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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 15, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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just a bit. a protest from pit bull lovers in annapolis today. what they want a government to do about a bill that says their beloved pets are dangerous. and we've got your travel forecast includeing what you can expect to pay at the pump. good morning, maryland. thanks for joining us. all right. it was a wet day all day yesterday. let's find out if today will be a little bit better. >> good morning. yes, we still have some wet weather hovering across the area. m.d. mt. 's most powerful radar picking up on that as of now. we are going to get it. actually we'll be a little bit heavier in the rainfall for today. now, we look at mount you're getting moderate rain and that's going to be the scenario. also around i-270, all the way down into rockville. all this moisture is gathering
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and moving through tear ya. we're look further into virginia. as of now, hay market, burke also getting in on some of that moderate action as we go through the remainder of the morning. also visibility issues and boom, i just got the update in baltimore so we do have only about 8 miles of visibility there. let's get a check of traffic with lauren. good morning. how are the roads? >> do expect a lot of reduced visibility across the region. might be a good morning to turn on those low beams. we do have a water main break that continues to block all but one westbound lane right at windsor mill road. and no delays on that west side and it will remain clear as you travel that outer loop all the way up to 83. and if you are traveling on 83 here's a live look just north of 695. fortunately everything will be up to speed. we do of course have all that construction as you make your drive on to the jfx that's blocking one lane in both directions but everything up to speed. great progress and it should be finished by early june and 895 also going to be clear.
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here's a look at odonald street. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. back over to you. lawmakers are back in annapolis today for a special session to figure out next year's budget. and we're here with what can happen in the next coming hours. >> well, today the senate could give final approval to a tax package and then the bill would move to the house of delegates. yesterday republicans and their supporters held a rally to denounce a proposed state tax increase while union workers announced a bunl et passed during theno carrierringconnect0
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an arizona architect has built a high tech cabin to help alleviate the biggest fear for a homeowner in wildfire country. it has solar water and heaters and it's an emphasis on metals to keep fire away. the architect has been able to use his ipad to monitor the interior temperature of the house and as a result his cabin with stood some very serious flames recently. pretty incredible and kind of a smart idea because they do deal with a lot of wildfires there. indeed. no wildfires around us.
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>> you know the four corners region dry as a bone. looking at showers and thunderstorms in texas once again. they could be dealing with some more flooding but they do need that rain. well, we need the rain and thank goodness we are getting the rain once again for today. as you head out make sure you grab that rain gear because that will be coming in waves just like we did yesterday. we're on the mild side. towson at 66 degrees right now. rock hall at 63 and we do have some rainfall totals to talk about. close to 3-tenths of an inch. these totals will head up as we head out for the rest of today. >> we do have our first accident of the day right along the eastbound lanes of interstate 195 at washington boulevard and in baltimore county we are dealing with a water main break that's reduced liberty road, that westbound stretch just to one lane. that's going to be right at windsor mill road and that west side will be nice and clear as
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wells the stretch on that outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and here's a live look at the harrisburg expressway. no delays to talk about, but we are dealing with all of that construction as you make your drive on to the jfx at 29th street. here's a look at o'donnell street. it will be an easy ride traveling through the harbor tunnel and no delays to talk about through the fort mchenry tunnel. back over to you. >> it's been causing frustrations for weeks now at the jfx. >> details on when that congestion will finally ease and the construction and just how well it's being done. >> a major announcement to tell you about how to treat alzheimer's disease. how it's going to be to put us closer to curing that disease by 2025. and it's dark out right now. we'll be right back. faces, up into my students
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(bell ringshi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. if you've had to deal with those delays over the past few weeks here's some good news for you this morning. the city says that project is ahead of schedule and it could
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be finished as early as the first week in june. the left lane on both lanes of the roadway have been closed for three weeks for emergency repairs to the drainage system underneath the roadway. great weather during that time has basically allowed that work to move along quickly. we're a little ahead of the game. we're working 12-hour shifts as much as we can. the full closure of the 29th street area has helped us a lot, giving us an opportunity to maneuver around a lot better with those cars in the roadway. >> the city knows it's been an inconvenience and they've had cues working on the weekends to get this done as soon as possible. the maryland state police are announcing some road closures. route 77 will be closeed from prior road to the east side of tower road on the west side of frederick county from 9:00 a.m. friday to 9:00 p.m. on saturday. it's also going to be closed at cunningham state park.
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if you live in that area you'll have to go to your home but you must have proper id. we'll have all of this posted if there's any confusion at our website. how are the roads for us though this tuesday morning? >> as you mentioned crews are making great progress on all of that construction on the jfx but one lane will be blocked still in both directions and as the morning does progress you'll want to take falls road, even charles street as your alternate route. here's a live look in parkville. everything will be up to speed. no delays to talk about. you're looking at a very easy 9-minute ride all the way up to 83 and here's a look at the west side. the northwest corner also going to be clear at green spring avenue. a very easy ride as you head down 95. liberty road reduced to one lane. fortunately no problems to talk about traveling through the fort
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mchenry tunnel or the harbor tunnel and we are clear on the northeast corridor. you're only looking at a 15-minute ride all the way to downtown baltimore. here's la net with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. and we do have some wet roadways out there this morning. more rainfall in progress and we're seeing the rain now coming down, moderate rain in carol county and also moving into baltimore county at this time. so we do have dew points out there. lots of moisture. the dew points are in the 60s. we are feeling it. it's a bit balmy out there this morning. temperatures close to those dew points. so with that we do have some fog out there. patchy fog to talk about, only about 4 miles of sizability now in york. 4234 bin chester and 9 in d.c. and this trend will keep up as we go through the rest of the morning so take it easy as you head out and about today. your future trend showing you we will continue to have waves of
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rain moving in by later today. tomorrow looks like we'll be dry for the first part of the day but a cold front is going to swing through and showers as we go into the afternoon. not a whole bunch of showers but we could be seeing some scattered showers and then we dry out fiesly, plenty of high pressure building in. it's going to be giving us plenty of sunshine, thursday, friday, just in time for the weekend. we have big plans out there. as we look at your hour by hour forecast, today will be warmer than yesterday. 76 degrees is what i'm going with. it could be a little bit warmer than that if we get a few breaks in the clouds and get more sunshine in here but first pitch today as you head out to the kwan keys orioles game, 73 degrees, showers and storms. it could get delayed just like it did yesterday. as i said, big plans over the weekend looks nice as we head for preekness. temperature close to 80. plenty of sunshine. an announcement will be made
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about major steps fighting alzheimer's disease. the national institutes of health has given the green light for possible therapies including a form of insulin that's squirted into the nose. the obama administration has already set a date of 2025 as a goal to effectively fight the mind destroying disease. starting today families can turn to a one stop website alzheimer' and summer's quickly approaching and if you spend a lot of time out in the sun and you see something suspicious on your skin how do you know if it's something you should get checked out? that's pretty s. it will look different from one side of the other. we want nice sharp well defined borders, not borders that are spread out and don't look very nice. we want a uniform . >> they ales should also pay
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close attention to the diameter of your mole. the bigger the mole the more concerning it could possibly be. close to one in three people in the united states may sleepwalk during their lives. certain people are more likely to sleepwalk including those with sleep apnea or insomnia. heavy drinkers and people taking sleeping pills. sleepwalking could be getting out of bed. it becomes a problem if they go outside. a modern family actress has revealed that she has undergone a kidney transplant. she was diagnosed with an abnormal kidney development when she was 9 years old and she had to push through pain and fatigue while filming that sit come. she had surgery last month. her father was the donor. she plans to recover over the summer. hard to believe she's some 21. >> i know. she looks very . >> stay with us this morning.
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it could be a very emotional day at the trial of zon edwards. his oldest daughter kate expected to take the stand. her father is on trial accused of misuse of campaign funds. she did leave the courtroom crying during testimony about her mother finding out about her father's affair. we'll hear from the wife of fired coach. this is happening tomorrow. lori fine is expecting to discuss what her lawyer calls quote scandalous lies. he's accused of abusing two former ball boys and she is
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accused of knowing about this abuse. two young boys admitted to accidentally shooting turnage back in march and hiding her body. we'll learn their fate as t the juvenile justice center in baltimore. >> and both states are holding primaries choosing the republican presidential nominee. right now according to the wall street journal mitt romney has 966 delegates of the 1144 needed to secure the nomination. and republican presidential hopeful ron paul says he's going to end active campaigning but he's not officially suspending his campaign. despite trailing far behind rom fee he plans to continue to try to get the delegates for the republican convention come august when the party formally picks its presidential nominee. >> and barbara walters and other ladies of the view will be asking the commander in chief about his landmark announcement on same sex marriage.
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obama's appearance is part of red white and view. you can see him at 11:00 this morning right here on abc 2. on this day in history back in 1972, george wallace was shot while campaigning for the democratic presidential nomination. he was shot at close range by a busboy and janitor from will way key. he was left partially paralyzeed from the shooting but did survive. and the push continues for a young girl missing in arizona. >> the 911 tapes when her parents realized she was no longer in her bedroom. >> a couple locked themselves in the bathroom when thousands of intruders came into their home. more on this when we come back. and patchy fog outside this morning. i'll tell you who it's affecting and how long it will linger. >> we are dealing with an accident on 95. i'll let you know more about the delays coming up in my traffic report.
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gasoline and equality. gasoline prices are coming down nationally. they're rise not guilty the pacific northwest. 13 cents in a week in washington. 14 in california. analysts say it's because of refinery problems there. chase executives are likely to get an earful about that $2 billion trading at today's shareholder meeting in tampa. >> you could have a bank that isn't as strong, isn't as profitable making those same bets and we might have had to step in. >> mr. obama's entire interview will air on today's episode of the view. and although many of this year's college students can be picky when it comes to jobs they do have a favorite list of employers. that's google, apple and walt disney.
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a community pitches in to help a woman fighting a flesh eating disease. and a new study says is the social networking giant a fad? >> i don't see the point in waiting if you love the person. it just doesn't make sense. >> all right. two big life changing moments all in one day. a proposal and a graduation all wrapped into one. we'll take you there on this tuesday, may 15th. >> thanks so much for joining us. yesterday you needed an umbrella when you headed out the door, but what about today? >> we're going to see more of the same out there and wean


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