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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 20, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- breaking news. a powerful, deadly earthquake in italy. ancient buildings destroyed. terrified people running into the street. chaos erupting in the middle of the night. developing now. the first named storm of the year, swirling off the carolina coast and hurricane season hasn't even begun. will it turn into a hurricane and head for land? our ginger zee is tracking the system. homegrown terror. three men in chicago, accused of plotting to attack the president's election headquarters, the mayor's home and police stations. this, as world leaders descend on the windy city for a major summit today. and talk about the ultimate status update. the unexpected news overnight. the world's youngest billionaire, the facebook founder, now worth $20 billion, married his
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longtime girlfriend in a surprise ceremony. how does this ultrarich 28-year-old get married? in his backyard, of course. good morning, everybody. how about mark zuckerberg? on friday, his company goes public. he makes $19 billion. the next day, he gets married. what is he going to do next? take over a small country. >> probably. >> yes. he got the money to do that. # >> i just love that he gave a very simple ruby. in fact, 100 guests thought they were going to her graduation party from med school. lo and behold they get married. >> we're very happy to say, that we have with us, this morning, our overnight "world news now" anchor paula faris. she's filling in for bianna while she's on her maternity
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leave. >> i warned dan, i had an energy drink. i should warn everyone. >> it's going to be a wild morning. >> hold on, everybody. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. amazing new video of a tornado as it touches down, this one in kansas, one of 23 that were reported in that state yesterday. fortunately, fortunately, nobody was hurt. we have details of that coming up. >> the video makes me think of ginger zee, who we love. we love our meteorologist for many reasons. because she never says no to any assignment. we asked her to jump into a rip current, she said, all right, i'm game. she took a lot of precautions for this. because rip currents can be deadly. just in time, ginger is going to teach us how to get one of these things alive. >> she can finally start saying no to some of these assignments. >> i know. know. we do have to say a lot of breaking news overnight.
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we want to start this morning with the headlines and for that, as always, we turn this gentleman, mr. ron claiborne. >> wow, that's quite an introduction. good morning, everyone. we'll begin, we begin with that powerful earthquake rocking northern italy. the deadly quake struck near the city of bologna. lama hasan joins us from london has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ron. that's right. a powerful earthquake, one of the strongest quakes in the last couple of years, followed by at least 20 aftershocks have hit the northern region of italy. 22 miles northwest of the historic city of bologna. killing at least 6 people and injuring more 50 others. at this hour, rescue teams including firefighters and medics across the region are being deployed, combing the area, looking for survivors. the quake struck overnight, shortly after 4:00 a.m., terrified residents jolted awake by the quake.
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people scrambled for safety. the quake also caused a significant amount of damage. toppling buildings. and on this sunday, ron, many churches are being closed until they are deemed safe enough. >> okay, lama, thank you for that. and the blind chinese activist, at the center of diplomatic stand-off between the u.s. and china, is now in the u.s. chen guancheng arrived at his new home in new york city, he said that he's grateful to the american embassy in beijing and the chinese government for letting him leave. chen will now study at law school at new york university for the next two years. and georgia woman, fighting a rare flesh-eating disease, has now taken a turn for the worse. she is in critical condition. copeland has been incredibly
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brave throughout this ordeal. when told that she would have to have her hands amputated, she said let's do it. and another endorsement for same-sex marriage, one that could help president obama in november. the naacp has passed a resolution endorsing gay marriage as a civil right, this comes almost two weeks after the president announced his support for same-sex marriage. and finally, we could maybe have a triple crown winner for the first time in 34 years, i'll have another at the preakness. in another thrilling race. he beat bodemeister. the same horse he edged in the kentucky derby. there have been 11 horses since affirm who won the first two legs of the triple crown but did not win the belmont. i want to show you something right here, colleagues. this is a winning ticket on affirm. 1978. i was a belmont. >> you're dating yourself, ron claiborne. >> i was a little kid. i asked an adult to bet for me. >> right, well said.
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>> right. >> thank you very much. we do have some breaking weather news overnight. hurricane season doesn't start for two weeks. but now, we have the first named storm of the season, it is tropical storm alberto, it's now looming off the carolina coast. how bad will this thing be? and is it a thing to come? let's get over to our meteorologist, ginger zee. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. that alberto, tropical storm, here's what significant about it, it shouldn't become a hurricane, but the impact will be high surf, some gusty winds and the whole deal, it's early, way too early, we haven't seen a tropical storm this early since 2003, that's when we had anna, back in april of 2003, today the advisory includes 6 to 9-foot waves. here's what's going to happen. it does this weird backtrack. west-southwest. then starts to go up the northeast. can you believe that i'm showing this type of track already? it's way too early.
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it should stay offshore and not become a hurricane. still much too early as we look at the gulf temperatures way too early. back to both of you. >> thank you, ginger. and many of the world's most powerful leaders are in chicago today for the nato summit. but new security fears this morning. three men all american arrested and charged with plotting to hit key areas of the city, including the president's re-election headquarters with explosive devices. and police remain on high alert this morning. abc's alex perez has the lastest from chicago. >> reporter: prosecutors didn't mince any words. they said that these men are domestic terrorists who had one goal in mind -- hurt people. investigators say brian church, jared chase and vincent betterly were finalizing a plot involving explosives on. the president's headquarters.
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authorities said that they plan to distract officers by hurling molotov cocktails. injuring as my officers as possible. >> brian church at one point, asked his co-defendants if he -- they had ever seen a cop on fire? >> they traveled from florida to chicago to protest the summit which begins later today. >> this plot very clearly does not represent protest behavior. this is criminal behavior. >> reporter: according to police, the men are self-proclaimed anarchists. part of the activist movement known for inciting violence. former chicago police superind dent called the arrest a huge get on a weekend where the world is watching. an undercover officer infiltrated the group and helped foil the plot. >> when you someone imbedded in a group of bad guys. >> reporter: according to police, the men had mortar guns, swords and hunting bow.
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the suspects' attorney released this photo, they say the equipment they were working were used to brew beer not bombs. >> it's a setup. it's sensationalism by the police. >> and the men are being held on $1.5 million bond. the nato summit officially begins later this afternoon. dan? >> alex, thank you. before that nato summit, world leaders were holding a big economic summit at camp david, focused on the chaos in europe, which could create a domino effect. if greece defaults that could wipe out banks all over europe that lent the greeks money. if europe falls into a recession, that's very bad news for investors all over the world. american businesses, who have more than trillion dollars invested there. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, "good morning america" co-anchor and host of "this week." george, good morning to you.
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the stakes are so high here for president obama, if europe falls into a recession, that could bring us down. and that of course, damages the president's chances of getting re-elected. did he make any progress at this summit? >> he tried. he tried to get all of the leaders to agree to get growth in the short term spending cuts. he got all of the leaders to say that this is what they're focussed on what right now. we'll see what they actually agree on and the big date coming up, dan, is june 17th, that's the date of the greek elections and the greeks haven't been able to come to any agreement on how to pay any their debts. the rest of the european countries aren't sure they want to bail them out. that's the crisis point. if the greeks can't continue to pay their debts, after that election, the domino effect could start to fall. it's not overstating the proposition to say that what
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happens in greece has a lot more impact on president obama's re-election than almost anything that could happen here in the united states over the next six months. >> that's so fascinating. george stephanopoulos, thank you very much for your insight. i want to remind people, do not miss later this morning, george will be on "this week," speaking exclusively to the house speaker john boehner and the house democratic leader nancy pelosi. we turn now to the latest tragedy involving the kennedy family, mary richardson kennedy's siblings stayed far away from their funeral as robert f. kennedy jr. and his four children and close friends said good-bye. a who's who filling the church, we have more now from abc's taina rivero. >> reporter: gingerly carrying their mother's casket out of church, later kneeling in prayer before it was lowered into her grave,
8:12 am
mary richardson kennedy's children put their beloved mom to rest. kerry kennedy played matchmaker for the couple 16 years ago. >> she was an angel who was brought to us to live with us here on earth. i think that god bought her back up to heaven and said you don't have to fight for me anymore. >> reporter: just three days after her tragic suicide the kennedy clan along with dozens of friends and celebrities crowded into this small church outside of new york city, to remember the loving mother of four, generous friend to many. >> it was a very beautiful service. robert did a fabulous job at remembering all of the great things about his wife. he's very sensitive. and tearful. >> reporter: glenn close, larry david, chevy chase, edward
8:13 am
james, susan sarandon and kennedy luminaries paying respects. some shocking absences, several of mary's siblings didn't attend, blaming robert for many of mary's struggles. the bitterness between the families led to a court battle on friday as both sides made separate plans to mourn mary. her brother filed a last-minute lawsuit over her remains, the couple's $4 million house and control over her final resting place. but, still, her legal husband, the judge ruled in robert's favor and mary was buried near the kennedy compound in hyannisport. where her children parade that she would finally be at peace. the richardson family announced their own plans to hold a memorial tomorrow at a manhattan hotel. what is not as certain is how many kennedys will attend. >> and her ex-husband robert f.
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kennedy delivering the eulogy yesterday. to another twist in the case of missing 6-year-old isabel celis, questions have been swirling around her father. after police announced that he was no longer allowed to see his other children. but now, isabel's mother is speaking out and defending her husband. >> my husband loves the boys and my daughter. >> reporter: rebecca publicly defended her husband banned from seeing their children. >> it's like a bad dream that we can't wake up from. >> reporter: sergio celis forced to watch from a distance. this concrete wall between him and his family. >> at the end of the day, when she comes home, all of the questions will be answered. >> reporter: isabel hasn't come home for nearly a month. >> i need to report a missing child. >> reporter: sergio celis made
8:15 am
this 911 call late in april. he said that she was taken from her bedroom, window screen removed. days later, he made this public plea for his daughter's return. >> we're looking for you. we love you. >> reporter: one week ago, child protective services played the celis' sons in soul custody of the mother. fueling speculation that sergio celis may be connected to isabel's disappearance. >> when you put anyone under a microscope, like isabel's family is under a microscope, you see things that don't look like right and they end up getting reported. and i think that's what happened in this case. >> reporter: investigators maintain they can't rule out her parents but they say the family has been cooperative since the beginning. for the first time, the police are calling this abduction. rebecca celis is turning to the community to keep isabel's story
8:16 am
alive. >> i know in my heart she's somewhere out there. >> police say they are still working under the assumption that isabel is still alive. they have gotten more than 1,000 tips so far. but none have led them to isabel. dan? >> such a sad story. this has been an interesting weekend for mark zuckerberg, on friday, his company, a little outfit called facebook, started selling shares on wall street, instantly earning the 28-year-old $19 billion on paper at least. and then yesterday, he got married in a secret, surprise ceremony. ron is back with this pretty major status update. >> an interesting week. a huge week for mark zuckerberg. on monday he celebrated his 28th birthday. on friday, facebook had its ipo. and yesterday, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend. >> let's do this. >> reporter: on friday, this seemed to be the biggest day of mark zuckerberg's young life. taking his company public and making himself $20 billion
8:17 am
richer. but now it turns out, this may be the biggest day of his life. on saturday afternoon, one of the youngest billionaires on the planet, took off his hoodie, donned a suit and married his longtime girlfriend priscilla chan. for all of his billions, this was a small ceremony, held in his backyard in palo alto, california, less than 100 guests attended and they didn't even know they were coming to a wedding. they thought it was a graduation party for priscilla. >> with all of the news that facebook took up this week, this is something that no one expected. that on the heels of the second largest ipo in america history the ceo gets married. >> reporter: the two have been dating since they were students at harvard together, before facebook was facebook. >> this isn't an impulse buy. this is not your newly minted billionaire's expenditure. he designed the ring beforehand. he had been dating the girl for eight years. >> reporter: chan is a pediatrician who just graduated from medical school this week. mark zuckerberg spoke to robin
8:18 am
roberts about the how the story she told from the e.r. help to spire a new initiative on facebook, organ donation. >> our dinner conversations, often about facebook and kids and the kids that she's meeting. she'll see them getting sicker and then all of a sudden, an organ comes available. she likes she comes home and her face is all lit up, because, someone's life is going to be better because of this. >> now she is mrs. zuckerberg and her young billionaire's life is just a little richer. and the bride's wedding ring was described as a simple ruby, designed by zuckerberg. so far on zuckerberg's facebook page, his website has gotten 664,000 likes. dan, you were saying, what's next for zuckerberg? we have this breaking news. he's taking over the nation of andorra, even as we speak.
8:19 am
>> okay, ron claiborne. line of the morning -- this is not an impulse buy. thank you, ron. let's get it over to ginger zee for the national forecast. good morning to you. >> a really active day severe weatherwise. let me show you this tornado video again. this is from kansas, 50 miles southwest of wichita, you're looking at some debris flying, a very fortunate thing, it happened in a rural area. so no one was injured or killed. but we had 200 reports, 25 of those tornado reports. lot of times those aren't filtered. but look at the wind and hail, too. we'll have another severe weather day, this is the area that needs to be alert today. from green bay through chicago, into parts of northwest indiana. so all included in this. and oh, there's this. this is the annual solar eclipse
8:20 am
the moon goes over the sun, anywhere with great weather, from flagstaff, up to parts of eastern, northern california. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> some cooler weather helped fire conditions back in the southwest. coming up in my next weathercast, we'll talk about the warmth, the wind and dry coming back. >> all right, thank you, ginger. we do have news this morning, congress taking action
8:21 am
addressing the looming shortage of helium. a world without it. no floaty balloons. no flat blimps. >> no way to alter your voice in a juvenile way. and there are other critical uses as abc's dan kloeffler shows us. >> reporter: imagine a birthday party without balloons? skies without blimps? and thanksgiving parade falling flat. take a deep breath. because the helium bubble could burst. right now, the federal helium reserve, yes, the government keeps a lid on a third of the world's supply, it's pricey to store it. the government is offering fire sales to buy it. once it's gone, it's gone. so, folks, might get desperate to get this party staple. how many balloons do you blow up on the weekend? >> 500, 600.
8:22 am
>> why the shortage? bare with me, it gets technical. 1996, most be sold off by 2015. which means, whole sailers have the opportunity to get 11,000 acres of helium at half-price. as we float closer to that deadline the supply is dropping off and party guys like ken are getting wrapped up in skyward helium costs. how much has the price gone up? >> almost 20%. >> reporter: almost 20%. it would stop a lot of science. helium gets rockets into space. puts lcd screens in our living rooms and even helps doctors provide mris. as for parties. there aren't many options. if not helium, what could we feel it with? >> with regular air, it doesn't go. >> reporter: so you're anti-air? which explains why a world
8:23 am
without helium wouldn't float with many people. for "good morning america," dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. >> he's not anti-air. >> apparently not. coming up here on the broadcast -- it was like a scene out of the primetime courtroom drama. the latest twist in the spray tan murder case. plus, danger zone, our ginger zee takes -- gets thrown into a freezing, deadly rip current, what she learned to save your life. and check out this dog, can he figure out how to make it through this door with that rake in his mouth? >> no. [ lech ] acid erosion is a growing problem.
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that is our fearless ginger zee in the danger zone, just off the shores. the danger not sharks, not jelly fish, not dan harris in the water the powerful currents. she'll show us how powerful and how to stay safe. good morning, america. i'm paula faris. on this wonderful sunday morning. because i'm next to you. >> i'm dan harris. this sunday, may 20th. ginger has had her fear gene surgically removed. with beach season coming up, she has some life-saving information for families. also this morning -- take a look at this. a guy. a sheep. a pond. what could happen next? the big reveal coming in a little segment we call "fixation." >> it's sounds like a bad joke. all right, but first, everyone, the real-life courtroom drama. can case of law and disorder.
8:31 am
a police investigator admits that she went under the covers, with another detective, having an affair that could now impact the trial. a man who made headlines when he claimed that his wife spray tan may help exonerate him. abc's john muller with the latest bizarre twist in this most unusual case. >> paula, this murder trial has had drama bombshells. long after the spray tan defense had been scraped. new allegations an affair between two of the lead investigators, humiliation for the prosecutions. it was a surprise line of questioning. >> a simple question, are you married. >> reporter: the detective, one of the evidence technicians in the case, questioned about her relationship with a fellow investigator. >> do you have an affair with the detective? >> yes, and my husband is well aware of it. >> the questioning just got more heated from there. >> i wanted to clarify. >> you knew that you had
8:32 am
misinterpreted your relationship? >> it wasn't part of the case. >> then in a moment, befitting a television crime drama, once excused, she stood up, stormed out and slammed the door. playing out in the middle of high-stakes murder trial. a florida real estate developer accused of his killing his wife. prosecutors say that he strangled her. but the defense said that he found her dead on the bathroom floor. moments later, he made this 911 call. the defense said that it was unknown heart condition that caused her to fall on a magazine rack. ultimately causing injuries to her neck. and this magazine rack was at the center of that dramatic testimony. the defense said that the detective howell never took the contents of that rack into a lab. and they are argue, any forensic evidence on those magazines could help prove adam's innocent.
8:33 am
>> one could infer that there was some sort of conspiracy to hide evidence. >> reporter: the prosecution argues that the relationship had no effect on the investigation. >> anything about their relationship, at all, that would affect your ability to carry out your job duties. >> no. >> it's very damaging, indeed. both sides will be back in court tomorrow. testimony expected to continue for several more weeks. >> thank you very much. >> wow, a wild case. let's check the overnight headlines once again with mr. ron claiborne. good morning to you. in the news, northern italy was rocked by a powerful earthquake this morning near the historic city of bologna. at least six people were killed. and dozens injured. the quake toppled buildings. new records show that the deadly tornado tat leveled joplin one year ago, was the costliest twister since 1950s. taxpayers may cover about half a billion dollars. and the transgender beauty
8:34 am
queen hoping to be named miss universe canada, well, she fell short of her goal. she was in final 12, but failed to make the final 5 in that pageant. finally, pudsey the dog, has rejected an offer to appear on "american idol." tmz reports that his owner turned down american idol because the talented dog is too busy to be famous. >> got to love tmz. >> by the way, sometimes on live television, you say dumb things. yesterday, i made an off-hand comment about tmz. big apologies to them. let's get it over to ginger zee once again. hey, jerng. good morning to both of you. i showed you a tornado earlier. now, let's see a gustnado, it's a low-lying feature.
8:35 am
it's a downdraft that causes it. there's the picture there. i want to show you the rain associated with it. tulsa, you're in some significant rain. if not some flooding. green bay down to chicago. another little bit off into the east. tonight, the beautiful weekend that we have had is going to come an end. real quick. dry and hot coming back into the southwest. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by simmons beauty rest. paula? okay, ginger, you're upping the ante on these extreme things. aren't you? >> you need to come along. >> no. we're fearful. you're fearless. coming up, ginger zee's most dangerous challenge yet, taking
8:36 am
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welcome back, everybody. as a fellow michiganite -- ginger is also from michigan. both of us got caught in rip currents on lake michigan. fascinated by this next story you're about to do. >> as a child growing up there, it happens all the time. in the summer and spring especially in the great lakes and also in the oceans, it's something that i covered for years. but this time, i went inside the rip current myself, in the ocean, and here's what i learned. it's one of the ocean's most deadly threats. more deadly than lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes combined in an average year. it is a rip current. >> it's kind of like a river pulling out to sea. >> the strongest swimmer doesn't match up to the power of the ocean. >> reporter: that power piles up close to the shore a, a fast-moving river rushes back out to sea. so my natural inclination was to get in one. this is it. i'm suiting.
8:41 am
funny, i haven't had a wetsuit on for i don't know for how long. let me grab this. i feel like a superhero. not quite. >> so, when you enter the water in front of us, you'll take a diagonal path out. it should carry you northerly out to sea. surrounded by safety, one of the san diego guards will be with me the whole time and above, a coast guard chopper is monitoring everything. i am definitely nervous and mostly nervous because they tell me that the water temperature is somewhere in the low 60s. here we go. oh, my gosh. i just sat down. i feel it get deeper quickly and the waves aren't breaking where we are. that's a good sign that you're in a rip current. within seconds i'm sucked out to sea. now, i am really in the rip current. i had been pulled hundreds of
8:42 am
yards in less than a minute. look at how far i am from the beach. what people end up doing is, when they're swimming, they look straight out. when you turn around, all of a sudden, you're hundreds of yards from where you're started. it happened in seconds. so my instinct is to swim directly where i came from. then, i'll have to go against the current. it's what most people do and that's a mistake. my swimming is very labored. definitely not easy. and i made absolutely no progress. then waves after waves and panic sets in. >> people look at where they started and that's where they want to swim to, and when they can't get closer to where they started, they don't swim straight in, they panic and they get tired. >> one arm up and that's where the guards come in. they have me on the board and on to the beach in no time. look at these rip currents from
8:43 am
above. they can pop up anywhere along the beach. what you need to know, they always form near piers and jetties. within two minutes, we're hundreds of yards from the shore. the current would carry us along the jetty all of the way out, and when i tried to swim straight back -- just tried to fight the current. not matter how hard i tried, i was not able to make any progress at all. this is the strongest rip that i have been in all day. the only reason i feel comfortable doing this is to show powerful they are and also i have a ride. >> that's right. you have to respect it. you have to know that it's a larger being you are. >> reporter: the point is to make sure you don't need help in the future and a pleasant swim in the ocean will be just that. "good morning america."
8:44 am
>> oh, taking on a lot water there. here's what you need to know to stay alive, if you get caught in a rip current, number one, you have to stay relaxed. next, rip currents aren't that wide. if you swim parallel to the beach you'll likely get away from that river of fast-moving water. then you get back to where you came from. you don't have to go straight back. all of these tips. but they said number one, if you have a life guarded-beach versus a nonlife guarded beach you got to do that. >> great tips. thank you, ginger. >> glad you're okay. coming up here on the broadcast -- a dog, a rake and a geometry problem, keep it here for that. "fixation." every member of your family deserves the best care,
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♪ hey, it's "fixation." that's where we comb the universe to find the absurdity of all varieties. let's start with you. >> so, we all work in live television. how many of us say something that we want to take back? lot of times we're live and sometimes we don't know we're live. here's a classic example of what happens to a reporter/anchor when she doesn't know that the camera is on live. but she is. this is courtesy of our affiliate. >> i feel pale. >> you're on. >> today's snow is crippling most of the area -- >> endless sympathy. endless sympathy. >> i'm so pale.
8:50 am
>> she's not that pale. the other thing that we do is a lot of times, asked to do charity things or whatever, or maybe a first pitch. the first pitch could go one of two ways. this korean pop star. at a korean baseball game. you got to take a look. oh. i mean, you can't -- i would never even attempt to do it. >> you know, it wouldn't have been that bad if the wind-up was -- all right, you know, this week, i have animal videos to show. it's a rare thing. take a look at this dog, this is max. he is from the uk. he found a rake. which is a big deal. the problem is, how do you bring it inside? he spends, let's just say about 20 minutes trying to find his way in. he finds the other door. never works. we got a bonus one for you. this is video of some dogs on a skateboard.
8:51 am
>> doggie boarding. i like it. >> dogs on a skateboard. >> they should be wearing helmets and knee pads by the way. very quickly, some advice, never get a sheep angry at you because this is what happens when a sheep gets angry at you or could happen to you. there you go. >> oh. the sheep knocks him into the water. we don't know what he did to provoke that. i'm sure he got a revenge there. >> let me just say if you have an idea for fixation, to hit me on twitter at danbharris. we'll be right back. stay tuned. stay tuned. i've worked hard to build my family.
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before we go, breaking news, turns out there's more to that sheep story. >> exactly. after knocking the guy into the water, the sheep then chases him up the shoreline. he wasn't done with him. look at him. >> oh.
8:57 am
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