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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  May 25, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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central park we're learning more information about a boy who went missing 30 years ago today. i'm linda stow. what's supposed to happen in two hours. eight shootings that have happened in less than 12 hours. the latest gunfire that erupted while you slept. before you leave your home today for your memorial day plans, abc 2 is working for you to make sure that you have the best price at the pump. we have the outlook for gasoline prices just ahead. it is the unofficial start of summer travel for your memorial day and aaa estimates 35 million americans will travel 50 miles or more for the weekend, a big increase from last year. but it seems people won't be going very far. experts are referring to this year's travel trend as a staycation. how are those roads going to
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be? lauren is here this morning to let us know all about that. but, first, we gotta know about the weather. >> i think you're going to like it. good. >> for the most part we might have some isolated showers as we go through the weekend. it'll be more like it was yesterday. not a lot of people saw the rain. we did get a thunderstorm in cecil county. we saw plenty of sunshine today and that's going to be the scenario even as we go through today, we'll get some sunshine out there and maybe a shower or two to pop up. but all in all i'm going to say we will stay mainly try as we head through the weekend. we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we see that storm kind of push out of cecil county but we are looking at another little shower try to go cross the bay, making its way off towards the north and east. that will fizzle out. as we go through the remainder of the day, again, a slight chance of a shower in the forecast. but temperatures are so mild. they're warm. 70 degrees right now in edgemere and centreville coming in at 69. 68 in chestertown. that humidity is going to be on the high side as we go through
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the rest of today. let's get a check of traffic with lauren. good morning. we do have some patchy fog where we -- where we saw some of those thunderstorms. but mainly things looking good around here, right? >>reporter: right. nice and clear here in baltimore. using the jfx to get into the city, no concerns, a high of 60 miles per hour right now along the southbound laips at cold spring lane. everything up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel and the harder tunnel. if you are using the northeast corridor of 95, this is what it looks like north of route 43, a four-minute ride over toward the beltway. no problems to report in this vicinity. once you do get on to 695, here's what it looks like, hartford road, everything up to speed. it will be a nice easy ride making the drive up towards 83. and the west side of the beltway, that stretch also going to be clear from 795 down towards 95 that. is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. over to you. another traffic issue to keep in mind this weekend metro is using long weekends now to make improvements to the rail system. so if you plan on taking metro,
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beware. work will start at 10:00 p.m. and continue all the way through mop. passengers using the green line between greenbelt and fort trotten, they're going to have to take the free shuttle services to those stations. metro says allow 10 extra minutes for travel times. students at harvard high school in parkton are honoring troop this is memorial day. the club for our troops will honor and present and pass personnel during a ceremony as a day of activity. the school's chorus will sing. steuments have been asked to wear red, white and blue and a moment of silence will be held. if you have any business at the moisk administration this weekend, check it off your list. it will be closed this weekend. officials say that the days right after a holiday, they're very busy, so if you can put off a few days of it, they say definitely do so. about 60 members of the maryland national guard will say good-bye to family and friends in a deployment
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ceremony today at the aben deny grounds in edgewood. itively the unit was previously deployed there in 2007 and 2008. they're going to be gone for a year. today we could learn more about the man arrested in connection with the disappearance of the death of a young boy, 6-year-old paits paits. --etan patz. linda stow has the developments. >>reporter: we've learned the 51-year-old man arrested in the case is expected to make his first paryps in court today. pedro hernandez will be charged with first-degree murder. a tip pointed to him. police say he gave a 3 1/2-hour videotaped confession in which he says he strangled the 6-year- old boy, put him in a plastic bag and left him somewhere in new york city. hernandez who was 19 at the
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time of the disappearance has no criminal record. he lives with his wife and teenaged daughter in a normal apartment. the abduction happened 33 years ago to the day. patz was walking to the school bus by himself for the first time when he disappeared. >> hernandez described to the detectives how he lured young etan from the school bus stop at west broadway and prince street with the promise of a soda. he then let him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >>reporter: now, despite the arrest, a law enforcement source says hernandez' confession is being treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. coming up at 5:00 why someone in his family urged police to look at hernandez again. linda stow, abc 2 news. news time now 4:35. eight people shot in less than
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12 hours in baltimore city. we learned overnight of an eighth shooting that happened around 1:00 on south fulton avenue and fredrick avenue. police say one man who was shot did survive. those shootings yesterday happened at three separate locations in southwest baltimore, one near york road and cold spring and the third in east baltimore. this is video of the first triple shooting. a man was killed and a woman was in critical condition. next parallel to york road homicide detectives were on the scene marking for shell casings near the body of a young man shot there. on east preston street, three men were shot, one of them died. at 5:00 more on what police are looking in to. a pasadena boy is still recovering after being attacked by a pit bull. the dog's owner is now speaking out saying she doesn't think it's the dog's fault. the child was riding his bike with his mother nearby when he was attacked. it happened this week. now, the dog's owner, donna helm says the family was told not to come near the house, but they didn't listen. >> it wasn't no mother and her
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innocent little kid running down the street, okay? that's not what happened. they were coming here specifically. >> helms has more than one pit bull and she says a few months ago the same dog attacked the boy, attacked one of her other pit bulls. the makers of the so- called beef seller pink slime. >> as the production plants get ready to shut down, workers are heading home. but for how long? plus. >> if it was anywhere along the east coast or the gulf coast, you need to be prepared each and every hurricane season. >> a big storm brewing right now off the east coast. what officials want you to know. what we want you to know right now is the traffic. here's lauren. rp everything up to speed on the beltway at green spring avenue. i'll show you what 83 and 95 look like coming up in my abc time saver traffic report.
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4:39. the first hurricane of the 2012 season is now churning off the west coast near mexico. its name hurricane bud. now, at the same time there are signs of another big storm building with strength off of the east coast. a tropical disturbance could turn into a tropical storm during the weekend and could affect florida later this weekend. two named atlantic storms haven't happened this early in more than a century. time now for a check of our forecast. here's lynette. >> let's talk about what's going on here because we can see just the disturbed weather that could become berl as we go through the weekend here. so if you have -- if you are heading maybe towards the bahamas or maybe cuba, they're going to be getting in on a lot of flooding action as we go through this weekend. this is not the best time for that. we'll keep our eye on this and see what happens. we widen out the view. while we have cloudy conditions across the middle of the nation, some showers and thunderstorms going to be working their way into that area. here at home we do have the chance for an sphwhreelted shower to pop up as we go into the afternoon and that will be
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the scenario as we go through this holiday weekend. pretty good outside, but it is going to be hot. this morning these temperatures are quite warm on their own, 70 degrees in millersville. you know when you start this warm this early temperatures are going to soar. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren. good morning, how are those roads looking? >>reporter: good morning. if you are getting an early head start on memorial day travel, 97 is going to be nice and clear from the beltway all the way down towards route 50. route 50 nothing to get in your way as you travel across the bridge and head down toward the beaches. if you are headed out on 83, that harrisburg expressway, here's a live look right now north of 695, not too many cars out there just yet here at shan road. it will be an easy ride. no delays down towards the jfx. here's a look at 95 north of the beltway. no concerns heading southbound down towards 495 or northbound up towards the fort mchenry tunnel. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. over to you. with memorial day weekend we usually sell out -- shell out more money at the pump.
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with just a few weeks experts say they are predicting about five or more, even $6 for gas. luckily it looks like that's not going to happen. gas is already down about a quarter since april. analysts are now saying that they're probably seeing a peak of gas prices now that prices are expected to hold steady over the summer. so before you hit the road this weekend, here's something to keep in mind. head to it's right on our home page. when you get there, click on it and you can find the cheapest gas prices with apps that will help you save money on gas. just because your kids will be on summer break, that doesn't mean that they get a break from books. the camp baltimore town leaders would like to see your child enrolled in this summer. we have details on that. plus how you can turn your memorial day cookout into some healthy eating for your family. you're waking up to what's new in maryland. we'll be right back.
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five things you need to know. u.s. olympic long jumper brittany reese will be at copin state university in baltimore today beginning her training. she will also make an appearance at the maryland track and field championships. that's set for tomorrow. baltimore county public library is announcing the start of its summer reading program. it's kicking things off by having the county executive read to a class of second graders from logan elementary. now, the reading club goes from june 12th all the way from august 11th. more fallout now over pink slime, more than 650 workers are set to lose their jobs today and three beef product plants are shutting down. this comes after negative publicity over the company's boneless lean beef trimmings that became known as pink slime. the spacex capsule is expected to dock at the international space station. members of the i.s.s. are expected to hold a news conference tomorrow after they open the hatch to the dragon.
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this is the first time a private spacecraft has been sent to the i.s.s. happy bird day -- happy birthday to the golden gate bridge. san francisco is celebrating by holding a golden gate festival all day sunday. the bridge will close that night for a fireworks display. >> that will be pretty spectacular. you do see correctly down there, it is 71 degrees outside. we'll get a check of the forecaone second. road wise, love the holiday travel, but some people have to get to work. >> they do. this memorial day weekend almost 700,000 drivers here in maryland are expected to hit the road. but right now we're in great shape. 97 no problems to talk about, if you're headed down towards route 50, the bay bridge also nice and clear if you are headed to the beach. if you are going to work, unfortunately, the jfx is clear, pretty good shape all in all. and the weather? >> weather wise not bad. again, yesterday was a nice looking day for the most part. we saw a couple of isolated thunderstorms. that will be the scenario through the weekend.
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so that means that not everybody is going to be getting wet. you do not need to cancel any plans whatsoever. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, as of now we are dry. we do see one lone little shower there that's trying to cross the bay. it's in between betterton and perryman. that's working its way off to the north and east. again, a shower koz that area. temperatures a bigger concern this morning because we are nice and warm and we only heat up from there. charley. rchts abc 2 is working for you, helping to keep your diet while enjoying some great grilled dishes over the weekend. look for hot dogs that are low in saturated fat. here's a hint, turkey dogs, they are a great alternative to beef. there are many healthy burger choices as well like veggie, turkey or mushroom. give a salmon burger a try. >> salmon burgers are great. put them on the grill, put them on buns just like you normally would a hamburger. a whole wheat bun would be
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optimal, some lettuce and tomato. >> you can never do without the sides. try grilling fruits or vegetables like pineapple or maybe even corn. zumba is not just a fun way for adults to get fit, kids are having a lot of fun with the workout too. check this out. modifying classes for yurpg and older kids and they find that children enjoy grooving to the latin-inspired music as much as their parents do. it teaches kids that exercising can be fun. for more health coverage, download our mobile app on your iphone, your smart phone. head to our website, when you get there we have the most up to date health stores 24/7 so head to our website and look under the news tab and click on health. a little politics this morning. two new polls indicate president barack obama holding a steady average in the key swing state of wisconsin. according to the polls, the president is up on mitt romney
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49% to 43%. the president carried wisconsin in the 2008 election by a big margin over republican john mccain. and speaking of wisconsin, one of two debates ahead of that recall election there in wisconsin will be taking place june 5th. one of those debates starts today. and the mitt romney campaign is hoping that a new method will help bring in donations. it's an opportunity to dine with romney and donald trump by donating $3 online, people will be entered into a raffle for a chance to have dinner with the pair. now, the winner will also stay at the trump international hotel in new york and tour the celebrity apprentice board room. new this morning surveillance video shows george zimmerman at the sanford police department three days after the shooting with trayvon martin. >> zimmerman is walking freely through the station. if you look closely at the video, you can see a bandage on the back of his head. sanford police won't comment on why he was there. the video comes amid new questions about zimmerman's relationship with police in sanford. in 2011 he blasted the department in a public hearing,
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then claimed he went on a ride- along with officers. last september he wrote a letter praising the department's volunteer coordinator. t.j. lane will be tried as an adult. the teen accused of opening fire inside chardon high school killing three of his classmates. the decision was made by a judge on thursday. judge timothy grundel ruled that the probable cause existed, showing that lane planned to murder in a deliberate and calculated way. lane was also ordered to be held without bond. new information also revealed cameras in the school caught that shooting on tape. if you find an extra $69,000 in your bank account, don't spend it if you didn't earn it. that's a lesson one pennsylvania man is learning the hard way. he noticed the extra cash in his wells fargo account and then he went on a bit of a spending spree. he bought a car, a dog, a florida vacation, furniture and then paid off some family bills. well, the bank and the police, they eventually caught up with him. now he's facing two felony charges. he says he knew it was going to catch up eventually but he didn't think the result was
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going to be this bad. [ [ indiscernable ] >> a 6-year-old boy is hoping to be the next mark zuckerberg. the young entrepreneur recently pitched his company idea at a seattle startup event. his company is called gap tooth stickers and they are stickers with wash off with water and he says that he came up with the idea when his mom's shirt was ruined by a name tag sticker. so the 6-year-old is working to get investors to start up this company. >> you can never knock the creative imagination of an entrepreneur. >> absolutely. especially a 6-year-old. >> exactly. i got up this morning, walked outside, lynette to get a feel for the weather. a little bit warmer, a little bit more sticky out there. >> exactly. the humidity is up there and those temperatures are up there. so today i'm forecasting a high right around 85 degrees. but with the humidity it's going to feel a little bit hotter than that and that's going to be the scenario as we go through the rest of the weekend. let's talk temperatures elsewhere.
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so we know baltimore is coming in at 71 degrees, d.c. at 72. we're looking at the upper 60s along the eastern shore, the mid-60s in york, pennsylvania right now and 63 degrees in winchester. we did have a little bit of moisture out there yesterday in the term of some thunderstorms. where we saw that, well, this morning we do have a little bit of reduced visibility. so our neighbors to the north in york, good morning to you, you only have about nine miles of visibility this morning. hagerstown six, three in culpepper. we're looking good in baltimore, easton and d.c. but if your travels are taking you to this area, be prepared to run into a little bit of patchy fog. now, the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we do see a few clouds out there, most of the showers off into the atlantic right now, but as we go into the afternoon we'll get some sunshine in here mixing with the clouds just like we did yesterday. maybe an isolated shower in the forecast and that trend as you can see on future trend will continue as we head through the week. there is that high temperature i'm going with for today, mainly dry for the most part. step out to the game, first
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pitch at 7:05 this evening, temperature right around 82 degrees, winds out of the southeast about 10 to -- five to 10 miles an hour. if you don't want to go to the game, go to the beach this weekend. things definitely looking pretty good there. 77 degrees as we head into saturday and sunday looking magnificent as well. that temperature coming in at 79 degrees. let's get a check now of that abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren. it looks pretty good out there, huh? >> forecast looks nice. if you are headed down to the beaches you are going to be in the clear traveling on 97. no problems to report from the beltway all the way down to route 50. fortunately it will remain clear traveling on route 50 across that bay bridge. no delays to talk about as of yet. i'm sure that will change later in the day. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, we are looking at high speeds right now, 60 miles per hour along the southbound lanes along cold spring lane. as for the south side of 95, here's what it looks like north of the beltway, no concerns traveling down south towards 495 or up north towards the fort mchenry tunnel. as for the beltway, here's a live look at the west side at liberty road. everything up to speed.
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you are looking at an 11-minute ride on the outer loop 795 towards 95. that is look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. over to you. it is friday. that means it's also freebie friday. >> where you can go today to get some of the best deals that's not going to cost you a penny. a violent fight breaks out at one parliamentary debate. that's what's got some politicians fired up. we'll take you there when we go around the world as "good morning maryland" continues. as we go to break, we head down to the nation's capital. a look at the capitol building. >> that fight didn't happen there. >> no, not there. we'll be right back.


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