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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 21, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it is time for some great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a car flips into a pond trapping a road rally team. >> these guys are on the water buckled into their seatbelts upside down. >> see the unlikely heroes who came to the rescue. >> a tulsa woman calls 911 when a bounty hunter breaks down her door. one little problem though -- they were at the wrong house.
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>> now that's bullcrap. >> i couldn't have said it better. >> you've heard of a walk-off home run. how about a walk-off stolen base? >> is that even possible? >> yep. and we've got the video to prove it. >> and who is that laying on the horn? it must be "impatient dog." >> during the third round of the polish cup which is a road rally race, a duo of racers crashed into a pond flipped on the roof, landing upside down in tee feet of water. now people are saying these people are drowning because they're still buckled into their seats. but almost immediately you see somebody else jump in. reports say that the first person in the water was the driver from another team that crashed really nearby to this area. he jumps in. a man watching the race begins following this guy's lead. from they don't have that much
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time to try to save these guys. >> eventually what looks like about a half dozen fans jump in with this guy and they begin flipping the car over on its side. >> oh, my gosh. i thought they were going to pull the people out. this is probably a pretty small vehicle. you have the manpower and a little bit of floatation. water. >> there's two guys in this car. >> can you see the first one out. he looks okay. jumps into the water. they start working on the second guy. you see his head poke out here. can you see one of the racers put his hands on the heads of these guys. these guys would have been toast without the help of all these people. >> kind of impressed, that one guy was stripped practically naked to get in the ware. that must have been quick work to get off all of his gear if he was one of the race car drivers. >> what great sportsmanship. then all these spectators and the adrenalin it must have taken to flip the car on its side. >> at this point the competition means nothing. who knows if that guy who flips first's car's still drivable.
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really, the important thing here is that everybody made it out. a west tulsa woman was about to take a bath when she got a knock at her door. a rude knock on her door. they were bounty hunters. this woman only identified as mary describes to kotv what happened when thes boose bounty hunters show up. >> he said you better open the door. i told you you were bounty hunters. i said you could tell me you were anybody. they went back and forth and she finally called 911. >> i've got a man who's going to kick in my door. i live here alone and i've had surgery and i can't fight back. >> but is she a criminal? does she have a warrant out? are cops looking for her? just listen. >> what did he say to you, mary? >> he just said open the door. he said my name's david. i said i don't know no david. he's kicking in the back door now. >> three bounty hunters come into her house after kicking the
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door in. >> who are you? >> i'm a bounty hunter. >> he's a bounty hunter and he kicked down the door? >> yes. my back door. it's broke. >> open the door -- >> well, i don't know -- >> i told you who i was. all you had to do was open the door and talk to me. that's why. look, this is your address. this is the address we're looking for. 124 south 44. >> but this is 116. >> they were at the wrong house! >> no! i was so confused when the police showed up, she found out some interesting information. two of them were wanted on warrants. they were booked. all three of them got tickets for breaking and entering without permission. >> to be looking for somebody else, kick somebody's door in to get that person, and here you've got two warrants out on yourself and your friend with you. now that's bullcrap. >> i couldn't have said it
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better. >> mary, we thinks that's bullcrap, too. >> yes, we do. >> this is a treat for the boys, especially if you were walking in union scare in new york city. >> there are a lot of strange things in union square on a daily basis but i've never seen something quite like this. >> the businessman's like, let me get a picture of that. >> she's just walking around topless because she felt like airing them out? >> there's a video from a while back where she talks about why she's doing this. >> i'm trying to raise awareness that it's legal for women to be topless here since 1986. >> if a dude can't pop his shirt off in new york, why can't a girl just pop her shirt off? >> because some men shouldn't pop a shirt off. >> right. >> everyone's allowed to so let's just all do it. >> honestly, i'm not that put off by this. if she can do that and she's that comfortable by herself to do this? then go for it. >> but we know how women's bodies are objectified.
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i don't think the men are taking pictures to stand with her around the sisterhood of going topless. >> she's there long enough, you kind of get desensitized to it. it is like nude beachein ro. u great? if she would have just started a revolution. then all the girls in new york city would have just all taken their submits off and just ran around free for the day. >> you would have done full coverage of that. >> i would cover that event. >> isn't this great? >> some terrifying surveillance video was just released from a jewelry store heist that happened in charlotte, north carolina. this surveillance video is from a jeweller in south charlotte. as this surveillance video picks up, you see a guy walking in this an orange reflective vest. what he said was that he was there to exterminate for bugs. but watch what happens. he walks into the back office and the man you see standing here is the 78-year-old owner of
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the store. his name is steve. >> oh! >> he pepper sprayed him? >> yes. now the 78-year-old runs out of the store. the man in the vest quickly goes after the younger store owner, mario. watch how violent this gets. he sprays mario, and then he begins violently beating him. >> it looks like this poor woman is stuck or something that she can't -- >> she trying to hide? >> that is mario's elderly mother. she was in a position where she couldn't leave and had to watch her son being beaten. then the man runs into the store and opens some of the jewelry cases. mario has gotten a gun that he kept in the office. but the thief, instead of backing down, went right after mario. >> no, no, no, no! oh, mario! oh, my gosh! >> this is really aggressive. >> the wounds that mario suffered were severe. this is blood on the floor.
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the man got away with jewelry from the store, including high-dollar rolex watches. and police are still looking for him. >> crazy that a guy goes in there by himself and there are three employees in there and he is still able to get away with a bunch of stuff. people from all over the world came together for -- >> a rock climber's dream. >> and when nature calls -- >> just skis down the>> where e go? and then there is this guy. >> it's like all the nerves just had a convention on your body. >> the trainer that gets paid to build you up, then knock you do [ husband ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does. good morning, chickens!
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[ jim ] you know, that's our business.
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so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet. no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today. generally around here people call us scientists because we, you know, get it. >> and we just know about science and stuff. >> did you know that if you spin an egg in milk, the milk will basically kind of crawl up the
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egg and create kind of a sprinkler right up the equator of the egg. >> oh, boy. >> students at brigham young university decided to unravel this mystery. they created kind of this egg spinning simulator. i do need to mention that this egg is hard boiled. you can't spin the egg with the soft yolk. they are trying some different fluids and they try this at different speeds to see what kind of sprinkle effect it creates. >> they're also trying with an 8-ball. >> you will see the liquid climbs up to about the same spot on all of these and creates a different kind of sprinkling effect. >> to unravel this mystery we're going to bring in our mystery unraveler. >> whoa! >> tell me how this works. >> the liquid starts spinning around with the egg or the ball in this case because of friction. it follows the spin. the equator and bottom of the ball spin in the same amount of time but it is going a longer distance at the equator so it
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has to move faster to get around. this difference in speed causes a difference in pressure for the liquid. >> high pressure here and low pressure up here. >> it moves up to the equator where there's lower pressure. >> oh! >> i feel like some artist is going to take this and turn this into some cool art are project. >> we should do that because not only are we scientists, we're artists. >> yes. poor artists, great scientists. impatient dog. impatient dog. we're going to take an amazing big trip to a national park in china. we've seenh arch befor"right th"
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the chinese government has turned this area into a national park and opened it up to tourism so all these amazing rock climbers around the world came to do this big international bonding kind of trip called the rock trick. >> he has nothing! no safety harnesses, no ropes. this is like a rock climber's dream. i mean it's beautiful to look at.
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>> this moment kind of took me by surprise. >> i think i will turn the other way. >> just pees down the mountain? >> where else is she supposed to go? >> is it raining? >> what if you go to grab a rock and it's wet and you slip. >> makes me want to be a rock climber without actually having to climb a rock. >> a motorcycle wipeout leaves a rider crying outloud! >> help! help! help! >> see what he hit that sent him flying. and time for real or fake? the guy who needs to know, they're called nunchakus. not nut-chucks.
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it's time to check in with the guy who makes all of our mondays magical. >> we're seeing your hair. we rarely ever get to see your hair. >> a little bit of it. you guys see this? this is when i used to have a mullet. >> nice. let's jump right into our videos. real or fake. man entices wasp into --
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>> i want to say fake because it just seems so unlikely but who's going to fake such a crummy video. >> this is fake. i can't believe you guys think this is real. >> this is so fake. >> who calls a wasp, come here! no. >> i say real. >> fake. >> fake. >> 3-2. >> i don't know. i want it to be real but it's fake. >> oh! thank you. >> next video -- nunchakus fail. >> there's no denying it is real. >> yeah. real, real, real, real, real funny. >> so he may have hit his nuts and that part's real but do you think they might have played that out? >> that's really good. why did he hit himself in the nuts? >> real. >> i say real, too. >> i say real. >> we're all on-board with this
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one being real. >> it's fake. he set this one up. >> he could be wearing a cup. >> what's next? >> last video -- dude on motorcycle versus deer. >> oh, man. >> oh! >> oh, man! >> looks like he's in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. >> that really shows you the impact of a hit like that. >> his foot i think is broken. >> help! help! help me! please! >> i think he needs help. >> panic and shock. too real. >> it just got re fast. >> before you cut me off, i want to give props to the cameraman. >> check it out!
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>> later, dude. you've probably had a trainer that pushed you really, really hard. i think none of them have been quite like boxing trainer eric kelly. >> just like all the nerves just had a convention on your body. all the nerve in the world saying, i know when to go. >> eric was a four-time u.s. amateur boxing champion, but suffered an injury when he took a pool cue to the left eye, ended his boxing career. now he is training people at church street boxing gym in new york, new york. this video is from animalnewnew >> he needs to go to the church on church street and worry about his potty mouth. >> [ bleep ]. >> this is frustrating. these guys are trying to get in shape, do something fun and this guy's doing nothing but putting
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them down. >> i'm still doing something i love even though i'm training a bunch of [ bleep ] nerds, wall street guys, no coordination. they're just not athletic people. >> as a trainer aren't you supposed to motivate -- >> i think he's giving these guys tough love. >> that is not tough love. >> look at the uppercut. do your uppercut again. it's terrible. like the worst thing in the world. >> he's beating the people down to bring them up. >> everything is not for everybody. you don't see me going to [ bleep ] wall street picking up a [ bleep ] briefcase trying to type, do you? >> what do you think he'd say about you? >> he would make fun of me a lot and i would think it is hilarious. >> no, you can't do this. last inning, tie game. walk-off home run would be great. >> but how about a walk-off stolen base. >> see how one high school player pulls it off for the win. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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still tracking some showers. generally baltimore west, that's where we're seeing most of the action. some sunshine beginning to move in on top of the humidity in place. it's going to be warm for the next hour or two. you could seat sunshine break out over the chesapeake, actually spreading from east to
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west. we're looking at a temporarily clearing sky. maybe we'll get most of the evening commute in rain free. the roads will be wet. you see temperatures climbing. this is a warm front. much more on the outlook for the rest of the week, how much rain, how warm? we'll talk about it at 5:00. had gotten really strong. >> it's getting easier. >> yeah, right. >> this is a pretty cool little art project. what are you watching is an artist doing something called water marbling. >> wow. >> this is basically a vat of water and the first layer of color you see there, that's blue paint that's floating on the water. and now this artist is adding some red to the mix. >> the red floats on top of the blue or does it break through the blue? >> what they're doing right now is called layering. so, yes, the paint does layer on top of itself. after he's put all three colors
4:56 pm
on to the water -- not in the water but on the water, then he just starts swirling. you just start swirling and making designs. it almost looks tie-dyed, once piece done, moving it around. >> but then what? what are you left with? >> well, in this particular case this artist dips a ukulele into the water-paint mix. of course the strings, things like that, are removed so you don't end up messing uthp e instrument itself. this is what are you left with. you can create all kinds of beautiful designs and colors. this isn't a new technique. in fact there are tons on the internet. people do it with their fingernails. >> we are adding up a of the different colors. looks like she's using a pen just to make the design.
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>> i think i'm just going to paint by numbers. we're in the middle of a fall season. i know you are a huge fan. one of the best things about baseball is the walk-off home run. hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth, win the game. but how about a walk-off stolen base? >> is that even sfob. >> it's possible. this was at a high school baseball game in san francisco. it is 1-1 in the bottom of the 8th. pitcher throws home and the ball gets away from the catcher a bit. a guy named drew forest tried stealing home from third base. watch what he does. he does like some sort of crazy break dance move to avoid the tag of the catcher. look at this again. he like puts on the brakes, does a spin, avoids the tag, hits
4:58 pm
home plate, crowd goes wild. what a crazy finish to a baseball game. >> i think he's a crumper. >> but now maybe high school coaches across the country will start teaching the crump to some of their players. look, it came in handy for old drew forest. that's it for us here on "right this minute." thanks so much for joining us. here's see you tomorrow, everybody. may day, may day. you have copy.
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>> a frantic distress call after a boat ram as pier into the frances scott key bridge. and a neighborhood has seen its fair share of emergencies. where it happened. plus, thousands of jeep wranglers are being recalled. we start with this after a beautiful weekend of weather for the preakness. a little bit of a pay back. taking a live picture of harbor cam. it's been raining on and off. things are pretty nasty. the big question everybody wants to know is how long will this stick around. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart for a look at that important forecast. the good news, it's rain we need. it's coming after the weekend. so we did get our entire weekend until late last evening. we've been tracking


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