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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tomorrow with almost no wind and the humidity will creep up a little bit. it will be a warm saturday across central m the rest of the evening tonight a few clouds, warm and calm. we'll talk about how that coastal suburbs could impact your sunday. that's straight ahead. you're enjoying that warm comfortable weather. it won't stay that way for long. the national oceanic atmospheric administration said this will be different. state lawmakers may have side stapped half a billion dollars in cuts. we have more on the expected tuition increase. >> reporter: leaders say it's not this year's cuts but the last four years of state funding reductions that are forcing it to make students pay more.
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she sandwiched a full lode of classes between two jobs this year. next fall sophomore sherry fair child will feel the tuition even more we it goes up. >> that would be something that i couldn't -- that's a lot more money than i have. >> reporter: fortunately, the finance vice-president, john cox said plans for a nearly 10% hike raising it from $82 to $90, may give way to a smaller increase sense the maryland lawmakers have raised taxes. >> it has drone by almost a million dollars. that will off set the need to raise tuition and we will recommend to the board at the june board meeting reversing it to a $5 increase. >> reporter: while that may seem
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like a bargain, a 6% increase would let the part team and full team students here. >> it has an effect, especially if you don't get financial aid. . some people just don't get this. >> reporter: like this man who's razing three sons said the increase would come out of her bottom line. >> it would make a big deference for me because i will pay out of pocket. >> reporter: by dumping teachers pension, they may feel the pin in which future capital projects. plans to begin work on a new nursing and allied health building will require matching funds from the county. jeff hager, abc2 news. there may still be a referendum about same-sex marriage in our future. for now those couples candy voars even though the marriages are not legal.
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the court of appeals allows same sex couples from another estate to divorce here like others. many people face charges in a weed spread murder and drug conspiracy case. the city's state attorney announced it. >> reporter: 14 people hot city are calling with violent records are locked up. there was a murder and several nonfatal shootings in retal's of another murder last year. part of the groups will face federal drug charges for running a drug syndicate around north avenue in east baltimore. it took six months, but the city's state's attorney said these are repeat violent offend pers. >> this case should serve notice to those who endanger the public
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through violent criminal activity, that there is a new parra dime in law enforcement, a new way of doing business. >> reporter: and that new way of doing business is targeting the most viep also criminals in baltimore in -- violent criminals in baltimore. we'll get into that as well as what police say started this murder and drug conspiracy coming up tonight at 6:00. prien kuebler -- brian kuebler, abc2 news. it took 50 firefighters to put out a fire. some of the metal being used caught fire. the fire has already been ruled accidental. now to new details in the trayvon martin case. florida prosecutors dumped a mountain of documents on the
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public. as abc2 news explains we may not be much closer into knowing what happened. >> reporter: here's some of what we do know now that this trove offed has been released. as 7-eleven camera caught him buying skittles and iced tea, his body had thc, an active ingredient in marijuana. george zimmerman had a drug commonly used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. we no a wetness reported seeing a black male throwing punches, that zimmerman walked away with a broken nose. but what started it with trayvon martin receiving a fatal point blank gunshot to the chest. we don't know who was screaming for help.
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the fbi said it's too garbled. >> you think he's yelling help? >> reporter: one thing we do know the chief investigator called it ultimately avoidable if zimmerman had waited in his car and waited for limits zimmerman's attorney said the only thing that matters is what the jury decides. >> another piece of evidence things shift. get all the evidence and get it presented in a way to the people who count, the jury, at one time and let them decide. >> reporter: one witness said if less had arrived few seconds earlier, is would have been prevented. john edwards' fate is in the heads of the jury. edwards is charged with six counts of accepting contributions. he used the money to hide his
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former mistress, who was pregnant at the time. if convicted, edwards face up to 30 years in prison. it's the grate's status mark zuckerberg could have posted. facebook's is now public. the social network juggernaut priced it at $38 with a market value of $104 billion. the man who terrorized drivers in mississippi is under arrest. how police captured the man. plus, you put $50 in the pump but who's make sure you get what you pay for? we're one day from the running of the preakness but the party has already started. we'll take you to pimlico for a black eyed susan day.
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every time you filling up, how do you know you're getting that much back in gas. there are 40,000 gas pumps across m the state looks at all of them. . >> when consumers see you they're always happy. >> reporter: joe is used to a warm reception. he's one of 16 inspectors at weights and measures. >> this is a necessity to make sure someone is out there keeping the consumers safe. >> reporter: he does it one station at a time, checking meters inside and out, measuring gas and making sure you get your due. >> that's short, so the store benefits. >> reporter: it's what drivers believe happens all the time.
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when gas prices are high, you complain by the hundreds telling the state you got ripped off but we went deep in state records, spending weeks going into report -- records for the entire baltimore area. we looked at reports filed from the stations you stop at every week -- 724 of them checking out five counties, four years of inspections and more than 3,000 pages of these documents. what we found were thousands of rejerkted and condemned pumps put out of service because of things that could cost you. price meters that move before you start the pump or upand up paying for more gas than you get. >> i think the rejetion -- >> reporter: the acting chief of weights and measures says about 5% to 6% of pumps are rejected. in the five counties we
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examined, we found for 1,045 were flagged because there are issues that could impact what you pay. >> we want the complete transaction to be valid for the consumer and parties and make sure there's no gain on either side. >> reporter: the side that needs protecting more often may surprise you. sur investigation found station owners are three times more likely to lose than you are when a pump goes bad. >> a lot of times they told us to shut the pump off because you're giving away too much gas. >> reporter: keep in mind, he's got a lot more to lose. >> it's critical. a lot of the customers might lose a dollar or two. i could lose thousands. >> reporter: money lost when machines go bad. when this happens, inspector joe
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is top find it on patrol to protect you and the owners. weights and measures deals with as many as 700 complaints a year and just about gas station and they check them out within a day or so. what about the stations where you fill up. have they had problems? we put inspections for every station online. you can look at them by map or list. you'll find there there at report. all right. nice looking day on the inner harbor, calm. nice water shot. a lot of boats coming out because the weather is so nice. a lot of boaters taking to the water. 73 out at bwi. humidity under 40%. so a dry air mass, leet northeasterly flow and making
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for a slightly cooler scenario. all right. here's a look at it in ball. again, it was all sunshine most of the day. we like that dundalk today, some high thin cloudiness coming in off the atlantic but really minimal and still quite the uv index. sunny skies over the mighty chess spa peek. our view looking across the chesapeake from kent island at the bay bridge marina. maryland's most powerful radar scanning all clear. we expect this to be a clear, clear scenario, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. we thought a shower could sneak. that will be more like sunday evening. temperatures low to mid-70s. wind frpts north and east. -- winds from the north and east. you can seat humidity levels pretty dry. we're going to be missing this time of low humidity as we get later into the season and head into june and the humidity
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really begins to skyrocket. across the state a few clouds drifting in. we saw them on our weather bug cameras. you can see the storm system continuing to churn, not particularly powerful but a maker churning off the carolina coast. this will sit here for another 24 hours or so and make a slow drifting move to the north and eventually northwest, could bring us showers by sunday afternoon into monday. that's when we think the earliest timing would be. that's good for the preakness. you can see looking at a great look saturday at pimlico or southern maryland. i'll be out there. it will be good times. take a look at the rain showers beginning to creep in toward sunday. right now the projection is we're going to stay dry despite coastal system. we're going to stay dry until this makes a real move sunday night into monday. overnight 5 30rbgs mostly clear
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-- 50, mostly clear. we cool off. very little wind and the humidity beginning to creep up. warm on the race track, dress light. 52 degrees overnight tomorrow night. as we look at the seven-day forecast, the outlook not a bad one. warmer than it's been and a decent scenario. again, the showers returning from that system, we think toward sunday night, monday into tuesday. so that is hour scenario with hit and miss showers. i was out there at the race track today for a little bit, joce at pimlico and the sawn was bright. there was no breeze, hot in the sun. i have a feeling you're going to be sweating. >> with the hats on, it won't be a big deal. it's going to be good stuff and the rain will hold off.
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preakness tomorrow. wine in the woods. >> maryland warrior dash. it's officially preakness weekend but today it's all about black eyed sue slain day. the proceeds go to the sag -- susan g. komen race for the cure. >> reporter: i have on my big brim hat. great day at pimlico. record crowds probably and just a special day because a lot of the proceeds go to the susan g. komen for the cure. i want to show you video. they have 13 races going up to 622. we have the running of the black eyed susan stake but number seven in on jer rain won the race -- lingerie.
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they have lady legends for the cure, part of this big partnership. we talked to the maryland jockey club. he's joining to us tell us how this partnership evolved. >> we made a decision to make friday black eyed susan day. we thought the women's side of this would be a good thing. we wanted a charity. susan g. komen seems to be a perfect fit. we started with them. we built in the lady legends. it all came together. we couldn't be happier. it's a great partnership. >> it keeks off the -- kicks off the weekend. it's gotten huge. >> right now you're right. it's gotten bigger. last year we had 27, 000, people. we'll surpass that. a beautiful day. everyone seems to be ecstatic.
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it's a good lead-in for tomorrow. tomorrow will be even more successful. >> reporter: you couldn't have asked for better weather. >> the archbishop said the one thing he's responsible forks the weather on friday and saturday. >> reporter: and he did a good job. coming up we'll talk to the executive director of komen maryland just about how special this partnership is. back to you, joce. infeld fest 2012. the gates open at 8 a.m. check out live performance for maroon 5, wiz kalifa and the prokeness -- preakness.
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call 410-542-9400. summer swim season around the corner and parents you've got to be on alert. drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children. where they most often and up in the water. you already know that saturated fat is bad for your heart but a new study says it's no good for your brain.
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more american children die by drowning than any other cause by birth defects. half of the children who died from drowning died in swimming
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pools, in many cases after sneaking out of the house. experts say parents should stay vigilant. health experts have been saying that saturated fats are bad for a heart but a new study shows this may affect the brain. researchers looked at 6,000 women 65 or older. women with diets high in saturated fats, did poorly am memory set ofs. those with unsaturated fats did better. heading out for dinner you can find many saturated fats at the new restaurant. a large percentage don't meet rec machine dations for knew tigs. that includes fat, calories and sodium contents. the national restaurant association said they're working toward the change, including
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making sure nutritional information is listed on the menu. just log on. you'll find today's health headlines to help upfind the information you and your family need. last year a record breaker for state voters, but not in a good way. what's being done to keep injuries down on the water in maryland. he terrorized the drivers in mississippi but a man in two highway shootings is under arrest. >> and is our love affair with sphoob getting -- facebook getting steal.
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cuts and tax hikes approved by lawmakers in annapolis won't keep harford community college
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from raising tuition. it's not just this year's but the last fur years. the hike means each credit hike will cost you about $8 more. there was a huge bust by state and federal agents. 14 were arrested and face either murder or drug charges. the ring was broken up after a murder and several shootings last year. investigators say they busted the ring thanks to the policy of targeting the most violent criminals. a mound of evidence has been made public in the shooting of florida teen trayvon martin. among the documents stating george zimmerman had a broken nose, bruises and cuts on the back of his head. a toxicology report shows that mar ten had marijuana in his system. we also note chief investigator said martin's death was avoidable had zimmerman s


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