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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  May 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. two southwest airlines flights in phoenix and orange county were grounded after a bomb threat. breaking news details on the website and coming up in a bit. >> and in a few hours, a meeting will be held to discuss the future of one of baltimore's most active fire companies. why the slated closures are raising concerns about public safety. >> reporter: it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk across theinner harbor. how do we know? because believe it or not someone is going to attempt to do it. we are live with a preview ahead. it's wednesday may 9th good morning i am charley crowson. megan is out live getting ready for the ripley's believe it or not opening. we will check in with her and it's a wet start to the wednesday. how long will that stick around? let's ask lynette charles.
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>> off and on throughout the morning. but we will have rounds of showers going through the day. we zoom in around baltimore and we can see showers light in nature around owings mills and a little more moderate just to the south of randallstown. we are getting the action in essex overly and all this is sliding towards dundalk. the heavier rain in the orange is here and also some of the red colors, the yellow colors around port deposit around i- 95. perryville and elkton and cecil county and kent county. so, if you are in the areas this morning, you will step out to wet times ahead. make sure to have the rain gear. also, we have patchy fog to contend with this morning as well. we have reduced visibility. only 8 miles in baltimore right now. let's get a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. >> reporter: so far so good on the main lines. head being to the northeast corridor of 95, no concerns from 43 to the beltway.
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that step will take you -- step will take you four -- stretch will take you four minutes. clear from har fard to york road. no delays in towson. it will be a nice easy rye -- harford to york road. no delays in towson. it will be a nice easy ride. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, you want to be aware of the construction that's blocking one lane in both directions at 29th street. later in the morning falls road might not be a bad alternate. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. the f b investigating a threat against a southwest airlines flight. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with all new details. what have you learned. >> reporter: we have been working with our sister station in phoenix gathering all new information and here's what we learned so far. southwest airlines tells us there was a threat made geeps one plane in orange county-- against one plane in orange
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county. two planes were held if in phoenix after landing and another in orange county before departing for phoenix. authorities checked out the planes to be safe. the last flight was not able to take off after it was clear because after hour noise restricts in orange county. passengers will be placed on other flights this morning. an fbi spokesperson confirms the southwest plane was taken to an isolation pad away from the terminal where dozens of passengers were removed from the plane one by one to be screened. southwest flight 1184 arrived in phoenix at about 7:30 last night after it left orange county. the plane was headed for tulsa oklahoma. the fbi's joint terrorism task force is leading the investigation. fbi agents and other law enforcement entered the planeplane with bomb sniffing dogs and other tools. for more information head to and click on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and here in maryland today,
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governor o'malley and state law makers will hold a press conference discussing the upcoming special session. that press conference is set for 10:45 at the statehouse. the special session will begin on may 14th. stay tuned to 5 this morning and we will join the governor and details of the upcoming conference. in dc the u.s. postal service will make a announcement on new plans focusing on the smallest post offices. the press conference is scheduled for 10:00. and a protest will be held outside the bank of america downtown today. activists claims they are standing in solidarity with members in charlotte north carolina at the annual shareholders meeting. thr protesting what they say is the -- they are protesting what they say is the bank's recklessness and greed. three kids rescued from a burning apartment building in baltimore. we brought you this story monday morning a meeting is skeed -- morning. a meeting is scheduled to discuss the firefighters assigned to truck company 10. linda so is here with more.
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>> reporter: we have learned a community meeting will be held at 8 in west baltimore. it's to discuss the future of truck company 10 which is slated to close on july 1st. it's one of three companies that will permanently shut down under the mayor's budget plan. on sunday, firefighters assigned to truck 10 rescued children from a burning apartment building. they were rushed to shock trauma. president of the firefighters union says it's one of the most active companies in the sitting and shutting it down will costprecious time. >> i don't want to play god but 30 more seconds in the thick black smoke breathing that in, the young with us. >> reporter: that community meeting to discuss the future of truck 10 will be at 8 this morning at harland park elementary school in west baltimore. tonight people in the fallston community will have a chance to comment on a proposed natural gas pipeline that would run through their areach the
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company says they -- area. the company wants to build the pipeline to transmit natural gas from the owings mills area to fallston. stay tuned this morning at 5, you will hear from those who attended the meeting last night and how they feel about the upcoming project. that's set for 5:30. the democracy 2012 and mitt romn moves torse the presidential nomination. he won indiana north carolina and west virginia presidential primaries. it handed hem more than a -- him more than a hundred delegatesed needed. he spent the day in michigan campaigning. today he is going to oklahoma. voters in north carolina approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and women. they are the latest state to stop same sex marriage. early results showed it passed with 61% of voter support. stay tuned at five for all new reaction from the vote from north carolina. the fbi stopped a bomb plot
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earlier this week. we have new details about how the cia were able to pull this off before it could possibly happen. also, it's been raining for two days. but is this enough to stop maryland from having a drought this summer? details coming up in the forecast. but first a preview of the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: well, we are off to a rany start but everything is up -- rainy start but everything is up to speed at liberty road. i will show you the other main lines in the abc2 timesaver traffic. you are watching good morning maryland. >> a live look at amsterdam. 57 degrees and they have a shot of rain and get this, in a calendar year, more than 3 million tourists head that way. we continue in a moment. ff
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> and welcome back. a drought watch is expanded. the maryland department of environment issued the watch this morning for western and
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central maryland. that covers garrett allegheny washington frederick carroll harford and cecil county and montgomery and harford and a watch was issued last mont for eastern shore. did any of the rain make a difference for us because in howard county it was coming down in buckets. >> yes. it was coming down. you know, we are getting the rain now. it will taper off and we will see more coming in waves, but we did get nice rainfall with spots this morning. i will show you that in a sek. but as we look at -- second. but as we look at the satellite and radar, lots of clouds and in cecil county this is pushing off towards the north and east as we get a closer view across the area. we look at rainfall total and we see 3/10 of a inch in towson but check out churchville. a half an inch. northeast 2/10 and more of the same in rock hall. we will add up and stack up on the totals throughout the day. we still have about 5.03 inches
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for the entire year. so we need some more rainfall to come. and that will be coming as we go more into the afternoon and evening time frame. let's check the traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a rany start and we have our -- rany start and we have our -- rainy start and we have our first accident of the state on interstate 97 at route 178. the beltway is nice and clear. no concerns on that southwest corner from route 295 all the way up to interstate 70. it will remain clear on east side from harford road up to 83. if you are using the harrisburg expressway, this is what it looks like at shawan. nice and clear in hunt valley making for a nice easy ride towards 695. once you get on the jfx, watch out for the construction blocking one lane of both directions at 29th street. and clear through the fort mchenry tunnel. 895 at o'donnell harbor tunnel is delay free. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic, now back
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over to you. if your smart phone gives you problems, there may be a good scientific explanation. the solar store that could be heading our way, when it will hit and how it will affect the way we communicate later today. >> you see it. >> so just wanted to snag a treat and why the fire department was called in to take the machine apart. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. we continue in moment. news time 4:42.
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news time 4:44 and tieive things -- five know. the president and first lady are hosting a concert honoring missions. and the huge gang of sun spots could unleash solar flares headed towards earth. sun spots are caused by extreme magnetic activity that can have an impact on your gadgets,
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solar flares can affect power grids and saturdaye lights. a former speech -- satellites. a former speech writer for john ed edwards will continuetestify today. hunter is not expected to take the stand until tomorrow. and closing arguments begin in the murder trial of jennifer hudson's family member. william balfour accused of killing hudson's three relatives didn't take the stand. his attorneys put on 30-minute defense yesterday. and the deputy commander of the international security assistance force is holding a news conference today from afghanistan. he will provide a update on progress and transitions within the country. there's going to be a incredible sight. the flying whoa lindas will take his act over baltimore celebrating ripley's believe it or not. megan pringle is out there live i do have one question. are you going to get up on the
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high wire? >> reporter: i am going try charley. in about a month, here at ripley's believe it or not auditorium basically a museum, it's going to open to the doors in the inner harbor. it's going to be exciting. it's an a toreium us about that's -- auditorium but it's a maim for museum full of stuff. what would be more weird and amazing than walk across the inner harbor. it's going to happen this evening. he is going to attempt to walk 300 feet across the water, the length of a football field and he is doing it without a net or any sort of safety device. he is a 7th generation member of the family and he says he never thinks about falling. it's going to be an exciting thing this evening. and he actually offered to give us a lesson on walking on the tightrope so we are definitely going to try to check it out. we want to show you a picture of what the auditorium looks like when it's all said and done and opens on june 1st. they will have everything in here that is going to make you
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say believe it or not. so come check it out and stay with us this morning because we will walk on the tightrope. we will talk to nick and hear more about this because this is a precursor to an even more amazing stunt he is going to do later on in june. we will hear more coming up. now back to you and i will practice my balance out here. while you are in the studio. >> you have to account for the wind megan. 4:47. and continuing coverage this morning on the fbi foiled terror plot many we know a man who has yet to be identified posed as a double agent learned of the plot a got his hands on a bomb and left yemen with it. intelligence agencies infiltrated al-qaeda and foiled the plot. it's an upgrade to a underwear bomb attempted in the past. >> it's quite an accomplishment to pass yourself off as a al- qaeda terrorist to the terrorists when you are working for a u.s. or ally. >> congressional -- they are raising questions of what
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thegovernment is doing and stopping the terror attacks. we have learn the fbi plans to replicate the bomb and run it through a number of airport security tests. a little closer to home, the harford county sheriff office says two people were shot in edgewood after 8:00. deputies found the victims onedge wadder drive. their conditions are unknown right now. another person walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound and police believe that person was also involved in the shooting. three cecil county middle schoolers are charged with setting fire inside the school building. the state fire marshal's office says it happened monday-sidle beington middle school during school hours. boys are 12, 13 and 14 and each being charged as a juvenile and released to their parents. andand arundel county police say an 8-year-old brought a knife to school and tried to attack another student. police say a teacher saw the boy lunging at another with a pocketknife. that boy told police he brought the knife because he wanted to stab someone who was harassing
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him. the child's mother says he is on adhd medication and police expect to charge 8-year-old -- charge the 8-year-old way salt. on the heels of the court of appeals determination that pit bulls are a dangerous breed in maryland one group wants to appeal it. maryland votes for animals doesn't want to wait until next january and want action in the special session. the group wants lawmakers to pass a bill that ruling. as it stands when attacked and mauled by a pit bull plaintiffs wouldn't have to prove the dog has a violent past. a ruling means landlords who lease to pit bull owners could be held liable. >> but the ruling itself is misguided. it's uninformed and actually crow it's more problems than it solves. >> the maryland court of appeals ruling stems from a case war 10-year-old boy was attacked -- where a 10-year-old boy was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull in 2007. it's 4:49.
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a arkansas boy's desire for a gum bonn left him with his hand stuck in a dispenser. part of the problem was the boy wouldn't unclinch his fist and let loose of the gum balls. they got it freed and he walked away unharmed. the woman dubbed the hot doghooker has been let out of a new york city jail after being arrested for prostitution. police say kathy scalia operates a hot dog truck and is offering a side item selling herself for sex. now she says she is a stripper not a prostitute. it's more classy. she plans to continue to offer hot dog and occasional lap dance. a video of a city bus and pedestrian. this may be a graphic video. take a look. the bus goes through a yellow light and hits a teen he's steps out on the road. many reports say the teen was not seriously -- okay, my goodness. they are saying the teen was not seriously hurt.
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the driver is expected to be disciplined when he goes to work at yellow lights. that's unreal. a juvenile court hearing is scheduled for a 9-year-old boy placed in foster care because he was obese e weighed more than 200 pounds before he was 10 years old. he was pulled from his home last october. he has been living to a -- with a uncle and is down to 166 pounds. today marks the celebration for the kennedy krieger area celebrating 75 years of serving children with disabilities. employees will be thanked with a dedication and service. attendees will hear from one of the first patients with cerebral palsy to be treated there. a photo exhibit will offer a first time look at archives of kennedy krieger. stay tuned to 5, we will introduce you to a girl to needs your help. she is confined to the
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wheelchair and only leaves her home for hospital visits. you want to hear her story at 5:18. it's 4:52. time for a check of the forecast. i have to say it was coming down like it hasn't in quite sometime. i guess about three hours ago. and we need the rain. >> we should be getting more going into the morning and we will see waves just riding along a frontal boundary inching closer and closer to the west. we have moisture in the air. the dew points is the measure of the moisture and when we get into the 60s we can feel the humidity. we are humid feeling balmy but temperatures 65 in baltimore and 63 in easton and very close to the dew point so what we are left with, yes, we have some patchy fog this morning. reduced visibility about 8 miles in baltimore and 9 in york. three in hagerstown and 7 in frederick and 2 in winchester.
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i wouldn't be surprised ifeaston goes downhill. but we can see the rain lingering and possibly by 8:00 and then heavier rain could possibly move in as we go more to the 10:00 time frame. and then things will move out. but you saw where the lineed up and that's good because that's along the eastern shore where it really needs to rain across the area. the deficit is on the large side over 5 inches for the entire year. but check out what we have as we go to your game day forecast here. first pitch is coming in at 7:05. temperature right around 72 degrees. and showers and storms are possible as we go through the evening and the winds will be on the light side for the most part out of the west at 5 miles an hour. now check it out. we have the seven-day forecast and we have big things happening over the weekend. and things taper off as we head into thursday with plenty of sunshine moving in by friday and also saturday. and big plans for mom on
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sunday. there is a chance a slight chance about 20 to 30% chance that we could be seeing showers popping up in the afternoon. keeping the fingers crossed for mom but either way, the dice rolls you need to take out mop for -- mom for a fabulous day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. how are the roads. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we want to expect reduced visibility as you head out. it's going to be across the region making it difficult for drivers. what this new traffic system does is allow you to zero in on the main problems of the morning commute. it uses google to show you where the trouble spots are. we are dealing with an accident right now on interstate 97 right along the southbound lanes of route 178. now this systems provides travel times so if you are traveling on 95, expect a 10- minute ride from the beltway to route 40. we are in the green this system is showing traffic flow. so anything that you see in red, that means that there is heavy congestion in the area.
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yellow means moderate traffic, and here on the beltway that east side nice and clear. we are in the green. no concerns on the outer loop from 95 up towards 83. you will want to watch out for all of the construction going on on the jfx blocking one lane in both directions at 29th street. here's a live look at 89 895 at o'donnell -- 895 at o'donnell street. now back over to you. the stadium has been checked out and airport style security in place. what he next on the agenda as london counts down to the 2012 summer olympics. details coming up when we return. you are waking up to what's new now and next at 4:55 on this wednesday. good morning maryland and lynette, lauren, that's the philippines this morning it's 90 on the beech. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. welcome back.
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#:57 and march was big month for borrowing. american use their credit card more took out more school loans in march making it the month with the most consumer borrowing in a decade. students loans increased more than 16 billion dollars in the month of march alone. and soon to be high school graduates are picking their graduation gifts and that's according to a article in usa today. representatives from several websites say high school seep yores starting to set up on -- seniors started to set up online registries and some sites allow the seniors to link it to a pay pal account so of course cash can always be sent. the washington national cathedral announced they will dedicate carving of rosa parks tomorrow. it will take place at 5:30 in d.c. and the carving of parks will join others who join the struggle to bring equality and justice to our country. in news around the world, things are quieter following a
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huge fight between troops and inmates. prisoners threw rocks and objects at guard and gunfire erupted. tear gas was used to subduty inmates. 8 people were rushed to the hospital. and a british explorer is honoring the summer olympics by climbing mount everest and bringing a gold medal. in 1922, a group of british explorers tried to climb to the top but never made it and they were awarded the gold medal for their work. 90 years later the climb is honored by placing a medal at the top of the mountain. and speaking of the olympics, the olympic flame will go to greece and travel through a special aircraft ahead of the torch relay which begins on may 19th. time now to tart the -- start the 5:00 hour. now "good morning maryland." we have all new information on the breaking news on a threat on a southwest airlines flight. the latest details on the website and coming up in


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