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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  May 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. we are here live for the preakness. we're here at the barn area.
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take a look behind me. it's early, but already we can see one of the horses that's going to be running in the race. he was peeking out just a minute ago but he's being a little shy right now. the count downis on for saturday. this morning we know what position on the track the horses will line up for. horses will run and the favorite just like the kentucky derby. and derby winner i'll have another will be in post number 9 and is a 2 to 1 favorite. we have a sunrise at old hill top where people can enjoy the racetrack. and of course there's the popular preakness crab derby. i had a chance to participate last year but our own kelly will
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participate this afternoon. also today the trunk show for the preakness. also today at 9:00 giant food has been selected to design and create the floral blanket to drape the preakness winner. of course we cannot forget the alibi breakfast. a time to roast and toast a lot of folks there. more coming up in our 5:00 hour. reporting live, abc 2 news. today also marks the beginning of the soft shell crab celebration. local restaurants will be making special soft shell crab menu items. the new baltimore average bishop who was just installed yesterday will today be at the race course. he will say a prayer and serve
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lunch at our daily bread. yesterday women and children watched him take . okay. continuing our bad medicine coverage this morning, the story about that raid about that suspected pill mill. this morning two suspects will appear before a judge? baltimore sir court. >> the affidavits for that search warrant say about 80 patients were seen a day going into the clinic, paying around $350 in cash although as many as 142 walked through the door on some days. >> we knew since last april that there was an issue at this location. and we have to do it right. we just don't want to either make arrests or execute warrants if there's not going to be any impact. >> that third warrant is still out there although police will not release any names. so if you want to read more on
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this bad medicine coverage head to our website. you can track it from there. also on your mobile device you'll find all the stories once again in our bad medicine series. >> police say two young boys are responsible for a girl being gone. and a 2,000 acre wildfire. new worries this morning in the grand canyon state. >> everything up to speed here on green spring avenue. i'll show you what 95 and the jfx look like coming up in my traffic report. you're watching good morning maryland.
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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arizona, smoke could be seen on wednesday from phoenix nearly 100 miles away. the fire has burned 9,000 miles and that's just one of four fires currently burning. news time 4:40. it could come to good use in arizona but the rain proving to be too much in south carolina. in some areas 2 to 3 inches of rain fell in just one hour. another couple of inches were possible overnight and flooding warnings stretched into the early morning hours. time now for a check on our weather. yes, we look at the big picture here and satellite and radar picking up some more showers and possibly some thunderstorms as we go through the day around the southeast but we are nice and dry across the area -- our area. the northeast for today high pressure is going to build in but we are mild this morning so what we have is a cold front that's working its way through the area. most of the cloudy conditions
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are setting up across the eastern shore and we have some patchy fog around the area as well. as we look back across the western shore things are more clear. right now these temperatures in towson, good morning to you at 61 degrees. 62 degrees right now northeast in rock hall and we're seeing more of the same in the area. temperatures today are not going to be as warm as we saw yesterday. nice and seasonable today. let's get a check on traffic with lauren. good morning. >> good morning. well, if you are headed out to the northeast corridor, no delays to tell you about traveling southbound from route 43 all the way down to the beltway. and that will continue on the harrisburg expressway. everything up to speed making for an easy ride down toward 695 and if you are headed out to the beltway here's what that west side looks like at green spring. you are looking at an 11 minute ride on that outer loop down towards 95 and we do have some
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road closures as we mentioned earlier that will begin at 10:00 p.m. tonight. west rogers after will be shut down tonight. this is just one of several roads that will be affected. other roads will be reduced to one lane. that is a look at your time saver traffic. over to you. the videos are all over youtube. students caught acting out or fighting in the classroom. >> one school district fighting for their teachers. what they say administrators should be allowed to . and why this breed is not very ecofriendly. details on that. as we head to break, a live picture down at pemlico. the preakness starting up on saturday.
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comedian and actress betty white is going to be in washington, d.c. for the next couple of days. she's speaking with associates today abou for animals. tomorrow she's getting a private tour of the national zoo. and father of go go music chuck brown is dead. brown died at johns hopkins hospital wednesday from multiple organ failure. >> closing arguments are expected today in the john edwards' trial. defense rested yesterday without calling his daughter or his mistress to the stand. >> and a new world record for the biggest snake head. that is a big fish.
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you'll hear the effect they have on the ecosystem. >> a little known fact about our own la net charles. you looked like you were going to jump out of your seat when that video popped up. >> sharily is scared of snakes and magan doesn't like rats and mice. what about you? >> all of the above. maybe not so much frogs. no s. >> how the are roads looking this morning? >> the roads are in great shape so far. no delays from harford county all the way down to the fort mchenry tunnel. the beltway going to be clear up to town send and the jfx is also going to be nice and clear. >> weather wise -- >> i think it's time to leave. >> weather wise things much better after monday and tuesday. wednesday was great. keep it going. >> things are looking good this morning. radar is nice and dry as of now.
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we do have all five on. we do have a little bit of patchy fog out there along easton. we do have some reduced visibility as well but the temperatures right now are mild. 65 in bellaire. let's send it back to magan. a family still in mourning after the loss of their daughter and this morning they are feeling a different kind of pain. the family calls it simply u. >> this is wrong. this is so wrong. >> the picture of sweetness. the 13-year-old turnage. from the con fuz fusion of a march night when she was shot and covered up with trash bags and left to die. there's a police officer involved, adults involved. kids are involved. >> i don't think the boys did it. i think because they're juvenile they thought they were going to
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get slapped on the . >> the boys 12 and 13 admitted being connected to the shooting and coverup. the 12-year-old will be home monitored. the 13-year-old will spend six months in a juvenile center on the eastern shore. >> they just walk away and they free. that's not right. >> she was breathing when they put her out there. what kind of parent would do that? what kind of person would do that? >> what it is is a picture of a sad devastating loss and this is a picture of not giving up on justice. >> maybe i chose to go the wrong way. maybe i need to find some other way to go but i'm not going to let it end. >> that's may gee reporting. turnage's mother says she has never heard from the boys'
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family. the adults in this case are up next in adult court. we'll keep you posted on what happens there. a 6-year-old is in the hospital after he was hit by a pickup truck on his way to school. the first grader was walking to school with his siblings when he was hit. he was in front flown to john hopkins hospital with serious injuries. he is expected to survive. a new study shows an antibiotic commonly used for bronchitis and other infections may increaseno carrierringconne0
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the thing is this morning the federal trade commission, what they're saying about the claims they're making. details on that just ahead. also an adoption agency adopted by american parents. why the u.s. state department now says the little girl will not be sent back to her biological mom and dad. you're waking up to what's new now and next in baltimore as we go to break. a live look at tinner harbor.
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some good news for people looking for seasonal work over the summer. a new study shows that almost 30% of companies are planning to bring in new workers. at this time last year only 20% of workers surveyed were hiring. four industries are taking the lead on summer hiring. manufacturing, hospitality and finance. they are looking for employee who is will stay past the summer season meaning that your temporary job could turn into a full-time position. it appears that apple if you bought a pair of sketchers shapeups now you can get your money back. sketchers had agreed to pay $40 million that the shoe ads misled customers about the overall fitness of those sneakers. an man candles are becoming a new trend that smells
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specifically for the man in your home. they've got first down, two by four and riding mower. yankee candles says that rolling out those scents just for men wasn't really that farfetched. men already make up about 30% of its customer base. yankee candle did say you can expect more man candles scents coming in the future. >> yeah. all new at 5:00 this morning marylanders are now reacting to the tax hikes. the drastic measure people are thinking about. that's coming up at 3 minutes after 5:00 and the o's headed into extra innings last l night in boston. highlight from the game if you missed it, plus the talk of the next iphone is in the works. the changes that you are sure to not miss. it is just 2 minutes before 5:00 and around the world lady gaga is the latest western
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superstar getting the boot from indonesia. gaga isn't alone in this. yons, the pussy cat dolls and adam lambert have faced their own protest from that country as . a girl will not be going back to her biological parents after all. a judge ruled last year that the girl should be returned to her parents but the united states department now says that she will not be returned because the two countries have not signed the abduction agreement when that girl was adopted. police and students clash in montreal doing a protest concerning tuition hikes. these protests have caused many schools to close down temporarily. police stepped in arresting some of the people and they fired off the tear gas canisters. time now to start the 5:00 hour.


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