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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  May 13, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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temperatures pushing up close to 80 this afternoon. the rest of the evening 70s. mild and muggy with clouds increasing. we'll talk about when the main rain will arrive for the work week. >> thank you. stopped at a red light and shot. now baltimore county police are looking for the person who injuried a woman saturday morning. the victim told investigators she was stopped in the 3200 block of east liver parkway around 2:30 when a car pulled up and fired several times. the woman was hit in the upper body. she is expected to make it. the driver left the scene giving detectives no motive or suspect. we fell in love with this 5- year-old girl last week. she is in a wheel wheelchair and needs your help. she has cerebral palsy. she may never get out of a wheelchair. her mother wants her to live a full life.
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she is in a contest to live a wheelchair-accessible van. here's how you can help. vote per ip address and use special codes from the van vendors and get extra votes. we have a link attached to our story at in our lifestyle local section. all dressed up and ready to go. they arrived on friday. this is a day to dust cobwebs off. first impressions are good for newcomers. they are speedy, stronger and quicker than thought. that's good for the first preseason game. out to orioles park. orioles down 3-0. 4-1. 7-1 to tampa only to come back and lose in the 9th inning. orioles are in first place as
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the yankees come to town tomorrow. this mother of three is a one year survivor of breast cancer. she was at the ballpark with the orioles serving as honorary bat girl. she is wearing the jersey. orioles and susan g. komen for the cure select a candidate to be the king captain for the young survivors group for the race for the cure. she has three childrens ages 17 to 2. she was out back practicing with her husband. she didn't want to bounce it but she did. she survived breast cancer so who cares about the bounce. i know you are having a great mother's day. i want to introduce you to a woman who is having the greatest mother's day of all. her gift being alive.
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we'll name names. you work nine hours to take care of the family. every mom is powerful. >> 81 degrees at bwi marshall. rain maker out of the west will impact you for the early part of your work week. we'll talk about when the heaviest rain is set to arrive straight ahead at 6:30 on sunday evening.
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just days ago a mother of two crashed her car in an embankment. she was trapped three days. facing life or death she found strength she didn't know she has. ron claiborne has the story on how she had to get back to her children. >> reporter: it happened here when the van veered off the road, flipping over and over
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landing in a ditch. >> wondering how i was going to get out. i was really, really hurt. my back hurt so bad i couldn't figure out what to do. >> reporter: she found herself trapped unable to open the doors in the mangled wreck fearing for her life. >> not knowing if you are going to make it or not is hard. i didn't know how much strength i had. >> reporter: days turned into night as she lay stuck in the vehicle unable to get out. the ditch was so overgrog with vegetation that anybody passing by could not 'the van. this mother of two went ain't to survival mode with no food and running out of liquids. she used an empty water bottle she had in the van to catch rainwater. >> when it rained i would get the rainwater in the bottle. i'd catch a few drops at a
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time. i got so thirsty that became a big focus for me. >> reporter: finally, on the third day she was able to muster her strength and break free through the back window. >> finally after ten times it finally broke. i felt such a big relief come over me. i looked at myself as being a strong person. more stronger than i thought i was. it is cloudy out there. we'll stay rain-free until overnight hours. 78 degrees at the airport. humidity coming up. getting more humid out on the south wind. that brings humidity up. a lot of people out downtown. getting ready for the orioles game this afternoon. it was a close one.
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we almost pulled it out. it was close. it was a battle in the 9th inning. dundalk on the east side it was bright early. clouds steady thickening up through the day. best look at that in towsend you can see clouds thickening up and looking ominous. nearest rainfall is west. showers popping up over hagerstown past i-70 - 68 split south of pennsylvania. most of us saying rain-free tonight. ocean city slightly cooler with a southeast breeze off the water. most spots today warm in the state. mountains and beach the one exception. winds south 10 to 15. a breeze go along with the humidity. moderate humidity now. that will increase tomorrow as this rain continues to get steadily closer. this large disturbance is a slow mover. it has been good for our mother's day. we have gotten the entire
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weekend in on a sunday note. this will bring in the rain. it is rain we still need in the state. we'll get showers on and off starting tomorrow imparticular. especially moving into the day on tuesday. looks like we'll be in the core of the slow moving large area of low pressure that originated in the texas area. slow moving system will bring us rain through the first half of the week or so. we may see showers wednesday morning. here's the best look at the timing. rain overspreading us tomorrow and into tuesday we'll see rain on and off and thunderstorms. overnight 60. staying cloudy. rain showers late. monday forecast 72. we'll see mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers a good bet tomorrow. becoming more likely by tomorrow night. temperatures will be mild. despite the clouds and rain. we are just about done with our last spring cool snap. the one last week will be it
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for us. take a look at the seven-day forecast. again, outlook bringing in the showers for the early part of the week. not a bad thing when you think about come up this weekend with the susan g. komen event on friday. saturday we have the horse race. this is a decent trend to get the rain in early this week. if this holds up we'll clear out by next weekend. >> good mother's day. according to working mother magazine the most powerful mom of the year is spankz founder. if you want to live in the best city for working moms you have to go west to california. golden state has a great program. both state and private workers
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avengers this weekend beat the competition at the box office. super hero blockbuster made $737 million. vampire comedy dark shadows finished in second place with $28.8 million. rounding out top three think like a man with $6.3. think like a meteorologist. >> it is one of those days where the good news for moms out there generally limited showers popping up the rest of
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the evening. most activity staying west. there may be a stray shower in carroll county. most of us seeing increasing clouds. happy mother's day again to everyone out there. >> nba basketball here. now desperate housewives. this is it. the finale. the final show on mother's day. perfect. see you tonight at 11:00. have a great rest of your mother's day everybody! [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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welcome to maryland spotlight. it can be tough getting in the work force these days. the economy is not great. entrepreneurism is the way to go. a fine young man from the university of maryland is
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joining me. brian hogan. congratulations you won the business competition called cupid's cup. how long have you been at the university of maryland? when do you plan on graduating? >> i have been at the university of maryland two years. i plan on graduating next year. at that time i will be commissioned in the u.s. navy. i will embark on another adventure. >> that's wonderful. tell me about cupid's cup. tell me about the selection process. how do we present it? >> cupid's cup is a competition started by the ceo of underarmor he is university of maryland alumni. he started by selling flowers at the university of maryland. he had this entrepreneurship and he came back after the underarmor and started a competition called cupid's cup. >> it is a big deal. a lot of people enter. >> absolutely. this year i believe we had 52
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entries. i believe it was record-breaking. you submit a business plan. from that business plan they select semifinalist. this year they selected 12. typically it is ten. this year they selected 12. semifinalist then have to present to a board. the board is through a classroom setting. it is a nail-biter. believe it or not the night before i pitched this i was coming back from our second run for your lives event down in atlanta, georgia. there wasn't much time for preparation. this is the life that you live when you get into this. >> tell me about your business. very interesting, from what i understand. >> yes. my business is green street productions. we do zombie races right now. we do more than that. we are a one-stop-shop.
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>> zombies are in these days. >> they are in. what happens? >> if you are familiar with warrior dash or tough murder, these are obstacle course races. that's what we are except we add an element. weed a zombies. we had an adventure. races are strategic choices along the way. you'll come to a section. you have to go left or you got to go right. there is no map. that's the thing. you don't know where you are going but there is zombies chasing you. >> it makes for a much more interesting race than running along the street. >> absolutely. >> that's interesting. university of maryland really turning out entrepreneurs. >> absolutely they are. i found out about the competition a year-ago. a representative walked into a classroom and said the entrepreneurial center is doing
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the thing called the cupid's cup. i thought i have a business i'll submit. >> congratulations. does the monies involved go toward your business? >> yes, the name on the check isn't ryan hogan once you win. the name on the check is the business. it goes into the company. >> that's interesting. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> where do you see yourself in five years? >> in five years i think i see myself flying jets off of an aircraft carrier. where do i see this company? five years from now i see it as a $100 million company. >> great university of maryland is great to hear they are turning out entrepreneurs like yourself. good luck in the future. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us today on maryland's spot light. @
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