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tv   News  ABC  May 9, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." more information on the underwear bomb. hear what the fbi plans to do to keep passengers safe. the story up next. >> and north carolina voters pass a marriage amendment affecting same sex couples and straight. new reaction from the group pushing for that referendum. eating yogurt will make you slimmer but could boost your overall sex appeal.
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who knew? let's look outside baltimore's inner harbor on a dang. there's the word for the day a nasty day at the inner harbor i am charlie crowson and megan pringle is down at inner harbor for a great event later today. for now, let's check the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. do you ito gut. >> i do i love it -- shall yogurt. >> i do. i love it every day. you need to pay attention to the weather this morning because as you head out and about we are dealing with wet weather still. especially along the eastern shore and where we need the rain this morning. so we zoom in and you can see some of the yellows across easton and this is around trap and oxford so that's the moderate rain pushing into the area. we slide a little further off to the north and east. and we are looking at henderson and goldsboro and greensboro and centerville all getting in on the yellow action. so, yes, the moderate rain coming down and this will contend and continue even as we
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go into the afternoon. as you head out and about, have the rain gear. and we are going to talk more about the rain, the sun and all that is coming up. but let's check the traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a slick start. we have several accidents to tell you about. trouble in harford county where there's a crash in fallston at bel air road and the problemswill persist in baltimore couldn't imwe are dealing with another accident that's -- baltimore county. we are dealing with another accident. we are dealing with the ongoing construction on the jfx. southbound lanes are backing up to north avenue from cold spring. no concerns in the fort mchenry or harbor tunnel. this is the top side in towson. nice and clear. moving very, very nicely here at york road. eeesy ride up towards 83 and the west side dealing with congestion. here's a live look at liberty road. expect a slow ride make the drive from 795 down towardssecurity boulevard.
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that's the abc timesaver traffic. continuing coverage on a plot to blow up a plane by using an upgraded underwear bomb. remember this made headlines about a year ago. abc2 news sherrie johnson is standing by with what the fb-i plans to do to try to learn more about the technique and prevent it from happening for real. >> reporter: well, it's being called an incredible spy operation intelligence agents infiltrating al-qaeda in yemen trying to stop a bomb plot of a u.s. bound aircraft. the man has not been identified but authorities say the spy infiltrated the terror cell posing as a double agent emmett learned the plot got his hands on a bomb and left yemen with it. the fbi is investigating the device described by officials as an upgrade to the underwear bomb that al-qaeda attempted to use in the past. this is remarkable work given that al-qaeda usually carefully screens its recruits. >> it's an accomplishment to pass yourself off as an to the
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terrorists when you are working for a u.s. or ally the bomb in his original state before it goes off, u.s. experts now are able to figure out how the bomb works, how it might be detected. >> reporter: fbi agents plan to make a replica of the underwear bomb and send it through airport security to test the system. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. today a jury is going to hear arguments in the trial of a campaign consullant accused of using ro about. o calls to suppress the black voter turnout in the 2010 gubernatorial election. he worked for robert ehrlich. henson is charged way tempting to influence voters decision on whether to go to the poems through the use of fraud. we will have more on this as it becomes available. we want to warn you the video you are going to see is disturbing especially at this time of the day. but let's go to buffalo new york where police release sur veil and video of a hit-and- run. teens were walk --
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surveillancevideo of a hit -- hit-and-run. an 18-year-old was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries and he is he is exexpected to be okay. 19 year -- expected to be okay. the 19-year-old driver who drove off was found minutes later and is charged with assault, reckless driving and flee from the scene and fleeing a police officer. new video involving an incident and a pedestrian and a bus. this is hard to watch. the bus goes through a yellow light and hits a teen right there. unbelievable. stepping out on road yellow light being run through. media reports say the 18-year- old student was not seriously hurt. a local television station in austin says the driver is expected to be disciplined when he returns to work. employees are told and trained to always stop at yellow lights. it may have been more partying for a pennsylvania county during the weekend. police say two tractor trailers, two, each carrying
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15,000 dollars worth of corona was stolen the same weekend of the cinco de mayo celebration when the mexican beer is a hot commodity. >> i would like to know where the after party was for cinco de mayo because i was not invited. >> i am wondering the same thing. police say the theft from the distribution center is taken quite seriously. a move that ruffled feathers the chicken on field during a soccer match in england. the fans are not happy with the way the club is headed especially after a meat processing company bought the team last season. as a result, in a show of frustration, someone put a bird out on the field and could you imagine he is playing goalie right now. he is wearing a soccer jersey. he needs to do slide across the field and he is good to go. john travolta is facing troubling allegations. the accusation by two massage therapist. what he says he will do about the situation. also a look at what may cause your smart phone to go on the
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fritz today. we will have -- it may not have anything to do with what you are doing. it's coming from outer space. good morning maryland continues in a moment.
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john travolta faces allegation of sexual assault. this is going on now for days. the actor says there's no truth to the claims that he sexually assaulted two massage therapist now according to travolta's he was on the east coast the day the alleged incident in california. he hopes to have the cases thrown out and now plans to sue for malicious prosecution. and now a heart warming reunion a woman adopted as a baby discovered her brother whom she never met. that's thanks to craigslist. on friday morning, with no expectation she typed in her brother's name and the age he probably would be.
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she thought he probably lived in british columbia but had no idea where he was. take a look. >> i clicked on canada and all the towns came up. i picked one. >> she picked the correct one and two hours later she got an e-mail and they set up skype and they laid ice on each other for the very first time. -- eyes on each other for the very first time. abc2 news to go is straight ahead. sherrie johnson is following developing news. >> reporter: more information on the developing story on the southwest airline flight that was grounded overnight. reaction from airline passengers coming up. >> also we shed hear from maryland leaders and lawmakers about what's expected in next week's special session. also this morning, megan is out live. >> reporter: we sure are. walking 100 feet over the inner harbor it's going to happen this evening in celebration of the opening of ripley's believe it or not. that's happening june 1st a preview is straight ahead. and we will have waves -- >> and we will have waves of
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rain moving in and i will tell you when it gets out of here. >> reporter: expect a slow ride at liberty road. i will show you where else there's congestion coming up in the abc timesaver traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland."
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it's 6:45. time for the abc2 news to go. good morning i am charley crowson and it's a busy wednesday today for you. we have a lot going on the sherrie johnson following a developing story of an incident with a plane on southwest airlines. also this morning megan is live with high drama in downtown baltimore. and she will have details. lauren has the timesaver traffic but first meteorologist lynette charles on a soggy morning. lynette. >> yes. dealt with heavier rain this morning. now things are tapering off across many parts but the wet weather is now split over. it's along the eastern shore sodealing with wet weather. it is need. so if you are in caroline county and queen anne's county you are getting in on heavier rain. we look at what's going on and we can see temperatures in laurel right around chesapeake beach around 64 degrees. winds out of the south and west
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at 8 miles an hour. and then we head over into laurel with the temperature right around 65 with the wind in the southwest a 2 miles an hour .03 of an inch of rain fell in the area. now abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. >> reporter: the main trouble spot is the jfx. in addition to the construction that's ongoing, we are dealing with an accident on the southbound lanes at 28th street. so it's going to be extremely slow making your push into the city this morning. here is a live look at harrisburg expressway at york road. not too many delays in this vicinity but we have a downed tree not far from this scene that shut down the southbound lanes of falls road just south of mount carmel road. you want to stick with black rock as an alternate. and congestion on the west side of the beltway. a look at liberty road the outer loop jammed packed from 795 all the way down to security boulevard. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now back to you. back to a developing story we have been following. a plane incident involving
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southwest airlines. all of this involves a bomb threat phone call in phoenix and also in the airport near los angeles. sherrie johnson has been on this all morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, yes, we have been talking about this. a southwest spokesperson now says that the threat to one of the planes is not credible. two southwest earls flights in phoenix and orange county california were grounded after a phone call but the threat was to the credible. both planes were cleared tuesday night and we learn the southwest airlines plane that was grounded in phoenix has landed this morning in tulsa oklahoma which was the original destination. last night a call came in about a southwest plane in orange county, california, and southwest flight 11-84 arrived in phoenix last night after it left orange county. the plane was headed for tulsa. authorities checked three planes just to be shore they were safe. -- safe. they were take -- to be sure they were safe. the f about. i is working with law enforcement -- fbi is working
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with law enforcement for the investigation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's 6:47. and happening this morning maryland state troopers who died while on duty will be honored a ceremony starts at 11 at state police headquarters in pikesville. relatives of some of the 43 troopers who died in the line of duty are expected to take part. also happening today, a little bit later, leaders of the maryland state senate and house of delegates are holding a news conference about next week's special session. governor o'malley has agreed to call the session after the legislature failed to agree on a fiscal year 2013 budget. the house and senate are expected to use the session to push through an income tax increase that would eliminate the need for the cuts which would largely affect education and overall school services. this story is still far from over. and we are getting voters in north carolina passing amendment 1 putting a ban on the antisame sex marriage law in the state's charter. that's the constitution. it means the state will not
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recognize any type of legal union between nonmarried couples be it same sex or heterosexual. opponents are calling that measure redundant and warned it could jeopardize domestic violence protection and's text -- affect health benefits for same sex couples. here's another reason to grab yogurt for breakfast. not only will it make you fight obesity but make you sexier. it made the coats of lab rats thick and shinier and they mated and produced more offspring. scientists believe the probuyot exino -- be probiotics might be responsible for the extra sexiness. it's about coordination and one guy learned about this his life and is bringing the talent to the inner harbor high above a tightrope. mega pringle is out live on the inner harper -- ebb -- hash
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other for the tightrope act. it gibbs new meaning to the phrase the wire. >> reporter: can you imagine walking that dissance. it will happen and everybody can check it out. now it's all in celebration of this. the rip lay believe it or not auditor -- ripley's believe it or not auditorium. tim is going to tell us about it. >> we are believe it or not. >> reporter: we are. >> nick wallenda is going to walk 300 feet out into the harbor to a barge that's 100 feet tall. a crane and he will be walking uphill. and it starts at 5:15. everybody is welcome to come down. we will have is a little ceremony here in front of the building at 4:30, announcing details of the museum. it involves a many cooper car covered have one millioncrystals. >> reporter: what else can people see. >> we have a 12-foot tall dinosaur made out of pop tart wrappers. >> reporter: oh. >> and 10-foot diameter penny made out of pennies.
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and we have of course we have the typical shrunken head and the two headed animals. one thing we have is 11 galleries and we have 120 interactive activities. so it's just not walking around and reading. it's a lot of interaction. this is our biggest museum as far as having interbeing atives. and this is our 32nd believe it or not museum in operation. >> reporter: we are looking forward to it. eye opens june 1st. and in the meantime, come down and see something that will make you say believe it or not yourself. it's going to be an incredible thing and it's happening this evening and we should mention nick wallenda is doing this without a safety net. it will be incredible to see. >> even if it is raining as long as it's not storming. the one inch wire can be a lightning rod if not careful. if it looks like it is going to storm, won't walk but right now it locks like he will. >> reporter: all right. >> we are excited. >> reporter: we are looking forward to it. thanks so much. so charley, back to you.
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i know you saw my tightrope act and we will leave that to the professionals. >> but you have the coolest socks on the harbor right now. >> reporter: i am glad they matched that's all i have to say. >> all right. thanks. get on back here. news a great foul ball catc a fan. and yes there was beer involved. now this is the san diego padres popping it over the stand landing in the beer cupch the fan pose for pictures and shotguns the beer as any good padres fan should do. and the ball stayed in the cup. all right. last time an opposing batter had four home runs against the orioles was 1959 and last night, rangers outfielder josh hamilton was the 16th player in major league baseball history to have four home runs in one game. last time it happened in major lease baseball is 200 3. he was 5 for 5 on the night and the rangers won 10-3. he accounted for 8 of the runs. and game 3, the-- of the 4-game
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set set for 7:05 tonight at camden yards. five things to know on this wednesday morning. closing arguments are expected to start this morning in the case of a man accused of killing three members of jennifer hudson's family. william balfo up r chose not to testify and prosecutors said the evidence against him is so overwhelming the defense took a half an hour. hackers claimed to have breached twitter accounts and twitter says there's no breach but they are look into the situation to hope to come up with a solution if there's need for one. post offices nationwide are scheduled to close. this morning, the postal service will hold a news conference during which they are expect to announce a new plan to help the smallest post offices to keep you up-to-date. >> and activists in front of bank of american to protest all parts of a national day of action holding big banks accountable and a number of
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people facing foreclosure on their homes. this is in connection with the shareholders meeting for bank of america in north carolina. after a year of renovationance repairs, the cloverdale basketball courts will be opened this evening. the mayor and officials from the city park and rec will be there beginning at 5:30. the basketball courts are at druid park lake drive. a huge gang of sub sun spots may release solar flares to the earth. according to space, the sun spots expected to launch a monster solar storm which creates the flares. and they are expected to cause -- they won't cause damage but could impact your gadgets, they are known to effect power grids and satellites. like your cell phones or i-pads or wirelessly on the laptop. >> you can blame it on the rain or the solar flares because that's what we are seeing.
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and the heavier rain is now pushing across the eastern shore. and that's exactly where we need it. getting a break everywhere else. but, we will see more as we go throughout the day. rainfall totals are close to a half ionch in bel air. and .04 in elmton and quarter in shadyside. and we can double this going -- double this as we go more into the afternoon. looking live in dundalk andyou're seeing some fog and low clouds and also some rain on the camera lens as of now. and this will be the scenario even as we go into the afternoon. so you heard me talk about the fog. we have patchy fog in places this morning. here's easton. it's gone down so make sure as you head out the door you have the low beams on and take it easy on the roadways. future trend picking up on the scattered showers through the rest of the afternoon off and on. temperatures around 74 degrees. maybe a few peeks of sunshine but we will hold tough on the cloud cover for today. game day forecast first pitch
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saturday 7:05. 72 degrees and we have the chance for the showers and storms in the forecast once again. the winds will be out of the west at 5 miles an hour. and here is a check of the seven-day forecast as we look nice and dry heading into saturday and sunday. a slight chance for a shower by mother's day but a good looking forecast. let's get a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. >> reporter: the main trouble spot is the jfx. in addition to the construction, we are dealing with a accident along the southbound lanes at 28th street. traffic jammed back to 695. so you want to stick with fall's road as an alternate. we have an accident not far from this scene northwest baltimore on clifton avenue at garrison. traveling the beltway, expect heavy congestion. this is a live look at west side old court road outer loop moving slowly to route 40 in harford road outer loop pretty jammed. >> we are out of time. let's go to new york for "good
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morning america.
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