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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 19, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking overnight, the blind chinese dissident, who made that daring escape from house arrest, he is heading to america right now. his escape set off a huge diplomatic battle between america and china. will his arrival make tensions worse? failure to launch. just hours ago, what was to be a historic first. >> three, two, one, zero. and liftoff. >> ends in embarrassment. the first commercial rocket to head to the space station grounded. what went wrong? celebrity smackdown. look at this. a reporter tries to kiss will smith on the red carpet. he gets a smack right across the face. so, did smith overreact here? or is this another sign of out-of-control celebrity news coverage? and cloned canines. could you imagine loving your
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deceased dog so much, you cloned him not once, not twice, but three times? well, meet the man who did just that. was it worth the $100,000? ♪ now, you're just somebody that i used to know ♪ good morning, everybody. look who we've got. it's the co-anchor of our overnight newscast. she's looking over our shoulder. she is the lovely and utterly clonible, paula faris. in for bianna golodryga. good morning to you. >> now, you have a cat named steve. would you clone steve? >> my wife would sooner clone steve than she would clone me. she knows it's true. >> good morning, bianca, his wife. thanks, dan. there's a lot going on, including the state of emergency out west. look at this map. 11 major wildfires now growing in 7 states. and it's not even summer yet. why are so many fires starting so early? our meteorologist
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ginger zee will break it all down. with europe teetering on the edge of financial collapse, which could bring our economy down with it. a major summit of world leaders at camp david, this weekend. so, why, then, is this face getting most of the attention? she is the glamorous journalist who lives with the new president of france. she is causing a bunch of protocol headaches like what do we call her? first girlfriend? that story, coming up. >> sounds like a dilemma. and we're going to introduce you to the man who decided to juggle his way through an entire triathlon. let me repeat. he juggled balls during an entire triathlon. >> there he is, juggling next to you. >> he put on my lip gloss while juggling. is there anything he can't do? he's been roaming all around. and he's been roaming all around. >> burning questions for him. how did you do it? and why did you do it? >> i think why? and he has a baby due in october. give him some advice, don't juggle the baby. >> a lot going on in that guy's life. first, though, a lot of news breaking overnight. for that, ron claiborne is here,
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including this chinese dissident. >> good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. that breaking news is that the blind chinese activist who is at the center of a diplomatic crisis between china and the u.s., he is now on his way to this country. chen guangcheng is on his way to the u.s., where he boarded a flight for newark, new jersey. nick schifrin joins us with the latest from london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, ron. this diplomatic rollercoaster threatened the very future of u.s./chinese relations. but today, the chinese have let the folk hero come to the u.s. and the u.s. has scored a major victory. chen's release from chinese custody, reads like a spy novel. the u.s. rushed him into the embassy, using getaway cars. but the fact, as you said, he is coming to new york to study is a fact that the relationship between the u.s. and china has matured. and the man whose aviator glasses has become a symbol of human rights is now free after
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seven years of chinese persecution. ron? >> chen will be due to arrive in new jersey later this evening, local time. and president obama and leaders of the major industrialized nations are meeting at camp david this weekend. topping today's agenda, getting europe's debt crisis under control. while spurring economic growth. that will mean pushing germany to back away from its push to austerity. also on the docket, addressing iran's nuclear ambitions. and three protesters at the upcoming nato summit in chicago, were arrested on conspiracy to commit terrorism. they were allegedly planning to make molotov cocktails. thousands of people marched in downtown chicago on friday, ahead of that two-day summit. and mitt romney, he is closing the gap with president obama when it comes to fund-raising. the presumptive republican presidential nominee had $60 million in the bank at the end of april. a lot of money, but only about half of president obama's
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campaign war chest. but the gap has closed sharply from the previous month, as republican donors begin opening their wallets for mitt romney. and new details in the manhunt of the illinois man accused of killing his wife just hours after they were married. the fbi says armando jimenez said he was going to mexico, where his parents live. his cell phone was tracked near the mexican/u.s. border sunday night. at the end of his school's talent show, he really impressed. he got up and walked for his classmates for the first time. everyone erupted in cheers. there were a lot of tears in his family. they hope, if it's possible, he may walk on his own without the supports again. >> without the supports? >> without the supports. >> fantastic. thank you, ron. >> courageous and resilient. now, to the first morning that wasn't.
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just hours ago, the first-ever commercial rocket, not a nasa rocket, was set to launch and link up with the international space station. but watch what happens. >> three, two, one, zero. and liftoff -- liftoff did not occur. >> uh-oh. no, it doesn't occur. the very definition of failure to launch. so, we're going to bring in abc's lisa stark, a veteran of nasa coverage. lisa, this was supposed to be a new dawn in space exploration. they were supposed to deliver supplies to the space station. so, what went wrong? well, paula, there was a problem with engine number five. the rocket has nine engines. they all seemed to be working fine until half a second before liftoff. that's how close it was. that's when the launch was aborted. and it appeared there was a high pressure reading from engine five. that's why they did not take off. the company says it's not certain why it happened. but they'll begin troubleshooting with the hope of launching next tuesday. that's the next opportunity.
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>> again, this is all privately funded. how will this impact privately funded space race? >> reporter: this is privately developed. but nasa has also paid a lot of money. it's a major disappointment. it really would have been much worse if that rocket had lifted off and then failed. but this really does underscore how truly tough space travel is. how much patience and stick-to-itness these private companies are going to have to have. paula? >> all right. lisa stark in washington. thanks for that report, lisa. >> you said it when you said rut-roh. in the west this morning, they're dealing with an ominously named wildfire. it's called gladiator. it's 1 of 11 fires in 7 states. with people evacuating and crews rushing in, this question. do these early fires mean we're in for a long, hot, dangerous
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summer? let's get over to our meteorologist, ginger zee. hey, ginger, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the weather hasn't done firefighters any favors. 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts, dry, hot conditions. a perfect storm for an unusually early start to fire season. arizona ablaze. nearly 600 firefighters out in force. battling the flames from the ground and from the air. they're trying to contain two, massive fires. hundreds are already evacuated. now, two more towns are threatened. >> based on the forecast with these higher winds, we're going to position people in safe locations. >> reporter: so far, the arizona fires have destroyed almost 30,000 acres combined. in neighboring colorado, the dry, warm weather has only fueled the wildfire there. 8,000 acres charred. but firefighters were able to save the community of livermore. and residents were allowed back in late friday.
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>> helicopters were dropping a lot of water on the fire right near our house. maybe 1,000 yards from our house. >> reporte earliest starts to fire season in years. look at this map. more fires raging in nevada, new mexico and utah. so, just what's going on? it's been the warmest 12 months in recorded history. and across the west, dried-out forests and brush are primed to ignite at the tiniest of sparks. and to answer your question, dan, what will this mean for summer, of course, it will mean more fire. and here's one big reason why. the climate prediction center puts out the above-average forecast for almost three-quarters of the nation. but look at the southwest. arizona, parts of new mexico, nevada, all the states already dealing with fire, are going to be superhot or above-average heat going into the next three months. dan? >> that does not look good. thank you, ginger zee. we'll get your full national forecast in just a few minutes. first, here's a crazy statistic. 80 million. that's the number of shares of
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facebook that traded hands in the first 30 seconds of the stock debut yesterday. but despite the friend frenzy and all of the hype, this question this morning. why did the stock price fail to soar? abc's akiko fujita is on the story this morning. akiko, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning, one-third of facebook employees are waking up millionaires. but facebook shares finished just 23 cents higher than they opened. falling flat after all that hype. and many are asking why. the hype was building for months. >> it's going public. >> a lot of potential in facebook stock. >> reporter: all of it leading to this. >> let's do this. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg in that trademark hoodie, taking his company public. the stock opened at $38. then, shot up 13% immediately. 100 million shares traded hands within minutes. but it quickly lost steam.
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smaller investors who feared they would be frozen out were able to get the stock easily and cheaply. with a lack of that big pop for a company that doesn't really sell anything, the pressure is on, which could change your facebook experience. >> facebook is cool. that's what it's going for. ads are uncool. >> reporter: maybe not. but they've been slowly popping up on the site. and to deliver to investors, zuckerberg will need to sell a lot more. and amid growing privacy concerns, what about all of your personal information? >> where it could get ugly. will they start to charge for certain parts of the experience? >> reporter: and the company headquarters, the average facebook employee is now worth an average $3 million each. as for zuckerberg, he's now worth more than $19 billion. but he says his mission isn't changing. >> our mission isn't to be a public company. our mission is to make the world more open and connected. >> reporter: and despite what some call a letdown, the numbers are still staggering.
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the closing price means this morning, facebook is worth about $105 billion. and, paula, that's more than amazon and mcdonald's. >> i know dan harris is holding on to the $43 share you bought yesterday, hoping it skyrockets. >> already lost money. >> thank you, akiko. the funeral for mary kennedy, the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr., is being held today. it's the latest in a long line of kennedy tragedies. but this one, being held as the two sides of her family fight bitterly over what to do with her. and the family was sparring in court on the day of her wake. tanya rivero is here with that story. good morning, tanya. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it's true. that court battle continued until just hours before mary richardson kennedy's wake last night. but the funeral, this morning, with four children grieving their beloved mother. yet another tragic gathering for the kennedy clan.
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last night, the wake. this morning, the funeral for mary richardson kennedy, estranged wife of robert kennedy jr., whose apparent suicide has left her family shocked, saddened and divided. the two sides of mary's family bitterly feuded in court friday over the fate of her body, as it languished at the medical examiner's office, until late yesterday, when the court ordered it be released to robert, just hours before the wake at the family's bedford home, where friends, family and even governor andrew cuomo gathered to pay their respects. >> she loved everyone. that's all i know about mary. she loved everyone. and she doesn't want anybody to be fighting. >> reporter: but that's exactly what they were doing. fighting over where she would be buried and who would get the house she and robert built together. mary's family angry because mary was reportedly upset over her impending divorce. while rumors surfaced of robert being romantically linked with actress, cheryl hines.
8:14 am
>> he's as happy as you would want to make him. and he is next to a woman who looks as happy as you wish you were. >> reporter: on wednesday, a housekeeper found mary in the family's garage. she leaves behind four children. she was widely regarded as a loving mother. but her struggles with alcohol and drugs became public as her marriage faltered. >> this is a woman who had a career, as an architectural designer. she gave up that career when she got married. she devoted herself to raising her kids. she's in a big house. and all of a sudden, it looks like that life is going to end. >> reporter: the judge sided with husband, robert kennedy, on all points. so, despite her family's objections, mary will be buried in hyannisport with the kennedys. but her family did announce plans for a separate memorial service monday in manhattan. paula? dan? >> thank you, tanya. here are three words that may become the new catchphrase for courage. let's do this.
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those are the words uttered by this young woman, aimee copeland, when she was told she would have to undergo a series of life-altering amputations. she is the victim of a rare, flesh-eating bacteria. and her handling of this crisis has been extraordinary. here's abc's yunji de nies. >> reporter: aimee copeland is a fighter like no other. the 24-year-old has been battling a rare, flesh-eating infection after a zip lining accident on may 1st. she has already lost her left leg. and now, to save her life, doctors must amputate her other foot and both hands. on his blog, her father writes that after giving her the news, she smiled and raised her hands up, carefully examining them. she then looked at us. we all understood her next three words. and those three words, so brave. she said simply, let's do this. he wrote that while he was crying, aimee shed no tears. she never batted an eyelash. >> i believe in endless hope.
8:16 am
which i'd rather have than a hopeless end. and i believe in aimee, my daughter, whom i love dearly. >> reporter: andy copeland is in awe of his daughter's strength. but despite this setback, is staying positive. >> aimee's spirits are high. her condition is growing stronger every day. >> reporter: what kind of improvements are you seeing? >> her alertness, more than anything. >> reporter: she's now asking for books, her laptop and cell phone. her older sister, paige, has been reading to her from a book about meditation. and her father says it has brought amiee peace. >> retry to leave the negatives out. we told aimee to focus on medication, prayer. and we believe she can do things to help heal herself. >> reporter: and there's even moments of joy. her father writes that when he played this jack johnson song, "better together," for aimee, she started swinging and bobbing her head. you'd have thought she was grooving on the dance floor. in her limitless imagination,
8:17 am
she was. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta. >> didn't blink an eye. what a brave young woman. well, as ron told us earlier in his newscast, world leaders are gathering this morning at camp david in maryland, trying to find a way to move europe back from the brink of economic disaster. if there's another headline of the summit, it's the arrival of france's first lady. she is smart, glamorous and in a historic first, not actually married to the new president. abc's david kerley has more from washington. >> reporter: she has arrived. now, in america. valerie trierweiler. the french president's companion. girlfriend. do we call her first lady? >> it's hard to call her mrs. because she's not married to the president. but i think she's what we would call her by her first name. and on any protocol list or on any place cards, she would be called a madame by her own last name. >> reporter: but not first lady.
8:18 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she's a journalist, has a tv program and doesn't plan to give up her work. and even blasting her own magazine, "paris match," which put her on the cover. calling her, francois hollande's asset. for that, she's been nicknamed the rottweiler. twice married, twice divorced. three teenage sons and outspoken. the protocol officers may have some trouble. but not the first spouses club, at least here in the west. >> these are duly elected leaders. and their partners will be accepted. i think there may be places where co-habitation and without marriage is not accepted, like in saudi arabia. >> reporter: the new president and his companion don't seem troubled in the least. valerie says she didn't choose the publicity. she chose francois. and they are the first unwed couple to occupy the presidential palace.
8:19 am
she's a partner, offering political advice. and even a weight loss program before the presidential campaign. >> i think she can be very useful to him. i think she was. she knows the ropes. she knows the profession. she knows politics. >> reporter: valley trierweiler will join the first spouse club. michelle obama is giving them a tour of the white house, as the talks about the european economy continue at camp david. dan and paula? >> david, merci, for that report. a little french i remember. >> that was impressive. no question on our first lady of the forecast. >> well deserved. >> i like that. beaucoup. >> merci beaucoup. she said much. >> let's start out with much. let's start with the much volatile weather in minnesota. minneapolis had 93, their warmest yet.
8:20 am
then came the storms. this is near st. cloud. super heavy rain, too. where does that happen today? again in minnesota. but some of the most severe, from omaha, south to wichita falls. we'll look for gusty winds, damaging and hails. we'll be covering that. but also, the really heavy rains continue. maybe some flooding concerns out there in nebraska. and same tasty weather to start your weekend in the northeast. all about 5 to 15 degrees above average. i'm going to leave you with the national outlook. >> oh, the french lessons continue during the break. let's check the facebook and
8:21 am
twitter photos this morning. some stormy skies here from parts of illinois, just north of chicago. really nice there. and high clouds in chattanooga. they were so great when i was down there doing hang gliding. and the news director sent that picture in. a nice little city. >> i love tennessee. >> like rosetta stone up in here. with all of the french going on. thank you, ladies. now, to one of the strangest political showdowns in memory. it's happening in north-central texas this weekend. the incumbent, his name is roy brooks. and he is facing a challenger, her name, roy brooks. we're calling this, and i apologize in advance for this, the battle roy-ale. and linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: in the pantheon of famous roys. ♪ pretty woman >> reporter: there's roy orbison. roy rogers. roy jones jr. and soon to join them, roy brooks. or is it this roy brooks?
8:22 am
even though voters in tarrant county texas won't head to the polls until later in the month, we already know the winner's name in this hotly-contested race. roy brooks is sure to win because roy brooks is running against roy brooks. sure to be a battle royale. in this battle, the challenger, roy laverne brooks. >> i'm not worried about confusion. >> reporter: versus the incumbent, roy charles brooks. >> there is absolutely no confusion about the record. >> reporter: if they've avoided the usual name-calling it's because names are the one thing they can agree on. while he's focused on managing growth, her aim is to fight crime and promote education funding. she says her opponent has simply been in offers too long. >> consequently, you don't get nothing but the same results. here i come with new ideals. >> reporter: new ideas. but the same, old name. only the two brooks may have voters up a creek when it comes to casting their ballot. for "good morning america,"
8:23 am
linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> oh, dan. you always like my bad puns. how about royal confusion. >> love it. keep them coming, all morning long. >> that's all i've got. coming up on "gma," don't get fresh with the fresh prince, apparently. one reporter learning it the hard way. the question, did smith overreact here, maybe? >> don't try to kiss him. plus, meet the man who cloned his dog, not once, but three times. why did he do it? and are they worth the nearly $100,000 price tag. >> he was going for one and got three instead. he got a bargain. also, the guy who did a triathlon while juggling, even during the swimming part. is there anything he cannot do while juggling? >> no. >> he's making coffee. >> more cream. more sugar. ♪ ♪ allez ouais...woo!
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oh, my god. >> what the hell is your problem, buddy? >> ooh. >> little upper cut there. that's will smith slapping a tv reporter, who tried to kiss him on the lips. pucker up, right? the hollywood nice guy lashing out at the premiere of his new movie. did he overreact? or are stars being pushed too far by paparazzi and journalists on the red carpet? good morning, america. i'm paul ra ferris in for bianna golodryga this saturday. >> he was kind of smiling. but tough to tell. >> how would you reply in that moment? >> probably how will did. good morning. i'm dan harris. it's saturday, may 19th. here is a litmus test in terms of how much you love your pet. would you clone your dog or your cat? this guy did it for $100,000. he thought he was going to get just one dog. but he got three. are they anything like the original?
8:31 am
we'll tell you in just a couple minutes. >> the lengths some will go through for their family. plus, beliebers in disbelief. are justin bieber and selena gomez calling it quits? the strange tweet from her boyfriend, maybe. ron's been very disturbed by all that. >> ron has been looking at this. fixated on the tweets. >> the teen drama. >> we're going to get you to the truth in "pop news." and if you're feeling lazy this morning, this guy will definitely motivate you. he's juggling while swimming. he's doing a triathlon. he juggled the entire time. that's not the only thing he can do. we had him answering phones around the office this morning while juggling. we're going to get you to -- there he is, answering phones. we had him doing lots clerical work while juggling. and we're going to meet him in just a couple of minutes. >> clearly, a multitasker. the slap seen and heard around the world. will smith, who slapped the
8:32 am
reporter who tried to kiss him during the premiere of "men in black." john muller is here with the story. i would kiss you this morning. >> reporter: a slightly different dynamic. i might actually accept that. all right. you got me a little flustered. will smith did not accept the challenge. he didn't appreciate a reporter getting way too close for comfort. the fresh prince using the back of his hand to make that clear in front of the cameras. it's one of a series of bizarre incidents from the red carpet. >> what the hell is your problem? >> reporter: an exasperated will smith, delivering a backhanded slap to the face of a reporter during a premiere in moscow. what's he mad about? check the video. the overly affectionate doesn't seem satisfied. he gets in smith's face and starts going for kisses. that's when smith pushes him away. following up the unwanted advances with an advance of a different kind.
8:33 am
tmz reports the ukrainian reporter has a reputation for kissing his interview subjects. it's kind of his shtick. immediately after the exchange, smith tried to lighten the mood. >> sorry. he kissed me in the mouth. sorry. >> absolutely. any reporter will tell you it's not professional to invade anyone's personal space. >> reporter: indeed, the red carpet is getting to be a bizarre, if not dangerous place of late. remember kim kardashian getting flour-bombed by a woman in london while trying to promote her new fragrance? and what about ryan seacrest, having ashes dumped on him by sasha barren cone, dressed in character at the oscars. and now, at "men in black." >> will smith was justified. he wasn't justified in hitting the reporter. >> reporter: we reached out to smith's reps for a comment. we didn't get a response. the online comments run the gamut. some question if smith went too
8:34 am
far. but honestly, the vast majority of responses i read are in defense of smith, for defending his personal space. >> can i follow-up? you said this reporter's shtick is kissing his interviewees? >> allegedly, that's his shtick, in eastern europe. he likes to kiss his interview subjects. >> on the lips? usually, they kiss both cheeks. >> this is from tmz. >> all right. >> hard-hitting news. >> consider the source. all right. ron claiborne's here with another look at the top headlines. top that, ron claiborne. >> oh. >> a right, right to the jaw of dan harris there. good morning, again, dan and paula. john. good morning, everyone. in the news, the blind chinese activist at the center of a diplomatic standoff between the u.s. and china, is now on a plane headed to the u.s., right now. chen guangcheng, who made a dramatic escape from house arrest last month,
8:35 am
left a beijing hospital this morning for the airport. and arizona is threatening to keep president obama off the ballot, unless hawaii produces his birth certificate. re-igniting a debate that's long been settled. hawaii says it will provide the birth certificate, if arizona proves it needs it. and the operation to raise the wrecked "costa concordia" cruise liner begins in days. salvage experts outlined their plan to pull it off the sea floor on the coast of italy and tow it away. finally, first, it was facebook. now, the super bowl, general motors stopped advertising on the social network earlier this week. and now, it will stop running commercials during football's big game because it's become too expensive. now, for the weather, over to ginger zee. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i have no idea what you said. let's go to miami and start the morning off. wplg, our wonderful affiliate there. doesn't look bad, right?
8:36 am
a really nice start. a stationary front, then a little activity coming up. thunderstorms possible today. all with the low-pressure system. that thing rotates counterclockwise. going to chuck some rain and clouds back in the carolinas and parts of the southeast. some folks are happy with that, because you need rain. here's a fly across the nation. some helpful rain in colorado for some of those fires. >> this weather report has been brought to you by burger king. dan and paula? >> thank you, ginger. sorry. we had offscreen mayhem we're laughing about. coming up here on the broadcast. meet the bobs. the dog owner who loved his dog so much, he had him cloned. instead of getting one dog, he got three. do any measure up to the original bob?
8:37 am
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it's something every pet owner can relate to. the wish to keep your pet around forever. there's a new show on tlc called "i cloned my pet." and it shows some people going above and beyond to bring their little friends back to life, including the guys on your screen right now, who really, really loved his dog. his name was bob. here's the story. this is bob. and this is bob. and this little guy, also bob. all three, identical clones of this dog, let's call him original bob. >> it's a knockoff dog. they're exactly like the other dog. their behavior is that way. >> reporter: original bob, a chihuahua, was the light of george semel's life. >> he was really special. >> reporter: this cosmetic surgeon from the los angeles area did everything with his dog. but almost a year ago, tragedy. while on a walk, a vicious rottweiler attacked bob and killed him instantly. >> he was my responsibility. he got killed. >> reporter: he vowed to do whatever he could to bring bob back. and that meant saving some of
8:42 am
the dog's dna in order to clone him. pet cloning is a small but growing business. but cloning is still extremely controversial. many people oppose it for religious reasons. others oppose it for ethical reasons, believing that dogs used as surrogates are mistreated. and others believe this is a slippery slope to human cloning. the only thing holding george back was the whopping price tag, $100,000. luckily, he found a company in south korea, who allowed him to pay off in installments. so, there he was one night, watching the action in south korea. expecting one bob. >> is he good? >> he's really healthy. >> reporter: but out came another. >> that's the second bob that came out. >> wow. >> reporter: and then, a third and final bob. for that $100,000, he would now get three for the price of one. each, essentially, an identical twin of original bob. when the puppies were ready,
8:43 am
three employees from the korean company boarded a plane with the dogs and delivered them to his doorstep. >> will he recognize me? will he be happy to see me? i mean, god only knows. >> i have a very special delivery from korea. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: and now, almost 16 weeks later, his 3 bobs, now named bob, jim and tom, are exceeding his expectations. >> they have the same habits. i mean, they are their own person. they seem to know things the other dogs seem to know. whatever genetics, it carries it. >> reporter: and check this out. these are the three bob clones sitting in the exact chair that original bob had always claimed as his own. >> this is the chair that bob sat in. when they first came, it took them very little time to find it. that is what i was hoping for. >> sweet. that's a lot of bobs. >> yeah. they are cute. but there's a lot of rescue animals that need homes, as well. by the way, "i cloned my pet"
8:44 am
airs monday on tlc. coming up here on "gma," how can a guy juggle and swim at the same time? you're looking at it. this guy did that and a lot more during a triathlon. >> so, is there anything this guy can't do? well, he's here in our -- he's here this morning, and he won't stop juggling. let's see if we can distract him. >> it's very tough. he said during the break, there's nothing you can do to make me drop the balls. lock at him. the look of concentration on his face. >> he's focused. we're back with a lot more with this guy and more in "pop news." keep it here. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge!
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and we're very happy to have abc's l.a. entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith. welcome to new york city. great to have you here in person. >> i love it. great to be back. >> he seems a little flustered. >> it's a tough morning. >> whatevs. big news today, guys. let's start with that big possible breakup we've been talking about all morning. justin bieber and selena gomez over? fans went into a frenzy after bieber sent out a cryptic tweet late thursday night that was quickly deleted. saying, thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now. she shuts shoots a movie called "the getaway," while he promotes his new song, "boyfriend." salena put this picture on facebook, with the caption, release from stress today. >> i think they're done. >> you think their done? >> is it possible it's just a p.r. stunt to promote his new song? am i being cynical? >> does he really need promotion? >> hello? since we're on the topic of heartthrobs, let's talk about
8:50 am
prince harry. he may have a new title. how about pop star? the prince made his recording debut in a music video to help celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee. he hits a tambourine a couple times and does a little dance. the prince happened to be in jamaica when they were recording the video. pretty cool. >> he's got some moves. >> oh, yeah. they say living well is the best revenge. second-best, maybe getting rid of all of your ex's stuff. that's exactly what this wisconsin woman did. she dumped her ex-husband's junk right in front of their home, next to a spray-painted sign that said free. another saying ex-husband sale. anyone wonder why she is so angry? just check out his suv. >> oh, cheater. >> yeah, cheater. cheater was painted on the side of it. >> should be alleged cheater. >> i don't know. >> stay away from that one. >> now, we know where ron stands. now, to that record-setting
8:51 am
triathlete. most of us would be happy just swimming a quarter of a mile, biking 16 miles or running 4 miles. but no. joe salter did all three while juggling the entire time. he's the first person to finish a triathlon while juggling. if you weren't already impressed, he did it in just under two hours. >> here he is. we have a question for you, why? >> why? >> just curiosity. i like running and juggling. so, why not go for the triathlon? >> what's the strangest thing you've ever done while juggling? >> while juggling? >> where are you going with this, paula? >> i was -- >> did you drop any of the balls when you were swimming? >> swimming a few times, just landed in the water. so, no big deal. none on the bike or the run. >> and you finished in under two hours. >> yeah. >> incredible. joe, you're a good sport. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back with
8:52 am
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all right. joe's going to get me in on the juggling. ready? >> high-five. >> he works with kids in local schools. he's the best. we'll be right back. with kids in local schools. he's the best.
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