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tv   News  ABC  June 4, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we had wild weather on friday. nice saturday, gorgeous yesterday but now more rain. >> we are dealing with showerses we had showers come in overnight. they are trying to move off. they will be redeveloping as we go throughout the afternoon, we have an upper level low keeping us in ton settled weather pattern. a coastal flood advisory for the areas shaded in the bluish color. lack for it until 8:00 this morning. temperatures this morning, coming in, in the upper 50s, instead of the 60s, and the 70s, 59 now in perry hall, owings mills 57 degrees, 58 now in rockville. the winds are calm as of now, a accidents. dundalk, wise at church road, the accident has been cleared. traveling through the tunnels, everything up to speed through the fort mc heat church road, the accident has been
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cleared. traveling through the tunnels, everything up to speed through the fort mc henry and 895, acci cleared. traveling through the tunnels, everything up to speed through the fort mc henry and 895, north of child's street. not too many cars out. there an easy ride through the harbor tunnel. no concerns on the south side, heading southbound, 495, north towards the tunnels. as far as the west side is concerned, here is a look at liberty. no delays on the outer loop, looking at 11-minute ride from 795, towards 95. a look in a few minutes. no delays to talk about on the jfx in to the city. 11 minutes to travel from the beltway, downtown to east fayette street. that's a look at time saver traffic. strong storm moved through baltimore on friday night leaving a number of downed
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trees and power lines. >> sherrie johnson picks up the team coverage in towson. >> reporter: the clean up process has certainly started here in west towson, look behind me here, we are in the 600 block of chestnut, in is where a tree fell on top of the roof of this home. there is a blue tarp that covers the house, that's where the tree fell. they've started to cut the tree up so they can get some of the debris out of the way. the home was damaged by falling debris. the tree cut in half and fell on the house. several homes damaged east of towson, near the talbert hall school and towson center. several old trees came out throughout several neighborhoods, left many running for cover. no one was hurt, roger boyd was home with his family and heard a loud noise. >> all of a sudden, the trees
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started flying around and this amazing, total whiteout occurred. >> reporter: as you can see here at this home on chestnut avenue, they've started to clean up here, a lot of the tree portions of the tree littered the front yard. the tarp is covering where the tree hit the roof of the house. at the height of the storm, more than 5600 people lost power in baltimore county. we checked the website, and nearly everyone has power restored. we were on air and on line as well. we want to remind you, go to the website, we have a spot called tornados alley. go to, click on weather, you will find a link, this will give you everything from precautions to updates, videos and weather and everything. tornado alley on
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we continue the coverage of the weekend storms, linda so is live with the latest on storm clean up there. and the conditions, we are seeing first light on this monday. >> reporter: we want to show you the damage that we found. this is the fallston pharmacy in fallston. you can see the damage, see the tarp covers the roof. we have several doctors offices, it tore down the whole roof on this building. you can see, we got off the phone with the national weather service 30 minutes ago. they confirmed, ef1 tornado touched down in the pleasant hills area. it was on the ground for a mile. the tornado uprooted trees and damaged buildings to the tune of $1 million. one man was crushed by a moving building. people spent the weekend trying to clean up the mess. everett volunteered to break
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down scrap metal on west grove. we found one home that was moved off the foundation near route 1. . >> i guess it's 150 or 200 feet away. it flew through the air,  bounced off the cars and landed here. >> reporter: still, lots of clean up to do this morning from friday's storms. back out here life, the fallston pharmacy and doctor's offices, the roofs torn off from the friday's storm. the national weather service con fipples an ef1 -- confirms an ef1 tornado touched down. one man is saying his spray on sunscreen ignited a fire causing him to get second degree burns. a child prodigy graduates from med school. how he is doing, and what his little sister is up to as well.
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seasonable temperatures. we will be unseasonablely cool this afternoon. i will tell you how long that lasts coming up. no concerns on 95, knot north of the beltway.
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a mother forgot her baby on the roof of her car. the baby was found in the street on saturday. he was not seriously hurt and found giggling, the 19 year old mother got in a fight with her boyfriend, went to a friend's house to smoke pot. she faces aggravated dui and and child abuse charges. a man suffered second degree burns from flames from a grill after applying spray on sunscreen. he was standing just in from of the barbecue grill, a few
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seconds before his body was engulfed in flames. the sunscreen is banana boat sport air aerosol. the company is looking in to this. accomplished pianist by 9 year old and it remains his passion, at 21. a child prodigy at 12 and the youngest medical graduate student in the university of chicago's history. he was composing music at 5. >> if the pressure had been coming from anyone else, i wouldn't have been able to keep going. you have to be driven by something that you want to do. >> he has always been a role model for his younger sister. his sister is 15 and attends johns hopkins universities. a boy gets a day off of school. >> his interaction with the president and what obama gave
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him that he is turning heads at school. new addition maybe coming to the inner harbor after a carousel was removed earlier in the year.
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11-year-old boy from minnesota, excused from class on friday, to meet president obama. >> he got something else, too. >> >> reporter: tiler sullivan up with at school. instead, he was at honeywell in
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golden valley, listening to the president. tyler took it in, but also realized the president cares about school attendance. following his speech, tyler had a chance to shake hands with mr. obama and they had a moment. >> i said, hi, president. he started asking me questions and he was like, you must be out of school, then? >> reporter: president obama reached for a presidential pad of paper and a presidential pen, and wrote out an official excused absence note. >> i was like, really? please excuse tyler, he is with me, barack obama. >> reporter: he has had autographs before but this is on another level. >> i kind of wanted to brag at school and tell them, look at what i got. >> showing it to my teacher, in
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rochester, show you, this is why i missed school on fridays. tomorrow, the vice president's wife, will release a children's book, don't forget nanna, god bless our troops. two companies are putting bid in to bring carousel back to inner harbor. they pull the plug on the operator for financial troubles. there is a classic ride with 30 animal figures and two chariots, a company is pitching a smaller one that features pig yours that represent the local area including a blue crab and baltimore orioles. shawn johnson has decided to end her career as a competitive gymnast, she has the desire to compete but problems with her left knee are
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forcing her to retire. she won medals in he career and plans to cheer on the olympic team. police are investigating a fight that turned deadly on lafayette on sunday. crews arrived at a boarding house and found 42-year-old, antonio with stab wounds to the back. there was an argument between matson and a woman. she got her brother involved and things got physical. matson was taken to the hospital and he died. the woman and he brother are in police custody. charges are pending. schooling happened last night, police were a block away. our photographer was three blocks away. people were running around as shots were fired. police found the man, with several shots in the head and in the back. washington state mom owes her baby's life to a quick
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thinking garbage truck driver. jeff black burn saw the stroller rolling. he and another woman managed to catch the cage. it is 5:48, time to get a check on the weather, the commute, all things important this morning as people head out the door. >> it is a little bit damp out. there roads are slick. there is no rain falling from the sky. off and on showers throughout the day. have the rain gear as you head out and about. let's talk about what is going on, we are calmer from friday. the calm weather came in after the storms, basically through the weekend. i hope you had a fabulous weekend. satellite and radar picking up on cloud cover. upper level low to the north of us, that distributes number in the form of showers, taking it outside and see clouds, we
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see a little bit of brightening of the skies, off and on throughout the day. don't get too confident if you get shall be, the rain will be with us as we go through the rest of the week for the most part. i'm going to give it until wednesday. we are cool because of the upper level low, we are 54 degrees westminster, we should be at 58 for a low temperature, coming in a little bit below that. 59 joppa, more of the same rock hall. good morning galena, 59, northeast around 58 degrees. future trend, well not picking up on a lot as we go in to the 80s time frame. throughout the day, we had the chances for showers to move in to the picture at 5:00, we could have a wet commute home, and this will continue as we go in to tuesday and also wednesday, remember, don't cancel plans, that he is will be off and on showers throughout the day. we look at the fact that we have our hour by hour forecast, and we will become breezy
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through time. now, we are nice and calm for the most part. the winds will begin to pick up through the afternoon as well. temperature i'm giving for today, 74 degrees. 68 by 8:00 p.m., let's take it outside, great pictures. this sent in by my weather watcher, owings mills, he sent this in, on friday, we saw those storm clouds forming and plenty of storms, plenty of flooding and tornados, across the area. if you want to send in pictures, you don't have to wait for a storm, take it, pull over, take a snapshot of beautiful weather. send the pictures to charles at include your name, city and a brief description, a check of the seven-day forecast, we get dry as we head in to the weekend and nice with the temperatures in the 80s. now a check of the time saver traffic with learn. good morning, harford county got hit hard over the weekend with heavy storms.
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unfortunately we have an accident to tell you about if fallston. not far from where linda so is reporting live at the pharmacy that suffered a significant amount of damage, the accident is on waterville at route 152, watchout for that in the area, if you are using 95, no concerns, from harford all the way to the white marsh area, route 43 in to the city, will be nice and clear. as we take a look at 83, north of shawan, everything up too speed in hunt valley. that continues as you make the drive towards the beltway, will remain clear onto the jfx from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. as far as the beltway is concerned, liberty road, no delays, 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795, towards 95, through the tunnel, no problems to report through the fort mc henry or the harbor tunnel. by now you may have logged
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first lunar eclipse occurs. sky watchers in the pacific and east asia will have the best view. viewers can vote on clangs to privacy policy. facebook has access to your personal information, and on line activity. have a say in how facebook uses the personal information. stocks plunged 274 points, u.s. economy added 69,000 jobs in the month of may. the weakest growth in the year, federal reserve is under pressure to announce another round of stimulus. people in washington state
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are waging a debate over same sex marriage like the one in maryland. opponents of the bill signed in to law and scheduled to take effect on june 7th, say they will deliver petition to force referendum for the measure today. restaurants throughout the county offering price fixed menus consisting of three coursed meals around 20 bucks. you and you family maybe plan aggravation this summer. >> breaking down a scam, the wanting about the hotels and vacation reviews you read on line. a breast cancer drug is promising results. what a trial uncovered and what researchers say it offer. justin bieber out there, why the tickets will be hard to come by. . we are drying out. that not going to last long. when the wet weather moves back in. the details are coming up. this are several accidents
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this morning, everything is up to speed on 695, harford road. i will let you know what 83 looks like in the time save traffic report. g
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