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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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nation's capital. we're still tracking some wet weather and little bit of lightning down here in the eastern shore from east to north up into center where we're beginning to sew this weaken. so showers and storms the rest of the evening a good bet on a hit and miss basis. tomorrow more on and off showers and storms, warm at 82. changes ahead for the memorial day weekend, with exactly those are coming up. all right. another 9% increase on your city water bill. what are they thinking? a lot of you think this is just outpray just considering it already has been raised twice in the past three years. let's bring in roosevelt leftwich to sort it out. >> reporter: the city says it will be money well spent. they need it for two simple things, one to keep the water flowing and the other to keep the storm water flowing out. the work at the plant has been going on now for more than a year. the city is bearing tanks the
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size of eight football fields one of several projects. back on this side of the fence. this 73-year-old lives on the other side. >> they just have a group of people probably from barnum and pailly's circus -- bailey's circus. >> reporter: he knows there are parts of the system older than he is but another increws, he -- increase, he said is way too much. this with take his water bill over $200 every two months. >> i think the city council should go back and evaluate what needs to be done and then come up with a fair and equitable solution to the water bill for each taxpayer and citizen, the same with property taxes. >> reporter: the city says it
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needs this bus it cost last lot to -- because this costs a lot to bring water into your home. the city has to fix hundreds of water main breaks each year and uncle sam said they need to bring it up to date. >> so we're going to be increasing the amount of new mains that we install. we're going to be increasing the projects in order to keep the system running and to keep the system growing because we are in a growing metropolitan area. we have to do this. we're keeping it at 9% for the simple reason that we understand people's budgets. we need to do more. >> if you want to speak in favor or against this 9% increase, the city will hold a public hering to explain why they need to
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prates your bill -- raise your bill. police say people are praying on craigslist. kelly swoope has more on this. >> police that tech savvy robbers are heading to craigslist posing for people looking to buy coins and other items. the police spokesman anthony guglielmi said they pretend to be sellers. when the would-be buyers arrive, the robbers pull a gun and take their cash. police say the first step is to cope your interactions in public. >> do these transactions in very well populated, very well lit areas. it makes everyone safe. go to the mall or a busy
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shopping plaza or a police station. do it in the street in front of the police station. that yi way you have a-- way you have a lot of traffic. >> police rec licensed asking the person who says they're selling or buying the item to give them your name. search it on the website. you can find a link on our home page. kelly swoope, abc2 news. >> all right. we have a dundalk man charged with posing as a police officer behind bars after some real officers caught up with him. 31-year-old donald church, jr. was carrying a hug and wearing a badge where he said he was a far cot techs officer. police raided his home and found police paraphernalia, including a fake gun. his story fell apart when he
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told his girlfriend. we're told church was once a teen par test pant in the explorer program. two years ago he was charged with impersonating an officer in a bar after he used pepper spray on patrons after a dispute. miss man mark eugene elmer was pretending to be an undercover detective with their department. officers spoke with two people who said elmer drove up to them in the parking lot of the buffalo wild wings and pulled out a badge. he forced them to do some field sobriety tests. officers caught up with him and charged him. the baltimore police department is asking for your help to find this man. police want to question him in connection with a deadly shooting. floyd dorsey was found shot on
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his front porch. police believe the man in these sketches shot him. call 410-396-2100 if you have information. with high profile fights with crowds, police say they will be increasing their presence this summer. city officials are putting 50 officers on foot along with the network of cameras it. should help deter incidents with crowds. officers will be patrolling the downtown areas thursdays through sunday night. thousands of dead fish washed ashore in two parts of the county. 6,000 were found in mar le creek. they believe algae blooms are the cause. if you see a fish kill call
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1-877-224-7229. it may did down as the toughest season ever on "dancing with the stars." you watched last night. so nfl star donald driver and his partner should be especially proud to be taking home the mirrored ball trophy. donald faced off with katherine jenkins and william levy. they all jumped on a red high for "good morning america." donald said he is happy to hans questions about his big win. >> it feels great. when you go through so many things in life and len continues to knock me down, i'm always up for the challenge. >> reporter: donald's wife was on hand. he made shower to thank her for giving him the opportunity to be on this show. if you're feeling down now that the season is over, we have news to cheer you up. the next season of "dancing with the stars" we'll be bringing back some of the best dancers
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for an all star edition. the minute the announcement was made -- carson kressley and joey fatone are still dancing. kirs somethingally and hien -- kirs something alley and hines ward were also discussed. a report was restheefd a child had gotten burn -- received that a child had gotten burned on her hands from a lap that was sold at lowes. they are pink and blue plastic with a 12-inch long flexible neck. the company said power cord for the lamp can detach. so for more information about the recall, you can caller.
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they study for years, each hoping to make. this a look at one local speller who can't wait to show his stuff at the scripps spelling bee. everyone wants to head to the eampt and jump on the first available flight. it sounds like a great vacation, wyatt. 78 out at bwi. 76 the norm ham. we guaranteed 78. you have another weather winner. congrats. you're getting an umbrella in the mail. a very active evening on maryland's most powerful radar. we'll show you where the biggest thunderstorms are and where they're likely to be the next couple of days. that's coming up on abc2 news at 6:00. ♪
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we got a local third grader hoping to spell his name into the national spotlight next week in the scripps national spelling bee. we have more on how he's preparing for his special day next week. >> reporter: his first favorite work is a xlophone. the second one is a longer one. what does that mean? >> a lung disease that some miners get when they breathe in too much dust. >> reporter: this 8-year-old is no stranger to big words or spelling competitions as he was one of the youngest winners of the baltimore bee held this mast
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month at towson university when he successfully spelled the world fuselage. >> i won the bee. i was way excited and i'm practicing a will the with my parents and with my little brother and little sister will help me concentrate, and they're make noise to help me concentrate. >> reporter: it's a family affair as everyone helps out as he gets ready to compete with the other 277 spellers in national harbor, maryland. >> we are really proud, and we are trying our best.
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>> i have been trying to help him stay focused. >> we tell him to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. anything clan happen. >> reporter: among the top prizes for winning is a $33,000 cash -- $30,000 cash prize. >> that kid, hey, wyatt, has a better shot. i'll have another winning the belmont. that kid will go farmt -- far. other prizes include a bond and more. it's on espn 3 at 8:00 in the morning and the semis on espn two and the final round at 8:00 on espn. it's only been a week since
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archbishop lori was installed but he wasted no team -- time getting to work today. >> i think the first thing a new archbishop needs to do is come to know those he has been callei to serve. the only way to do that is to go down to meet people, to see where they worship. >> the first impression of baltimore is nat catholic faith -- that the catholic faith has strong roots. they come from the archdiocese to succeed cardinal edwin o'brian. all right. pop-up showers as advertised. northern baltimore county, the storm is bang to weaken.
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some lightning and also some wet roads up i-83 for commuters headed for the pennsylvania line. they're having to deal with that. further south d.c., big storms have been flaring up and now north into silver spring. how about the eastern shore where we had a lot of lightning, a big thunderstorm rumbling through talbot county into queen anne's county and the denton area. the storm has weakened. really, we're getting rain. we'll keep an eye on the setup, hit and mills pop-up storms will be a good bet. right now kind of an only min unless you sky -- ominous sky. 77 degrees right now. winds are southeast at 7. we've got cool pictures across the state. i'll show you some of the more impressive images -- we just lost our camera in dundalk. we can see summit ridge, ominous
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looking sky at times over car roll county. same deal over kent island. bright and sunny and then back and forth we go with the sun and the storms. temperatures in the upper 70s to the upper 60s. places that have just gotten rain like at dulles, rain coming upper 60s but with the high humidity levels, which are close to 100% in sporkts 94% in -- spots, 94% in frederick. all right. so it's an active weather map across the mid-atlantic states with the most active west of baltimore right now. to our southwest we've got the hear of low pressure spinning, kind of fueling our mopup storms, broad area of circulation, slow moving and not set to really go anywhere tomorrow. i think it will be another day when driven by the heating of the day we'll see more pop-up
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showers. and as we go into the afternoon. our trend into the day tomorrow will indicate more pop-up showers and storms. you have to remember in this type of a heat driven pattern these computer models are not like the exact spot. you'll see the blob of more concentrated storms could and up being further south. friday afternoon looks like more isolated showers. friday and saturday look generally dry not to say we can't get a stray shower. a chance for storms continuing. pop-up showers and storms will keep the chance for a few showers. as we move toward the memorial day holiday, the dryest is friday and saturday. the best chances will be tomorrow and as we go from sunday into memorial day monday. look at that heat, 90 plus
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sunday, monday, right into tuesday. >> the heat. that's great stuff. 92 on the beach. >> might be cooler there. >> all right. many people spend months, some years planning that perfect vacation. now some people are leaving it all up to chance by buying a mystery trip. this adventure into the unknown could be the trip of a lifetime oar when she booked a mystery trip, she didn't expect to be fly soaring -- to be soaring above trees in hawaii. even their destination was a surprise. >> in a mystery trip they don't tell you where you're going to go, what the extras are. >> reporter: most mystery trip planners try no make surety add venture mamps the personality,
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one is to determine a travel sign. >> we both came up as a barbarian when we took the quiz. >> people love to travel to the ends of the earth. >> reporter: taking a chance could help you save. >> luxury link online offers destinations. they don't tell you where you're going to go. you can get a great value for a little amount of money. >> reporter: with an open mind, a mystery trip can be worth the expense. warm weather brings out the band. last week we had maroon 5 at pimlico. there are a bunch of sites online to help upfind out where your favorites are taking the stage. scan your music library to see which artists are on the play list and they match that up with artists coming to town. baltimore is a great place for people who love their
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pacialtion. in fact, we are 15th in the best nation for public lands here. researchers looked at the 40 largest city as found found 9.5% is parkland and there are more than three playgrounds for every 10,000 people living in ball. the oldest park in baltimore -- anybody want this guess? kelly? patterson park. 1827. i was there for the opener. crop can sound off on our facebook page. why is that so funny?
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what will i sew at 11? >> if you've seen oreck's ads, they said they're healthier than other models. we showed you this video monday night. we'll show you the video of a mother who was with the little boy when he was put in a washing machine. those story apsd more at 11:00. >> some storms tonight. crop can see a big cluster moving through northern baltimore county and into queen anne's county so more storms through the evening.
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90s coming. >> revenge tonight at 9:00.
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