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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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defensively. the big key is you must hold miami to one shot attempt. >> mike: wade with a haslem screen, comes the other way, good drop to anthony. tough catch and a foul. >> hubie: i like the hesitation. dwyane wade went down in there, had absolutely nothing. he hesitated on that dribble and on the explosion, watch it right here, he catches anthony underneath moving up. unfortunately couldn't get a good grasp of the ball, but that puts anthony on the line. >> mike: it is a foul number five on roy hibbert. joel anthony at the line in this series, 7 of 8. good in the playoffs. better than he was in the regular season. >> hubie: they've really had a lot of help here, meaning miami, from their front line guys. might not have scored a ton of points, but haslem's contribution, and now anthony. he's only got three points, but
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he has four rebounds and three blocks. coaches, they look at that rebounding and blocking, especially when you go small out there. >> mike: that's two big free-throws from anthony. lead at eight. 2:10 to go. west three. he has only six points. most of their starters have not scored a bunch in this second half. >> hubie: the lack of second shot attempts while indiana has been struggling with their shooting, give miami a ton of credit. holding you to one shot. >> mike: clock at 7. you can sense in the building the fear that this one is fading away. wade the miss. hill the rebound. inside of 100 seconds. granger a quick three. rattles it home and he got banged too. >> hubie: big shot. they have plenty of time here. you're only down five. main thing is tough defense. also now, miami can't go to
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sleep and run the clock down and end up with long jump shots. especially bad three-pointers. >> mike: trapping james. keeps the dribble alive. it's haslem for a big one. haslem, what a quarter he's had. >> hubie: the mid range game. all of the defenders went to the right side of the floor to help on lebron in case he made a move to the basket. >> mike: now they're going to go a little quicker. final minute, down seven. miami trying to tie the series. hibbert, five-point game. 54 seconds left. >> hubie: that's been there throughout this entire quarter. they continue to try to get him to the paint, but they could not get to the rim. but that little jump shot area is open. >> mike: mega stop possession for the pacers. miami could ice this one perhaps. james at six.
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haslem again. rebound no. rebound battier tipped and couldn't put it in. >> hubie: you push it here. >> mike: 27 seconds left. got to go. down five. george hill put it on the deck. missed it. hibbert tried to keep it alive. you have to foul. you have to foul with that shot clock off. and they get him at 17.2. that trip could have made it a three-point game, but fouling here, they're not over the limit. first foul on the line is two. it's miami inbounding the ball. >> hubie: match up quick. miami is trying to get chalmers in fact game here right now. >> mike: that was a huge opportunity there as hill could have gotten it to one possession. >> hubie: he had a good look and angle. instead of taking it all the way to the rim, he decided to pull up and shoot that little jumper from the 8 to 10 feet. >> mike: miami has three time-outs. choosing to to use it. lebron is fouled with 16.2 to go and the heat leading by five.
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james and wade carry the pressure. now they have to close at the free-throw line. we know lebron missed the two big ones in game two. news is next for most of you on this abc station indiana with plenty of time-outs. they'll take a time out and advance rit. but that miss will kiept two possession game as long as they secure the board. one of two. it's a six-point game with 16.2 to go. must possession for the pacers and when you come back. .
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>> mike: they have played the moegs games in haslem and wade. for different reasons, both under pressure. wade not performing in game three in the dust up, haslem out of the starting lineup and struggling. he has come up huge in this fourth quarter. >> hubie: we're happy for him because he's been a pressure player for them. he's been an unsung guy. you can see it right here, where he is 5 for 6 from the field with the 14 points. miami needed it, they needed
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contribution from people up front who were getting minutes. >> mike: hill and george been the best three-point shooters for indiana in this series. down 6. 16.2 to go. miami can be aggressive. you have a foul to give. you don't want to give it when somebody will launch a three. >> hubie: switch, the most dangerous guy is the guy out of bounds. don't let him throw in and step in bounds. >> mike: action for granger. just hit a three out of that corner. missed that one. james secures the rebound. gets fouled with 11.1 to go. and that should just about do it. 17 rebounds to go with 38 points and 9 assists. when i saw you last night, you said you love magic johnson in our studio said yesterday that lebron needs to have one of those and he had one of those. >> hubie: just like the total game. that's what we said when we came on. he needed an all nba type of
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game. not just the points rebounds and assist us. everything else he does and shoot the high percentage. we also put that dwyane wade in that category, dwyane wade got off to such a dismal start. you were feeling hurlt for him. he had to snap out of it. after 22 minutes he raised his game to a whole new level and just been absolutely beautiful to watch. his foot quickness and penetration going to the basket and then shooting a high percentage. excellent.
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70 of the 101 points scored by the heat, dwyane wade and lebron james took this game over and as you were eluded to, late in the second quarter, you saw that shot as they were walking back to huddle after that time-out, those two guys new the pressure that was on them and responded here in this second half. >> hubie: i like the way that lebron james catered to wade to get him going. moving without the ball, making pinpoint passes, setting imup, giving him the opportunity to score and get his swagger back. once he got going, forget it. he just took over. >> mike: lebron gets rebound number 18 and this series is tied at 2 games apiece. quite a road come back and that
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guy dwyane wade dusting off whatever injury and pain and haslem coming through down the stretch as those three had 84 of the miami 101 and now indiana is going to be left to figure out some offense and figure out some questions of their own as this series is now 2-2 heading back down soult. 70 points. >> heather: such an impressive display. dwyane, 8 points in the first half, 22 in the second. what aloi youd u come alive. >> my teammates. i was struggling, but i've been doubted before. i'll be doubted again so my teammates stay with me, gave the confidence, coach ran a lot of plays to get my offensive game going. i was glad i could contribute. >> heather: if you had to put a number on where your health is, where would it be. >> heather: my health is going to finnish this series. >> heather: congratlaxs on the win.
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describe how your mentality changed as you came into this >> must win for us. you know, we went against a tough physical team. we wanted to get the split. we had a terrible performance in game three. so wanted to redeem ourself. we plaid good ball. >> you had two days describe the type of prmpb you felt coming in. >> it was playoffs. if you don't feel some type of pressure or don't feel anxiety or feel excitement about the post season, then something is wrong inside you. so as a leader o of this team, i try to help our team make this win. >> there was a stretch where you and dwyane wade combined for 38 consecutive points for the heat. how are you helped dwyane get on track. >> look for him. try to give him a dunk or playup. you want to see the ball go in when jour struggling. i was happy to assist. >> heather: how does the complex of this series change now? >> it's still going to be a dog fight.
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it's a three-game series now. and like i said, we didn't play well in game three. we redeemed ourself in game four. so we head back to south beach and continue to play at the level we did tonight. >> thanks, lebron. >> mike: tenth career, 40-plus point game for james. one shy of his career playoff. rebounding high with 18. one assist. great working with you again this year. game five is tuesday in miami. game six back here in indiana on thursday. the series is tied at two games apiece. wade haslem, james, scored most of their last 65 points. amazing game. the news is most for. hubie brown, mike, het, thanks for watching the play jauchs on abc. [ boss ] okay, okay.
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good evening. we begin this sunday night with a deadly earthquake t largest hit northern italy in centuries. the powerful kwauk left tlooens six people dead and destroyed pricely pieces of history. left hundreds home lits. quake struck early today bologna. you see the clock tower frozen in time. a church cross, toppled to ground. the people who lived there just beginning to grasp the scope of the damage. the quake is now being described the worst to hit that region since the 130 0z. lama hasan is reporting for us. >> reporter: david, here in santaing a stee that, the town hardest hit four of its victims
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died, you can see the damage and destruction here. just take a look at this old town hall mind me it has been standing for centuries. today, it was reduced to rubble in just seconds. >> medieval fortresses survived countless conflicts crumbled under today's earthquake. the shaking cracked brick walls, shattered bell towers and sparked fires authorities struggled to resbond one of the strongest quakes to hit this region in hundreds of years. the clock tower split in two. the weight of the bricks crashes cars parked below. the quake hit when most people in these picturesque italian towns were fast asleep. residents first shaken from their beds at 4 in the morning. >> i heard a pandemonium. i took shelter under the betd. i prayed to god to save me because that's a very old house and i was worried it would collapse. dozens of peemg were injured but the worst casualties didn't
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happen in these historic builds. instead, it was in modern factories where four workers died during the overnight shift. two of the workers were in this ser rammics factory now a twisted pile of metal. the death toll is mercifully low for a quake this size. but authorities are now opening emergency shelters. those without a place to go to go get out of the rain. and tonight more than 3,000 people are homeless. evacuated from the danger zone. some too frangted to go back into their home as this region is still feeling strong off the shock and haemping the rescue efforts is weather. forecasters say there's more on the way. lama hasan reporting frrt sean. llama thank. back in this country, dramatic pick churts of severe weather in fact powerful tornado across parts of kansas. storm chaser catching this video of a twister in a town of
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harper, several homes damaged. no one was hurtd. the total of 17 tornadoes now been reported in the wichita area. along the east coast tonight the first storm of the year spitting off the krooin. alberto winds of about 45 miles an hour. at this hour, it is losing a little strength after dumping rain along the coast. alberto arriving two weeks before the official start of hurricane season on june first. a sure sign tonight that this season is now under way. meteorologist joining us. you were telling me before you came on tonight, this is the earl erriest we've namd a tomorrow many a decade. >> alberto right now 100 miles off the coast of georgia u just southeast of se va that. watches along the coast have been discontinued. this is not going to be something that will kick up something much more than high sur ch and clouds and rain. the path of it takes it offshore and wednesday 2:00 p.m. off at lan. >> the bad news the. >> the gulf stream, the gulf of
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mexico, above average temperature wise. precurser big, is activity should be huge during hurricane season. the hurricane center is putting out their forecast this week. we will be paying close attention to that. >> the tracking the wild fires tonight. imagining coming in arizona more than 1,000 firefighters battling these blazes. they did get some relief. you were telling me as you look @ forecast, it could be tough one. >> colorado had a little rain, cooler weather. look at this, prime conditions, windy, dry, and hot. phoenix actually has a heat advisory going into tomorrow. 105 their temperature. vegas 97. it doesn't matter, you have one or two days of dry, hot windy, you'll have fire. >> thanks. we'll turn next to chicago, a city in the world spotlight this evening. hosting high stakes nato summit as protest e march in the streets. thousands of demonstrators flooding in. last night we reported on the
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three suspects charged with violent plot against targets including president obama's campaign head kbaurters. now the president and other world lead rers in chicago and police made new arrests tonight. abc's alex perez. >> reporter: as world leaders descend on chicago for the nato summit, security planning are putting put to the test. zwrus about a mile away from president obama is meeting with world leaders these protester are leading a march to this summit site. it's slated to be the biggest demonstration of the weekend. >> the hacker group anonymous larged a cyber war. taking down webs and rallies other hackers. >> reporter: police on the ground, made more arrests in scramble to stop tragedy before it occurs. at least three possible violent plots have been foiled. including separate plans to toss molotov cocktails and detonate pipe bombs. all this on the heels of ais of
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these three men yesterday whom police said plotted attack president obama's campaign head quarters an the home of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> we will not tolerate. >> the business of the summit got underway this afternoon. president obama asking nato leaders not to pull outof afghanistan too soon before the u.s. withdraw in 2014. to commit billions in aid for afghan security forces. >> we are on the right track and what this nato summit reflects is the world is behind the strategy that we laid out. >> reporter: late today at the end of that march, the were some clashes between protesters and police officers in riot gear. nato summit wraps up tomorrow. >> thanks to you. when we come back tonight, just when you thought going public was the biggest story of facebook. the other big headline tonight. people with a machine.
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zuckerberg took his public pride, bill nars ever, yesterday he became much richer still. trading the hoodie for a suit and marrying his long-time girlfriend priscilla chan. onchts on the heels of the second largest ipo in american history, the ceo gets marry. >> reporter: fewer than 100 guests attended a ceremony in his background. they thought they game from her graduation party. the pair had been planning the wedding for months. >> this is guy always seen the long game. this is not an impulse guy. >> chan is a pediatrician. the couple been together nine years since meeting at harvard. >> this is somebody who knew him before he was anything. >> reporter: now dr. chan is also mrs. zuckerberg and will presumably share his fortune. no word on whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, but before word of a wedding, donald trump advised zuckerberg
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to sign one. >> if he did not sign a prenup, he needs to see a psychiatrist and not a lawyer. >> for now zuckerberg seems more grateful for the gifts his new bride given him, telling robin roberts it was her experiences in the er facebook niche yit to foster organ donations. >> she comes home and her face is all lit up because someone's life is going to be better because of this. >> reporter: this billionaire is betting his life will be better because of her. >> reporter: right now on zuckerberg facebook page, over 850,000 users have liked his wedding update. clearly folks on facebook, daid, are very happy for the ceo. >> thanks so much. when we come back, that rare ring of fire, that spectacular imagines already coming in. if you have copd like i do,
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and finally tonight here this is the night of big solar eclipgs, that rare ring of fire. across china and are waking up to this. dramatic views. as our moon slips between the earth and the sun blocks out all but that ring of light. here is a graphic animation for what many in fact western part of this country will see later this evening. i hope you'll let me know what you see. send me your pictures on twitter and facebook. we won't see it here in the east. good morning morning america first thing in the morning. good night.
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