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tv   News  ABC  May 29, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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it is warm, it's humid, it's sticky out. there not feeling too great as you head out the door. in to the afternoon, there is a chance for a thunderstorm to pop up, let's talk about the temperatures this morning, millersville, 70, at 56 degrees now for this time of the year. see the temperatures are well above that. good morning, owings mill, 72 degrees now. the winds are basically on the light side this morning, they will pick up a little bit more as we go in to the afternoon, 5- 10 miles per hour out of the southwest, a warming flow so we will heat the temperatures up as we go in to the afternoon. 90s for today. with that humidity, we will feel like we are in the mid- 90s. spots yesterday, felt like the triple digits. heading to the inner harbor b be prepared today. we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we have a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms to pop off as we go in to the
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afternoon, evening time frame as a cold front gets closer to us. the good news is, it's a cold front. the humidity levels will drop by tomorrow. temperatures will not be as hot as they have been. i will detail more coming up and also what is beryl doing? i will give you the answer coming up. now a check of the time save traffic with loren. you've been talking about a few accidence. we have trouble in harford county, a serious crash, hickory bypass and 543, if u traveling for the area, we are dealing with an accident, not an accident, two alarm house fire in forest hill on dixie lane. do expect a lot of fire activity in the area. we h will bring you the latest. using the jfx, all of the construction has been finished. no delays all the lanes have been re-opened. if you have using the beltway,
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here is a live look, parkville, harford, everything is up to speed. 11 minutes from 95 to 83, west side clear. no problems as you make your way to 95. four people are in the hospital following a triple shooting. among the victims, a 10-year- old boy. police were out patrolling the area and heard a gunshot and one of the men attempted to drive himself and the 10 year old to the hospital. police are have no suspects in custody. called him smiles or cheese because of his grin. friends and family of chases wick are mourning his life. >> reporter: all is quiet at towson university as friends
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and family mourn the life of one of their own. matthew was a student here. the howard county native died after hit and killed by a drunk driver. police say the driver of the isuzu did not stop. witnesses followed the driver. he was identified. >> he proceeded to do the u- turn and stop bade group of the witness -- stopped by a group of witnesses. by the time the police department got there he was stopped. >> reporter: he has been charged with homicide by a motorcycle, while intoxicated along with other traffic violations including leaving the scene of an accident. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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boating accidents happened over the holiday weekend. a 21-foot boat hit a jetting. charles from maryland was throne in to the water. his body was recovered monday. the body of green from edgewood was recovered monday. he was missing after going swimming from his boat, that happened near hall point. summer has yet to start but labor day will be here before you know it. tickets are on sale. the stars and cars are going to be in the streets. last year race tickets went on sale in december. general admission starts at $15, for information, head to all maryland final on lacrosse field. the men's team are waking up national champions. they beat maryland 9-3.
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taking a look at news around the nation this morning, a man fell 150 feet from a crane during a police standoff in dallas, texas. he started throwing things down from the crane. police decided to go up and try to coax him down. they say he was hanging off of the edge of the cabin before falling. the man is suspected of stealing a box truck early on monday morning, the truck was found near college campus. the carjacker climbed the crane of the construction site at a new dorm. 11-year-old girl is recovering after falling off of a rock climbing wall outside of miami. the video is incredible. her father recorded her climb to the top after she hit the buzzer at the top of the wall ,
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the video shows her starting her descent before she fell, about 18 feet they say. she suffered a concussion but expected to be okay. this couple dressed alike, color coordinated, matching outfits everyday, they have been married for 64 years and the closet holds a key component to the union. the tie is always an exact match to joy's dress. >> we decided early in the game he would be boss from 8-5, i would be boss from 5- 8 in the morning. >> i get to have a word in edge wise once in a while. i think she is still the boss. >> like him. >> there is a lesson for me. >> there is lesson for every
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fellow. >> they have 146 custom made matching outfits and been doing this so long they don't remember when it started. she picks out the outfits each day so she must be picking those out before 8:00 a.m. >> what do you say we do this? custom outfits every morning. 3q
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for an 81-year-old woman. she was going sky diving. >> the video has gone viral. >> her knees gave out before she jumped and she managed to get out of the plane put things spiraled from bad to worse. she is speechless about it. she landed safely. experts say the harness was not securely attached. she reigned for 60 years, queen of england, now celebrating her diamond jubilee. her family members are spilling secrets. facebook wants to try something new. the next step for the social networking giant. a serious crash in bel air
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shutdown route 1, between the hickory bypass and 543. another accident, lutherville, on east padonia. fur traveling the jfx, construction has been complete. no delays heading in to the city. as we look at the topside of the beltway, delaney valley road, everything is up to speed. a nice ride towards 83. (bell rings)
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investigators say there is a 2.5 story home, the call came in with entrapment. no one was home. no injuries reported. we have a crew headed to the scene and expect to get new video at 6:00. top story, the eyes of texas will be upon gop candidate my mitt, hoping to secure the state and the delegates needed while taking part in a huge fundraiser. trump is hosting a funds
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raiser expecting it to be one the biggest fundraisers to today. 155 delegates up for grabs. special arab league envoy, scheduled to meet with syria's president tomorrow. anan is arriving after the u.n. condemned syria for using heavy artillery. the government denied involvement saying it was the wok of a terrorist group. after a long weekend , the jury will resume deliberations. edwards is facing 6 felony counts for using campaign moneys to hide his pregnant mistress, hunter. consumer news, the cost of a flight could be going up, tsa backed by democrats in the senate want to increase the security fee for everyone who pays for the ticket.
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it would have gotten front $2.50 to $5 per one way ticket. the budget like many in washington is set to be cut, agency says boosting this fee would help cover the increasing price of security. like the costly scanners. you might like facebook, would you buy a facebook phone? the giant will be getting in to the smart phone business soon. the new york times is reporting facebook is hoping to release one by next year. the report says they hired former engineers who worked on apple's iphone. critics say it's a bad idea. today is graduation day at the u.s. naval academy. panetta will give the commencement address at 10:00 this morning days before the celebration surrounding the diamond jubilee, abc news is
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marking the 60 year reign. >> katie couric talked to those who knew the queen the best. catch interviews with prince william, harry. forecasters say this hour kind hurricane season could be less active than last year. last year's storms included irene and lee, which caused widespread flooding along the river, a major source of fresh water, run off is blamed for algae blooms leading to a distinct smell in the inner harbor. i know you take a special interest in all of that. >> i do. it's funny, the cycle of events that you said , the chain of
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events, lee, irene, and then the fish kill, the smell, goes on and on. for today, we will deal with beryl, i will show you what is going on. let's start with that. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot close to home. beryl, our second tropical storm of the season, the season has not begun yet. right now as we look at the satellite and radar, we have wet weather there, some heavy rains, falling in to southeast georgia and also northeast florida, they do need the rainfall, we will have a trough that's going to slide closer to that, with that it will slide towards the north and east. see, basically this track, as a tropical depression, beryl, it's not a storm anymore, the winds sustained at 30 miles per hour, slowly, 2 miles per hour, look at the track, how it stays south of ocean city. that's what we like to see. we could get high waves.
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wa we are dealing with, lots of moisture out there. humid, for today. temperatures right now in the 70s. we have a chance for some scat red showers and storms to pop up this afternoon. courtesy of a cold front slicing through the area overnight. lit drop down the temperatures a bit and also lessen the human for tomorrow. for today, this is what we are going with, 91 degrees, it will feel like in the mid to upper 90s for today. we have the humidity out there, luckily it will be cooler as we head in to the weekend. good morning, we have r dealing with a crab crash today, harford county, route 1, hickory and route 543, if you are traveling in the area, you want to use con wingo road.
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lutherville, on east fadonia, if u using the jfx to get in to the city. all of the construction has been finished ahead of schedule. no delays. 11 minutes to travel from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. here is a live look, parkville, no delays towards 83. west side clear. live look in pikesville, green spring after. no conditions towards 83 or towards 95. she is a wife, mother, and public speaker and first lady. you can add author. we will tell you where you can hear about the new book. mayor of new york is announcing details on a special event marking the anniversary of september 11th.
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when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. 13 people receiving the presidential medal of honor today. among them, albright and author, morrison , the highest honor. the ceremony is taking place this afternoon at the white house. michelle obama is making the tv rounds today to promote
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her book, about the gardens at the white house. she will be on good morning america today as well as the view. elinore holmes norton is holds agnus conference focusing on protecting reproductive rights of women in the nation's cap it will. joined by gray and leaders of a number of national organizations. more details about a special event to mark the 10th anniversary of the may 30th, 2000 2, the queen of operations ended at grounds zero, it's open to 9 eleven rescue and recovery workers happening today. 277 spellers in dc for the next few days. it's going to be two days beginning tomorrow , the spellers range from this little girl, age 6, all the way up to 15. crypt belonging to a singer could be yours for a price. >> if you have $100,000, you could make the final resting place of the king. remains will be removed.
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thank you for joining us. >> getting ready for traffic, news and weather. we have to start with the weather, sticky and


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