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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 14, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. tonight on "world news," the president and the view. president obama taking on the women of "the view," as barbara walters, gives us a first look, showing us what happened today in their exclusive interview. $2 billion blunder, one of the most powerful women on wall street out of her job, as another giant bank loses a high-risk bet. what does it mean for your wallet? dangerous distraction, tonight the crackdown on texting while walking approximately will police now give you a ticket for doing this? and modern family secret, a young star, her life-threatening battle, and how her tv family came to help.
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good monday evening to you. the president ventured the high wire today on the sofa with the outspoken women of "the view." he taped an interview this afternoon to be aired tomorrow. it happened with all the questions about the same-sex marriage and risk-taking on wall street. barbara walters is here to tell us how he was. did you get him in trouble? >> this is the fourth time he's been on with the ladies of "the view." he obviously likes women who talk too much. i think he should come on with you and me one day. >> but you had serious questions. >> we did. there were important questions today, for example, on jp morgan chase, which is under fire for a $2 billion trading loss and there are calls for tighter regulations. so whoopi goldberg asked the president about that. i'm wondering a, what do you
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think happened? and b, what are you going to do about it? this has to be the last straw. >> first of all, jp morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie dimon is one of the smartest banksers we got. they still lost $2 billion and counting precisely because they were making bets in these derivative markets. don't have all the details yet. it will be investigated. but this is why we passed wall street reforms. >> this is one of the best managed banks. you can have a bank that isn't as strong, isn't as profitable, making those same bets and we might have had to step in. that's why wall street reform is so important. >> so he's making another push for wall street reform. what about same-sex marriage? >> we asked about that. even though he came out in favor of gay marriage, there are still many questions about whether or not he will fight to change a
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federal law. that will allow gay couples benefits like social security and being able to file joint tax returns. so i asked about that. >> you did make the decision that you're in favor of gay marriage. will you now fight for a federal bill? >> my justice department has said to the courts we don't think the defense of marriage act is constitutional. this is something that historically had been determined at the state level. and part of my believing, ultimately, that civil unions weren't sufficient. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> well, look, congress is clearly on notice they think it's a bad idea. >> so that was the president talking about same-sex marriage. but you gave him, as well, a pop quiz on pop culture. >> yes, we did.
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>> i'll fry it on you. he didn't know that kim kardashian had a brief marriage because she had married a basketball player. he did not know that jessica simpson had had a baby. and he did say that he was sure he was going to win. >> oh, he did? >> yeah. >> you asked him about jessica simpson? you guys are tough. anyway, you can see the whole thing tomorrow, and i will be watching on "the view" at 11:00 a.m. eastern when barbara brings us the entire team, president obama, tomorrow on "the view." as we heard, jpmorgan chase, echoes the financial crisis that sent the economy into a tailspin with what happened in that $2 billion bet that lost. so what does that mean for your money? david muir has been tracking the fall-out. >> even if the president was talking first about this, there were fast-moving developments
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down on wall street today. in that $2 billion blunder. one of the most powerful women on wall street, out. and tonight, so many american taxpayers wondering -- after bailing out the big banks, how does this happen again? >> it was the $2 billion bombshell from jp morgan. the money lost in just six weeks. one of those complex bets that spiraled out of control. and tonight, the first face to go. ina drew, 30 years at jp morgan, gone. she made nearly $15 million last year. and she oversaw the division that should have stopped this bet from going bad. ceo jamie dimon trying to reassure investors, and everyday customers. >> we made a terrible, egregious mistake. there's almost no excuse for it. >> reporter: but american taxpayers who came to the rescue -- that bail-out of the banks -- now ask, wasn't there supposed to be greater oversight after the financial collapse? >> robert heard of this $2 billion loss. >> i think not again. >> you worry about the little guy, us little people. >> reporter: the reality, financial experts say, is that
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the big banks, in many ways, are still at it. impossible for anyone policing them to keep up. >> it's like riding a tiger the way our financial system works. the regulators, they were aware of some of these trades. but apparently, they didn't have a grasp of how quickly it could turn for jp morgan either. >> reporter: jp morgan argues tonight even with a loss of $2 billion, the bank is still rock solid. after all, they made $19 billion in profits last year alone. the bank as a whole, today worth $137 billion but even as the bank weathers the storm, what about our 401(k)'s struggling in the middle of it? >> jp morgan stock is down more than 12% in two days. wiping nearly $20 billion in value from the bank. >> every investor needs to care about this. this is another example of the kind of event that could knock down 401(k) portfolios, which -- we'll stay on this.
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a trader known as voldemere, it's believed he'll go as well. the annual shareholders' meeting couldn't come at a worse time for the bank. it's tomorrow. and shareholders have shown in recent weeks, speaking with a much louder voice now. a lot of explaining tomorrow. >> new worries out of greece made for a rough ride on wall street today. the dow took a tumble, closing more than 125 points, a painful stretch now for the market. more than half of the all the gains so far this year have been wiped out in the past two weeks. and from your money to safety, a startling new security breech at one of the airports used by the hijackers on 9/11. a high-ranking member of the security team at newark international airport was arrested today after nearly 20 years in his crucial post, abc's senior national correspondent jim avila has that.
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>> reporter: remember this breech the security at newark international, serving the new york city? a passenger walks back the security checkpoint to kiss his girlfriend goodbye, shutting down the airport for six hours. a breech that was reported to the bosses at tsa headquarters, but a report released today, charges that nearly half the security breaches at the nation's top airports, go unreported to the head office. critics say the lack of reporting makes it more difficult into spot dangerous weaknesses in the system. just a week after american aviation came under attack against by al qaeda using new bombs. new jersey senator demanded the inspector general report and said, this report identifies a gaping hole in our airport security system. today more trouble for newark airport, this long-time security
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supervisor was arrested for using the identity of a new york city man murdered 20 years ago. he did not work for the tsa. he was in private security, but had access to sensitive areas of the field. >> the tsa said it's working to enhance its oversized system to more accurately report, track, and analyze the trends that are so disturbing to the inspector general. now we had the north carolina courtroom where today the defense began in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. the world also got a new glimpse of the woman at the center ever the scandal, rielle hunter. bob woodruff is back in the courtroom for us tonight. >> reporter: john edwards' high-powered legal team launched his defense today, but refused to tip their hand on what could be their toughest decision -- whether to call rielle hunter, edwards' former girlfriend, to the stand. she has been lying low for months, but today, we saw new pictures of her and her 4-year-old daughter with the former presidential candidate. hunter is the central figure in
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this case, prosecutors claiming two of edwards' top contributors paid to cover up the affair to protect the campaign. she could help the defense by testifying she wasn't aware of the huge sums of money involved. but hunter's testimony could also backfire. she can be a loose cannon as was evident in her 2008 interview with oprah winfrey. >> the power of love does override all the issues that come up, all the judgments. "this is wrong. what you're doing is wrong." >> the power of love did that? >> yes. the jurors are not going to like her much. i think it's just a danger and a risk of focusing this case in the absolute wrong direction. >> reporter: and today, one of edwards' top campaign strategists, harrison hickman, shed new light on just how anguished elizabeth edwards was about the "national enquirer" story about her husband's affair. "elizabeth kept saying, 'i don't want to be humiliated," hickman testified. "i don't want my kids to have to
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deal with this." knowing that, will jurors really be sympathetic to hunter? soon, they'll likely hear from a more sympathetic witness, edwards' daughter, cate. she's been at her father's side nearly every day of this trial, and is expected to take the stand tomorrow. still unclear -- whether the defendant himself will take the stand. that decision expected in the next two days. bob woodruff, abc news. and we got word today that florida a&m university has suspended its famous marching band for at least one more school year. the aftermath of a hazing death. a drum major beaten and kicked on a school bus. 13 band members have already been charged in the death of robert champion last november. the school's president said it would be inappropriate for the band to perform until a new band director is hired and new rules are in place. and in arizona firefighters are struggling to contain several wildfires tonight, a taste of what could be a long
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and difficult season. the combination of high temperatures and extremely dry conditions has raised the risk of wildfires across the country. >> reporter: five wildfires are raging across northern arizona tonight. so far, roughly six thousand acres have burned, and three fires are in no way contained. an ominous sign of what may be in store for the west this summer. the national interagency fire center predicts an above normal wildfire seasons for several western states. here's why, a huge portion of the united states, from west texas to parts of california are already suffering thru an historic drought. then this winter brought very little snow, which only means less snowpack to melt, but more dry brush, the perfect fuel of wildfire. despite that, this year is off
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to a mercifully slow start. so far this year, less than 400,000 acres have burned. at this point last year, the number was more than two million. >> little consolation for firefighters here on the ground in arizona. they're getting no help from mother nature. it's dry here in the desert. it's windy up in the mountains, and it is hot everywhere. triple digits in the forecast all week. >> thanks ryan, reporting in for us. coming up, texting while walking, straight into walls. , into fountains, and into the emergency room. how police are beginning to crack down. ♪ a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security
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and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. it is maddening for everyone else. an epidemic, texting while walking approximate tonight one town is saying it's time to level fines against people who walk into the streets heads down. everybody else trying to dodge them. new videos show it's more than just a nuisance. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: texting and walking, that thoroughly modern epidemic. look at this guy walk into a wall. or this woman walk into a mall water fountain. and check this out, a bear on the loose and this guy texting almost walks right into him. the videos are funny, but the problem is serious. according to the most recent numbers, more than a thousand people went to emergency rooms
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because they got hurt while walking and distracted on the phone. double the year before, which was double the year before that. bonnie miller walked off a pier into lake michigan, and had to be rescued by the coast guard. >> couldn't let pride stand in my way of warning other people to, you know, not drive and text or walk and text. it can be dangerous. in fort lee new jersey, they're taking action. the police chief says as people get more distracted, they're more likely to jaywalk. so far this year he's had 25 people hit by cars and with catastrophic consequences. >> you've had people hit while walking and texting. >> correct. >> reporter: he's now cracking down on jaywalking. his officers are now handing out $85 dollar tickets. the fort lee police is taking on what scientists call "inattention blindness."
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despite the modern romance with multitasking. the reality is the human brain evolved to do only one thing at a time. to test that, researchers at western washington university sent a clown on a unicycle through campus. only about a quarter of people using their phones noticed him. >> only when he got close did i really see him. back in new jersey, the police chief knows that this dangerous distraction won't go away overnight. but he hopes with his crackdown, he's doing his best to encourage all of us to be smarter on our smartphones. dan harris, abc news, fort lee, new jersey. >> in london, so many people are texting and walking, they have decided to pad some of the lampposts. coming up, before we all sit down to dinner, do you know how long it takes a big dinner like this one to hid your waistline? are you ready? three hours. here's a new report when we come back. that's pretty awesome.
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rounding out the top five, william, jaden and noah. and a reality jolt about what what happens when we go wild and pig out. by the time we say, i ate too much, it may be lodged on our waste. researchers decided to clock how quickly a burger and fries will show up on your waistline. the answer, three hours. the fat breaks down and takes us residence right around your waste. the good news, is it's short-term parking. you can burn it off with exercise. the bad news, if you don't, it mikerates, from the waist, down to the thighs and the hips and the bottom where it's much harder to whittle away. three hours, so cruel. we all remember this view of the planet we call home. the earth, like a blue marble, the photo taken by the apollo 17 astronauts on their way to the
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moon. but today, a photo from more than 22,000 miles away taken by a russian satellite. you can see the colors are slightly different because new technology captures infrared light, the light in plants and trees on earth. if you think they'd show up green, this picture confirms that in42 red photos show plants and trees as reddish-brown. coming up, a star of "modern family," she says the clues were on camera all along, we just didn't see them. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. an actress we've all been watching on modern family is revealing a secret today about her health and all the people
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who got her through. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: we see her every week as haley dunphy, the typical modern teen. am >> this is so unfair! >> reporter: but for years, sarah hyland, the young actress who plays haley has been hiding a secret. >> have you ever noticed how often we see her leaning against something or sitting down? again and again, scene after scene. >> we're not talking about some character soap opera here. >> reporter: in real life, she's been years doubled over in pain and exhausted. privatelily she's battled kidney disease since childhood. >> i try to make it so that haily's always sitting down. if you notice, she's sitting down a lot, texting, like -- and something and texting. like when haley walks up the stairs, that's like my workout for the week. you know i'm acting when haley's like jumping up and down and
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smiling. she's waited for a kidney transplant for years. >> were you afraid that if you told people, they'd feel sorry for you or pity you? >> well, that's why i didn't. i never really like went to the public about it because i didn't want people to feel sorry for me at all. >> reporter: now she finally has something to celebrate. last month she got that kidney, thanks to a special donor, her father. she has a new outlook on life and a second chance at it, too. >> and by the way, through it all, she has not missed a day of work. and we thank you for watching. we're always here at abc, "nightline" later and we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night.
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