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tv   News  ABC  May 14, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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of today. let's go ahead and check your traffic with lauren. >> good morning. the forecast not what it was over a weekend. if you heading out this morning, no concerns on 95 moving through the white marsh area. we will be in the green from route 43 to the beltway. that struch will take you 4 minutes. and that -- stretch will only take you 4 minutes. parkville at harford road, everything up to speed. a disability car north on the beltway at outer loop the at 283. that west side is nice and clear. here's liberty road. no problems. you are looking at 12-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and, of course, if you are use the jfx to get into the city, watch out for all the ongoing construction blocking one lane in both directions at 28th street. that's your abc2 time savor
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traffic. president obam's decision to support same sex marriage was the focus in churches. >> congregations divided over the issue and support for the president. sherrie johnson joins with us new reaction. >> reporter: everyone is talking about it. on tuesday the president will talk about it on abc's the view. his decision to back the same sex marriage i go night concern that spilled over into church service on sunday. here at rising sun baptist church, pastor burns who was also a maryland state delegate is not mensing words about the president's desex significance to endorse same sex marriage e thinks politics trump religious beliefs that defines marriage between one ma'am and one woman. some parishioners are die vieded about what they will do -- divided about what they will do in november. >> he pretty much said that what you believe and know is not that important political expediency is more important.i
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will still support him because really he does good things you know. he's good president. >> reporter: the president is likely to talk about other issues the country is facing such as the economy when he speaks in new york today. sherrie johnson abc2 news. might not the conversation starter as time but newsweek is releasing a photo of the president and a headline reading the first gay president. a political blogger says the announcement brought him to tears. look at that photo. let us know what you think of the cover. it's on our facebook fan page. check it out and leave a comment. tomorrow voters in nebraska and oregon are headed to the polls. go a p primaries will take place for the remaining candidates former massachusetts governor mitt romney and ron paul. newt gingrich is out of the race but is in the campaign stomp. this time for romney. the former house speaker lay pear at the georgia state gop
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convention on friday. back here in maryland, investigators say that it could take several days before they know what caused a three-alarm fire at a pontiac dealership in marl loww heights -- marloww heights. three cars and an rv caught on fire. this is the stat of national police week to offer and honor police officers. last night at the 24th annual candlelight vigil to salute fallen heros there was a huge crowd that came out. in our state, we have lost 5 # officers to gunfire and car crashes over the -- 52 officers to gunfire and car crashes over the past 12 years. you may remember this video teching while walking and falling into a fountain. this made national headlines but a town in new jersey is cracking down on the practice. if you are caught texting and walk in fort lee new jersey, you could face a $85 fine. the town suffered three fatal
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pedestrian involved accidents and that's the reason for the law. if you've flown you know firsthand one of the things theyalways ask you to do before the plane takes off is turn off electronic devices. somebody here doesn't. >>i don't know who it would be. but the request and why the faa says it's important to listen to your flight attendant and power things down. >> you love the slurpees from 7- eleven. the treat the company has this summer. >> and you will need the umbrella for today as we will see on and off showers for the day. how long will they last and when will they come into the neighborhood? both answers coming up. >> reporter: traffic is just starting to pick up on west side of the beltway at liberty road. i will show you if there's congestion on 95 and the jfx coming up in my abc2 time saver traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland." pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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6:37. listen. when you employ you are told -- when you fly you are told to stop use being electronics. >> some people i go north command and what's that? all right. well according to a new poll published in usa today. of the 1200 people who took the survey one in four say they don't always listen to the flight aid tenants and follow in-- attendants and follow instruction. passengers are asking to turn off devie because of potential signal interference. 7-eleven rolling out slurpee lite. the chain says the new drink will have 50% fewer calories and the first flare is going to be fanta sugar free mango. they plan to roll out other flavors throughout the year. it's 6:38. your abc2 news to go is coming up. >> stay with us, we will have the latest on the jp morningan chase blunder. >> heads will roll when the market opens. i linda so. what's expected to happen to three top executives at jp morgan chase after the 2
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billion dollar straying -- trading loss. a new call to action helping young adults with autism. how limited resources could help their chances for success. >> a system is being launched to keep you informed about severe and dangerous weather conditions. >> temperatures are in the mid- 60s this morning. we will be in the 70s by this afternoon and 80s are on the way. i will have details coming up. >> reporter: traffic is picking up on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. and there's a disabled car in towson i will tell you about coming up in the abc2 timesaver traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland. so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm.
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and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ good monday morning i am megan pringle. this is your abc2 news to go. >> i am charley crowson late cart with your forecast. here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we see the rain coming down across the area. but most of the rain back off toward the west and a lot of it coming up on the south. it's pushing off towards the north and east. and we will fill things in more as we go through the remainder of the morning and especially this afternoon. and some heavier rain coming down as we go into the eke.
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check out temperatures this -- this evening. check out temperatures. mount airy temperatures around 61 degrees right now. and the wind are calm but they will pick up going throughout the day. no type of rainfall totals as of now. but that will begin to add up as well. as we look at towson, the temperature coming in at 63 degrees. and, once again, no type of rainfall totals yet. but the winds nice and light out of the south and again both the rain and winds will pick up as we go through the day. as we check you crowd side in towson we are seeing the cloud cover and rain will begin to fall from there. so we are looking at a good dayon tap. we need the rain. we are over 5 inches and as we go through the hour by hour forecast temperatures at around 73 degrees. we will be seasonable. as we rook at the 8 p.m. hour rain in the forecast and things get heavier out there. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. >> reporter: we need the rain but that weekend forecast was
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so nice out there. if you are headed out to 695, we are dealing with a disabled car you want at that watch out for on the outer loop at the ramp to 83. checking in and looking live, not causing significant delays. if we can pull up the shot in the towson area, you are looking at 12 minute ride from 95 up towards 83. the west side that is starting to pick up at liberty road. notice that outer loop. that will remain steady making the drive down towards interstate 706789 using the y -- 70. use the jfx watch out for that construction blocking one lane in both directions at 28th street. no significant delays but as the morn pro-- morning progressions stick with falls road or charles street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic now back to you. lawmakers in annapolis are there for a three-day session so consider tax changes and spending cuts. >> sherrie johnson has more on how the changes could affect your wallet. >> reporter: that's right.
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and hopefully they get some decisions made. in a few hours lawmakers had headed back for a special session. legislative leaders plan to take up income tax increase on 6 figure earners and partialship opportunity for teacher pensions from the state hugh the counties. it will include new taxes for 16% of americans. tax increase for those make $100,000 or more and household making $1350,000 or more. the governor says the hikes are necessary to avoid cuts to education and other critical services. an agreement on the budget would prevent more than $500 million in cuts to education and other planned spend when the legislature didn't pass the two measures on last night of the 90-day session. the special session is expected to last three days at cost of about 30,000 dollars per day. another session later this summer will focus on table games. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 6:46.
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lawmakers headed to today's session may want to do -- run into a group protesting outside the statehouse. americans for prosperity maryland have gathered signatures calling on the governor to stop spending and raising taxes. they don't want law makers to hold a special session because they say it will hurt maryland's economy. the protest is slated to begin at noon. meantime, hundreds of parents, teachers and students will join together tonight in baltimore making the demands of lawmakers at state and city level. they want the 22 million dollars in cuts to the schools restored from the doomsday budget and they want the baltimore city council to pass the bible tax for school construction and the mayor to double funding for after school practices. it's going to be a rocky start on wall street after the biggest bank had a $2 billion tradingblunder. >> linda so is here with what's expected to happen today. >> reporter: jp morgan will
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accept the resignations of three high ranking executives as early as today. they are trying to calm fears and rebound after losing $2 billion in 6 weeks due to risky trade. the ceo says the company might lose an additional billion dollars this quarter. jp morgan big loss is a painful reminder of the financial collapse. american taxpayers bailed out big banks and then the calls for grater oversight but over the years executives tried to loosen regulation on trading. diamond says he knows the loss will hurt his bank's credibility. >> we took far too much risk. the strategy we had was barely monitored and debted and should have never happened. >> diamond will be at a shareholder meeting tomorrow in florida and likely face a vote calling on the bank to adopt and pent chairman. linda so, abc2 news. a public hearing has been scheduled for next week in the pros stewings canneddal
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involving the secret -- prostitution scandal involving the secret service. mark sullivan will testify. all on may 23rd. sullivan will likely be asked if he is satisfied with the investigation into what happened in colombia. a change in military policy starting today. the pentagon will open more than 14,000 combat related roles to womener is in the army. female soldiers were excluded from those jobs -- in the army. the female soldiers were excluded for those jobs because it was close to combat or deathry involved in combat. advocates pushed for a change since women risk their lives by serving in a troughs and risky military police and security units. >> a new report shows problems for children with a civil is affecting them after they leave grade schools one in three young adults with autism has no technical school training or college 7 years after
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graduation. that's a poorer showing than those with other disabilities. experts say it's an issue policy makers urge lently -- urge endly needs to a-- urgently needs to address. senator cardin is holding a forum on the affordable health care act and is speaking at health care expo. he estimates maryland will needmore than 55,000 new health care workers by 2018. street teams are fan fanning out to preach street safety. they will be going on to remind pedestrians cyclists and drivers to use courtesy and common sense when walking and driving around the city. between 2009 and 2011p, 32 pedestrian were killed and more than 2100 were injured in baltimore alone. the campaign dates were chosen to coincide with the yankees and red sox games. the street teams will be out again on may 21st.
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governor o'malley and local lead remember cutting the ribbon on mount auburn cemetery the oldest owned and operated african american sem fathery in baltimore. the landscaping work was done by inmates. that ceremony starting at 10 this morning. here's something you don't hear every day a college turning a dom rooms into a campus bar. that's what's happened at st. mary's col neglect maryland. and officials say it is used to promote responsible drinking and not a place to get smashed. instead, it's where students can get to know their professors over a drink and in moderation. it seems to be a start of a trend. george mason and unbc had student pubs too. ten minutes away from 7. michael phelps is seektive about his plans for the -- seek are ative about his -- seektive -- secretive about his plans for the olympics many they don't want the headache of
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committing to anything and say if they announce the plans then they are going to give the olympic competition an edge. the train he for kentuckyderby winner i'll have another will be visiting children at johns hopkins children's hospital and at night he will throw out the first pitch for the o's-yankees games and wednesday o'neal and mario gutierrez will visit the boys and girls clubs blocks from the racetrack. five things to know before heading out on this monday morning, today president obama travels to new york where he will give the commencement speech. he he gets the college medal of distinction. the chief of facebook is celebrating a big day today. mark discouringerberg turning 28. he is half the average age of the a and p500ceos. they are expected to go public with a stock option friday. four years ago the president counseled on the
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support of young voteders -- voters now a tomber pack group is telling younger voters to come over to the g-op side. today they will start a social media campaign to tap into the economic frustration of those under 30. according to a article in the l.a. times those who took out loans decades ago are struggling to pay them offch article says of the estimated 37 million americans with outstanding student debt, 5 1/2 million are in their 40s. the government teamed up with wireless carriers to warn you of dangerous weather and other emergencies. it turns out customers will be sent to special text or alert for extreme conditions such as tornadoes, flash flood, extreme winds and blizzards and ice storms. >> that's a great idea. sattelite and radar picking up on rain pushing in across the area. we have a couple breaks in some spots. that will be the scenario throughout the day. wool see periods of rain, light
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in nature and the heavier rain will push in going into the afternoon especially the evening. you are seeing the heavier rain in west pirnlg and southward. let's go to your banna where we are looking -- urbana where we are looking at plenty of cloud cover and that will stay and hang tough into the afternoon. the clouds will linger throughout the day. and from the clouds, we will see some of the rain falling. temperatures right now, with the cloud cover out there, we are not able to drop off this morning. so we are mild. good morning manchester at 60 degrees. basically 60s all across the board and look at the low 60s in centerville, chestertown and middletown close to the mid-6 os -- 60s. that's what we are -- 60s. that's what we are dealing with this morning and temperatures more seasonable this afternoon. we have the winds. a little on the breezy side out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. this is the rape fall pushing
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in through the morning and afternoon. the heaviest stuff tomorrow morning the commute will be on the dicey side slow. and we work into wednesday, we will be seeing some more showers possibly in the morning and then we clear out nicely behind that. so it looks like good timing once again as we head towards your weekend. 73 is for today where whoa should be for this time of the year. feeling more like summertime with the humidity out there. but look at the game day forecast. heading to the game tonight, could be a little dicey out there. but scattered in nature. temperatures coming in around 68 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour and here's 7-day forecast as we will get into the 80s heading into the end of the week. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic. >> i hope the game doesn't get rained out tonight. if you are heading -- hitting the roads we have the first accident in west baltimore on north fulton avenue at north
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avenue. keep that in mind. using the j-fx all the ongoing construction and those southbound lanes are starting to jam up from cold spring lane to 28th street. and heading out on the top side of the belled beltway, -- beltway we have a disabled cay car. and here the west side where congestion is starting to pick up. that will continue from 795 all the way down towards the security boulevard. the tunnels are nice and clear. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. >> okay. you like jewelry right. >> yes. >> how about gold on your hot dog. >> sounds like a waste of gold. >> all right. a hot dog is going to set you back at a couple bucks but in arkansas a vendor sold a ball park favorite for march than $1500. i know this guy. the dog was made with more than a quarter pound of prepareium beef with lobster tail and gold
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flakes. he sold 4 hot dogs a 6,000 doll profit. >> if you know him, ask what's wrong with him. >> he is not all there. money went to the organization that supports homeless people. the first clip you saw as we started the vehicle, the guy with the fedora, i know that guy and he's street vendor. the hot dog chuck i think is his name in little rock. and he is creative when it comes -- >> you don't eat your gold you wear it. >> it's great to support the homeless and great they raise so much money but gold on a hot dog in. >> >> creative guy. $1500 for a hot dog. >> no. >> no? >> no. >> no way. some people think camden yard is expensive. >> exactly. >> all right this is on facebook this morning. we have a campaign going on "good morning maryland" what is it. >> to get a coffee machine in the studio. like it please, we need it. >> have a good morning. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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