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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 22, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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ail term. >> reporter: the verdict coaxed tears from both families.
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tears of joy from the family of the defend, 20-year-old dharun ravi and bitter disappointment from the parents of his former college roommate tyler clementi. on this day, a case about bullying and justice came down to three people. two mothers and a judge. tyler clementi's mother asked the court to send a harsh message. >> why was he so arrogant and mean spirited and evil. what i want is justice. >> and then there was the defendant's mother, equally pained. >> my 20-year-old son already has too much burden on his shoulder to face for the rest of his life. >> reporter: the pain for both families began on september 22nd, 2010 when 18-year-old clementi jumped off the george washington bridge. it was later discovered ravi had used a web doom spy on clementi having a gay encounter in their dorm room. and then tweeted about it. ravi became the poster boy in a media-fueled national debate on bullying and anti-gay bias and was convicted in march of
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invasion of privacy and bias intimidation among other crimes. he told me on "20/20" the only thing he was guilty of was being insensitive and he did feel badly for clementi's parents. >> i would just tell them i thought he was a very good kid, very nice. i had no hate. >> reporter: but the judge found he lacked remorse and seized on ravi's own words in describing his actions. >> this individual was not convicted of a hate crime. i do not believe he hated tyler clementi. he had no reason to. but i do believe he acted out of colossal incensensitivinsensiti. >> reporter: this sentence was very much controversial. the prosecutors are appealing, which almost never happens in cases like this. but whether you like this sentence or not, the message is clear. bullying is no longer tolerated in this society and parents need to teach their kids not to bully as adamantly as they teach them about any negative behavior. chris cuomo, abc news, new york. >> this is our facebook question
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of the day. what is your opinion on this sentence? let us know at a lot of people think he got off a little too lightly. and the issue has always been he didn't show a lot of remorse. and people just don't take kindly to that. >> just say sorry. >> repent a little bit. >> he never did. now we turn to two dramatic rescues at two waterfalls. a man stunned tourists in niagara falls when he climbed over a retaining wall and deliberately jumped in. the ark parent suicide attempt sent him on a 180-foot plunge to the river below. amazingly, though, he survived and then swam until rescuers plucked him to safety. he was seriously injured but is expected to live. that makes him the third person to survive going over the falls without a safety device. unbelievable. in washington state, it was a harrowing ordeal for a 13-year-old boy stuck on a tiny ledge for eight hours. william hickman was waiting in the river when he slipped on rocks and went over a ten-foot
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waterfall. had he not grabbed on the ledge he would have been swept down a bigger waterfall which was a 270-foot drop. two dozen rescuers managed to get him back to safety. >> his dad was with him and he watched him from across the river for those eight hours to make sure he was awake and didn't fall into the water. >> can you imagine those moments watching your kid dangle like that? let's take a look at your weather. rain from the northeast. showers around d.c. thunderstorms in the southeast. stormy in the dakotas. showers into the northern rockies and the pacific northwest. >> a sweltering 106 in phoenix. meanwhile, 80s in omaha, albuquerque, miami and new orleans. 70 in boise and chicago. 70s also in new york and baltimore. all right, david beckham, step aside. well, not really. a whole new generation of soccer stars are taking over. >> and they're not even human. these fo simply called the soccer collys. their owner came up with the idea for his team as a tribute
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to his late son who was a huge soccer fan. tribute. that's very sweet. >> that is sweet. he spent endless hours teaching them to balance and toss the ball with their noses. and he says they almost always beat any person that came to play along. >> very cool. i love the idea it's a tribute to his son. that's all in good spirit and good cause. absolutely. >> yes. and they're cute. >> they are cute. coming up next, warnings for parents who smoke and potential for long lasting danger. >> don't let your memorial day barbecue go up in smoke. get expert grilling advice for your summertime cookout. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "the new york times."
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well, experts have -- sorry about that. >> go ahead. >> experts have long told us second-hand smoke is harmful especially to children. now we're learning how long lasting that damage can. >> a new study finds children do not outgrow it long after exposure. abc's dr. tim johnson explains the very serious risks. >> reporter: researchers have already made the connection between second-hand smoke and respiratory illnesses in children. now a study presented to the american thoracic society international conference says kids do not outgrow the damage. researchers followed nearly 400 people from childhood to early adulthood. they found that exposure in childhood to second-hand smoke was significantly associated with later persistent symptoms including wheezing, coughing and chronic cold. these symptoms in adulthood
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could make these people more susceptible to problems with lung function and chronic respiratory illness as they age. and they add that children's greatest risk of exposure to second-hand smoke comes from parents who smoke. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> and really serious effects, too. not only dental cavities, eye and nose irritation, irritability. a lot of factors can be passed down to your kids. 3,000 nonsmokers die every year because of second-hand smoke. >> what's startling is you think you are the only one affecting yourself when you are smoking. you only inhale half of what's coming out of the cigarette. the other half goes out into the atmosphere and sbrit your children's lungs. and we're talking about all kinds of chemical compounds. 4,000 chemical compounds. that's only in second-hand smoke. never mind what you are inhaling. 200 of them known to be poison us. upwards of 60 are carcinogens. that's going straight into your kids' lungs.
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coming up next, don't let your cookout go up in smoke. >> fire up that grill with confidence. we have some tasty advice. >> announcer: abc's
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welcome back, everybody. it is time to dust off that grill. get some charcoal or fill up the tank because it is time to barbecue. america's chief entertaining officer and author of "that's entertaining" tim laird returns this morning with his expert grilling advice. as always, welcome back, tim. my favorite guest because you come with all this great stuff. this is my favorite time of year. everyone loves a grill out. >> it's time to get out. time to get grilling. we're going to start with a griller chiller. you have to have a little cocktail when out grilling. this is a simple, simple drink. i'm going to start with about 1 1/2 parts of southern comfort. goes into a pitcher with ice. and to that, about two parts of fresh lemonade goes in.
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it's going to be nice and refreshing for you. and then about one part of pomegranate juice. so gives it a nice color. nice flavor. pour that into a glass with ice. even garnishs. i'm going to take a little lime that's actually been grilled on both sides. and that takes a nice accompaniment to that. so to chillin' and grillin'. i made yours without the southern comfort because i know you have to work tonight. for later on. >> cheers to you. >> wow. is that -- great summer drink. any time. the grillin' chillin'. >> and this will help you wash down all this great food. >> we want to talk about some of the fun accessories. here's a tip. tongs are great. but you want long ones because otherwise you get those songs over there and your over the grill and your arm burns. if you get the long ones, you are okay. they are great for picking up meet so you don't stab them. >> you see folks reach over and
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they singe their arm hair. looking like a hairless cat. it's got a good look. >> long tongs is the answer. and get an oversized spatula. you want to get it all on there. >> you see people doing this. they have a small spatula and flipping it over with their finger. >> then they have to bring the hamburger back together because it's all broken up. get a big spatula. also this is a basting brush made with silicon. this will go up to 600 degrees so you don't have to worry about melting and it goes in the dishwasher. not one of those old basting brushes with the hairs that get all over everything. if you want to go with the mack daddy, you can put your basting flu nid in there. >> high-tech grilling. i like it. >> this is a wireless thermometer. you put the probe in your beef, chicken or whatever you are cooking, pork. and then turn it on. and it will send the message about what temperature your item is getting to so you don't have to keep opening up the grill and
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let your heat escape. >> it's wireless. >> a wireless therm neert. it goes in. walk around with this thing. >> brilliant. >> exactly what the temperature of whatever you are cooking. >> people really shouldn't open it too often. >> now you don't have to worry about peeking in there. >> keep your grill clean. and -- >> are we building a house here? >> this is like the mack daddy. i found this at williams-sonoma. you fill it with water and you can turn this on. so as you are cleaning the grates it steams. get a sturdy one. >> this looks effective. >> here some are items you may not think about grilling but work great. avocados. cut them in half. put a little olive oil and right down on the grill grates about one to two minutes and then make a great guacamole. your salad course. this is great. just a little bit of salad. a little romaine cut in half.
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right on the grill, done, boom. over here, you are going to do peppers the same way. also lobster tail. cut them in half. put a little skewer in there so they don't curl up on the grill. flesh down first then the shell side. you're done. >> not just savory stuff. sweet stuff. >> we can end with dessert. any kind of fruit. pineam dl pineapple, peaches, mango. brush it with a little sugar. >> you are a genius. i toast to your genius. i toast to everyone a good memorial day and a good summer, safe grill out. >> happy grilling. >> always. thanks to tim for coming in. you'll find his recipes and grilling advice on our facebook fan page, we'll be right back with more "world news now." let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card,
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[ crowd cheering ] >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> i have to admit, one of my like favorite things in the world is a good, long, hot shower. i'm a big fan of that. i'll stay in there for like an hour. >> your moment of zen. >> peace. good thoughts in the shower. just with the -- >> open up the pores. >> that's right. whatever. but this is taking a shower to a whole new level from the "new york daily news." the world's first digital horizontal shower for home use. and this is crazy. >> horizontal? >> i think the water shoots at you like this as opposed to -- you like that? i'm a miami in my spare time. but has preset water temperatures, speeds and quantity. ambience tuning technology. this thing costs $35,000. it can actually be embedded in marble in your home if you oar. >> that sounds painful. >> it's a personalized shower experience. the kind of water you want.
2:56 am
and, you know -- >> the kind of water you want? >> not the kind but the thrust of it, the temperature, the quantity. you personalize your entire shower experience for 35 grand. that's ridiculous. >> so you walk in through the door and walk straight out the other side and you're done like a car wash? >> no -- >> i'm just -- >> one of those things you walk through and -- yeah, that's it. that's how it works. >> a car wash? >> i bet that's a great shower, though. moving on to chicago. beth and tim albert found themselves in quite a sticky situation when they were leaving their church to go to their reception center and they were in the middle of occupy wall street in chicago. watch her. i don't know if we have the sound but she said -- oh, she just said it. get me out of here. so, obviously, they never expected they would walk right into this protest. the protesters didn't even notice this woman was there. obviously people on their smartphones and trying to get
2:57 am
whatever they were trying to get done. she high tailed it out of there as fast as she could and all the pictures were ruined because you don't want 3,000 people in your picture. >> you spend a year planning a wedding, the money, the stress. you are excited and then to walk out and we've been talking about the protests in chicago because of the g-8 summit there. she walks in the middle of it. >> they should have known. >> but a wedding is the year before they knew those -- >> 3,000 people were probably there before they got to the church anyway. >> she needs a hot shower. >> she needs a $35,000 shower. this is an interesting study from the sunlight foundation. they've found now that most members of congress now talk the same level as high school sophomores. congress has fallen by a full grade since 2005. the lowest grade levels tend to be freshmen republicans here. they say talking at a very
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this morning on "world news now" -- 30 days. that is the prison sentence given to a former rutgers student convicted for spying on his roommate's gay affair using a webcam. >> the judge's decision, the legal bombshell and the emotions in court. it's tuesday, may 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm diana perez in for paula faris. we'll get to that controversial rutgers sentence in just a moment and take you inside the terrorism hot bed of yemen where a terrible bomb attack could have been retaliation for a u.s. offensive. >> our reporter martha raddatz there on the scene. she just spent time with some of those guys and a day later they are involved in the massacre there in yemen. heartbreaking there. we'll get to that in a second. also this morning, uproar over a common blood test that can detect the number one form of cancer in men. why doctors say it is not as
3:01 am
necessary as it used to be. and later on this half hour, blockbuster actor bruce willis and what's keeping him happy both professionally and personally. >> yippy. i'll stop there. >> a good place to stop. prosecutors say they will appeal the sentence given to dharun ravi. he did not speak in court but shed tears as his mother, meanwhile, pleaded with the judge to not send him to prison. >> it was an emotional day in court for families on both sides. abc's t.j. winick brings us the courtroom drama. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and diana. this was obviously a very controversial trial and no doubt the debate will continue after dharun ravi was sentenced to just 30 days in jail. the bullying trial of tyler clementi has made international headlines. since his former roommate dharun ravi found guilty of the most serious charges in march was sentenced in a new jersey courtroom. >> mr. ravi will report to the
3:02 am
middlesex county adult correctional facility center at 9:00 a.m. on may 31st to serve as part of a probationary sentence with other conditions i'll articulate a 30-day jail term. >> reporter: clementi jumped from the george washington bridge in september 2010, soon after ravi used a web doom spy on an intimate encounter between clementi and another man and invited others to watch on twitter. >> how could they all just go along with such meanness? how did it spiral out of control? no one spoke up to the mastermind. >> reporter: tyler's parents and brother asked that justice be served. >> mr. ravi did these criminal acts because he saw my son as not deserving basic human decency. >> reporter: ravi, the 20-year-old son of immigrants from india surprise league did not speak. he's remained stoic throughout the trial but became emotional when his mother talked about the impact the charges have had on her son. >> my 20-year-old son already has too much burden on his
3:03 am
shoulder to face for the rest of his life. >> reporter: though the judge ordered ravi to a three-year suspended sentence which amounts to just 30 days behind bars, he condemned his demeanor in court. >> and i haven't heard you apologize once. and the letter you gave to the presentence people, i'll call it unimpressive. >> reporter: the judge would recommend he not be deport chd he is facing after the guilty verdict. >> so he's -- aside from the 30-day sentence, he's also facing three years probation and he has to pay $10,000. and attend like a program for victims. >> the maximum you heard -- the max he could have gotten was ten years. a lot of folks, 30 days seemed like a slap on the wrist. this is the facebook question of the day. what do you think of the verdict? let us know what you think. already pretty strong response here. melissa wrote in. guess a life is only worth 30 days here. someone else wrote in the guy
3:04 am
deserved more than a slap on the wrist. hope he can live with himself knowing he caused another human being's life. what a waste of tax dollars. people who steal get longer sentences. so, you know, on the other side, to be balanced, samantha wrote in, i think this is just because we were all young once and did immature things. as an out lesbian having been victimized you grow and learn. this should be a lesson for both parties and a new day for social inyesterd injustice. depends on your perspective. >> both sides are going to appeal. >> right. >> so it will be interesting to see where this all heads. >> your heart bleeds for the clementi family. there's never full closure in a situation like this. in moving on to capitol hill where members of the senate are sending a strong message to iran by calling for tougher sanctions. and the sanctions would be in addition to penalties already backed by the white house and international leaders. the senate wants any company that is trading on u.s. stock exchanges to disclose any
3:05 am
business tied to iran. it calls for crackdowns on anyone supplying iran with technology or with military support. president obama has acknowledged that there is a certain risk to withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan, but he says that war-weary americans cannot wait for the country to be, quote, perfect. the president made those comments as the nato summit, of course, wrapped up in his hometown of chicago. the president said the u.s.-led coal cision committed to bringing the war in afghanistan to a responsible end. well, protesters rallied again in chicago, but in much smaller numbers this time around. they marched to boeing's headquarters to protest that company's role in building airplanes for the military. some staged what they call a die-in by lying right there in the street. and now to the increasing violence in yemen. president obama says foreign terrorists who once gathered in pakistan's border areas are going to yemen instead. just yesterday, more than 100 people were killed in a suicide attack in the capital of sanaa. abc's martha raddatz is there.
3:06 am
>> reporter: we were with them at target practice. yemen's counterterrorism unit. america's front line forces fighting al qaeda. against terrorism? yeah. it was the counterterrorism forces themselves who were the target of the suicide bomber. they and others from the yemeni military were practicing for a national parade when you can hear the deep, loud blast. the powerful suicide belt worn by a man dressed as a soldier sent survivors scrambling for help while bodies of their colleagues piled beside them. the dead and wounded were quickly taken away, but here on the scene you can see how vast the carnage was. soldiers hats, parts of uniforms are everywhere. within hours, the al qaeda affiliate in yemen claimed the bombing was in response to the deadly strikes from u.s. drones and yemeni ground troops in
3:07 am
recent weeks. this is the first time in al qaeda's history they are trying to dig in. rather than living as a nomadic secret terrorist group always on the move. in yemen, they are seizing territory. starting to grow into a sort of terrorist nation. so far in yemen, al qaeda has a strong and significant presence in five provinces and presence in a sixth. >> if you occupy the territory and you hold it, then you control the law enforcement, the other activities. >> reporter: like hospitals, factories, the infrastructure you need to keep watching terrorist attacks. but the u.s. has hit back hard with an unprecedented number of drone strikes. at least 18 since march. dozens of terrorists have been killed, say officials. the yemeni military and the u.s. felt they had been making progress against al qaeda, but now it seems that al qaeda is claiming victory. martha raddatz, abc news, sanaa,
3:08 am
yemen. exactly one year after a powerful tornado killed 161 people in joplin, missouri, president obama spoke at the high school graduation last night there praising the storm's survivors. as joplin rebuilds, a hospital destroyed by the twister released this surveillance video showing those dramatic moments the disaster struck that building. mercy hospital is now just a shell as you can see but it will be replaced by a $500 million medical center that will be built nearby. >> one year later, it doesn't get easier to look at. >> no, that town has displayed such resilience there. the big concert with lady antebellum and the president there. >> i think they've been embraced by everyone. >> absolutely. here's a look at tuesday's weather. another wet day on the east coast with a few breaks in the rain. hot and humid from the carolinas all the way down to florida. warming up in the midwest, severe storms in the dakotas. showers from the pacific northwest all the way to montana. 58 in seattle. 70 in boise.
3:09 am
phoenix, 106. colorado springs, 95. 85 in fargo. 81 in the twin cities. 71 in detroit. 80s from dallas to atlanta. and a rainy -- more rain. yesterday was awful and more wet stuff on the way today here in new york. well it has been one of the most competitive seasons ever on "dancing with the stars." and part one of the season finale absolutely did not disappoint. >> katherine jenkins and bamark ballas scored a perfect 30 for the paso doble. also packer nation donald driver n his dance partner aced their wild west freestyle but fell short by one point in their argentine tango. >> same for william levy and cheryl burke. a perfect 30 on their cha-cha but just 29 for what the judges called a lot of butt shaking in their freestyle. i don't understand what's wrong with that? >> points off for butt shaking?
3:10 am
the judges clearly haven't been in a club in awhile. >> it's hot. >> you're a levy fan. >> who is not a levy fan. >> i'm going to call your husband. >> if you are a hot-blooded woman you can't be a levy fan. >> i have a feeling he'll have a lucrative career. >> he just needs to model underwear and -- >> see, career advice with -- the finale is tonight here on abc. check it out and tomorrow -- >> two-hour finale. >> of course. two-hour finale. coming up next, why some experts say men can skip a common cancer test. big story here. >> and later on, counseling for an unhappy cat. the prr-fect approach to feline happiness. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no
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hair removal.
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welcome back, everybody. we turn now to a bombshell of a medical headline this morning. a panel of experts told doctors to stop using the blood test that's commonly used to treat men for or test men for prostate cancer. >> the psa test provides a warning about the possible presence of cancer but abc's dr. besser tells us why the risk may not be worth taking. >> it's one of the most common tests for men. a simple blood test to see if they have prostate cancer. why would anyone be against that? consider paul nelson. he's 51. when his psa came back high, he had his prostate removed right away. >> panic was the number one thing in my mind. and the doctors were like, well, the only way to get it -- make sure you are done is to get it out. flrt case like paul's, the side effects of surgery may actually be worse than the disease. most prostate cancers are slow growing and won't kill you. but more than 90% of men who's treatment anyway. as a result, as many as 50%
3:16 am
become impotent. 26% can't control their bladders. >> i think impotence and incontinence are minor problems. some will have pulmonary emboli, heart attacks. >> reporter: now he's trying to warn others how damaging the side effects can be. >> no one was telling yng? >> doctors wouldn't talk about it. nothing on the internet. >> reporter: the message, the psa is a test that's overpromised and overused. >> if we truly appreciate the problem of men's health, we're going to work hard to find a screening test that actually works before we make it widely available to the population again. >> reporter: these guidelines are already a bit controversial. a critique was published along with them by a group of primarily urologists. they felt the committee overestimated the harms from screening and underestimated the benefits. from my perspective if you have symptoms of urinary difficulties or you have a family history, you've lost people from fatal prostate cancer, you should talk to your doctor about the
3:17 am
possibility of getting this test. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. my dad is a prostate cancer survivor. i was paying attention closely to this story. for every 1,000 men who are screened with that psa test, 1 will avoid death from prostate cancer. 1 will develop a blood clot in his lungs or legs because of the treatment. two will have heart attacks because of the treatment. up to 40 will be left impotent or unable to control urination during the treatment. as always, the best advice is to talk to your doctor and if there's a family history, in my case, those conversations become particularly important. >> it's so difficult. you hear so many things. and i have always heard when you -- when a man hits 40 he has to get tested. when you get tested and if you use this psa test and they tell you there's some kind of problem, how do you not proceed and get it taken care of? it's a tough place to be. >> it is. we'll be back with more right after this. >> announcer: abc's "world news
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never been happier than he is now. a new baby. half a dozen new films coming out this year. >> bruce is rolling. he also says he and his ex-wife, demi moore remain very close as he told abc's nick watt. >> reporter: bruce will sis the red carpet candy at this year's cannes festival jetting in from filming "die hard 5" in budapest to see his star turn in "moonrise kingdom" open the most prestigious film festival on earth. >> i'm declaring a case with the county right now. >> we sat up on a sunny rooftop above the fray. >> i'm going to do this part of the interview with the shades on. >> reporter: bruce says he's happier than ever. he and his wife just having had a baby. >> you are looking remarkably good on it. >> do i look tan? >> you look well slept and more
3:20 am
kids? >> well, too early to say. too early to say. maba ray is only 6 weeks old. >> different from the last three? how does it compare? >> a little different and a lot more the same. changing diapers like a champ. >> the other three are his daughters with demi moore. the couple split in 2000. you've managed to somehow make your life work after divorce with kids. you've all stayed friends. how is that possible? >> if you just put the kids first, everything gets a lot easier and know they still need care and attention and love all the time. >> and put your own ego aside? is that part of it? >> oh, ego is dead. >> reporter: and, of course, he's coming back as john mcclane for a fifth time. >> welcome to the party, pal. >> why are you coming back in. >> the comp stigs with myself to try to beat the first film. >> did you ever take things
3:21 am
seriously? >> yeah, probably. >> is this partly having a new baby? >> yeah, i am sure that's some of it. i just allow myself to not take things seriously and to not give it so much heat and give things so much noise. >> reporter: these days, bruce willis seems less john mcclane. >> that's going to wake the neighbors. >> reporter: and more captain sharp. >> call jed thomas. circle over this side of the island. >> reporter: i'm nick watt in can. >> bruce willis has been cool for 30 years. i will watch "die hard" every time it comes on cable like i've never seen it. >> always in control. >> you have a little crush on bruce. >> you know what it is? while he is an attractive man he was an attractive man 30 years ago. now he's just so debonair. >> really? >> you look very happy in that picture. >> oh, that's me. >> yeah! didn't recognize yourself. she had a few that night. she don't remember.
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♪ meow, meow, meow finally this half hour if you are having trouble with your little kitty, you want to pay attention to this next story. >> kitty troubles are not good. abc's dan harris had one crabby cat. i hate when that happens. so he could in a real cat whisperer. but was he the real cat's meow's? take a look. >> this cat will do anything you want, including sit like a baby. >> reporter: i've always considered myself to be something of a cat expert. i've played with tigers and clouded leopards and my wife and i have three rescue cats at home. i've got a great relationship with the two boys. this is steve. he likes to sleep on my head. and this is his twin brother
3:26 am
gus. but then there is ruby. and she does not like me at all. which is why i called in this guy. a 275-pound goatee sporting, convertible driving, guitar playing, heavily tattooed dude who loves cats. at least superficially, your not the stereotypical cat person. >> right. in terms of my goals in this lifetime, exploding the concept of what is a stereotypical cat person is a huge part of that. >> reporter: his name is jackson galaxy. he's a cat behaviorist and the star of a reality show on animal planet called "my cat from hell." so the other day, jackson came over for an intervention with ruby. jackson dove right into our closet to work his magic. >> hi, ruby. >> reporter: he gave me some homework. >> if ten days you are the only feeder and for ten days you
3:27 am
allow her to come to you and dictate the terms of physicality with you, done. >> i tried feeding her and playing nicely with her for a couple of days, and it is starting to work. one more cat whose life has improved thanks to a very unlikely cat whisperer. this is dan harris, in my apartment, in new york. >> success. >> it's good. >> you love that story. >> it's touching. >> aw, see? >> there we go. >> all your cats. >> oh, that's right. >> you look so happy in that picture. >> no, i do not. >> you look so touched to be surround by your feline cats, your feline friends. you love it. >> i love being around that much.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- your voice. your vote. a brand new abc news poll shows the presidential race too close to call. >> leading the president's re-election campaign to launch an advertising assault. it's tuesday, may 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm diana perez. paula faris is on assignment. >> good morning, everybody. happy tuesday. i'm rob nelson. we'll get to the big political headline in just a second. we're also going to update you this morning on the search for as many as six missing people after their boat capsized in the gulf of mexico. >> also this morning, new york's airports are not among the world's friendliest. and if you get lost or have a question, just look at who can help you. an avatar. who needs a real, live person with her? >> slowly becoming the jetsons.
3:31 am
can't even get a real person at the airport. >> and she's cute. >> she is kind of cute. why not? >> why not? hey, ms. avatar. later, it's considered one of the most competitive nights on "dancing with the stars" with so many perfect scores in the finals. all the juicy details coming up in "the skinny." whoa! >> we begin with politics. and our brand new abc news poll does not bring encouraging news for the obama re-election campaign. >> president obama's job approval rating has now slipped to 47%. that's down a few points since last month. and when it comes to the key issue of the economy, just 16% say their financial situation has actually improved during the obama presidency. meanwhile, 30% say they are worse off. >> and that could be a major reason why the president and mitt romney are just three points apart, a dead heat. with numbers so close, the campaign turns nastier as abc's jonathan karl reports. >> reporter: the obama campaign unleashed another blistering attack on mitt romney's record as a businessman.
3:32 am
>> to me, mitt romney takes from the poor and the middle class and gives to the rich. he's just the opposite of robin hood. >> reporter: portraying romney as a heartless corporate raider. it's central to the obama campaign, which is why it was so shocking when one of the white house's favorite democrats said the attacks make him sick. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equities. >> reporter: it was a smackdown from one of the democratic party's hottest stars. often seen as a protege of obama himself. the mayor of newark, new jersey, booker recently made national news when he saved a woman trapped in a burning building. >> newark, new jersey, mayor corey booker is out of the hospital this morning after heroically saving his neighbor. >> reporter: booker later said he didn't mean attacks on romney's business record are totally off limits, but his comments really stunned the obama campaign. asked directly about it, the
3:33 am
president called him an outstanding mayor but made it clear the attacks on romney's business record are just beginning. >> my opponent governor romney, his main calling card on why he think he's should be president is his business experience. this is not a distraction. this is what this campaign is going to be about. >> reporter: the bottom line is the attacks on romney's business record will continue because the obama campaign believes the attacks work. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> in answering that same question, president obama basically said, my job as president or the job of the president is not so much to keep one business running. it's to make sure that everybody has a fair shot, even the unemployed. so it's not only about i'm going to give you a pink slip so we can make money and we can make a profit as a business. it's about keeping everybody afloat. >> it's true. everyone knows that the achilles heel for the president is going to be the state of the economy. things are getting better but very slowly and it's anemic growth right now. in terms of other issues, he's
3:34 am
far ahead of mitt romney in terms of being someone who stands up for his beliefs, personal character and enthusiasm for his campaign much higher than romney. that's still romney's achilles heel. very few are genuinely excited about his campaign. both men have their pluses and minuses. a long way to go until november. >> november is far away. moving on. prominent roman catholics are sending a message to the president now with legal action. the university of notre dame, the catholic university of america, and two archdiocese are among those suing the obama administration. they oppose the president's mandate requiring most employers provide coverage control. members of the clergy oppose that mandate and say it violates their religious freedom. president obama is telling war-weary americans they cannot wait for afghanistan to be perfect as the u.s. withdraws its troops. the president laid out some war strategies with nato leaders in chicago. obama said the u.s.-led coalition is committed to bringing the war in afghanistan to a responsible end with american military out of that
3:35 am
country altogether by the end of 2014. in other news this morning, more federal agents are now under investigation for involvement with prostitutes in colombia. the justice department is looking into allegations now that employees of the drug enforcement administration, better known as the dea, entertained female masseurs at a cartegena apartment. this latest incident follows the secret service scandal involving other prostitutes at a hotel there in cartagena. neither side is happy with the 30-day sentence given to a former rutgers university student convicted of spying on his gay roommate with a webcam. prosecutors say the punishment for dharun ravi is too lenient and they plan to appeal. ravi's attorneys say he should never have been convicted in the first place and are also appealing. it was a heart-wrenching scene as ravi's mother and the mother of the dead roommate spoke. >> how could they all just go along with such meanness? how did it spiral so out of control? no one spoke up to the
3:36 am
mastermind. >> my 20-year-old son already has too much burden on his shoulder to face for the rest of his life. >> before the trial, prosecutors had offered ravi a plea bargain that called for no prison time. he turned that down. it has been one month since 6-year-old isabel celis vanished from her home in tucson. police are circling back to the beginning hoping to breathe new life into the investigation. they'll recanvas the neighborhood and re-interview registered sex offenders and hand out some new flyers with isabel's picture. at daybreak, coast guard crews will fan out and resume searching for six men stranded in the gulf of mexico near galveston. they were fishing on sunday when the captain sent a mayday call. he said their boat was sinking and everyone would escape in an orange raft. searchers have covered more than 2,000 square miles of the gulf. so far, no luck. >> it just depends on the scenario. if there were six people
3:37 am
actually in the water, it could affect the drift -- where they drift and how they drift. >> we've been searching constantly and the weather has been ideal. so conditions have been favorable to find something. >> using sophisticated technology, the coast guard has come up with an estimate of how long each person might survive under the current conditions. the broad figure is 120 hours or about five days. of course, you don't want them to be out there for that long. >> no. the clock is ticking fast in a situation like that. and they did make a mayday call. but apparently the vessel was having some electrical problems so the microphone was broken so they couldn't get an exact location. they don't have the critical details they need. it's a wild goose chase a little bit so far. thoughts and prayers for those folks. >> and the captain didn't know where they were. number one it was completely muddled, but he also had no idea because their gps system had gone out. >> keep an eye on that story throughout the week. we're going to turn to a medical headline that could hit home especially at this hour. a common sleep problem could now be linked to cancer.
3:38 am
sleep experts say those with severe sleep apnea have nearly five times the risk of dying from cancer than those without the disorder. since sleep apnea patients snore and have interrupted breathing during sleep, oxygen is depleted and that's what increases the risk of cancer. specialists highly recommend treatment for healthier sleep. good advice for a lot of you insomniacs out there now. >> yes. all right. here's a look at your tuesday forecast. showers for portland and seattle to billings, montana. severe weather across the dakotas. near record highs in the southwest. rainy in the northeast. showers around d.c., and scattered thunderstorms from the carolinas southward. >> 85 in miami. 77 in baltimore. 67 in bean town. 71 in detroit. 80s in salt lake city, kansas city and dallas. and yet another triple-digit day for the folks out in phoenix. still sweltering out there. you have just gotten off a long flight. we can all relate to this. trudging through an unfriendly airport and all you want to do is find a cab or rest room or cocktail. you go to the information desk
3:39 am
and the clerks are on their phones or filing their nails or just generally not friendly or helping you out. >> but help is on the way in the form of an avatar. a life-sized woman smiles and offers up information about all kinds of airport services like connecting flights, shuttles, buses, taxis. so, not bad. >> does she give her number out? for now, she will only be available at new york's three major airports. i think that's cool if it helps people, but i think also we've gotten to a point where you never talk to human beings anymore. people get tired of that. all the automatic voice thing and -- >> everything is automated. >> so i don't know. >> she's not interactive. so she's just -- you walk up to her and she'll start spewing out information so you have to stand there for how long before you hear your information. >> so you can't be like, hey, where's the john? >> no. she probably would have no idea what that meant anyway. she's an avatar, and i'm sure john doesn't mean anything for an avatar.
3:40 am
you'd probably have to say rest room. >> rest room. all fancy like. >> sorry. >> where's the crapper, avatar? coming up, mark zuckerberg's bride had a few demands before they tied the knot. >> and the new jersey woman who claimed she was fired from a lingerie company because she's too hot. you'll have to judge for yourself. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ hot, hot, hot >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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♪ ♪ hot, hot, hot break it down on the anchor desk. >> that's right. break it down.
3:44 am
>> there's a woman who worked for a new york lingerie shop and claims she was just too hot, hot, hot to work there. and that's why she says she got fired. >> yeah, now she's recruited famed women's rights attorney gloria allred to help fight her case. wabc's kimberly richardson has the hot story. >> when my supervisor suggested i take down my breasts i asked, are you kidding me? >> reporter: lauren says it wasn't a joke. the 29-year-old appalled by the suggestion and what she says happened here at the fifth avenue headquarters of native intimates, a wholesale lingerie business. >> it was profoundly humiliating and unlawful. >> reporter: the allegations of gender and religious discrimination spelled out in this complaint now on file with the eeoc. the voluptuous blond was hired april 24th to coordinate shipments of samples to customers and maintains her supervisors repeatedly complained about her physical appearance and attire. this was the dress she wore on
3:45 am
day two and was allegedly told the company's orthodox jewish owners thought the piece was drawing too much attention and should not be worn for, quote, her own safety. so the following monday she tried something else, this outfit, but still was criticized. and the black dress she has on now she wore it on the following day, day five, hoping to please her bosses. instead, they told her to wear this red bathrobe. >> i felt ridiculous and extremely embarrassed. >> reporter: lauren took off the robe and went to buy yet another outfit that she thought would be appropriate but instead got a phone call saying she was fired. >> and i do not feel any employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me when i'm working in a business that is not a synagogue but instead selling thongs with hearts placed in the female genital area and boy shorts for women saying "hot" in the buttocks area. >> that's a fair point at the end.
3:46 am
i don't -- that makes sense to me. >> i can sell you a thong, but i can't wear one? >> you know no one is in the lingerie store buying a turtleneck. so if the girl in there happens to be a little voluptuous. i don't know how that is bad for business. and, you know, it's not -- >> you want the girl selling you lingerie to look like a beautiful woman. i think she happens to be very good looking. i don't know that she was fired for being too hot. i don't know if that's the right characterization. >> i think provocative perhaps. >> i think she was being too provocative for her bosses. and by the way, she only worked there for a week. >> a lot of drama and scandal for a week. >> given the boot for the boot. coming up next, the long-awaited new song recorded by the late whitney houston. >> and the tough battle for the mirror ball trophy on "dancing with the stars." it's all coming up next. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. you can see from the quarterly projections it's all about the d word "distribution" what happened to his shirt ? he reached his shirt limit for the month
3:47 am
i hate shirt limits bottom line is... voiceover: shirts don't have limits he really should of planned ahead huh idiot the internet should be like shirts get clear unlimited 4g take it with you internet with no data limits and no long term contracts plans starting at $34.99 a month call or go online today clear the way the internet should be
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all right. time for "the skinny." as we all know, "dancing with
3:49 am
the stars" finale is happening. >> tonight. mirror ball trophy. >> two-hour finale. katherine jenkins and her partner mark ballas got a perfect score. and they were told by the judges they are the champions. when you hear that from the judges, everyone follows suit and they are probably going to win, although i hope william levy wins because he's just too -- >> all the ladies love william. this is the show from last night leading up to the finale tonight. there's a look at all the folks there. we wish them well. there's your boy right there. dirty dancing moment. nobody puts baby in the corner. that's fantastic. moving on here as well. checking the finale out. also a first listen at whitney houston's final song. it's a duet with jordin sparks who did the great tribute to whitney at the billboard music awards. take a listen here. from the movie "sparkle" which will be whitney's final role when it comes out in august. ♪ celebrate
3:50 am
>> the song is called "celebrate" and, you know, apparently it's getting good reviews. early buzz. obviously a sentimental favorite because it's whitney's final song and her final film role as well. congrats to jordin who gave her a beautiful tribute. >> and whitney is playing jorin's mom in "sparkle." so probably touch -- >> touches on fame and drugs. a little bit of real life in there. >> it's going to be good. on a much lighter note, we're getting the first look at the trailer for "anchorman 2." let's take a look. this is hilarious. >> get ready to ride the palomino stallion. >> we're going to be broadcasting from a hot tub full of scotch. it's jean creaming time. >> it's cream in your jeans. >> no, rick, you need to say something different. something on your own. >> you're going to cream. >> independent of anything the three of us say. the first thought that pops into your mind, you just say it.
3:51 am
>> this is going to make you cream. >> welcome back to our family show, everybody. >> thank god it's so early in the morning. this is the first teaser trailer. the film has $5 million. and what's really interesting is they released this. as you can tell, they are just in the background. they haven't even started filming. they aren't going to start until next year and then it will be released in 2014. >> $50 million. >> what did i say? >> something different. guess who could be coming back to late night. i'll give you a hint. guess who could be coming back to late night. >> arsenio. >> he was just crowned the champion on "celebrity apprentice" last night. he won. he's got some new buzz back and they are saying some networks are fighting over him to get him back. his show went off the air years ago. premiered back in 1989. helped build fox into a network. arsenio could have a new show. look at his haircuts.
3:52 am
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you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ who's that lady who's that lady ♪ ♪ beautiful lady even though facebook stock dropped nearly 11% in its second day of trading, mark zuckerberg is still worth some $17 billion. >> must be nice. following his surprise wedding just one day after facebook's ipo, many are asking just who is his special lady? abc's cecilia vega introduces us. >> reporter: she likes warm places, sun-dried tomatoes, cooking and is now married to one of the world's richest men. meet facebook's first lady, 27-year-old priscilla chan. >> they've been together almost a decade. she's been an incredibly grounding person for him to have in his life. >> reporter: their surprise weekend wedding in their palo alto backyard was a low-key
3:56 am
affair, fitting for a 28-year-old who usually wears hoodies. it's unknown whether this cyberpower couple signed a prenup, but they do have a contract of another kind. chan reportedly made zuckerberg agree to a weekly date night and a minimum of 100 minutes of alone time. writer jose antonio vargas once scored a rare interview with the intensely private chan. >> they are the kind of people who go rowing and race each other. they are competitive with each other in that regard. >> reporter: they met at college in line for a bathroom. she was valedictorian of her massachusetts high school. her valedictorian speech based on the dr. seuss classic, "oh, the places you will go." she would go on to harvard and then briefly teach elementary school before going on to graduate last week from medical school. zuckerberg recently spoke of his bride-to-be with abc's robin roberts. >> she's going to be a pediatrician. so our dinner conversations are, you know, often about facebook and kids and the kids she's meeting.
3:57 am
>> reporter: mark zuckerberg's life may have been the subject of the blockbuster "the social network, but as for priscilla chan, she wasn't mentioned once in the movie. by now, everyone knows that story. what we don't know is what their next status update will be. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm happy he's had all this business success and found love on top of it. i think it's great. of course, the buzz topic, is there a prenup? did you sign something? what's going on here? of course we were all heading out a few nights ago on our second date. we went out with them. >> already talking about babies. >> can't believe he made us pay. >> $17 billion. we've still got to pay. >> next time we're probably going to red lobster. we'll be back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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