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tv   News  ABC  June 5, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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cook. >> it feels like april than june. >> i know. i know. but, okay. i will make it hopt hot for the weekend. i will get you back -- hot for the weekend. i will get you back. for you, my audience out there i. love you guys. and i am going to tell you that you will need a jacket this morning. i am going to show outtemperatures. we did get showers ysh -- you the temperatures. we did get showers overnight. things are dying down but there's more chances for showers for today because of an upper-level low making it cold outside this morning. a little bit chilly. as as we look at ellicott city we can see a few clouds but we see more sunshine. this is exactly what we saw yesterday. make sure to get out and you enjoy but as you get out this morning, this is what we are talking about. and we have a lot of complainers in studio this morning. but make sure you do have that jock. -- jacket. chestertown and 52 in
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emetsburg. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with the complainer lauren cook what do you have for us. >> reporter: i am not as bad as charley. if you are heading out on the road, we have trouble in howard county. there's a crash on hanover road at anderson avenue. big problems on 695 this morning. there's a new accident right on the outer loop at ritchey highway. here's delays up in pikesville at green spring. traffic is moving slowly in both directions and the inleer loop will be clouded -- crowded and the outer loop slow towards 95. 83 at shawan road in much better shape. no concerns on the hunt valley area. it will be an easy ride driving towards the beltway and it will remain clear on the jfx. you are just looking at an 11- minute ride from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. and everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. that's a look at your abc2
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timesaver traffic. back to you. >> all right. today the trial for jerry sandusky accused of sexually abusing boys is set to begin with jury selection. san desk -- sandusky is expected to be in court. he is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys during a 14- year period. he's been under house arrest since december and has pleaded not guilty and in april, his attorney said the courted of pb look opinion -- court of public opinion has been in session since he was charged. >> we have been trying to overcome the tidal wieb of presumption of gift since november. i want to make -- tiedel wave of presumption of guilt since november. he want to make sure he gets a jury to hear both sides. >> the allegation led to the fire of joe paterno back in november. months later paterno died of complications as a result of lung cancer. lawyers for the man known as the east coast rapist want
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to enter a insanity plea but he refuses to go to mental health evaluator and can't plead insanity unless he does. he is accused of attacks on 17 women spanning from virginia to connecticut during a span of a decade. a hearing is scheduled for friday. >> it's heart breaking to hear about the 10-year-old being involved in this and what's happened to get him. >> a case stunning police in portland, oregon. they are investigating a pair of robberies involving a 10- year-old boy. in the first robbery the adult suspect reportedly walked in and bear hugged the owner and told him not to move of the while restrained the child the ran. the following evening the man and child struck again. what happened to graduation ceremony is landed one ohio teen in big trouble. anthony is punished for cheering too loudly. instead of getting the diploma he got a letter from the principal. officials says he must do 20 hours of community service
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before being allowed to graduate which can be split between he and his family or he can do all the work. >> i didn't do nothing wrong but walk across the stage. >> he is not doing the community service. i am definitely not doing the community service. >> he says he needs the diploma if wants to go to college. a hospital stay didn't keep a minnesota teen from celebrating his graduation. because he couldn't attend in person, he did the next best thing. ross henderson had his leg a pew tateed after a -- can be amputated days before grat gra graduation and his brother linked the family in by skype. >> seeing my friends up there they are all waving and smiling at me. it actually makes me think impart of the group there. so, they got me in there and sight feels like i am there. >> the teen's brother accepted the diploma and ross tossed his hat just like the classmates. millions around the world
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are celebrating an 86-year-old grandmother as queen elizabeth ii makes history in london. the celebration continues. a live look as the celebration is underway. i will be quiet to are for a while and let you listen to the sights and sounds from across the pond.
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and welcome back. let's go live to london where roger clark is live for the diamond jubilee celebrating the 60th anniversary of the queen elizabeth. roger good morning. if you could, set the scene for us as to what's going on today. >> reporter: yeah. good morning charley. today is the fourth day of a
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four-day giant party in the united kingdom. we have the great concert last night at buckingham pal and today it's about pomp and circumstance. queen has been to a service of thanks giving at the cathedral and left a few moments ago. what she was doing there was following in the footsteps of her great, great grandmother queen victoria who went to the church to celebrate her 60 years on the thrown. all those years ago. the queen is going for a reception before heading to particle -- parliament where she will have lunch and then ride in an open top carriage to buckingham palace where you will see the palace with the royal family and the royal wave. >> take us back 24 hours because i am sure queen victoria didn't experience a concert like queeelizabeth did
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last night. >> reporter: you wonder whether she would have been immused by that. it was a fantastic concert. look, it was a -- amused by that. it was a fantastic concert. you had paul mccartney and stevie wonder and who else sir tom jones was there and robby william and anybody who was anybody in the world of pop and rock over the last 40 or 50 years was there playing for the queen. the place was mad and the whole thing was outside buckingham palace. what a backdrop for a concert. it was a really great night and when prince charles came on the stage, with the queen, and gave his speech and thanked his mother for the years of service it was a very moving occasion for the queen and when the prince of wales said let's give a cheer to the duke her husband, well, there was a huge cheer charley. >> roger thanks for your time this morning. once again reporting live from london.
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in other news, a woman in anne arundel county what scary morning. she was sound asleep when she was suddenly awakened. the story of what it was that woke her up and why the neighborhood is now on edge. and disney changing the way it advertises for children oriened programs. details on what's working and how the first lady is all part of that coming up. >> and the sun is breaking through the clouds this morning. so you woint only need -- won't only need the sun shade and sunscreen but you will need something else. details coming up. >> reporter: traffic is starting to pick up on the south side of 95. and we have an accident on the beltway. i will have details coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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6:44. good morning i am charmey crowson. time for your abc2 news to go. sherrie johnson is live with new information about a suspected meth bust in elk ring and lauren will look at timesaver traffic but first a check of the bizarre forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> all right. i like that word bizarre. we have been a little up and down but as we look at
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temperatures this morning, they are down. 51 in manchester. quite cool. silver spring 54 and towson at 52. we step out and it looks pretty and we started out with a few showers. a few clouds and now that sun is coming out. and that will be scenario through the rest of today. maryland's most powerful radar is beginning to dry things out, but as we go through the remainder of today there's a possibility for more showers in the forecast. so, the sun shades and sunscreen maybe a big hat but take that umbrella with you just in case. i will talk more about that and talk more about how we will heat things up in time. but right now let's check the traffic with lauren. good morning how are the roads. >> reporter: good morning. we have several accidents to tell you about. trouble in northeast baltimore where there's a crash on sedona yeah -- and more problems on 95 traffic is starting to pick up in the white marsh area southbound from route 43 to
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thebeltway and worse conditions on 695 at ritchie highway. looing live, -- look north of this creep traffic is moving -- looking north of this scene, traffic is moving slowly. inner loop moving slow through 83. interstate 70 clear at columbia pike. it will be an easy ride towards 695. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now back to you. howard county police areinvestigating a suspected meth lab on marshalee drive. police were called to the scene because informants smelled something. sherrie johnson is live with details on the bust. good morning. >> reporter: good morning charley. authorities were out here for much of the night. many leaving a few moments ago but we are told dea agents actually went into the building about 3:30 this morning. d-ea has meth lab specialist and they were sampling the air
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10 minutes special ops took samples trying to figure out if this was a meth lab. howard county police arrested four men believed to be manufacturing methamphetamine in a hotel room right here at the holiday inn express in elk ridge. police got a tip around 10:40 last night about a meth lab. when officers arrived they smelled a strong unusual odor in the room on the 4th floor. once officer went inside, they saw chemicals and that's when they arrested the four men. now authorities believe they checked into the hotel on saturday. authorities evacuated rooms on the fourth floor and we caught up with one hotel guest spencer smith who was evacuated and he admits it was scary. >> apparently it has a foul odor and if -- it has the potential to explode. i manage it would have taken out the whole floor and anything around it if it exploded. >> reporter: the evacuated hotel guests way loud to return
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to the rooms about four this morning. they had them sitting in the lobby with blankets while investigators took a look at some of the rooms on the 4th floor. reporting live in elk ridge, sherrie johnson, ab cra. 2 news. -- abc2 news. new information on a 90- year-old woman not going to forget what happened to her. she was sleeping in her maryland city home when two intruders woke her. after few minutes one left the room and they took perprescription meds and cash. >> it wasn't mig i could do except -- anything i could do except for what he said which is what i did. >> 20 minutes later someone tried to break into the home down the street. the victim's son fought offintruders before they took off. neighbors say the suspect was on the block this is happened before. new information this morning about a triple shooting that happened after 9. police say it happened in the 3400 block of east lombard street in east baltimore. this is video from the scene overnight. three people were shot and police say one of them may have been a juvenile.
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they are investigating the crime scene right now. they do believe the victims will survive. and gunfire broke out after 12:30 in the 400 block of palmo road in northwest baltimore. authorities say officers found two men shot and homicide detectives have been called to the scene. no word about a motive or suspect. the first african american graduate from the u.s. naval academy is scheduled to be buried at the academy. a memorial service for retired lieutenant commander brown is set for wednesday in the indianapolis at the capel. he died last month at -- chapel. he died last month at the age of 85 physical hamly is -- his family is donating his book his freshman year. it's the official handbook for navy midshipmen. today governor omally will be joined by the superintendent for the maryland state police to make a first call on the maryland first responders radio system. the system allows responders to be heard along the same wave
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lengths and it takes place at world trade center downtown this morning at 10:30. now to a story about a heroic bus driver in china. this video is disturbing. a piece of metal flies through the windshield of the bus and hits him in the chest. before he dies he he pulls thebus over and puts on the emergency break and puts the flashers on. the video is disturbing but in the end that man what he did in his dying breath saved everyone on that bus as he pulled that bus to safety on the side of the road. the national disability rights network conference is today in downtown baltimore. the secretary for civil rights is he can spec to be the guest -- expected to be the guest speaker discussing bullying restraint and seclusion. it begins at 11 this morning at the baltimore marriott water front hotel. changes are coming to disney. the company chairman and ceo is going to be joining first lady obama anouning details about improvements -- announcing
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details about improvements to nutritional guidelines one change is fewer advertisements for junk food for disney programs aimed for children. wire hangars you pick up at dry cleaners is going to make the bill go up when you pick up your clothing. the u.s. imports most wire hangars from vietnam more than any other country. now with new trade penalties on vietnam they are expect to cost more. dry cleaners will probably have to pass the price increase to you and me, the customers. you can get ready to pay more for electricity by consulting and construction firm. 500 executives will take part in a survey and majority said they can expect -- we can expect the monthly bills to go up. half said the bills will rise a lot. they blame rules requiring for those renewable energy and mandate a cut in pollution fromcoal firepower plants.
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lieutenant governor brown is hosting a conference to show support for minority and women owned businesss in maryland. it will offer training sessions to help business owners expand and create jobs at the howard community college. state and baltimore city officials are holding a news conference today kicking off thestar-spangled celebration to celebrate the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and writing of the star-spangled banner. it's scheduled to begin june 13th and feature an international parade of boats and naval war vessels and star- spangled air show featuring the u.s. navy blue angels. time for five things to know before -- things to know before you go. members of the national transportation safety board are holding a meeting to look at proper causes of a tour bus crash that crashed in new york city few months ago killing 15 people. the board will consider safety recommendations. and it's primary day day in several states -- primary day in several states. voters will head to the polls. go a p candidate mitt romney
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secured the delegates for the nomination for president. it's been a good month for teens look for jobs. 67,000 teens now have work. and it's the biggest may increase for the age group since 1999. and a new children's book by dr. jill biden is published today. it's to help kids with parents in the military deal with deployment. the book is based on her son's deployment and how it affected her family. and the phenyl song whitney houston reported before her death is being made available today on a itunes. it was duet she did with jordin sparks called celebrate made for the film sparkle and is set to be released in theaters in august. one more check of the forecast with lynette. >> all right. i first have to give a shout out to rich myers one of my facebook buddies and his son-in- law andwife had baby girl lily grace phelps. congratulations. let's talk about what's going
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on right now. satellite and radar picking up on the upper level trough. and we will have showers rotating in going into the afternoon. be prepared for that. right now, though, we have a few clouds out there. but we are getting some breaks in the clouds. and you can see in glen oak a beautiful sunrise this morning. get out and enjoy it. more of the same sliding into urbana thick cloud cover across the area and more sunshine. but temperatures quite cool this morning. we can see them in the 50s everywhere. good morning ga loana at 53 -- galena at 53. chestertown at 55. look at the winds especially in dc and 13-mile-an-hour sustained wind. 10 in easton right now and 7 in baltimore. they are coming out of northeast. right now temperatures coming in at 57 degrees in baltimore. and this is what it look like going through time. satellite and radar once again picking up on the fact we have the chance for showers to work their way in across the area. we are looking at the fact that
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we have a chance for maybe a few showers to work their way in, and as we go throughout the day, be prepared for your 7-day forecast to look a little bit wetter especially going through time. we will -- better especially going through time. we will look at 90s across the area. so that's what we have to look forward to on your seven-day forecast here. it's 90 degrees as we head into monday and we could see more heading into saturday and sunday. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have several accidents. northeast baltimore where there's crash on sedona at radicky using the jfx into the city traffic is starting to pick up making the drive interest cold spring lane to 28th street. fortunately everything is up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. if you are bound for the beltway a crash is cleared from the outer loop at ritchie highway. look in parkville at harford road no significant delays up
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towards 83. the west side of the beltway things are going to be slowing up at liberty road. expect very congested drive traveling that outer loop from 795 down towards edmonton avenue. lynette has plans tonight she is not going to see this. but you may want to keep your eye to the sky. venus will transitioning across the sun. you can watch it safely through special telescopes at maryland science center tonight from 6 to 8. they will have transit related crowd before and after the viewing. the next time this happens lynette, i've got plans, the next time it happens is the year 2117. >> are you going to watch? >> no. >> what are your plans. >> i am going to be asleep according to you grandpa has to go to bed. >> i am not saying anything. >> really in. >> not this time. >> now we will show you what's going on behind the scenes at abc2. there's ingrid.
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