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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 16, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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they've done. you know, i believe there's a lot of things aimee could do and i'll be there to help her do them. >> reporter: her father wrote, we saw amy laugh and smile. she told smus things she wanted. we played games with her and she was very stimulated. it was an amazing time. doctors say they may be able to save most of her hands from the bacterial infection that's already claimed her left leg. but with hope comes heartache. the medication she needs clouds her memory and every time she wakes up, her family says they have to explain what happened all over again. her fall from that zipline into the little telapusa river and the gash that just wouldn't heal. the very common bacteria which normally causes few symptoms, grew in her wound. >> probably the best thing working for her is her youth. this disease has an overwhelming fatality rate. >> reporter: but copeland is clearly a fighter with a team in her corner. at the restaurant where she works to help pay for school, they are holding her place. >> she's got a job.
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you know, absolutely, whatever we can do. >> reporter: i'm steve osunsami, in atlanta. >> just a normal afternoon in the river and then to go through all of this, losing limbs. thank god there's better news than there was. in fact, students in that community had a blood drive last night to help her out. certainly encouraging. the community always comes together. >> and the scary thing is, this didn't happen in a third world country. it happened right here. it could happen to you, to me. these are places we're supposed to go to and they encourage tourism here in america so we keep going to these places and spending our money here. and then to have something like that happen it can scare anybody away from the idea. >> a word of caution. it's a common bacteria. keep that in mind. moving on now, this is going to get people talking today about the value of those standardized tests throughout our nation's schools. get this. the florida board of education just lowered the passing grade for the state's standardized writing test. that's after two too many students were failing the exam. now the education commissioner blames all those flunking grades
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on changes in the test and says florida students did not become bad write ers just overnight. more proof this morning that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. drivers flocked to a central wisconsin bp station when spread about gas selling for just 35 -- rather, 37 cents a gallon. it turned out to be one big mistake. the gas was supposed to cost $3.79, but the decimal point was put in the wrong place. one driver made off with just paying $9 for 26 gallons of gas. police were called in to handle all the crowds until the pumps were shut down. and now everybody is upset. they've been told to reach out to the department of agriculture if they want to complain. >> the kids can't write in florida. this guy can't get the decimal point. american education at its finest. all the way around. here's a look at your forecast, everybody. a foggy morning around philly, new york and boston. also some hail and dangerous winds into northern new england. showers from cincinnati to
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louisville. thunderstorms around houston, new orleans and baton rouge. and from miami to the carolinas. >> 77 in atlanta. 72 in baltimore. and 68 in boston. 80s in omaha, fargo and the northern rockies. 75 degrees in seattle. and a scorching 106 degrees in phoenix. the town of ashton, iowa, has been looking a lot like the old west for the last few days. >> that's because on sunday night, about -- a herd benefit 250 buffalo managed to escape their pen. riders on horseback with guns firing have managed to chase down most of them. oh, look at the baby. >> and they say that unlike cattle, buffalo do move surprisingly fast. a few fences and fields were damaged as this wild scene unfolded. what's that song. ♪ where the deer and the buffalo roam ♪ why am i blanking? >> the deer and the antelope
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play. >> is that the name of the song? >> that's just more -- >> he didn't hear the question. "home on the range." thank you, though, father time for that. coming up next -- what to buy when your graduate wants something high tech. >> and the field hockey battle involving a boy who wanted to play on the girls' team. will his team get to stay together? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by the scooter store.
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♪ ♪ let's work together because together we will stand ♪ a big win for a 14-year-old boy in long island, new york.
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high school sports administrators ruled he can play on the all-girls field hockey team. >> this overturned an earlier ruling even though there's no boys team. wabc's kristin thorne spoke with the young man. >> reporter: this smile on eighth grader keely pilaro's face couldn't get any bigger. >> i've been texting all my friends on the team. >> reporter: he's been texting the girls on the varsity field hockey team. for a while it wasn't certain they'd be able to play with them next year after two years on the team. the local chapter of the state public high school athletic association said his superior skills had a, quote, significant adverse effect on the girls. you can judge for yourself looking at this video from last season. he is in the back part of your screen. he was one of the top scorers in the league. while the committee met pilaro testified and in the entd the association decided his presence was not harmful to the girls. >> he will play this coming season, and we'll see how he does. and if he becomes so proficient,
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it will be looked at again next year for the following season. >> reporter: we weren't allowed inside the meeting but his supporters told us they argued he isn't the best player on the team and that he motivates the girls on the team to play better. >> if he pushes them to be better, they push him to be better, it's like any team. any member does it, regardless of gender. >> reporter: so off to a big celebration at a local restaurant. keeling, his three brothers and their mom. >> i think he's had a very positive impact and i hope he'll ton do so next fall. >> i am just so excited i can play one more year. >> and that's something to celebrate. >> very cool story. it sparked quite a debate. this is the 49th year we're celebrating title nine. >> and his attorney said he was going to take this all the way to the federal level. >> he was ready to fight. >> and there's, you know, we found this photo from your high school yearbook out there. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. >> i was rough and tumble back then. >> were you really?
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>> oh, yeah. >> queens girl, huh? >> please. you know how we do. >> more from abc next. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" mom: doug dad: ya mom: the magician from kyles birthday party is still here magician: ah uh dad: ya i had to sign a two year contract with him dad: so amazing larry is going to be staying with us for a while magician: this is our home now son: yeah
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voiceover: birthday magicians don't have long term contracts the internet should be like birthday magicians get clear unlimited 4g take it with you internet with no long term contracts and no data limits plans start at $34.99 a month call or go online today clear the way the internet should be ♪ welcome back, everybody. the class of 2012 is full of tech-savvy grads, of course. here with some great tech gift ideas to send your recent grad out into the brave new sworld andrea smith. welcome back. always good to see you. >> great to be here. >> put on the gown and the hat and the tassel and these are some great gifts for the graduates out there this year. >> yeah, because they are connected. >> very much.
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>> and they know they've got their wifi, their music and they are mobile. >> and music is big. and this is a great gift here. >> this is awesome. it's the logitech ue air speaker. it works with apple's devices. it just streams it over the wifi, uncompressed audio so it sounds better than if you are sending it via bluetooth. i've got it connected here. and so just using the -- >> there's a few buttons here and it comes through the speaker. >> and you can send it there or right back to your ipad. any time you want. so you are in control of the whole thing. >> wow. wirelessly and right to the speaker. >> wirelessly. also what's great, you can dock your stuff here. it charges or if you don't have those devices, it's got a jack in the back you can play other devices. so this is an awesome speaker. >> great gift. great gift. >> other thing, also, we're away from those big, you know, big
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huge boxes and commitments. no commitments. apple tv. no commitment. >> taking over the world. >> this is the third generation. this is the apple tv hd. it's streaming media into your home over wifi. full hd now. 1080p. you get all the things you can subscribe to mlb tv. anything like that that you want, kind of a la carte which is what people have been asking for. great graduation gift. >> of course i'm the only person on the planet who doesn't have a tablet or an ipad just yet. this is a great gift. >> there are less expensive tablets. this is the samsung galaxy tab 2, 7.0. it's their second generation. what i think is really cool about this, aside from it being really portable and having everything that you want on the android operating system, right here it's got this ir blaster. you can just -- this is your second screen and you control --
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>> digital cable. you can sit there. have your guide right there on your iphone and choose the channel that way. an infrared beam to the tv. >> asks you what products you in and sets it up for you. this is expandible. it has a micro sd card. i like that. >> and only wifi. >> that's wifi only. that's why the cost is down. i don't know about you. but when is the last time you went on a date and wore these glasses? >> the last time i was on a second date. >> so here's the thing. spend a little bit of money. they are like $30 to $40. >> nod bad. >> this company marchand x 3d. they make 3d glasses. they are stylish, fashionable. yeah, no, not those. those are not for you. >> this is so you'll look cool. >> they make clip-ones if you wear glasses. clip-ones for men or women. they make this wear over. they have wonderful fashion styles. that's a really great graduation gift for someone. and then you don't have to wear glasses that other people have
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used. >> that's also a good part. watch 3d in style and germ-free. >> or at home, too. >> i thought this was a pen but it's more than that. >> so it's not. graduation gift, pen, that's what you get, right? but this is a high-tech twist on it. so in this pen, this is the swan pen cam, it's a lens here. it's an hd camera. so you can record video. you can record audio. so the cool thing is, either you are going to james bond school or grad school. >> you can record your professor's lectures. >> it all gets stored. it's got a usb in here and a micro sd. this is how you charge it as well. it all gets stored on here. plug it into the computer. and it's a pen, too. >> as always, you bring good stuff. i'm taking it all with me back to the office. andrea smith. for details on all of this stuff, check out our facebook fan page at we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> all right. now for a look at the morning papers. when saying it isn't enough, you got to spray it. >> uh-oh. >> that's what these colorado chaperons did at a prom. so apparently they were -- oh, yeah. apparently they were chaperoning a couple of kids who were going to prom and they didn't like the dirty dancing that the girls were doing. >> they were grinding, huh? >> and so she sprayed them with lysol. >> during the dance? >> clean them up. >> while they were dancing? >> yes, got in their mouth, their ears, their hair. called them whores and sluts? >> the chaperons, really? >> they were dirty little girls. >> because they were dancing freaky at the prom and they sprayed them right there at the prom.
2:56 am
it got in their mouth, their eyes. said go wash up you dirty girls. >> how did the girls' parents react to that? >> they are not happy about that. >> i can't imagine so. and they did say that they think the chaperons acted inappropriately. >> i think that's a -- i think that's a little extreme. >> yeah. i'm trying to see. it doesn't look like they are going to court or anything. >> not yet. >> not yet. that's going to happen. >> lysoled at the prom. >> shut your dirty mouth. >> oh, it happens. this is pretty cool, too. there's this new security company called being. it's set up how much you are worth to facebook. and they judge this by how much you earn, based on the number of fans and how much you like certain products and services. they determine how much you are worth. you aren't the customer. you are the product, especially as facebook goes public and becomes more beholden to their shareholders and all that kind of stuff. very interesting.
2:57 am
check out this website and go check out your facebook ghorth terms of how valuable a customer you are about to be. >> for facebook, how valuable for facebook or the advertisers? >> for facebook. 85% of facebook's revenue comes from advertising. who is out there clicking and liking what. all of us depending on the number of friend and what you like, you have a certain value. >> how much are you worth? >> i'm a facebook addict so it's up there. >> $2 billion? >> yeah, probably. this one is out of wisconsin. this is crazy. here's a guy who had two dozen pieces of fish at an all you can eat fish fry. when they stopped him, he decided he was going to protest. >> so, really wasn't all you can eat? >> no, it wasn't. well, i mean, this guy is 6'6", 350 pounds. goes there all the time. chuck's place. he's like, listen. you got to help us out. we can't be feeding you every day. so he's going to picket every sunday until all you can eat becomes eat all you want? >> really, that's harsh. >> and he owes
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this morning on "world news now" -- legal drama. john edwards' attorneys could be wrapping up their case very soon in the former presidential candidate's corruption trial. >> after the jurors found out how much money was spent to cover up the candidate's love affair. it's wednesday, may 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana pernes for paula faris. we'll bring you up to date on what could be a blockbuster day in the john edwards trial. in a moment, the disturbing surveillance video that shows a military serviceman attacked in his tampa neighborhood. what police hope to learn by releasing these pictures. also the intense conditions for firefighters in the middle of several wildfire battles in arizona. why they are having such a difficult time keeping those
3:01 am
flames from spreading. >> and later on, another airline that allows passengers to make cell phone calls during flights. but are you ready to overhear all of those phone conversations during your next trip? >> we all get annoyed by the person in the elevator or, you know -- >> a little too loud. >> on the bus or something like that. talking about their personal business. i don't really need to know this. now on a plane, you are captive. >> you can't go anywhere. >> at the same time, it's great. we're finally moving along and can make a phone call in an airplane which for years, you kind of have been like, really? i got to turn it off. >> all you heard was that your cell could take down the plane which always made me nervous and a lot of people skeptical. we'll get into that. of course, first it could be an emotional ending for the defense in the john edwards trial. still on the witness list, edwards' daughter, his former mistress and, of course, edwards himself. >> lawyers have not indicated which, if any of those witnesses will be called, but edwards' daughter cate could be high on the list as soon as today. abc's scott goldberg is
3:02 am
following the testimony. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and diana. lawyers for john edwards say today they could call his daughter cate or his former mistress rielle hunter to the stand. it's also possible they could call edwards itself. it's a potential blockbuster day after they focused yesterday on technical issues. for all of the emotion coming out of the john edwards trial, all that really matters are cold, hard details about cash. was it campaign money spent to cover up his affair with rielle hunter and was the former presidential candidate trying to hide the affair from voters? his lawyers say the answer to both questions is no. and they offered evidence edwards didn't know about the money with records showing at least some of it, $74,000, went directly into hunter's checking account from wealthy donor fred baron. in all, hunter received nearly a million dollars. most of it from heiress bunny melon. one witness, scott thomas, a former chairman of the federal election commission, was prepared to testify explicitly that edwards did not violate campaign finance laws, but the
3:03 am
judge decided not to allow it. so the question now is, when will edwards' daughter cate take the stand? she was very close to her mother elizabeth who died of breast cancer and could testify her dad simply didn't want her mom to find out about the affair. >> all of that makes her sympathetic to this jury, could humanize john edwards in front of a jury. but only if she's got saliant points to make. >> reporter: when cate does take the stand it could be the most emotional moment so far. earlier this month she had to leave the courtroom because it was too hard to hear someone else describe how the affair affected her mother. rob and diana? >> thank you, scott. your heart has to go out to cate. they lost a brother, the family, at a very young age. then you lose your mother to cancer, who she was very, very close to. now your father is on trial, headed to jail. she's a harvard educated lawyer. and, obviously, she has probably a different appreciation for what's happening legally. but in terms of her personal life and what she's been through, what a tough spot to be in. to now have to go share that pain on the stand. >> publicly.
3:04 am
and you know, a lot of people have said, why would she want to testify in this case? why has she been standing by her father? she said she's as much his daughter as she was her daughter. and so this -- she's just in a hard spot all around. and she's tried to remain strong but there was the one incident they had to leave the courtroom when they were talking about an emotional moment elizabeth had. >> surprising only one moment. if john edwards goes to jail, she becomes the legal guardian of her siblings. >> more pressure, more responsibility for such a young person. >> we'll see how it plays out. getting interesting today. move toing on. abc news has obtained new information about george zimmerman's medical condition. he suffered a closed fracture broken nose, two black eyes and a pair of gashes on the back of his head. dan abrams says the records are important, but not a smoking gun. >> there's no question these documented injuries help zimmerman's case. but the fundamental legal
3:05 am
question remains, who was the aggressor? >> the report also shows that zimmerman declined hospitalization just after the shooting. he also declined his doctor's suggestion that he see a specialist for follow-up. investigators in arizona launch a new search in the desert near tucson for a little girl who has now been missing for nearly a month. izabell celis vanished from her home back in april. for the first time they say they believe the 6-year-old was kidnapped. up until now they only say isabel disappeared under suspicious circumstances. dominique strauss-kahn is striking back against that new york city hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault. he is now filed a $1 million countersuit. the former head of the international monetary fund claims the woman made a malicious and false accusation when she claimed he assaulted her about a year ago. criminal charges against strauss-kahn were dropped, though, after the maid's credibility became an issue. tampa police are trying to
3:06 am
track down four men videotaped in a vicious attack of a serviceman near mcdill air force base. surveillance video shows 24-year-old johnny aparicio walking home alone when a man suddenly walks up to him and punches him in the face. three others immediately joined in brutally kicking and punching the defenseless victim. >> the video is good because it shows that the victim was viciously injured, but at the same time, it's not clear enough to make an identification. but i believe that somebody out there in the public is going to know who these kids are. >> the men took off with aparicio's wallet and cell phone. he had just moved to tampa a few weeks ago. >> who would do that? why? what possible motive? hundreds of firefighters are now on the move scrambling to put out at least four major wildfires. >> in arizona, the flames are now moving away from a historic mining town, but they are burning through even more land. abc's paul beban has the latest. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, rob
3:07 am
and diana. yeah it is bad and doesn't look like firefighters will get any help from mother nature any time soon. the forecast calls for more heat, high winds and there is zero chance of rain. in the rugged mountains of arizona, the fires are burning almost completely out of control. the gladiator fire near the historic mining town of crown king may not be the biggest. but it's just 5% contained and growing fast. >> i saw it from a little flame and it just engulfed the whole mountain. and that really -- that really hurts my heart. >> as soon as we turned the bend, there were flames engulfing the car. >> reporter: as if the smoke and flames weren't bad enough, fire crews near crown king are being warned to watch out for snakes and abandoned mine shafts. the national weather service has issued a red flag warning, meaning explosive fire conditions for parts of nevada, utah and arizona. an early sign of what could be some brutal months ahead. the reason? a historic drought that has
3:08 am
parched forests and grasslands across a huge swath of the west from texes too california. add to that a dry, mild winter, light snow pack and you've got the recipe for a scorching summer. despite all that, this year is actually off to something of a slow start. this time last year, 2 mill yen acres had burned. this year, that number is less than 400,000. rob and diana? >> so that begs the question, if we had thad much happen last year, how much more does -- how much more acres are we going to have burn before this stops? and then we have the air quality concerns as well. >> there are a lot of air concerns in the phoenix area. imagine all that smoke. not good for breathing or folks who may have respiratory problems. so because of those dry conditions and the mild winter in most of the country, this is an uphill battle for those folks. we'll keep an high on that. a slow start. don't tell that to the people in phoenix. here's your wednesday weather. some dense morning fog here in
3:09 am
the northeast. hail and gusty winds from new york up to vermont, new hampshire and maine. showers around cincinnati and louisville. thunderstorms in the southeast. and from houston to new orleans. >> 80s from dallas to miami. 77 in atlanta. and 68 here in new york. 77 in chicago. and 82 in the twin cities. phoenix, once again unfortunately, heating up to 106. salt lake city, 85. and seattle, 75. well, when you are shopping for diamonds you should pay close attention to the four cs. i know this rule. this is good. cut, color, clarity and, of course, carats here. and for most of us, there's a crucial fifth c, the cost. >> oh, but costs seem to be no object at sotheby's in geneva where one of the world's oldest and most famous diamonds sold for $9.7 million. nearly twice what it was expected to fetch. and it is gorgeous. >> women love this. it's a nearly 35 carat pear
3:10 am
shaped gem that over five bidders. the winner, someone who prefers to remain nameless. that someone whose girlfriend or wife is about to be very, very happy. >> you proposing and you didn't tell anybody? >> 35 carats, i got to sell my house, my limbs, my firstborn. and everything else. >> and the fiance. >> yeah, whatever, willis. okay, willis. i'm going to get you a happy meal after the show. coming up next -- >> can you afford that? >> oh, willis. >> next, after the break, billy bob thornton reveals his deepest secrets. >> yet another airline is allowing passengers to make cell phone calls during flights. why this is not the most popular decision in the skies, though. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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a milestone in the battle against diseases, including alzheimer's that steal away memories forever. the nation's top doctors have come up with a date on the calendar now. 2025. >> big year. now that is a new deadline to find worthwhile treatments. abc's dr. richard besser reports on advances that could offer hope right now. >> reporter: a race to save generations. now has a deadline. 2025. and the government will spend millions to test treatments. for instance, a wider trial of this. >> and we'll hold that up to your nose. >> reporter: inhaled insulin. essentially applied directly to the brain where neurones absorb it and speed up. >> name all the fruits you can think of. >> reporter: susan hannibal has started to suffer from memory loss. >> mango. i'm a little scared about my future and my daughter's future in relation to me. and i would not want her to be in a position of having to take care of me. >> we've learned more about this
3:16 am
disease in the last couple of years than probably ever before. and now the goal is to take that and translate it into interventions. >> reporter: they'll spend millions nor look at prevention, stopping alzheimer's before it starts. a ground-breaking study of an extended family of 5,000 people in colombia, south america. they have a rare gene that virtually guarantees alzheimer's disease in their 40s. >> what we need to do now is to launch a new era in alzheimer's prevention research. >> reporter: researchers will test new drugs that may prebeta amyloid plaques. there are trials going on right now, all over the country. and as part of this initiative, a new website was launched that will tell you if there are trials in your community. so check it out. it also has information for families, caregivers. of all the resources in your community you could use. we have that information and a link for you at dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> the numbers here are scary.
3:17 am
5.4 million americans have alzheimer's. that number, get this, is expected to triple in just one generation. my grandmother passed away from this back in 2004. so i know the ravages of it well. but it's scarey to think just how quickly it is growing. we hope that 2025 becomes a milestone date. we hope. we know it's so many years away. >> and we'll be alive for that which is really incredible because there's so many diseases out there that we have no idea if they'll ever have a cure for them but to know that 2025, they've put it on the calendar. they are really trying to make it happen for the people suffering with this. there are people alive now in their 40s that may reach 2025 and may make it to a cure which is pretty impressive. >> that would be great. in the meantime, there's the website that one-stop shop where you can get all the information you need in terms of dealing with it if you are a caregiver or feeling the onset of some symptoms. check that out as well. the government launched that yesterday. fingers crossed for a cure. >> and we have a link to that on
3:18 am
one-stop shopping for everybody. coming up after the break, get ready for takeoff by reaching for your cellie. >> the hang-ups in flight as another airline allows passengers to make calls. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc's "world news
3:19 am
♪ and i'm up on the airplane all right. welcome back, everybody. can you hear me now? can you hear me now? can you hear me now? can you hear me? >> hello. >> get this. cell phones at 35,000 feet. virgin atlantic says it's going to allow its passengers to make and receive cell phone calls on certain flights overseas. >> it's about time if you ask me, but the question is, is some service going to be too distracting for other passengers on board? rob hayes reports on the
3:20 am
hang-ups. >> reporter: if there's one thing you generally don't hear on a plane, it's this. but that could be changing on virgin atlantic. it is now allowing passengers to use cell phones on certain flights. something that is not garnering a lot of fans. >> very uncomfortable to have someone talking all the time as you are flying. you want some peace and quiet inside there. >> the flight i'm going on now is 13 hours. wouldn't want someone talking all night. >> reporter: virgin isn't the first to allow cell phone use in the air. emirates has been doing it since 2008, along with a few other middle east airlines. virginy is says the service is intended for use in exceptional situations when passengers need to send an sms, make a quick call or access an e-mail on a blackberry. the system will limit the connectivity to six users at any one time. >> it would throw me off if i have someone just yelling. especially people ignorant on the phone, talking real loud and stuff. >> reporter: it's not just you,
3:21 am
most people we ask hate the thought of people using cell phones in planes. though we did find one person who was excited about it and surprisingly, she's a flight attendant. >> i can use mine, then. >> reporter: but not many others are laughing about the cell phone in planes trend growing. some wonder what the proper phone etiquette would be when you are just inches away from another passenger. >> have to have a quiet carriage. like the smokers. put them all at the back again. >> the good news is that west coast flyers don't have to worry about virgin's new phone policy. it's only being offered on flights from new york to london. >> i'd rather drive than listen to someone talk the entire time. >> reporter: rob hayes, reporting for abc news. >> drive to london would be tough. >> long flights. it's going to be difficult. obviously, everybody is split on this decision. we have a facebook question of the day. should airlines impose special rules on cell phone conversations during flights? logon to and give us your answer. >> no one likes other people's
3:22 am
conversations. that gets annoying. >> put them in the back with the smokers.
3:23 am
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♪ all right. so we all know billy bob thornton is one of the most unusual leading men in hollywood. and that really could be an understatement. >> billy bob often chooses off-beat roles. now he's revealing his deepest secrets to ju ju chang. >> reporter: between slingblade and "bad santa," he's become one of the most controversial and unlikely stars. yet he's remained something of a mystery. to set the record straight, he sat with friends telling stories which turned into his new book
3:26 am
"the billy bob tapes." in it, he admits to a lot of strange behavior that drives his creativity. his dyslexia, agoraphobia, his fear of medieval furniture, comodo dragons, even silverware. >> everybody says there's a fine line between you know, genius and madness. >> there's definitely a connection between creativity and some of these -- whatever you call them. >> reporter: he's a charming eccentric. >> what is she doing with russ snell. >> reporter: perhaps that's what angelina jolie fell in love with when they met on the set of "pushing tin." she was just 24. he was 20 years older. their personal lives became fodder for tabloids with talk of blood rituals and dark behavior. >> she bought these clear lockets. little bitty things that were this big. angie and i literally poked each other in the finger with a pen and rubbed a little bit of it on that locket. >> how did you blow it?
3:27 am
>> i blew it because i didn't think i was good enough for her. >> reporter: even after big blockbuster hits like "armageddon" he's been obsessive about food. >> i weighed 128 pounds on "pushing tin" and i'm 6 feet tall. that kind of went overboard on that movie. >> that's an eating disorder, isn't it? >> yeah, yeah. absolutely. >> his teenage son willy from an earlier marriage says the eccent rick man is a regular dad. >> he goes downstairs. watches football. makes lunch. calls me about my plans. we have awkward talks about girls every now and then. >> reporter: which is about as normal as it gets. i'm ju ju chang in beverly hills, california. >> billy bob is a character. he really is. a lot of stories, i bet. if you wonder what he's up to now, he lives in beverly hills with his longtime girlfriend. they have a daughter together named bella. he's doing well for a boy who grew up dirt poor in arkansas. he did make it big. something to be said for that.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- important evidence. george zimmerman's medical records show he suffered injuries the night he shot trayvon martin. >> what these revelations now mean for the florida community watchman charged with second-degree murder in the death of that unarmed teen. it is wednesday, may 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm diana perez in for paula faris who is on assignment. >> i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. it's an abc news exclusive. an inside look at george zimmerman's medical records the night of that fatal shooting in sanford, florida. his injuries may have been more extensive, believe it or not, than first thought, but will this revelation really help his high-profile case? an important discovery here. it would seemingly help his defense, but still questions
3:31 am
out there. also this morning, attention all you sleepwalkers. wake up, sit down and watch this. experts have figured out what's causing your strange behavior. >> are you a sleepwalker? do you know? >> i've been waking up all week like, what am i doing here? >> you get here to the set. what am i doing on this show? >> how did i get here? >> we all do that every now and then. what a disappointing scene on "dancing with the stars" last night as my favorite contestant, my ex-wife maria menounos took her final steps off the stage. that is later in "the skinny." can you tell willis is back with us again tonight. can you hear him? >> you have a lot of ex-wives. >> i do. i've had an active life. >> so young and so tainted. >> yes. all right. but first we want to get to an abc news exclusive. new evidence about the man charged in the shooting of trayvon martin. >> medical records from the night of the shooting that jurors in the trial are likely to see. abc's matt gutman has been following the case. >> reporter: for the very first
3:32 am
time, a medical report exclusively obtained by abc news is revealing the full extent of george zimmerman's injuries after his deadly confrontation with trayvon martin. a broken nose, two black eyes, gashes on the back of his head. all this from the doctor who treated zimmerman the morning after the shooting. >> there's no question these documented injuries help zimmerman's case. but the fundamental legal question remains, who was the aggressor? >> reporter: zimmerman claims that martin attacked him that night and that he only shot the unarmed 17-year-old because he feared for his own life as martin bashed his head into the concrete. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. he has pleaded not guilty and insists he acted in self-defense. the report also reveals new details about zimmerman's state of mind the morning after the shooting. zimmerman telling his doctor he suffered from nausea when thinking about what happened. his doctor writes that it's hat his psychologist. but questions remain. zimmerman declined to go to the
3:33 am
hospital the night of the shooting, and video of him in the sanford police station less than an hour after the shooting shows no visible evidence of blood on his shirt and jacket. and he seems steady on his feet. we asked emergency physician vidor freeman to analyze this enhanced video of zimmerman. >> if he had a significant abrasion, i think we'd see that on this film. i don't see any of that. >> reporter: at the trial, all of this could come down to who instigated the fight. >> if george zimmerman started the altercation and then he's losing the fight and fears for his life, he does not have the legal right at that point to use deadly force. >> reporter: zimmerman is still in hiding. he's living off the $200,000 he solicited on his website. now get this. the money is still rolling in at a rate of about $1,000 a day. matt gutman, abc news, sanford. and trayvon martin's mother is thanking her employer and co-workers for donating time off so she can focus on the trial. sabrina fulton appeared with her
3:34 am
21-year-old son javaris before the miami-dade county commission to express her gratitude. almost 200 county employees donated their vacation and sick time to her. that time is worth more than $40,000. >> must mean the world to her to have that kind of support during what's going to be an unimaginably tough time for her. going back to these medical records, he declined hospitalization after the shooting. also declined a doctor's suggestion he see a specialist for follow-up. no x-rays taken of his broken nose. those are some weird choices to make if you are that badly injured, why you wouldn't have spent some time in the hospital. why would you not seek a certain level of medical treatment? >> and his doctor put on the records they wanted him to go see a psychologist because he was talking about how he couldn't stop thinking about the violence that had occurred that evening, and he didn't do any of those things which does lead to the question, what was he thinking right after this happened? >> strange, strange, strange. we'll see how that continues in court. moving on now this morning, the defense in the john edwards trial is now winding down its case with three high-profile
3:35 am
witnesses yet to be called. edwards' oldest daughter cate could be on the stand as early as today. she would tell them about the breakup of her parents' marriage. also on the witness list, rielle hunter, the mother of john edwards' child, and john edwards could take the stand in his own defense. more legal news -- o.j. simpson's new lawyer is arguing that the former football great should be freed from prison and given a new trial. the las vegas lawyer says simpson's former attorneys did such a bad job representing him that he deserves, well, a do-over. simpson is serving 9 to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. his previous appeals to the nevada supreme court have failed. the fbi has opened an investigation into potential wrongdoing on the part of jpmorgan chase after last week's $2 billion trading loss. for now, that blunder has not affected ceo jamie dimon. shareholders voted to keep him as the head of the nation's biggest bank. they also endorsed dimon's pay package from last year which is
3:36 am
worth $23 million. this week's facebook initial stock offering could be a bigger deal than first expected. the initial price range for facebook stock went up to $34 to $38 a share. the previous range was $28 to $35. if the stock goes for its maximum value, facebook could raise nearly $13 billion, with a "b." this week's ipo should be the largest ever for an internet company, but some analysts say facebook is overvalued. >> bottom line, nobody from facebook will be starving. >> or working. >> or have to work. that's for sure. to politics now. mitt romney has picked up primary wins in both nebraska and oregon. >> both romney and president obama are refocusing their campaigns on the one issue that americans say they care the most about. abc's karen travers is following the campaign. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, diana. yesterday, mitt romney was in the battleground state of iowa,
3:37 am
and he blasted president obama on the economy. president obama's new support for same-sex marriage continues to make headlines. but both he and mitt romney say it won't be an election game-changer. >> the time has come for a president, a leader, who will lead. i will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno. >> what's going to determine the election is the economy. >> reporter: the president made those comments in the hot seat on abc's "the view." the interview is part of a push to reach out to women voters who could be the key to victory in november. >> i like hanging out with women. what can i tell you? >> reporter: but a new poll from "the new york times" and cbs news has some warning signs for the president's re-election bid. the poll shows romney with a slight lead overall and a two-point lead among women voters. that's a big shift from just a few weeks ago. the obama campaign and some independent pollsters are questioning the way the poll was conducted. but the romney campaign says it boils down to women just like men being concerned about the
3:38 am
economy. the two sides have gone back and forth about romney's work as the head of bain capital, a private investment firm that downsized companies. an independent group of obama supporters released this video about romney's ties to a steel plant in missouri. >> he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. >> reporter: the romney campaign responded with their own video highlighting a different steel plant with a different outcome. >> when others shied away, mitt romney's private sector leadership team stepped in. >> reporter: yesterday former president george w. bush told abc news he is supporting romney. that is not a big surprise, but it was his first public comment on the presidential race. rob and diana? >> he made that comment and shouted out, i'm for mitt romney as the elevator doors closed. so it wasn't a formal press conference and all this, but interesting, too, here. the gender gap. we talked about two or three weeks ago this huge gender gap between obama and romney. shocking some polls now have romney in the lead.
3:39 am
the 20-point lead almost evaporated overnight. other polls suggest that independents and swing states are lukewarm, pretty evenly split on two key romney proposals. one, pretty heavy tax cuts and the repeal of obama care. both candidates trying to get some more solid footing with a plan that's going to get the majority of folks. neither guy is doing it so far. >> for those keeping track of how much more romney needs in order to get to the number he needs as far as delegates go, as far as nebraska, that was just a popularity contest and he doesn't pick up any delegates. but he did pick up 25 in oregon and has 171 more to go. >> and that magic number still 1,144. it's romney. the math will soon add up there. we're getting there. here's your wednesday weather. some thunderstorms along the gulf coast and much of florida. and also north to the carolinas. severe weather could threaten new york and new england. meanwhile, some thick morning fog from philly up to bean town. showers and thunderstorms in the ohio valley. >> a foggy 68 here in new york. 72 in baltimore. 82 in new orleans. mostly upper 70s from kansas
3:40 am
city to detroit. phoenix, 106, scorching. 80 degrees in sacramento. and 77 in colorado springs. >> you have to say it like you mean it. new orleans. >> new orleans. >> thank you. say it with some soul. that's what i'm talking about. you would think that in detroit, the birthplace of the automobile, driving would be the obvious way to get around town. >> oh, no. but in the case of jordan williams, you'd be wrong because williams traded in horsepower for one actual horse. williams and his pony magic are part of a group known as the urban cowboys. >> you go get 'em. they bring their horses to charity events, church outings, birthday parties and such to give city children a little taste of the country. >> one horsepower is all you need. >> that's right. just get to work, man. however you get there. there you go. >> there it is. there's a sound effect. >> that's right. >> that's what we were waiting for. coming up next, the custody
3:41 am
fight over a dog that is costing a lot of kibble. >> and later on, sleepwalkers and their nightly mysteries. doctors have discovered what may be causing this bizarre behavior. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty. let the spills begin. ♪ ♪ do the humpy hump hump day. we had to do the humpy dance on hump day. >> there he is. there he is. oh, yeah. >> all right. be careful. don't break your hip. >> that's impossible when you are sitting.
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>> looking good. willis and jack. you all look good. oh, yes, indeed. >> all right. now this is quite the story because when couples break up, it's rare for them to be fighting -- or it's not rare for them to fight over a child when it comes to custody. but how about fighting over a dog? >> there is a bitter bicoastal battle involving a man, his ex-girlfriend, their dog and tens of thousands of dollars. paula faris, i think i know her, brings us the latest on this custody tale. >> knux is my puppy. in a lot of ways, he's like my son. he is absolutely the cutest dog in the entire universe. >> reporter: this is knuckles. he's caught in the middle of a cross-country canine custody dispute between craig dershowitz and his now ex-girlfriend sarah brega. >> all i want is to bring knuckles back home to me. he really is my son. i know that going to court for your child is crazy. i raised knuckles since he was 2 months old. >> i think it's about revenge on me. knuckles has been with me since
3:46 am
he was 8 weeks old. it's just, i really can't imagine my life without him. >> reporter: whether the motivation is revenge or devotion, one thing is clear. this beagle battle is expensive and nasty. dershowitz claims he spent over $60,000 in fees so far on fido. he's even set up this website, rescue knux, for donations. >> i'm just asking for money to continue to fight. >> reporter: with neither side backing down, a judge, that's right, a judge in california is set to hear arguments on wednesday. >> it's been a hard battle fighting this thing. but it's worth it. we're fighting for something that we both love. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, new york. >> we'll be back. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ so you are liking that song. >> i am. >> that's right. breaks my heart to report this news this morning.
3:49 am
another elimination last night on "dancing with the stars." >> close to your heart. >> close to my heart. my ex-wife maria menounos got the boot. they thought katherine jenkins because she had a back injury would be the one to get the boot. she was saved by the audience. so it was maria and her partner derek hough who are now saying good-bye. she had a really great season. looks great. they both did very well. and now, of course, the top three will perform monday the 21st, and the big winner will be crowned with a big finale on tuesday, may 27th. we all say good-bye to the beautiful and talented maria menounos. and abc has announced the 14th season of the show will be an all-star cast. so we're bringing back some of the people's favorites. we don't know who is going to be on it just yet, but stay tuned for details. see you when i get home, maria. >> still so much hotness on that show. >> yes, indeed. moving on, really quickly, john travolta apparently, john doe number one has said that he no longer wants to be part of
3:50 am
the case or rather his attorney says he's no longer going to represent john doe number one because he misstated the date of the alleged incident at the beverly hills hotel. as you remember, mr. john travolta was -- there were claims brought against him that he was sexually harassing two massage therapists. the remaining plaintiff, though, does say this happened to him, and he's claiming that it happened in atlanta. and now the attorney that was representing both john does but now only representing one says that there are truckloads of witnesses that will back up what his one remaining client has to say. >> one guy has backed out. the lawyer says that's vindication, or could be a sign maybe there was a settlement, some hush money. you don't know how that's going to play out. >> under the table. >> under the table. all right. this is a funny moment yesterday from "live with kelly." sam champion, our meteorologist on "gma" was hosting. and a whole question about a survey that shows some people use their cell phone during intimate times. and this is kelly and sam chatting about that. >> i'm just saying --
3:51 am
>> is that why when i talk to you on the phone you always sound like, hello? what? who is this? no, no, no, we were just having -- we're having dinner. dinner! butter my roll! >> so you think we get risque on this show. ripa, butter my roll. okay, kelly. they had fun yesterday. dedicate that to you, willis. dedicated that clip to you. >> that's my woman. >> all right. wow. moving on entirely. ellen degeneres, great, great day for her. she picked up the mark twain prize for american humor. there are only 15 other comic superstars that are on this list. richard prior, whoopi goldberg. she's joining some of the best and sold her mansion for $37 million to ryan seacrest. not too shabby. >> not a bad day for ellen.
3:52 am
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you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ i'm a sleepwalker perfect song. perfect. >> oh, yeah. especially for this story. we pay close attention to sleep studies here on "world news now." mostly because nobody gets any sleep. and this morning, sleepwalking is in the forefront as researchers reveal 4% of americans have this unusual behavior. 4%. >> i didn't know it was that many. and new clues about what causes all of this. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: it's happening every night in homes across america. and now new research reveals not only are more and more americans sleepwalking, but what's causing them to go bump in the night could be far more serious than previously thought. new research from stanford
3:56 am
university suggests this increasing condition creeping out of america's bedrooms is somehow related to certain psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety. according to the findings, people with depression were almost four times more likely to sleepwalk than those without it. people who abuse alcohol, take certain kinds of antidepressants or have obsessive compulsive disorder were also significantly more likely to have sleepwalking episodes. >> there are many aspects about our culture that conspire together that increase the frequency and expression of these behaviors. >> reporter: and it's not just sleepwalking. in this home video, the man makes the ritual moves of a samurai warrior, stabbing his imaginary opponent, all while sound asleep. this 21-year-old woman takes the notion of a midnight snack to a whole other level. eating and drinking continuously for more than two hours in the middle of the night. first some bread. wash it down. more bread. potato chips and repeat. experts now also say there's a
3:57 am
newer but potentially just as dangerous sleep disorder where people e-mail in their sleep. it's called z-mailing. something that if you suspect you might suffer from, you might want to remove your boss from your contact list before falling asleep tonight. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> whoa! i didn't realize how many things were going on while you are asleep. that's kind of -- eating and e-mailing and -- >> it is not a good idea -- >> samurai. that's crazy. >> don't keep food on your bed if you are going to eat while you're sleeping. >> some say they go to the fridge and bring it back to the bed. they don't even know they're doing. a lot can go on. >> watch it. >> wow. if you have trouble sleeping, just do what i do. >> "world news now." >> thank you, willis. more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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