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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 30, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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has been dealing with this. >> certainly not weather related but a lot of people are keeping their eyes on the skies after the storms yesterday. >> they rumbled through last night. this morning no type of thunderstorms, but we are dealing with some rain showers across the area. most of the heaviest rain is to the south around calbert county. everywhere else dealing with light showers, light drizzle, a little bit of misting action. you can see some of those yellows around chesapeake beach and also prince fredrick, more of the same. this has been coming down for a while so these numbers are going to start to add up a little bit more through time. all in all some light showers heading towards gracenville more of the same and also centreville this morning. you can see it back towards shadyside and anne arundel county there. but we are quite humid this morning once again and quite mild. these temperatures will begin to drop off a little bit as we go through the morning. those 70s that i showed you a little bit earlier now try to go diminish as that cold front, that dryer air really working through the area. so 68 degrees right now in indicatensville and 65 in
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northville. look at the rainfall totals, close to .60 in siexville and close to -- of psychsville and close wealg start to get some dry weather in here. i'll talk more about that up can. right now let's get a check of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren. good morning, how are those roads? >>reporter: good morning. we are dealing with the first accident of the day nrks baltimore on cane street at dundalk avenue. if you are using 95, the northeast corridor is in great shape through the white marsh area. no problems to report. as we check in on route 43, only looking at a four minute ride from this vicinity all the way down towards the beltway. as far as the tunnels are concerned, here's a look at 895 at o'donnell street. absolutely nothing to get in your way. it will be a nice, easy ride for you traveling through the harvard tunnel as well as the fort mchenry tunnel. no concerns on 83. all that construction has finally cleared. you're looking at an 11-minute
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ride from the beltway down to east fayette street. you need to be aware that traffic is just starting to pick up on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. do expect a slow but steady road there on the outer loop. there is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. democracy 2012 coverage this morning, mitt romney has locked up the republican presidential nomination. he easily won the texas primary and has surpassed the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination. now romney says he is humbled by that nomination. in other news this morning, a developing story that's happening right now, a proposal to put advertisements on baltimore city fire trucks has now taken a big step forward. >> the city council committee approve thad proposal last night and abc 2 news' sharree johnson is live downtown at headquarters there with the latest on this developing story. sharee, will this help at all? >>reporter: well, it's too soon to tell just yet. some say no and some are hopeful that it will. yes, we're here right in front of the fallen firefighters
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statue. this statue represents a lot of firefighters that have sacrificed their lives. last night supporters that turned out for that city council meeting say that, yes, they hope the fire trucks -- the ads fire trucks might stop the closing of three proposed fire companies in baltimore. mayor stephanie rawlings blake says any revenue from those ads is not likely to come in in time to do that. a spokesman for the mayor also told abc 2 news that the mayor does not take positions on resolutions and won't comment until she sees an actual bill on fire truck ads. now, he did say a proposal to add advertisements to city- owned buildings like parking garages and even schools is very close to becoming a reality. now, councilman pete welch actually made this proposal about the ads on fire trucks. he did this in response to a plan to permanently close three fire companies around the city. this includes truck 10 in west baltimore and squad 11 in southeast baltimore. >> you can't put a price on
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human life and this is a measure that not only provides fire companies to be around, but to protect lives. >>reporter: now, the three fire companies would actually close when the next fiscal year starts and that's on july 1st. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sharree johnson, abc 2 news. new this morning, a metro worker is recovering from serious injuries after being hit by a train. it happened at the shady grove rail yard. the mechanic was hit while the train was in the train wash area that. train was out of service and was empty except for the operator who slowly began moving that train. it then struck the worker, pinning his leg. it took rescue crews crews more than an hour to free him. a suspected drunk driver accused of killing a howard county man vacationing in ocean city will be back in court on june 5th. the man was speeding when he hit matt pachini. he is charged with homicide by
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a motor vehicle while intoxicated and leaving the scene of a fatal collision. today baltimore county executive kevin counsel will make an announcement about business in sparrows point. we told you about layoffs of the steel mill there. a news conference is set for 11:00 this morning at the historic courthouse. that's taking place in talson. in health news this morning, chances are you and your family will be spending a lot of time in the water now that it's getting so hot. >> abc 2 news' linda stow is here to tell us how to keep from getting sick from water- borne illnesses. >>reporter: contaminated water can be found in swimming pools, rivers, parks, lakes and oceans. they can also be found. it's a germ that causes diarrhea and can survive for days even in colorinnated pools. swimmer's here is an infection when contaminated water sits in
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the ear canal for a long period of time. it can cause pain and discomfort. to decrease the chances of an infection, never put pool water in your mouth. >> getting sick from the pool is less likely than it maybe would -- than it used to be. people are very careful about that. there's very strong regulations about how often you have to have the water checked and things like that. >>reporter: the cdc recommends staying out of the pool if you have diarrhea and always try to shower before and after swimming. linda stow, abc 2 news. also this morning researchers saying a new tool in preventing skin cancer may be right there in your medicine cabinet. doctors in denmark found a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin or nay approximaten, even ibuprofen could prevent the risk of developing three different kinds of skin cancer. >> this is very significant. if you were to take 100 people who have squamous cell carcinoma, maybe 15 would not have gotten it if they were taking a lot of aspirin. >> just one a day even with food can cause fatal bleeding,
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so while researchers continue looking at the benefits of aspirin, doctors say the best bet under the sun, still go with sunscreen. you'll soon have more options when it comes to seeing a doctor. med star health is opening its very first prompt care medical clinic. it's located on york road near the baltimore county health department. today there will be a ribbon- cutting ceremony at noon. and on saturday a community open house will happen from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. we're told there will be free health screenings, snacks, giveaways and free face painting for kids. we'll be learning which acts are performing at art scape. the mayor will announce the details at 10:00 at the university of baltimore. this is the country's largest free art festival featuring everything from dance and opera to fine arts and film. the annual festival takes place july 20th, 21st and 22nd in mount royal. the scripps national spelling bee starts today and we want to know if you've been wafning it and paying attention
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how long it's been around. 87 years. >> we take a look at what's changed since that very contest in 1925. more information coming out of italy following an earthquake that killed several people. a crazy weather pattern hitting the midwest, leaving thousands in the dark. very use today it in parts of oklahoma. lynette. >> showers and thunderstorms overnight. now this morning just dealing with some light rain. i'll tell you when we dry out and how long we stay that way. those details coming up. >>reporter: traffic is just starting to pick up here on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i'm tracking the delays and will let you know what 95 and the jfx look like coming up in my abc 2 news time saver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland." eight minutes after the hour. a live look this morning at times square. let's head to new york now for the very latest in today's tech bytes. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, news from apple, ceo tim cook speaking last night about
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what's ahead for his company. he told an industry conference he'd like to see more of the company's products made in america. cook also hinted at a stronger relationship with facebook. chrome book computers will win more converts to its operating system. the samsung boat machines use the internet for storage rather than a hard drive. they handle more types of files and are faster than last year's chrome books. facebook reportedly is about to buy an israeli facial recognition software developer, the deal could be worth as much as $100 million. it would be a natural fit since photos are a huge part of facebook. finally angry birds debit cards will soon allow russian fans of the video games to earn discounts on other angry birds products. i'm paul a farris, have a fabulous day.
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welcome back. the national hurricane center says beryl will skim along the south carolina coast this morning before moving back over the atlantic and strengthening once again to a tropical storm. beryl has generated a ton of rain, up to 10 inches across parts of northern florida. in jacksonville utility crews are working overtime restoring electricity. the storm downed about 350 trees, knocking out power to almost 40,000 customers. hail pounded the oklahoma city metro area last night. a storm system also brought in dusty winds and an isolated tornado. tens of thousands of people lost power due to that storm. we had storms here, of course, nothing like that. but for some people it was pretty dramatic. >> it was pretty dramatic. we had gusty winds across our area as well. no type of downed trees.
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we actually had some pretty weather after it. remember the rainbow we saw. that was a nice one. let me show you what's going on into texas right now because we are see ago cluster of thunderstorms. i believe those are severe as of now. you can see that little cell just diving down into texas. and with that they do have the chance for some more severe weather to go on as we go throughout the day. now, we look across south carolina, north carolina, well, that is beryl and it is barreling through that area, but like charley just said, this will begin to slide out into the atlantic, so it will stay away from us. that's definitely some good news if you didn't feel like dealing with all that rain, but we do need the rain. so any type of rain that we're seeing right now is welcome. we're about 6.07 inches below since january 1st. satellite and radar picking up on a few showers right now. we mainly are dealing with a lot of cloud cover across the area. but as we go through time, things will start to dry out, but before then we take you outside into mount airy and we're seeing plenty of clouds out there right now. no type of real wet weather,
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maybe just a little bit of drizzle. but when you look on the radar, the radar doesn't depict it because the rain drops or drizzle are just a little bit too small. we do still have lots of moisture out there. yes, that cold front slid through the area, but it is going to take its sweet ole time bringing in the dryer air and also the cooler air. so the dewpoints are still up in the 60s and 70 into easton. so that means that we are still humid right now. future trend picking up on still some showers lingering as we go through the morning hours and possibly an isolated shower popping up this afternoon as well. but then we'll be seeing plenty of sunshine working its way in here as we head into thursday. so thursday will be our rest time, our break time, lots of sunshine. but then we will begin to see a new system rolling into the area, courtesy of a cold front that's going to slice through the area by friday. and that will linger into saturday. today, though, that temperature coming in right around 85 degrees. and your seven-day forecast brings cooler conditions in here by the weekend. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren. good morning. >> good morning, lynette.
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we do have several accidents. trouble in baltimore where there's a crash right on kaip street at dunadlk avenue that you want to watch out for. if you are using the northeast corridor of 95, no delays to talk about whatsoever in the white marsh area. it will remain clear as you travel down towards the fort mchenry tunnel. we do have police activity you want to keep in mind on the beltway, it's on the inner loop at pulaski highway. it has been confined to the shoulder, not causing any peups. 62 miles per hour right now in that vicinity. as we check in and take a live look at the harrisburg expressway at scwann road, not too many cars out there, it will be a busy ride down to the beltway. if you are using the south side of 95, here's exactly what it looks like just north of the beltway, no concerns heading down to 495 or headed north up towards the tunnels. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over tou. rng this morning 27 maryland schools will receive awards for their efforts to feed the homeless. in total maryland students
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collected 462,000 pounds of food. that is 231 tons. amazing. this was part of the kids helping kids campaign, offering students the opportunity to collect food and funds for the hungry while also earning service learning hours needed for graduation. well, the scripps national spelling bee gets under way today and so much has changed in the 87 years since this began. it takes a lot to be a champion, we all know that. but have the words gotten harder or maybe have the kids gotten smarter. >>reporter: in 1981, the word was sarcothagus. >>reporter: and with that paige became the scripps national spelling bee champion. today 31 years later, she is the director and she knows it takes more than memorization to advance to thursday's championship finals. >> when you stand on stage, you are going to be asked literally anything, and you have to be
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prepared. >>reporter: one thing she says all contestant vs in common each year is that they're great readers. another key to success is learning language patterns and word roots. >> can i have the origin, please? >> understanding patterns of spelling in hindu, in japanese, in french, spanish, italian, i could go on and on and on help you to figure out the correct spellings when you're on that national stage. >>reporter: although kindall says the toughest words are one- syllable words with only four or five letters. in the last four or five years the championship words have been an alphabet soup. >> sometimes they are a bit more difficult than you thought -- than you saw 10 years ago or 20 or 30 years ago. there are more and more kids who are really putting out good effort towards qualifying for the bee and being in those final rounds. >>reporter: there is no review of old word lists according to
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kindall. if a challenging word from previous years winds back in this championship round, it's just happy stance. >> it's merely a coincidence. great spelling bee words are great spelling bee words no matter the year. >> you can catch the spelling action on espn's channel starting this morning. preliminary on espn 3 at 8:00 a.m. thursday you can see the semifinals at 10:00 this morning on espn 2 and the final round tomorrow night 8:00 on espn. and we have posted all of this information on our website, you can learn more about the contestants. just look on the left-hand side under featured stories and you can find all that information. not too many people can say they've celebrated their 107th birthday. >> no. but a local woman can say that. our cameras were there for her big birthday bash. we're learning the secret to a long, happy life. also people decide once and for all the mode of transportation quickest when it comes to getting around one
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city in poland. we'll tell you the results when "good morning maryland" continues. 3q
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it is 6:21 and a big birthday bash at oings mills. the guest of honor is no stranger to cakes and candles. >> kelly introduces us to a local woman who just turned 107 years old. >>reporter: this isn't your typical birthday party. when the guest of honor arrives, she's all decked out in her sunday best, but you'll never guess in a million years how old this birthday gal is. there's no surprise, dprany, as she's called a time or two. they're celebrating her 107th birthday. >> this is a tribute to her, a real tribute. we trick her every year. >>reporter: and every year she
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brings that smile. >> everybody, everybody, my family, it's beautiful. >>reporter: at least three generations of wainwrights and friends packed this owennings mills restaurant proudly displaying her name, grannies. >> it is really southern cuisine. >>reporter: bertha wainwright peyton back in the 1940s her mom attended cooking school in baltimore, one of the first african-american women and she still cooks. >> everything she makes she make from scratch. how she made bread because we didn't buy bread at the store. >>reporter: you may not get that recipe, but those touched by granny know the secret to her longevity. she takes care of herself. >>reporter: i think her secret is hard work, the love of god. >> she is really an inspiration
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to persons of all ages. >> all three of granny's children are alive, two girls, one son. her favorite recipes we're told beef short ribs and, of course, her triple crusted peach cobbler. sounds delicious. >> what a great story. time now for a check of the commute. traffic wise some residual effects from last night's rain could slow a few people down. yeah. the roads are really slick, so you do definitely want to reduce the speed. be extra careful as you head out. fortunately no delays to talk about on 95. the jfx also in great shape. but now just to step away from traffic, we've been asking you all morning to sound off on a picture that we posted on our facebook page. caption this picture. it was sent in by kim of forest hills, it's of her son carson. he's sitting in a sink. the viewers have really sounded off. you've made us all laugh this morning. we love your comments. trish says telling you i needed a bath before bed. kimberly wrote in and said i tried to tell you that i was
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thirsty, and ruth wrote in and said i'm a little sinker. >> i like that one. >> that was so cute. so continue to comment on today's "caption this." if you have any "caption this" photo suggestions, mail them to our newsroom, we would love to use one of your pictures maybe later this week. >> i like those tissues behind his head. they look like antlers. >> he's just a little cutie. >> send those pictures in. thank you, lauren. so what is the best way to get through traffic, lauren? you may have an answer to this, but in poland they did a race to find out, one perp by car, the second by bike, one ran and the bus route. the car was fastest, followed by the bike, the runner finished third and the bus proved to be the slowest mode of transportation. there is nothing worse than sitting in traffic and not moving for hours. >> so a group of drivers found one way to keep themselves entertained, something to think about the next time you're stuck in a traffic jam.
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that looks like frisbee and bikinis. never a bad idea right there. "good morning maryland" is back in just a bit.
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the case against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky moving forward.
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we have the latest thopg on where things stand. also ahead this morning, a group against same-sex marriage gets one step closer to putting a marriage referendum on maryland's ballot. with temperatures beginning to heat up, a warning from public works offices about where you can and where you can't swim. details straight ahead. if you haven't looked out your window yet, we're going to do it for you. here's a live look at the inner harbor on this wednesday, may the 30th. thanks for joining us here on "good morning maryland." before we get to weather, rosemont elementary and middle school closed due to an electrical failure this morning. staff, you're asked to report to copin state university. this is the second day in a row this has happened. not weather related. >> it's not weather related. we did get nasty thunderstorms last night and we still do have some rain coming down this morning. it's light in nature, but for the most part we still do have some slick spots out there. so you want to take it easy on the roadways this morning. so we look at maryland's most powerful radar and we see the heaviest rain in those yellows coming down arounlb


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