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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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long will the sun hold? we are using the latest to track it. cringe worthy video of what happens as a bus runs red lights. tonight the investigation on who pays fort tickets. >> and you will want to stay up for this. what's behind this shocking cover photograph. >> just can't trust anybody. that's horrible. >> we are working for you tonight after a fake police officer targeted an olderly man. what you need to know to keep your family safe. >> first we start with a look at what happens when bus drivers just blow through red lights. if you watch this you can't stop. >> tonight we found out who foots the bills for the tickets. let's go to josie. >> reporter: like tax bills and credit card statements red light and speed camera tickets are one of those things that may have show up in your
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mailbox. we found thousands of them going to one address, the maryland transit administration. they blow through intersections, barely missing other drivers. >> that's close. >> reporter: drive around cars to make illegal turns, even race through reds two at a time. this is the worst of the worst when it comes to dangerous driving behavior and it's all been caught on cam a. >> you are under the impression that there are professionals and that you don't have to be concern is the. >> reporter: what we have seen them do may change your mind. as part of the investigation we looked at tickets, by drivers for the transit administration, dating back to the start of 2010. there are thousands of them. speeders, aggressive driving and red light raisers, caught on film and slapped with citations. >> i have seen a lot of things, traffic violations.
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>> reporter: buses rushing through red with cops watching, mobile drivers veering around cars and drivers making a stop only to pull out against the light. >> i just -- >> reporter: we looked at videos and tickets. speed cameras caught this driver going 82 in a work zone with a 55-mile an hour limit. this one, going more than 20 miles over in a school zone even the administrator of the mta has been busted but no matter who gets the ticket they are not tolerated they say. >> safe city is the highest priority because as you just said we are dealing with people's lives here. >> reporter: that's why he said any driver hit with a speed or red light camera ticket has to pony up and pay the fine themselves. >> we demand they obey the law and where they violate the law
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we hold them responsible. >> reporter: and those operators have paid being bucks, our investigation found mta drivers have racked up 2800 tickets and $114,000 in fines since the start of 2010. >> you don't consider that a problem? >> when you look at the number of vehicles onto road and how long it they are out there and the number of miles they log, when you give it the context those numbers don't appear quite as daunting. >> reporter: according to the mta they put about 900 vehicles on the road during peak hours with the buses logging more than 20 million miles a year. the agency said the majority of those miles traveled safely without a problem or a ticket. when that flash goes off it's more than just a picture. it's a snap shot of the kind of dangerous driving that puts you at risk whether you are on the road or riding the bus and not every mistake made gets it's own flash of fame. the mta said it requires
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drivers to pay the tickets which are passed down through the agency by division managers who then have to figure out who was driving the flash went off. drivers then have to provide proof they covered the fine and if they don't they will be suspended though he wasn't sure if it's happened this year. coming up in just a few we will bring you more of the extreme cases, even some while police watched. abc 2news. >> thank you. a live look over the harbor shall a clear evening but the big question will it stay this way while while are you asleep? wyatt is here with a quick look at the radar. >> reporter: a radar is all clear. we saw a nice clearing through the dame most the clouds ending late this evening and as we look at the satellite view no rain out there, few clouds into northern virginia, i think we are off to a crystal clear
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night. you may actually briefly have the heat on because you have 47 in frederick for a wind chill and all of you down to the mid40s. 45 at pwi. a crisp, chilly night but a big warm up on tap for mother's day. we break that down ahead. >> all right. new tonight police are on the look out for two suspect who tricked a 75-year-old man out of his money and a shot gun. christian has that it story from the newsroom tonight. >> reporter: this happened in southwest baltimore. very close to the baltimore county line and it's a well planned a's tonight neighbors say they will be careful. frightening news for people in the 1100 block of cooks lane like roberta, she is older than the victim in this case a 7a- year-old man who lives nearby. >> absolutely -- that anybody would pick on a 75-year-old man. >> reporter: police say the two suspects were well dressed and
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told the victim they were police investigating a case involving counterfeit money. they asked to look at his cash along with any weapons he had in his home. the man gave them over and the men left. police say anyone who claims to be officers officers should have identification. >> don't be afraid to ask them to seat card. if they don't have the card or if you feel better with a uniformed officer ask them to call for a uniformed officer. >> reporter: and if you are worried call the police and is the dispatcher to verify that they are in fact officers. roberta said she is concerned. >> can't trust anybody you know. just can't trust anybody. that is so horrible. >> reporter: and now she will be even more careful any time somebody knocks at the door. immaterial i don't open my door unless i look out the peep hole to see who is standing and never after 6:00 at night.
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>> reporter: investigators are trying to find whether the suspects have hit or tried to hit other homes. police don't have good descriptions, two african american men in in their 40s. >> we have the latest tonight onto peaking news we brought you on the website. the manhunt is over for the fugitive accused of killing a mother, hour daughter and kidnapping two younger girls. police say the 35-year-old adam mays shot himself in mississippi. the two sisters, a 12-year-old and 8-year-old are safe. they were kidnapped last month after mays killed their mother and sister. >> remember that story -- the woman's body found under a shed. today a grand jury indicted the woman's former husband. he now faces murder charges. he killed his first wife
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christian jarret in 193. he was arrested when remains were found buried beneath a cement floor of a shed. he is being held without bail. >> a tip led police to a basement loaded with pot plants. there were more than 341 high grade marijuana plants growing. that is more than $500,000 on the street. he is charged with possession, manufacturing and direction. he could get 16 years in jail. >> a riddle for you. how can parents of four girls who all play sports go to see one team on one field at the same time? did you figure it out? meet the red and black jersey wearing twines. >> i'm jamie. . >> i'm lucy. >> i'm maggie. >> i'm jordon. >> they all wear the same uniform, play the same sport, play for the same team, go to the same school, same 8th grade. who is the quietest?
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>> maggie. >> yeah. >> the loudest? >> me. >> i feel sorry for the parents with multily aged children because they have four games to go to, we just have one. >> we are the luckiest in the world to watch them all play at once. it's amazing. >> reporter: here comes carolyn. >> georgia is the best -- you will ever meet. >> maggie -- they are all three -- they are our best field players. >> reporter: today they won but it was about sister time. >> it's kind of good to always have someone there for you and going to school and you never are by yourself. >> got to keep them apart so they spread stead them out on the field. you come to the house and you will see what it's all about. >> i'm jamie. >> i'm lucy. >> i'm maggie. >> i'm jordon. >> reporter: they are the --
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when they found out they would be on tv tonight one of them turned to the other and said i told you being a quad would come in handy. >> great story. new tonight it wasn't your traditional mother's day dinner but they gathered to share something they all have in common. family and children services had a special dinner for victims of domestic violence. >> to honor them and acknowledge that they are -- the parenting is a difficult job and sometimes the situation is they may not have anyone to acknowledge all that they do as mothers. >> reporter: the women shared stories about the pain they have endured their road to recovery. >> you will -- this is unbelievable. continuing coverage on the investigation we just showed you a few moments ago. >> back with some of the most shocking videos and how you can watch them yourself online. >> reporter: as we told you just a few moments ago we went
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through thousands of tickets issued to driver who worked for the mta. some of the behavior was shocking. we want to show you some of the videos we put on the website like this one from last september in baltimore. we put it on the website and you see the mta bus blow through a red light with a cop right there. we want to check out the other camera angle we got, a cop behind the bus who watches them run the red. we want to show you other tickets as well. this was a video give tone a mobility bus last fall and as the light turns yellow he veers around a car stopped in the lane. the bus is -- gunned it and had no choice but to veer. all of these have been put on the website. if you go to the home page right now you can click through and watch all of the videos for yourself. abc 2news. >> coming up, this is the most disturbing story of the night. >> into south korea supposed
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to boost your sex drive but it may make you sick. >> beautiful friday on tap. will the sun keep shining through sunday? the mother's day forecast ahead. . and are you mom enough? it's time to bring one to your attention that's found it. what you think about this when the news returns in 60 seconds.
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. >> new, time magazine known for its controversial covers and this one is no exception. a mother breast feeding her 3- year-old son. it hasn't even hit shelfs and it's already got people talking. >> are you mom enough? i think there is a time and place for everything and i don't think that is totally appropriate to be on the front cover. >> my lord.
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actually i have heard of people like age six or so still getting breast fed and i think that's -- ridiculous. >> wow. are you mom enough? i think that's inappropriate for time magazine. i think that -- that -- it's unnecessary, rude, it's offensive. i'm a parent myself and i think it's not obvious disrespectful to the child but to women at large. >> just in case are you curious the 207 tom topic is about attachment parenting why it drives some to the extreme. we are talking about it on facebook. what do you think about the latest cover? join in onto conversation on facebook. >> the big weekend coming up honoring mom. all the plans are here. you don't have to spend a lot of money. we have done research for you
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on a few freebies. a o's game on sunday blay playing the rays. mom will get a free sun hat. how about that? and if baseball isn't mom's thing maybe a movie. red box with a free dvd rental. you can find the information on their facebook page. maybe mom likes to cook. ruby tuesday giving out a voucher fora fee cookbook and for dessert free frozen yogurt to mom. we have a lot more listed on the web page. go to it at abc >> in our health news, one of the best parts of the weekend, the chance to sleep in. believe it or not researchers say staying in bed longer on saturday or sunday can be making you fat. it's called social jet lag and it happens when you your sleeping pattern. new research shows that it could be a reason some people
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hold onto more weight. >> you think by carrying reusable shopping bags you are doing good for the environment and you are but did you know they could make you sick? sciencists investigating how a soccer team got sick with nora virus traced to a reusable bag -- . sciencive it was a breakthrough. >> the virus goes up in the air, lands on things and then if you touch them it can make you sick. nobody has been able to demonstrate that touching the door handle or the toothbrush made the person sing. >> >> make sure you wipe them down and wash them especially if someone is sick. this is disturbing, officials in south korea say people are taking pills made of human flesh to boost sexual
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atamina. they are smuggled in through china and they say they will investigate. >> this next story much less disturbing. if you are worried about keeping your skin looking young and feeling soft, all the treatments how do you know which is right for you? we are work for you. chemical peels one option. they cause the top layer of your skin to slug off revealing fresh new skin but they can be painful and need to be done by a doctor. another option, a prescription that causing a slow feel peel of the skin. you -- doctors warn even those should be used with caution. >> people who do the home kits; the fine broken blood vessels ott their face and that's injury they introduced. >> no matter what skin route you use doctors say it's airy tune you should start slowly.
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>> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right. take a look. crystal clear, and a chill in the air after a beautiful thursday. great may weather with partly cloudy skies, 49 now, we have humidity relative humidity at 71% but the dew points dropping, it's getting dryer and breezier, not as windy as it was earlier today when the camera was shaking on top of the science center. mighty fine sunset over charm city and dundock clear night. look at some of the lights of the marine terminal and how about annapolis at the naval academy? a chop into the chesapeake but a nice clear finish to the day. we will be bright and sunny. remember the sunglasses for your early morning drive. it'll be a bright bright day
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especially if you drive east. are you looking at very bright conditions. take a look at radar picture. its clear. temperature wise, some spots well down in to the 40s already. 47 oakland. the 30s tonight. a freeze concern for garret over night. most of central maryland, already getting down in to the 40s and wake up in the low to mid40s tomorrow. which a crisp and breezy start, winds set to pick up tomorrow. breezy tonight. that makes the wind chill factor feel like 47 in baltimore. the regional picture, you can see basically this is one quiet set up. have not seen this for days and haven't seen it -- this forecast for several weeks, we are going to get high pressure settling in on schedule for friday, saturday into sunday. last bit of rain from that system that brought us all the rain the last two days, that's now pushing out of new england off the coast of canada. breezy weather was the story as high pressure settles in out of
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the west but it's a weather good guy. big dome of sinking air, no rain, dry air and the possibility of just a few clouds at times narcotic will be it and i don't think even a few clouds tomorrow or saturday. by sunday mother's day, but dew points down to 30s. very dry air in place. as we look at the trend, timing wise over the next few days, not a huge change here. what little cloud cover we have tonight allows out to the east by daybreak. it's a chilly start. breezy but chris cal tear. not a cloud in the scheme the deep blue sky, beautiful and saturday looks like much of the same with the possibility of maybe some increasing clouds and maybe a late night shower sunday into monday but right now the closest active weather looks to stay well to the west. good news for mother's day. over night 45, year and cooler, breezy, sun on tap tomorrow. plenty of it 73, tomorrow night down to 47 with a clear
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situation. the seven day forecast as we look ahead you can see the temperatures warm up nicely each day. we will call for 80 on sunday and i mean just crystal clear friday and saturday. a few more clouds sunday. the rain will hold until monday. >> great mother's day forecast. >> good for all of us. >> way to go. >> coming up with we had plenty of baseball movies and tonight the first main stream feature film about lacrosse. >> we will take you there but first a look at night line. >> coming up on night line, breaking news. two little girls in a murder kidnapping are found alive in mississippi. we have the latest. and he posed as a military man and raised millions. he said for vets. in what may be the biggest scam of all time that is coming up on night line after the news at 11. ñ[=
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. >> the orioles tied josh hamilton in homers in one night. took him two nights to hit five. the first team ever to hit back to back to back homers, to start a ball game. the orioles also hit two more in this game, they win 6-5 first game they loose the second game 7-3 and that's what hamilton hit his 5th home run of the series. >> here in maryland we drink, and play lacrosse. tonight there was a special showing for a new movie about the sport. it's called crooked arrows and features one unlikely team's trip to a championship game.
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it premiered tonight. >> game of pride, tradition, passion, and -- i think this story, it this movie will show what -- why a lot of kids get involved. >> they hope to get other kids involved as well. the movie made in the same spirit as movies like the mighty ducks. >> that's pretty cool. good turn out. >> chip came out with a book years ago about the morgan university program, will corroboration i wish they made this into a movie. >> you always think of maryland as the center of the lacrosse unverse which it is. >> virginia has nothing. this is the good guys. >> we have the -- for just about owl of mother's day weekend. tonight a chilly one. 44, clear and cooler, by daybreak. look how fast we warm up quickly in to the 06's and low 70s tomorrow. remember the sunglasses, need
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them all day tomorrow, all day saturday, sunday, we will cloud up but -- i think overall we will still look good at 80 degrees. how is that? kind of like that. >> take it. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. that time magazine cover has been blowing up the website. the mother, the woman in the picture said she was breast fed until she was six. >> do you think some stores won't put it in the aisle? >> it's not a impulse buy,
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maybe it'll be in the back of the store. >> look at all the comments. >> yeah. >> weighn. join in the conversation. love to hear what you have to say. >> what about the weather? >> mom, you are looking good. go to brunch, i help tim is taking you out kelly. >> i hope so too. >> have a good night.
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