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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  May 30, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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hurricane season kicks off june 1st. last year we had our share of storms. bge is getting ready and want to make sure that you are, too. don harrison strapped on some linemen's gear and went to work to bring you this report oar next week begins the hurricane season for our region. bge workers are ready year round to handle problems. >> you do your work when the weather is bad. >> reporter: he's been working
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to keep your power on for 23 years. >> actually, you have to prepare days ahead. you have to hydrate yourself at night, especially in the summertime. you have to get proper rest. >> reporter: they want you to be prepared, too bge said now is the time to make sure you have everything you need top handle the big storm. make sure you have flashlights, not candles, fresh batteries, battery operated clock radio and a fully operated cell phone. i had a chance to put on the gear the linemen wear. their equipment can weigh more than 50 pounds. this can be dangerous work. >> we have many, many safety and work procedures we have to go by in order to keep us safe while we're out there. >> reporter: it's nice and sunny out here.
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it's no problem but when these guys are doing work, it's a whole different story outside. >> the blizzard was three feet. we had to put in new poles. >> reporter: if the power does go out, they want you to remember one thing. >> be patient. we're on it and we're going to do the best job we can to get the power back on and get it on safely. >> reporter: don harrison, abc2 news. >> all right. those guys get the job done. no question about that. a very timely story. we have a tropical system coming close to maryland bringing rain into maryland city. winds at 40 miles an hour. this is what was once upon a time tropical storm beryl. now it's coming up up the east coast.
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it brought rain to worcester, ocean city, a significant system but tracking just south and east, more of a weather maker for eastern carolina and virginia beach. this shows clearing in maryland. we're looking belter and better. humidity dropping. we'll talk about that coming up. >> now to a delve dex -- developing story store -- developing story, a security breach at an airport. jamie costello joins to us try to explain it. >> i'm reading the report. you can't believe it. the united express plane was ready to take off from san diego. a 37-year-old paroleee just out of jail was able to board the jet, walked on to the tarmac
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untouched. he walked through the terminal slipped inside the passengers boarding the plane. he was caught only at the last possible moment when land ins did a final passenger count. the passengers were ordered to get off the plane. >> they separated the plane and had the dog go over everything. >> reporter: the dog didn't find anything but police found the extra passenger. he was arrested. there was another shocking one. this newark man walking through an unmanned security post to kiss his girlfriend good-bye, that stopped the airport operations for six hours. the parolee has an exstensive criminal -- extensive criminal history and will be charged with trespassing. police in louisiana found her bike. now police are finding out what shape it was. the bike was found with
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extensive damage to the rear tear and bent rim. it was found in the area -- the fact that the bike was found damaged and dumped near a highway suggest that shunnic may have been hit by a car. >> paint from the suspect ease vehicle. there could be her dna on it, the suspect's dna on it. there could be a wealth of information that could be gathered in addition to the location of the bike. >> police say they're focusing their search on three cars captured by security cameras around the same time that shunnic was found riding her bike. she was last seen around 2 a.m. on may 19th leaving a friend's home. well, as the temperatures climb, more and more of you will be heading to the nearest river or stream to cool off but that water may have some hidden
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germs. we have tips to avoid getting water borne illnesses. plus, what happened when a customer came up one taco short? the price he has to pay for getting angry. >> i want to draw your attention to our mobile app. you can get it 24/7 and all kinds of graphics available on our itunes store or at we're back with the forecast coming up.
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look at this. fire lights up the sky over oklahoma city. massive flames shooting through the roof of the popular red rock canyon gri. no word on what caused the fire. fryerses suspect it may have been lightning. no one was hurt. okay. we've all been there. you know how frustrating it is when you go through a drive through. one man in ohio decided to take his frustration to a whole different level at taco belt a worker forgot to put a taco in his order. he got so angry that he crashed his truck with the front door. >> we've had all types of vehicles but it's always been an
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accident or impairment, but usually people don't run into taco bell intentionally for a missing taco. >> no one inside the restaurant was hurt. the man was later arrested at his house and charged with felony vandalism. in oklahoma city, some strong storms rolled through. there was damaging wind and hail. it knocked out power and shattered car windows. coming up, for years women have been told that hormone replacement therapy would improve their health. the new report that now casts doubt on that. the expectations were high for facebook stock but with investors taking a loss, what does that future hold for the
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chances are that you and your family will be spending more and more time in the water now that it's hot. we have some tips to help you-a-from getting -- you from getting sick. it can be caused by chemicals in the water. one of the most frequent causes of water borne illnesses, germs that cause diarrhea and survive for days, even in chlorinated pool lts. it can be contaminated when water sits in the ear canal for had long time. it can cause pain and discomfort and decrease the chance for infection, never put pool water in your mouth. >> people are very careful about
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that. there's strong regulations about how often you have to have the water checked. >> the cdc recommends staying ot of the pool if you have diarrhea and always try to shower before and after you go swimming. now the controversy am subjects of hormone replacement therapy. 10 years ago a study found the treatmenten creased a woman's risk of heart disease and cancer. that caused a dramatic drop in the use of hrt. now there's more data that casts doubt on it. >> reporter: the u.s. preventive services task force release lad new statement that seems to reenfort old. this concludes that come wine -- combined, estrogen, progesterone therapy is linked to increased
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cancer death. neither therapy had a been if i val effect on coronary heart disease. the author said the combination of estrogen and progesterone likely increases the risk of heart disease. the report concludes, quote, with high certainty there's zero to net benefit for the use of combined estrogen and progesterone therapy for the prevention of chronic conditions and concludes with moderate certainty that there is no net benefit for the use of estrogen alone. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. we've got maryland's most powerful radar in extended range mode looking south into virginia beach toward nags head and elizabeth city. this is a redeveloping tropical storm off the virginia-maryland
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coats of lien. you can see the impacts being felt as close as ocean city, even salisbury getting showers plerl today from the rem -- earlier today from the remnants of tropical storm beryl. it retrograded back up the coast. take a look at wilmington, north carolina, capturing wild conditions over the cape fear river to our south. as we look further north, ocean city getting in on the action with rain showers and praps brees zip condition -- perhaps breezy conditions. these are the outer clouds. some sun coming hoyt in the -- out in the city. the front coming through and the cloud cover, that helped keep temperatures down. patuxent river and easton in low 70s.
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drier air wrapping out of the west. tropical depression beryl. neighborhood by neighborhood we'll clear the skies and be back in the low to mid-80s. it should be a nice day. there it is, big masssive rain but the bulk of the precipitation falling off shore. the rain that we were did get welcomed precipitation. that's the one story about beryl, the coastal southeast. beryl caused wind damage and brought much needed rain. that's where this tropical storm has been a good thing, again headed out to sea. our cold front helping to push beryl away from the coast. so any mischief we might see with the storm will be minimum as the storm heads out to the sea. to the west, we look nice and clear, a great looking day, comfortable temperatures, lower humidity. friday a noise sunny start. by friday evening, the frontal boundary coming through.
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this will likely moan some showers and -- mean some showers friday evening and friday night. so not an entirely dry weekend. overnight 62 with a few clouds. sun shine back. man, that's good stuff. tomorrow down to 60 or so under a partly cloudy sky. all right. seven-day forecast, the weekend forecast, upper 70s both days. a hit or miss shower will be possible. just a little unsettled. the bottom line is it won't be as bright and sunny and won't be as hot as our held -- our memorial day weekend. >> thanks a lot. now to democracy 2012 news, last night mitt romney hit a major milestone in the race for the gop nomination. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. he's finally reached that magic
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number in the state of tex -- texas, right? >> reporter: he timally surpassed 1, 144 delegates. it was all because of a victory in the state of texas. it's hard to believe that this was almost a year ago that mitt romney jumped in the race and shot ahead in the polls. he fought off surges from the likes of rick perry, rick santorum and herman cain. now the republican party has come together with the goal of defeating president obama. the president called him to congratulate him on becoming the gop and he is looking forward to a healthy debate in the future. >> both the romney camp and the
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dnc released their own version. >> reporter: romney's campaign released a new ad. it dids after some of the highlights over the past year or so. take a lock at this. >> mitt romney will win big tonight. >> we have a mormon responsibility to keepmark the strongest nation of the earth. >> mitt romney will have a huge win, a big win. >> reporter: as for the democratic web video there were no congratulations, this one in the theme of a facebook web page. it's titled mitt romney, little to like. >> 47th out of 50 in job creation. >> help ended up third from the bottom in job creation. 48,000 manufacturing jobs left. >> planned parenthood, going to get rid of that. >> reporter: a facebook timeline it. cycles on for two more minutes using sound from gop rivals and more from himself. what we have is a story with two
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different reactions from both campaigns. >> all right. much more to come on. that thanks for that report. well, it seems like someone forgot it use the spell check before releasing a new mitt romney iphone app. it allows supporters to sphraf themselves with one of the slogans. the problem is it hadmark misspelled. the romney camp is down playing. it also seems like the first lady is popular with americans. michelle obama has a 66% favorability rating. opinions of her became more positive in january, rising to $69%. the first lady is typically more popular than her husband. jamie? all new at 6:00 it may be one of the most popular books in the country, but you're not
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going to see anyone at the harford county library thumbing through this. why you won't see copies of 50 shades of grey. we have a new warning about a scam and how you can avoid becoming a victim. here's a look at what's coming up on world news at 6:30. >> what if we told you someone was taking money out of your 401(k), thousands of dollars a year and you don't know this. how can you protect yourself? tonight on world news.
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facebook's stock is falling
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again. investigators are concerned that it has some ad problems. scott goldberg has the story. >> reporter: from so many investors, facebook has been getting the stink eye since it went public and proceeded to lose a quarter of its value but party hemler still sees it as a friend eye intend to hold on. >> reporter: his views are shared by some investors, but on the forward looking options market, there are predisixes facebook's stock will keep sliding, $25 by mid-july, down from its debut at $38. is this the bottom for facebook? doubt it. >> reporter: right now what we know is facebook seemed surprised by the number of users switching to mobile apps and we know that mark zuckerberg has been on a honey mon in italy
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while his company stock is tanking. >> mark zuckerberg is one guy you never want to bet against. he's a guy who's seen the future, and defined the future. >> reporter: others are too busy snickering at reports that zuckerberg and his wife didn't leave a tip after spending $40 on lunch in rome. is it because tipping isn't customary or upset about the stock. they are moving forward to add new plans to the business and just opened a new office in dubai. we have the latest into the burglary investigation on abc2 news at 6:00 with jamie costello
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which starts right now. it's not tom clancy or a har le kin romance but this is "50 shades of grey." >> oakland mills, the latest on a string of burglaries in howard county. and the bizarre attack in miami where a man high on bath salts eats a homeless man's face. you can't feel it from here but we are looking at a comfortable night. how long will wen joy the lower humidity and the temps. let's check in with wyatt everhart. it's been very active, vie is -- very wet with the remnants of


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