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tv   News  ABC  May 23, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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something to keep in mind. and you will touch on that because fog affects your ride in. >> reporter: a lot of reduced visibility. >> let's get a check of the forecast with lynette. things could be changing in the days to come. >> we could see showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. and then heating up as we go into the weekend but for right now, let's start with the good. because we do have temperatures that are on the mild side coming in right around 61 degrees in eye aimsville. now head -- ijamsville. humidity in ocean city at 100%. so that means we are saturated and we are looking at some fog which is thingly. heading out and about, take it easy. this is the picture all you are seeing is fog across ocean cityp we look at reduced visibility and zero -- city. we look at reduced visibility and zero. that's why we have delays across the eastern shore and 6 miles reduced visibility in baltimore and winchester at zero as well. i will talk more about the foggy conditions, heating up as we go into the weekend.
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but right now let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren and it's rough out there this morning. >> reporter: it is. there's a lot of reduced visible. you want to a turn on the low beams. we have an update on a fire that broke out in pasadena and continues to shut down katherine avenue at old mill road. the estimated dang is around 90,000 -- damage is around 09,000 dollarp crews continue to -- 90,000 dollars as crews continue to investigate. salisbury route 50 at route 13, notice you can barely see anything. so reduce your speeds. that will linger in the baltimore area as well. as far as the west side of the beltway, here's what it looks like at liberty road. that outer loop jammed from 795 down towards edmonton. we have an accident to tell you about on liberty road. that is at benbrook drive. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. the story that rocked the
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secret service is back in the news. >> yeah. a panel hearing begins look into the colombia. sherrie johnson is here with what is happening. >> reporter: more information unfolding. senate homeland senate committee will hold a public hearing on the prostitution scandal involving u.s. military and secret service agents in columbia. -- colum yeah. agencies will be expected to testify today. they -- cocoa colombia. agencies will be expected totestify today. other agencies are under investigation for hiring prostitutes in he colombiam one of the three dea agents under investigation may have had a long-term relationship with a colombian prostitute. government investigators are trying to contact the woman to learn more about the relationship. maine senator susan collin says if true shall it could have created a big risk. >> we don't know if they are
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associated with drug cartels, whether they have been sent in to entrap the agents or compromise them in some way. which could endanger their mission. >> reporter: the scandal involved 20 alleged prostitutes so far 9 secret service members were dismissed. three other agents were cleared of serious misconduct. four agents have decided to fight their dismissals. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. also in the capital, barbara mikulski will join other lawmakers talk about the paycheck fairness being a. they are expected to speak around 2:30. legislation is considered in an effort to address the disparity between male and female incomes. controversy of a bge plans to install new automated digital smart meters. company officials say that they will save money but some customers say the replacements could be dangerous. >> people who are going to have the meters in homes will have huge amounts of radiation coming into the home. the potential for fires and
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potential for interference of medical devices will invade the privacy. >> bge says the meters would not cause radiation anything more than other household appliances do. customers want an option to keep the meters and the company says they can't accord to -- afford to rope rate two systems. -- operate two systems. tonight there be will be a hearing on elimbing in a enating overcrowding by build agnew elementary school. we sought plans featuring 7.8 acre of new undevelopment and two baseball and soccer fields but those who thought they would move into a retirement neighborhood say the plans will remain on paper only. >> we are still appealing and still plan to stop this project. >> the association says that there are 6 other sites in and
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around cockeysville perfect for a new spot for a school. it's going to cost more money if you plan a summer vacation to disney's anaheim amusement park because surprise gone up. a one-day ticket for those ten and up is now 87 dollars up from 80 dollars. so the premium annual passincluding park 649 dollars. that's 150 more than what it cost last year. it's not free friday but you have a chance to get something for free today. 7-eleven is rolling out the slurpee light a from 7 to eleven it's slurp free day. second day will be on 7- eleven's birthday. it's july 11th, 7 sln elen. >> i think it's -- 7-eleven. >> i think it's the new light
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mango. >> a couple thieves walked into a pet store but a puppy napping is caught on tape. >> daredevil nick wallenda is not happy about a decisionconcerning his upcoming walk over niagara falls. we will have his reaction coming up about the tightrope walk. >> temperatures in the upper 70s today. but record heat is on the way. i will tell you how hot we will get in just in time for the weekend coming up. >> reporter: and expect a slow ride on the west side of the beltway. i will show you how 95 and jfx are coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. çñç?ç?çñçwçñçwç?ó?çwçñó?ç?çñó?çw
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and welcome back. 6:39. a disturbing story out of new york. >> a man in westchester county passed out in someone's yard
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for several hours and he was robbed repeatedly. you have to see this. it was caught on camera. a man went through his pockets and actually picked him up. and he threw off his shoes to check his socks for cash a woman came by and took his belt. as time wept on, many people simply stepped over the man. others looked around for valuables but no one seemed to stop to help him. >> you can check this video out. an alleged puppy napping on camera. >> oh. >> there it is. a woman and two children entered a houston pet store and played with an expensive bulldog and left. two men came in and grabbed the dog and ran out. the authorities say everyone took off in the same car. deputies got a tip that led them to the suspects there's the puppy. dog has been returned. >> he's cute puppy. although he doesn't want it, it appears nick wall enda will have to wear a harness during the history making walk across niagara falls.
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he says abc they are admanned about make adamant about making him wear it. the network is airing a 3-hour prime time suppression live he's walks across niagara falls. if you are plan to head down to the inner harbor you could have extra company. >> we will tell you why the city will have additional police patrol in the area. >> and police raid a store in howard county after the owner is accused of selling stolen goods. >> and traffic could be a nightmare for drovers across prince -- drivers across prince william couldn't i officials were -- county. officials were forced to close roads. >> we have moisture but it's not raining. the explanation is coming up. >> reporter: it's extremely foggy in the beltway at harford road. where else we are dealing with congestion coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland." ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ this time
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wednesday morning i am megan pringle this is your abc2 news to go. >> i am charley crowson. this is mdot along the eastern
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shore. it's foggy and that will cause delays. >> across queen eans county -- ann's county public skew les issued delays and tal as well as talbot county schools. >> how long will that hang around on the eastern shore here's lynette. >> it's going to hang around as we head through the rest of the morning. and then things will look up. but you know, we have reduced visibility in a lot of spots. so let's show you what's going on. you can see again along the eastern shore where you have the delays. only about 0 and 6 in baltimore. 0 in winchester. 4 in hagerstown and 5 in york. but you know what, there are some spots that are not dealing with any type of foggy conditions. we are seeing a little break in the cloud out there. and manchester as we look at the weather bug site, and also laurel we are looking at a nice sunrise this morning. that's the scenario going through the morning hours. again, some places will have some fog and other places we
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are going to see plenty of sunshine and the sunshine could lead to some showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. right now, let's check the traffic with lauren. good morning. you have your hands full with the fog. >> reporter: it has been a busy morning. fog across the region. the eastern shore getting hit the hardest as we check in and look live in salisbury at route 50 at route 13. expect a lot of reduced visibility in the area. it's going to be difficult to see and reduce the speed. turn on the low beams as you head out. that fog will continue in the baltimore area. here's a live look at the beltway at harford road. a little bit better conditions but still a lot of reduced visibility. be extremely careful as you head out and expect a delay. traveling on the outer loop from 95 all the way up toward charles street. west side worse from 795 down towards edmonton. that's abc 2 timesaver traffic now over to you. more police officers will be used to keep the crowds in downtown baltimore safe for the
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coming supper. 5 -- summer. 50 extra foot patrols will be on hand thursday through sunday. >> the department says they are issuing camera nets work-- networks and beeped beefed you have security after a tourist was beat on st. patrick's day weaning weekend. also the maryland man who was jailed as and suspected of murder in connection with the missing woman is in trouble with the law again. and it's back here in maryland. >> sherrie johnson joins us with new reaction from gary giordano's latest arrest. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about that. we have new reaction this morning after 51-year-old gary giordano was arrested in annapolis in parking garage for indecent exposure. it happened on friday night. people in the noah hillman parking garage called police when they say they saw something going on inside a black cadillacescalade. inside the suv police found giordano and 45-year-old carol ann bock of spring feel, tennessee. charging -- springfield,
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tennessee. this was a single mattress in the back of the suv. he returned to maryland after a judge determined there was not enough evidence to hold him in the connection with the death of robyn gardner. this morning, people reacting to the recent arrest. >> it's ridiculous. yeah. he's got a lot of problems. >> i think like all criminals, he will be caught in time and it takes time. >> reporter: annapolis police charged him and bock with indecent exposure and the charges are punishable up to 3 years in jail or 1,000 dollar fine. court records show a scheduled trial is for august 10th. sherrie johnson, aby2 news -- abc2 news. supporters of a measure to allow illegal immigrants to play in-state tuition are mobile sizing. they will discuss why the measure is important and an veept in silver spring today. opponents are trying to encourage voters to reject the law in the referendum. new this morning, police
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bust a store for what they say was the reselling of stolen merchandise. >> linda so is here with all the new details in this case. >> reporter: yeah, we have learn the owner of the store has been arrested. police say he sold 20,000 dollars worth of stolen goods. everything from razor, shah pooh, hair coloring air februaryers in and tide detergen. some -- fresheners and tide detergen e says he has a legitimate business and has no way to know whether the items were stolen. police raided the store and seized the merchandise. >> we made sales to him and clearly indicated that the items we were selling were stolen. >> you know. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: police took a stack of navigation systems at least three have been linked to car thefts in dc and montgomery county. linda so, abc2 news. >> for more information down load the abc2 news smart
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phoneapp. happening this morning a. highway sign is dedicated in honor of a trooper killed in the line of duty. the sign is in honor of trooper wesley brown shot while working part-time security at a restaurant in forestville in 2010. the unveiling is taking place along interstate 495 near the state police forestville barracks. a man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for the death. the ronald reagan foundation is threatening action to stop the sale of a vial of blood said to be that of the former president. they say it was taken from george washington university in 1981 after reagan was shot and wounded in an asays nation attempt. he said his mother received it while working to be a lab. bidding is $12,000. five things to know before heading out the door this morning. time now for this story. there's going to be a private
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funeral coming up today in nashville for the queen of disco, donna summers who passed away at the age of 63 from lung cancer. she died last week a,000 people are expected to tend d -- attend. the care moony forrings inial missing children's day is put on by the office of goff nile justice and delink witnessy prevention. a live look at dc. look at this. this is war group of world war ii and korean war veterans are headed today. they will be touring military monuments. they willer flown from for free by a group called honor flight northwest ohio. president obama heading out to colorado today. all for two events. he will deliver a commencement address for the air force academy in colorado springs and he will attend a campaign event in denver. and today we will find out who's considered to host the 2020 olympics. the announcement coming up and media reports say istanbul and
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tokyo and madrid are considered. the final game of a 3-game set at camden yards for the red sox. matinee baseball 12:35 first pitch. last night, brian tossed a gemin a 4-1 win over the sox in front of 25,000. hunts with home runs in the 4th and 7th respectively. again, first pitch format neigh baseball 12 chn 35. ravens are having an ot -- 12:35. the ravens are having a ota practicing from 1111:30 to 1:30. coach john har ball and a few players will stop by to talk to the media following the practice. people in northern virginia are on high alert as rainfall and flooding problems persist. there's a flood warning in prince william county manassas and manasa parks. several roads have been shut down because parts have been swept away and creeks are overflowing causing people to eve vac waited. -- causing people to be
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evacuated. rain and thunderstorms are expected to last up until the holiday weekend. all right. that's right. we are dealing with some showers and thunderstorms possible as we go through the holiday weekend. but right now we are not dealing with wet weather. we have clouds out there but also we are seeing a few breaks in the clouds. so let me take you outside where we are seeing that. look at mount airy. a beautiful sunrise. you can see some of the clouds but also that sunshine just peek through the area. we are seeing more of the same over in about a this is did da. -- shall about a this is da -- bethesda. we can see sunshine pushing into the area. we will go to the other side of things where we have some patchy fog reduced visibility and it's really bad along the eastern shore in easton a. we have some delays across the area. some school delays. 6 mile reduced visibility in baltimore zero in winchester and four in hagerstown and five in york and cull pepper at 5. future trend picking up on the
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scattered showers and thunderstorms that are possible as we head through the remainder of today. and we will do it all over again going into tomorrow. and even on friday, that is what megan was talking b we have the chances for scattered showers to move into the picture. now speaking of the rain while as we go throughout the day, the chance comes in here so 78 degrees is what i am going with and all morning i've been saying if we get sunshine the temperatures can get up to about 80. we have the sunshine in here. so, bank on some 80s as we head through the remainder of today. now we look at the forecast as we head through the game day. and today is that 12:35 that's the first pitch. 75 degrees the chance for a shower or storm possible to move into the forecast. so go equipped with the rain gear. and this is a check of that seveas we will begin to heat things up as we head into your memorial day weekend. temperatures will jump into the 90s. we will be flirting with record heat. the details coming up but right now let's check of your abc2
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timesaver traffic with warren. >> reporter: we have trouble in anne arundel county where we are deeing with a accident on fort small woo at energy parkway. and probable -- smallwood at energy parkway. katherine avenue is shut down at old mill road. no one has been seriously injured but investigators are on the scene to determine the cause of the fire. in baltimore county another accident in randelstown on liberty road at benbrook drive and head together west side of the beltway that's what it looks like at liberty road. that outer loop will be slow as you make the drive down towards edmonton. and as lynette mentioned we shall dealing with heavy fog. here a a live look at route -- here's a live look at route 50 at route 13. reduced advicibility in the baltimore -- vestibility in the baltimore area -- visibility in the baltimore area. it took her 70 years to find mr. right. >> this weekend she is going to marry the man of her dream. she is going to say i do to 75-
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year-old frenpman jean. they met on an online dating site for seniors and she says she had to case lot of frogs before fining the right one and is glad she waited. >> she has been to many, many fronds. french men is called a ding -- frogs. french men is called a frog and she is getting a frog. >> he is very clever i can see. they will marchy in front of more than a hundred friends and family and her parents. >> it's going to be warm to week -- warm for them this weekend. >> you sought 90 -- saw the 90 -- 90s and that's what you will see. >> i asked what plans were and patty says she wants it to be cooler but she and her family are going to fred ribbingburg for a german shepard specialty dog show. >> no wonder she wants it cool. the dog will be hot. >> we will have an update in 30 minutes. thanks for joining us.
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