll go home and enjoy those waffles. when we come back, the tuesday "skinny" and that means "dancing with the stars." >> who is hot, who is not and who may not survive tonight's double elimination. all that and more when we come right back. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ well, well, it's time for "the skinny." and i get to discuss my boyfriend in my head, my new favorite, favorite "dancing with the stars" celebrity william levy. he got a perfect score. no surprise to me, but -- >> of course. >> -- very surprising to many people because maria menounos was the only other person this season that got a perfect score. he got a perfect score prompting one of the judges to say meow, meow, meow. that was like a super sexy pink panther. >> judges are really
3:49 am
sophisticated. >> he was dancing a paso doble with cheryl burke and they thought he was outstanding. earned a standing ovation by the way from the ballroom audience. >> so he is now leader of the pack. >> he's leader of the pack. interestingly enough, tonight's show, no dance duel, but the two lowest scores get eliminated. and i suspect we may be looking at melissa gilbert. she's been sort of in the bottom. >> it's about time. >> her total score with her partner was 51. and your buddy, your girl, maria menounos, 53 total. >> so she's at the bottom. >> the lowest scores right now. >> why would you get rid of that? i don't understand. looks good to me. >> i have to say, it does look good. i think she's a great dancer, actually. >> that's an impressive clip. >> very impressive. >> we'll see. tune in to that. see how it turns out. save maria, america. save my girl. all right. i was a huge fan of the show "lost." >> i did >> i was hooked on that. my girlfriend and i watched it religiously.
3:50 am
i really hate to share this news, matthew fox, the guy who saved the island, apparently arrested on suspicion of dui. 45 years old. it happened early morning, about 3:30 in the morning in bend, oregon, where he lives with his wife and two children. got stopped because apparently there was an illegal signal and he kind of wasn't quite in his lane. they are making a fast food run. he and a passenger when he got busted by the cops. his rep is not saying anything about the incident. but allegedly, he got into an altercation last year with a bus driver out in cleveland. this woman claimed matthew punched her in the breast, groin, arm and legs after she refused to let him get on a private party bus. he's having some run-ins with the law. matthew, i don't know what's going on there, but, stay home next weekend. chill out on the couch. relax. another star in the news. tmz is reporting john travolta, formerly -- love, love me some john travolta. he's been sued by a masseur who claims john travolta saw an ad
3:51 am
online and scheduled an appointment for $200 an hour. shows up in a black lexus suv. they go back to the beverly hills motel -- hotel. went to travolta's bungalow and the masseur alleges john travolta tried to touch his penis inappropriately, stripped naked and acted inappropriately. says the masseuse. >> wow. >> and these sorts of rumors have been swirling around the industry about john travolta for quite some time, so -- >> if you google carrie fisher's name, she almost kind of outed him in a magazine interview last year. l say. an aarp... ed i needed medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp...
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it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tide pods. pop in. stand out. ♪ well, in texas, a fight over a pig named wilbur pitted neighbor against neighbor, and the fight ended up in front of a judge. >> the homeowners association
3:55 am
wanted the pig out, but wilbur's owners argued he's a true family pet. deborah wrigley from our houston station gets to the meat of the story. >> reporter: he's been part of the sardo family since he was 7 weeks old, a perky potbellied pig named wilbur for the character in the book "charlotte's web." a pet worth fighting for, even fighting a homeowners association. >> anybody that's a member of your family, you would get very upset if they took him from you. it's just -- we've had him since he was this big. >> reporter: a year ago, the hoa in the sardos' subdivision told the family wilbur had to go arguing it violated deed restrictions against livestock. the family found an attorney who took the case. >> and i just liken this to my pets at home. that's why i feel very strongly about this. this is a very serious case. >> reporter: wilbur was not in court. his picture was. an attorney for the homeowners association made the argument for evicting the potbellied pig.
3:56 am
>> pigs are not traditional, frequently, regularly kept as pets. >> reporter: the family's attorney argued the restrictions are outdated that potbelly pigs are raised to be pet companions. in the end, the judge cited with the argument that potbellied pigs are pets. >> so my ruling is i will allow the family to keep wilbur. >> reporter: and the family couldn't be happier. >> i think it was a year's worth of, oh, my gosh, when he said that i just -- it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: wilbur will be dining on strawberries. that's his treat. he's unaware of what the fuss is all about. he only knows he has a home and people who care for him, but in return, the sardo family says he's taught them a lesson. >> don't stop fighting. don't stop fighting for something you believe. and don't get intimidated. and don't believe everything you hear. >> now i know there are a lot of people that have these pigs as pets. my good friend judge jeanine
3:57 am
pirro has a potbelly pig as a pet. and they are smart. they're trained to go potty in a litter box. i mean, i'm such a hypocrite because i eat a lot of bacon, but i understand the pet thing. i understand that. you don't understand it? >> i just -- certain things just beyond me, sunny. that's all. >> they are smart, and they're cute. i may have to give up bacon. >> i doubt that. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
this morning, suicide plot foiled. >> the cia uncovers a plan to bring down u.s.-bound airliners using a new kind of underwear bomb. what is being done to keep travelers safe. another member of the


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