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tv   News  ABC  May 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we do have a light shower now crossing graysonville and centerville as it crosses the bay. so that's what we are going to be contending with going through the rest of the morning. also, we do have patchy fog out there. i will show you the numbers in a second. but look at the rainfall we have picked up in aberdeen .03 of an inch. temperatures 6 # degrees out -- 63 degrees out there. very mild and humid. that's what we are dealing with this morning and this afternoon. those temperatures are going to bump up a bit. here is the visibility issues we are dealing w8 miles reduced in baltimore. 7 in frederick and 8 in york and 3 in hagerstown. let's check of the abc2 time safer traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with reduced visibility. so you want to be extra careful as you head out. and if you are using the jfx to get into the city we are dealing with the ongoing construction. as the morning progresses, falls road and charles street doesn't look like a bad
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alternate. everything up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. and if you are using 695, here's what it look like in parkville at harford road. this is just an 8-minute ride up towards 83. everything will be nice and clear. you can see how wet the roadway is on the west side of the beltway a shot at liberty road. no delays. it's starting to pick up but you're looking at a nice easy 12-minute ride from 795 towards 95. and that southwest portion of 95 no concerns whatsoever. if you are heading down south to 495 or heading north up to the fort mchenry tunnel. that's the a become c2 time -- abc2 timesaver traffic. authorities are investigating threats to a southwest airlines flight and sherrie johnson has been following the story and joins us live with details. >> reporter: this just into the newsroom. we are hearing that southwest airlines said the threats are not credible. we are hearing from southwest airlines that the threats are not credible.
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basically overnight, we have been talking a little bit about the southwest airlines plane that was grounded in phoenix. it made its way to the final destination in tulsa oklahoma this morning. a spokesperson for southwest airlines sid that there was a threat earlier but we have just learned moments ago that there was not a threat made against one of its planes in orange county california. now southwest flight 1184 arrived in phoenix at 7:30 last night after it left orange county, california. now that plane was originally headed for tulsa oklahoma. two planes were actually held in phoenix after they landed there and another was held at orange county before it departed for phoenix. now although we have been told there was a threat, authorities checked out three planes. but, again, southwest is now saying that the threats were not credible. the last flight held at phoenix could not take off because of noise restrictions. the southwest plane was taken to an isolation pad away from
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theterminal. passengers were taken off the plane and screened individually. the fbi's joint terrorism task force is leading this investigation. they are work local law enforcement. authorities search the plane with bomb sniffing dogs and other tools. we are working on getting new video and new reaction from passengers that just landed on the tulsa flight this morning. and you can log onto our website at for more information. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. today a meet will go held to discuss the future of truck company 10 in baltimore, the company first on the scene rescuing three kids from a burning apartment building during the weekend. you will recall we told you about this monday on good morning maryland. linda so is here with more on the future of the company. linda. >> reporter: in a few hours a community meeting will be held at 8 this morning at harland park middle school in west baltimore to discuss the future of truck company 10 slated to close on july 1st. it's one of three companies
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that will permanently shut down under the mayor's budget plan. on sunday, firefighters assigned to truck 10 rescued three children from a burning apartment building. the kids were rushed to shock trauma in serious condition. president of the firefighters union says truck 10 is one of the most active companies in the city and shutting it down will cost precious time. again, that community meeting is slated for 8 this morning at harland park elementary in west baltimore. tonight people in the fallston community and harford county will ask to get a chance to comment on a natural gas pipeline running through their area. they will transmit gas from the owings mills area through baltimore county and onto fallston. the company had a pipeline running along the same route for several decades. the new one will allow it to increase the overall capacity. last night residents from baltimore county spoke out again the -- he against the plan. opponents say it's a big company threatening the
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environment to make a buck but a spokesman for the company says the homeowners and creeks and streams and wildlife will be protected. >> we have to comply with the regulations. >> to say they are going to mitigate environmental deeing dation that comes with this is lie. we will call out everything they say up one side and down the other. >> a second public hearing is tonight at 7:hundred in fallston at youth benefit elementary school at 7 tonight. bge plans to test the peak rewards program twice in an effort to prevent you from the sweltering heat. they will do it between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon when people are less likely to be home. it allows bge to cycle off cooling systems. it's giving you the ability to override the air conditioning shut off but in emergency activation during a triple digit heatwave didn't allow it.
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looking at news around the nation, at 5:35, we have video to show you of a hit-and-run in buffalo. we want to warn you the videoyou are about to see could be disturbing. the teens are walking on a sidewalk when one hits one and speeds off. victimor was taken to -- victor was taken -- h perez was taken to the hospital. the driver the car was caught minutes after incident. some people in pennsylvania may have a crazy cinco de mayo party. police say someone took off with 30,000 dollars worth of coreona beer. police say two tractor trailerswith the coreona in it were stolen and drivers accidentally had takeent wrong load but police say in this case with the thefts, all happening the same weekend of cinco de mayo it doesn't appear to be a accident. talk about a determined kid. this 2-year-old in arkansas got his arm stuck in gum ball machine. fire crews were called in and
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they took part of the machine apart to get the kid free. terrell parks was holding on to the gum ball he grabbed and he was not going to let the thing go. he was not hurt and, of course, they let him keep the gum ball. birds have been known to disrupt sports games but this chicken certainly no exception. this bird had a purpose for being on a soccer field and it was getting more than a chuckle. also the children's book author who led our imaginations run wild remembered for words and illustrations. details straight ahead. >> and we have a wet wednesday on tap. but will it be a wet thursday and a wet friday? i will answer the questions coming up. >> reporter: we are off to a foggy start but no delays on 695 the bel air road. i will show outother main lines in the ab-- you the other main lines in the abc2 timesaver report.
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now "good morning maryland." >> news time 5:40. you heard people sometimes look like celebrities but one website now comparing some members of congress to jim hensen's muppets.
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they have a list of 21 congressional members that resemble muppets. hometown girl barbara mikulski is camilla the chicken. and these guys are equal opportunity offenders. debbie washerman schultz is a spitting image janice from the band. look at that. keep that up there. that's scary. john by aner is scooter. boehner is scoot -- boehner is scooter. maurees sindex died and best known for classic where the wild things are one of the best selling children's books of all time. 22 of his titles have been named to the best illustrated books of the year. he died at 83. if you are retiring put more out for your health care. how much more couples can expect to pay and what's driving up the high medicare
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cost. also, sherrie. >> reporter: the breaking news details online and coming up on air. southwest flight airline that grounded overnight. what authorities are now saying. >> reporter: everything is up to speat on 95 in white marsh. no delays to 695. and 11 minute ride on outer loop from 95 up to 83 and here's a live look at harrisburg expressway. no delays here at shawan road. easy ride towards 695 and watch out for the construction. one lane blocked as you make your way on to the jfx at 29th street. that's a look at your abc2timesaver traffic. stay with us. there's much more to come. you are watching "good morning maryland. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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it's 5:45 and breaking news this morning a southwest airline flight was stopped before it started taxying down the runway tuesday night in orange county california. all of this because of a disruption. sherrie johnson has been work the phones gathering new information. she joins us now live. what have you learn. >> reporter: that's right. as abouty morning. we have been on -- busy morning. we have been on the phones and the threat to one of the planes is nod credible. two southwest airlines flights with ties to phoenix and orange
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county, california, were grounded after what they thought was a threatening phone call but once again the threat was not credible. both planes were cleared tuesday night. we have learned that the southwest airlines plane that was grounded in phoenix has landed in tulsa oklahoma this morning which was its original destination. now originally, that incident made against one the planes in orange county california southwest flight 1184 arrived in phoenix after leaving orange county. the plane was actually headed for tulsa and although there was one threat alleged threat, authorities checked out three planes just to make sure everyone was safe. and an fbi spokesperson says the southwest plane was taken to an isolation pad away from the terminal. dozens of passengers had to be taken off the plane and they had to be screened individually. the fbi joint terrorism task force came in on this investigation. fbi agents and local police are actually working together. they went inside the plane with bomb sniffing dogs and other tools to help in the
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investigation. again we are work on getting new video and reaction from some of the passengers that recently landed this morning in tulsa. we will have that information coming up at 6:00. you can also log onto our website at for more information on this story. that story is located on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a new report due out today showing couples retiring this year can expect to pay more in the medical bills throughout retirement of a cost of 4% more than year ago. the investments projects health care for retired couples will cost on average $240,000 and that's up 10,000 dollars from last year's estimate. however, this year's 4% rise is considered modettest. increases averaged 6% in years past. today, the cloverdale basketball courts are expected to reopen after a year of renovations. the courts officially are theplayground that will open around 5:30. the mayor will be there to take
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part. it included renovating and resurfacing the court. sports this morning linebacker and reigning national football league defense i player of the year terrell suggs is expected to make a full recovery e suffered a injury during the draft. he has said he expects to return later in the season. second round draft pick out of the university of alabama will get a hard look at his spot in the star's absence. time for baseball and yes,okay, it's disappointing the o's dropped game 2 of the 4- game series with the rangers and yes it's disheartening the defending al champions outscored baltimore 26--- 24-6 but if you love baseball there was something you could appreciate last night about tuesday's game. rangers outfielder josh him
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aton became the 16th player in major league history to hit 4 home runs in one game. the last teem it happened it was 2003. for the o's it was 1950s and they were on the receiving end. hamilton was 5 tore 5 on the night with 8rbi in the route. game 3 is tonight set for 7:05. why did chicken cross the soccer field. we are not kidding. he is doing this in a protest for the black performance. the fans are not happy with the direction the club is headed especially after a meat processing company bought the team to. show frustration someone -- to show frustration someone released the chicken during the first half of monday's game. could you imagine trying to -- there he is. he has a sweater on. so sad. lynette, are you afraid of chickens? i know you don't like frogs. >> no i am not afraid of
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kickens -- chickens i don't like frogs. let's show you what he kg on on the weather front -- what's going on on the weather front. we had a heavy round of showers that rolled through the area. right now heavier rain around talbot and queen anne's county. this is sliding off to the north and eat. we still do have a chance for more showers to roll in as we go more into the afternoon later morning hours. we will have a few breaks out there and then the wet weather will move back in. this morning, very moist out there. so we do have some visibility issues. reduced in baltimore also 8 in york and frederick coming in at 7. and this come up a bit. last time showed you this, it was 4 miles of visibility. 3 in hagerstown and 5 in winchester as of now. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 1 p.m. for the areas shaded in the blue color. and here's the weather pattern. this is a cold front inching closer to us and we will have disturbances riding along the front keeping the chance for
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showers in throughout the day. future trend picking up on that. then we clear out nicely as we head into thursday and also friday. hour by hour, temperature right around 74 and this will be a little fickle for the day. we see more showers get more of a southwesterly flow in here and those temperatures will bump up especially if we dry out in between. this is what we look at four are -- for your game day forecast is the temperatures at 72 by first pitch. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: good morning. all that rain is really making the road very slick so be extra care if you as you head out. you are headed to 695. no delays as you travel from parkvale up to towson and it will be delay free. you are look at 12-minute ride on outer loop from 795 down toward 95. and if you are using the harrisburg expressway here's how it looks like north of shawan road. everything is up to speed in the hunt valley area making for a nice easy ride towards that belt we. but we have the ongoing construction on the jfx
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blocking one lane in both directions at 29th street. no real backups yet but as that congestion starts to develop, falls road not a bat alternate. everything up -- bad alternate. no delays through the harbor tunnel. that's the abc timesaver traffic. proceedings are wrapping up in high-profile murder trial. coming up in bit, why it may be bad news for the man accused of killing three jennifer hudson's relatives after his defense takes its turn. if your ipad or android acts up today, it might be something you are not doing. it could be related to science. details when we look at five things to know when "good morning maryland" returns in a bit.
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time for five things to know at 5:55. the u.s. postal service holding a news covers today talking about new plans for the nation's smaller post offices. there's now mora moratorium on closing 3700 post offices and move members and other 99% protesting banks today. one is being held outside the bank of america on light street in baltimore.
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the demonstration will start at 1:30. and singers will be honored by the president and the first lady. they will be awarded the library of congress gerwin -- ger shallwin prize -- gershwin prize. both sides will give closing arguments today. your smart phone or tablet could a have problems. it's the result of the sun. sun spots could produce solar flares hitting earth and that could disrupt the extreme magnetic activity and that could mess up satellites and computer and your smart phone. consider yourself warned. john travolta is fighting sexual assault charges. why the actor says there's no truth to the claim and what he plans to do about it. also after almost 50 years, a woman finds a brother she never knew she had.
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the search that led to a family reunion. the man attempting to walk a high wire over the inner harbor, a live look down at the inner harbor. megan is live with the details about the afternoon's challenge. also lynette. >> and it's been a wet morning commute for some charley and i am going to tell you if it's a wet evening commute. the details coming up.>> reporter: traffic is pick up on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. what the other main lines look like coming up in my abc2 time "good morning maryla tell me that i've been a good mom.
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