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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 9, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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bit. >> in less than a week state law makers will talk about the budget. they will do it in annapolis with the -- what the governor plans to discuss with reporters later today. >> the results are in. what voters in north carolina decided when it comes to same sex mearnlg. >> it's wednesday, -- marriage. >> it's wednesday, may 9th i am charley croweson. thanks for starting your day with us. megan is live for a great live shot. we will tell you all about itdeath defying live shot. >> better her than me. i love megan. let's talk about what's going on because we were wet this morning especially in harford county. over a half inch of rain fell across the area. so that's some good news this morning. we zoom in still dealing with light showers across the area. also in northern baltimore county, you are seeing some showers pushing in just off towards the east of cockeysville coming down around the kingsville area and perry hall. towson you are getting in on light showers this morning. and we look at bel air. and some moderate showers
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moving in across the area also jarrettsville at this time. and we are going to continue this even as our ravels take us along i-95 northeast rising sun and elkton. cecil county another area getting moderate rain showers and we are dealing with patchy fog this morning. we are dealing with reduced visibility. let's check the traffic here's lauren. more on the patchy fog and rain making it hectic in some spots. >> reporter: yes. it is. you want to be extra careful as you head out. we have trouble in anne arundel county. there's a crash along the southbound lanes of interstate 97 that's going to be right at route 178. fortunately, all is clear on the jfx right now. we have that ongoing construction that's blocking one lane in both directions at 29th street. later in the morning, as that congestion starts to pick up, falls road not a bad alternate. traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel, no delays harbor will be nice and clear. and out on 695 no concerns here's a live look at this southwest corner at route 295. everything up to speed making
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the drive up tooters interstate 70 and it will remain clear on 95. here's the shot north of the beltway. no problems heading down south to 495 or heading up north towards the beltway. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. now back over to you. we wee begin with a-- we begin with a developing story. two southwest airlines flight ground after what's called a threatening phone call. abc 2 newser is ri johnson is here with -- sherrie johnson is here with all new information gathered. >> reporter: we learned the southwest airlines plane that was grounded in phoenix has landed this morning in tulsa oklahoma, the original destination a southwest airlines spokesperson says there was a threat made against one of the planes in orange county, california. now southwest flight 11:84 arrived at 7:30 last night after it left orange county. the headed for tulsa oklahoma and two planes were held in phoenix after they landed there and another was held at orange county before it
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departed for phoenix. although there was one threat, authorities checked out the planes to be safe. the last flight held at phoenix was not able to take off after it was cleared because of after hours noise restrictions in orange county. now fbi spokesperson says the southwest plane was taken to an isolation pad away from the terminal. dozens of passengers were removed from the plane to be screened and the fbi joint terrorism task force is leading that investigation. if fbi agents and other law -- fbi agents and other law enforcement entered the planeswith bomb sniffing dog. we are work to get information and interviews from passengers that just lappeted -- landed and you will get more on our website. >> we will have the latest for you at our website like sherrie mentioned, and you can sign up to get breaking news e-mail alerts at that website. head over if you have a chance.
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later today, governor o'malley and house speaker michael bush and senate president mike miller will talk about the upcoming special session may 14th. state lawmakers are called back to annapolis to finish the work of the fiscal year 2013 budget. the news conference is for 10:45 this morning and we will have complete coverage at always click on the state tab under the news section. all new this morning, results a are in. voters in north carolina overwhelmingly passed a state constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. linda so is here with the latest. some people surprised by just how overwhelmingly it passed. >> reporter: yes. amendment passed 61 to 39% with most counties reporting. but not much is expected to change right away. that's because north carolina already bans same sex marriage. what this does is change the state's constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. it means the state will not recognize any type of legal union between nonmarried
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couplesgay or straight. supporters say the measure is necessary to stop judges from overturning the law and redefining marriage in the future. opponents say it could have unforeseen consequences for heterosexual couples on issues of domestic violence and health benefits. the vote sparked national attention. >> i read the bible through and through four times and i think that's the thing to do. >> it's a matter of civil rights. >> reporter: north carolina is the 29th state to put a ban on same sex marriage in the constitution. linda so, abc2 news. naacp launches a outreach effort saying this is my vote calling for civic participation. naacp president and others are expected to make remarks about the voting laws in several states. 34 states proposed legislation restrict voting for 5 million eligible voters. states passed laws requiringvoters to show a photo
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id and eliminating early voting and limiting the ability of civic organizations to register voters. naacp voters says the laws are "the most unprecedented and aggress he have attack on voting rights since the dawn of jim crow." construction workers in south texas took a break to take in an unusual sight. what high wind created that caught them off guard and we have the video to prove it coming up in a bit doctors performing brain surgery and you can see it live. how social media will take you into the operating room this morning. that would be a sight to see. lynette would you be watching? >> don't think so. can't take that. no. we had heavy rain this morning. but now it is winding down a bit. i will tell you when the last of it mobs through the area. coming up. >> reporter: everything up is to speed at green spring avenue and i will show you what the other main lines look like in the abc2 timesaver traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland."
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christi bay in south texas. look at this. aid water spout and this is am -- it's a water spout and this is amateur video. lynette is looking closely as am i. you see it there on the horizon of the water. and this is video shot by construction workers. if you watch closely it moves towards the shore and goes over land for a few feet and becomes a tornado. no damage is reported but of course with cell phones handy and video always ready to go lynette we can pick up things like this. >> exactly. and it's nice to see when no one gets hurt. all right. we are looking at the satellite and radar and we see showers back in texas right now pushing into mississippi and also am balanca. a few -- alabama a few showers. but we have a few showers of our own. we saw heavier rain and heard the rain coming down on the roofs this morning. this is beginning to push out of the area. so now we are being replaced with light spotty showers. that's possible to continue as we go through the morning and also the afternoon. temperatures right now, though, quite mild. 64 degrees in chestertown and
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we are very humid out there as well. and 62 in elkton and bel air. lots of moisture with that. we have patchy fog to talk about and check out the rainfall totals over a half an inch of rain in bel air. let's check our abc2 time safer traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. better news in anne arundel county war crash cleared from the -- where a crash cleared from the southbound lanes at interstate 97. no delays in the area as of yet. heading to 695, no concerns on that east side. from 95 all the way up to 83, you're looking at an 11-minute ride no delays whatsoever. we have the ongoing construction on the jfx that is blocking one lane in both directions at 28th street. here's a live look at 83 north of the beltway as you can see, no delays whatsoever. as the morning continues, the congestion will really start to develop. falls road and charles street never looking like a bad alternate route. that's a look at your abctime safer traffic -- abc2 timesaver
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trafficic. this morning, we want to share with you to help fight obesity in children. how to help a family in owings mills make a wish come true for one very special 5-year-old girl. as we go to break a live look down at baltimore's inner harbor good morning maryland continues in a moment. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:15 and check this out. this could be proof social media is invasive. houston's memorial hermann hospitals will have a live surgery. the hospital's in-house team will start at 8:30 and tweet then the first actual incision takes place at 10. if you want to check this out, follow the at houston hospital or check out hash tag mh brain. the neurosurgeon performing the operation is the sim one that -- same one that treated gabrielle giffords n february they treated -- tweeted an open heart surgery. battle childhood obesity may require more than one
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approach and recommends kids get 50 minutes of physical activity at school. neighborhoods develop more parks and trails and fast-food restaurants offer healthier option for kids many researchers say the communities and schools and health care providers must work together to combat the problem. time to check the roads with lauren. >> reporter: thank you. we are off to a rany start. maryland's -- rainy start. expect reduced visible as you head out. the beltway is nice and clear. here's a live look at york road. everything will be up to speed. an 11-ment ride from 95 to 83. and the northwest side going to be delay free. here's a live look at green spring avenue. everything up to speed. you are looking at an 11 minute ride from 795 towards 95 and you want to keep in mind construction is ongoing on the jfx so one lane will be blocked in both directions at 29th street. no delays just yet. that's a look at your abc2 time
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safer -- timesaver traffic. >> and we are watching the rain beginning to push out of here. so we did get much needed rain and we need more but we are in the cloud cover as of now. maybe a few peeks of sunshine going throughout the day but the clouds holding tough and also we could be seeing more showers. i want to tell you and show you why in a second. but with all that moisture out there, we do have some patchy fog hovering across the area. we have reduced visibility. so only about 8 miles in baltimore and 7 in frederick and 8 in york right now. hagerstown 3 and 4 in wind chester many culpepper around 4. we have a -- winchester and culpepper around 4. expect some coastal flooding aas we go through the high tide cycling in through the afternoon. now, weather pattern this is what i want to show you because we do have this cold front. it's inching very slowly but it's moving towards the east close to us and with that we will have a list disturbance
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along the frontal boundary and that will keep us the chance for showers as we go through the remainder of today. so future trend picking up on that. we have some more showers possible as we go through the rest of the morning and possible this afternoon. but, we have high pressure that will build in behind that next front and we will see plenty of sunshine as we head into thursday afternoon also friday. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 74 degrees. it's going to be trekkie with the temperatures. this is what it look like for the game day forecat. 72 showers and storms. wind light out of the west at 5 miles an hour and as we jump to the weekend, looks good. 78 for mother's day. charley. well imagine being limiteded only a life in a wheelchair but leaving your home for trips to the doctor's office and that's the only life that athena mosley has known. the 5-year-old girl had a chance of a lifetime and tonight abc2 news preston mitchell tells us her family is count on you to help. >> she is stuck right now.
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she is trapped. >> reporter: crystal mosley sees a ways out. the 5-year-old has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. disease has robbed her of her speech, ability to walk, and her muscle strength. she may never get out of her wheelchair but her mom is determined for her daughter to live life to the fullest outside of their home. but with only am bow lance transportation to count on she is limited. >> we will take to and from the hospital but nowhere else nowhere fun. she can't go to the park to a zoo you know, even to a grocery store. >> reporter: mosley has entered in a contest to wayne wheelchair accessible van. >> having the van would change her life drastically. it would open up her world. >> reporter: mobility awareness month and to win she has to be voted a local hero. mosley not only wants to get her out of the house but she wants people to meet her daughter. >> people who see her for the first time there's little spark. yeah. spark like that. >> reporter: she use as computer to help her communicate read and do math
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and. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: a van her mother says would let her see the world. >> there's so much that she knows so much she wants to do, so much that she teaches me every day that getting her around other people, i think would improve their lives as well as much as it improved mine. >> reporter: preston mitchum abc2 news. >> amazing little girl. you have until may 13th. that's sunday to vote for her to get the wheelchair accessible van. vote once a day and use special code from the vendor and get extra votes. we listed the link on the national ability awareness month on the website attached to the story from preston mitchum at abc 2 on the lifestyle section and in the local section. it's 5:20 and there have been bank heist, jewelry heist and artwork heist. now you can have a beer heist added to the list. we will talk about it -- we are
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not talking about just a couple cases. find out how much they made off with. megan. >> reporter: all right. check it out. you mentioned death defying i wouldn't -- defying i wouldn't go that far but i am racking to walk the rope ahead. >> a live look at chi-town. that's wrigley field talking baseball coming up. what happened at camden yards. we are are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back. so how does this sound walking the tightrope over the ier harbor. -- inner harbor. nick will do that in celebration of a new addition to the inner harbor and megan pringle is out live giving us a preview and just how high above the ground are you? well not that high. someone rode behind you. are you practicing. >> reporter: i would be busted
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wouldn't i. it it was nearly 20 years ago when someone wacked across the harbor that was carl and today someone will attempt it again. the person is his grandson nick. he is going to be going about 300 feet about the length of a football field walking across the inner harbor in celebration of this. ripley's believe it or not auditorium. this opens up on june 1st. so to celebrate, we are going to be walking across the tightrope. well he is going to be walk across the type rope without a safety de-- tightrope without a safety device. he will give us a lesson and we will ask you to stay with us. and this is all a preview to something he is going to be doing that's never been done before. he will walk across niagara falls. we will talk to him about all of that. what makes him do it and the excitement behind it. and also get a preview and hear more about the museum that's opening up. stay with us this morning, we will talk to nick and try our
5:26 am
own tightrope and i have seen it and it's lower to the ground. so no worriesch it's. >> the death defying act. but we will be safe and check in later. >> thanks so much for that. now a little more sweet tooth -- now a boy's sweet tooth got him in trouble. what it took to get his hand out of gum ball machine and it took longer than it should have. bge will test the peak rewards program. we will tell you when to expect to see your ac shut off. lynette. >> we have patchy fog this morning. i am going to tell you who it is affecting and when it burns off coming up. >> reporter: no delays on 695 at liberty road. i will show you what the other main lines look like in the abc timesaver traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland." >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, doing better on house payments. new data says fewer homeowners were late on mortgage payments in the first quarter less than
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6%. the credit reporting agency trance union expects the trend to continue. if you will retiring it will cost 4% more to cover your health cost than if you quit a year ago. average for newly retired couple is 240 grand. and get ready to gas up and go this summer. the government says gasoline will be cheaper than previously thought. thanks to lower crude oil prices. forecast is for prices less than a dime more than last year. and no more school bake sales in massachusetts. state is banned the fun raising treat as part of the no nonsense nutrition standard to campaign against childhood obesity. that's stale thinking. that's america's money and i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." we are following break news online and on the air after a threat was paid to a southwest airline. >> a meeting to discuss the closing of a fire company. >> and the the condition of terrell suggs. that and much more coming up on this wednesday may 9th. good morning i will charley crowson and it's a wet start to the wednesday. lyette charles is standing -- lynette charles is standing by with how long it will be around. >> going through the day, we have a chance for sore more waves of rain to move into the picture. but as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we see moderate rain around rising sun and port deposit and along i95 still on wet side and back to


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