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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 6, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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now "good morning maryland at 4:30. >> news time 4:56. in health now is a study suggest moms with fever during pregnancy were more than twice as likely to have a child with autism or developmental delay.
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research comes from team at the university of california. they studied 1100 children ages 2 to 5 and found moms who control temperatures and medications or didn't have fevers had a lower ribs of a child with a developmental delay. this -- risk of a child with a developmental delay. university of pittsburgh says sharing a bed could be better than sleeping alone. couples who snuggle up are more secure and they have lower stress levels and less anxious. nearly 1 in four couples sleep in separate bedrooms. they met on the internet and she was a dental hygienist and he a retired denist she was look for a husband and ended up with herpes. she says the first time they had sex she asked him to wear a one dom and it was gone and twa too late. afterwards the news broke he had herpes. she is suing after kick him out. >> her footprints were burning holes in the carpet. there's angry and then there's
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how she felt at that time. >> you knew you had herpes and having herpes and sex is -- she had a bad reaction to the medication losing her hair and gaining 30 pounds. woman will receive $900,000 during the next 30 years. for extended health coverage at abc2 head to we have got the latest health stories for you 24-7 and check out our summer safety app and a student is overcome hearing loss. check that out under the news tab. coming up this morning at 5, when it comes to preventing obesity it seems exercise doesn't have the same effect foreone. the difference in african american women versus white women the story coming at 5:19. a woman is recovering after being shot in the neck how her doctor is going bob and beyond to help her out at 5:32 and a possible strike could intersee
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with the belmont stakes. -- interfere with the belmont stakes. that story at 5:55. stay tuned for more this morning from the maryland live casino checking in with megan pringle live throughout the morning. the doors open tonight at 10 to the public and we will give youthe scoop on everything that's coming up. also traffic changes you can expect. news time 4:59. officials are celebrating another major blow to al-qaeda. they say a drone strike killed a pakistan leader for the number 2 he was known for recruiting skills. >> this is an individual who can recruit for al-qaeda by calling it gentleman had a hol yoi -- jihad a holy war for followers to join in and because he has the religious knowledge he has been justify the campaign of global terrorism. >> the u.s. is not saying how
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they have confirmed the drone attack did kill him. a trial has been delayed for the former spy chief in the late libyan leader mow march cay dan daffy accused of being -- mow march qaddafi. moammar qaddafi. the trial was pushed back to june 26th because his lawyer says he needs more time to prepare. >> it's 5 in the morning but it's not too early to gamble. we are here in the high stakes room at maryland live casino. a sneak peek before the doors open tonight ahead. >> and an update on a meth bust and exclusive interview with one of the suspects coming up. >> he is in trouble for putting sensitive information online and today the soldier's lawyers wants the charges dropped. we will fill you in on all that
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and much more on this wednesday, june 6th. good morning. i am charley crowson. you saw megan is out live getting rade for the opening of the new casino -- ready for the opening of the new casino and weather wise they will be indoors. >> they will be indoors. but to get to the building, it's chilly. >> it is chilly. >> you need the jacket. temperatures are in the 40s. but let's do the run down because we will look at unseasonably cool temperatures with isolated showers possible and we will talk about coastal flooding for today. but let's start with the cool temperatures this morning. 51 good morning aberdeen and glen bernie 54. the winds for the most part are light staying that way going throughout the day. they will be variable. now, maryland's most powerful radar is dry as of now but we could see a few popup showersisolated in nature as we go throughout the day. we are under the unsettled weather pattern. we have one more day of it and high pressure will build in going into friday. but here are the coastal
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concerns. we have a coastal flood advisory for the areas here shaded in the darker blue. so, as we had the high tide that onshore flow we have areas of concerns. so just be prepared for that. light blue look at flood adviso let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we have one accident gone. how is it looking now. >> reporter: we are dealing with trouble on 97. a disabled tractor trailer is blocking two northbound lanes and in baltimore city, we are dealing with a house fire that has jumped on fulton at ramsey street. traveling in the area stick with mound street as an alternate. no problems to report traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel or harbor tunnel and as we look at the beltway, this top side is going to be be in great shape north of 83. no concerns whatsoever. that will be the same case on the south side of 95. here's what it locks like north of the beltway -- looks like north of the beltway. no concerns to 495 or north towards the tunnels and you are
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looking at an 11-minute ride on the jfx from the beltway downtown to fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. music food and slots all available tonight at maryland live casino. doors open to the public at 10 tonight. right now, they are putting the finishing touches on everything you need to know before gambling. megan pringle is out live with a preview of what you can expect. megan. >> reporter: charley, i got the chance to walk around the place and let me tell you, it's spectacular. now if you walk through here, you're going to be surrounded by slot machines. there's 3200 slot machines and if you walk around right now, you will see a guy vacuuming and someone working on restaurants. but later tonight at 10, they are expecting thousands of people to come in here and start placing their bets. i know a lot of people are wondering about this place because it is a slots parlor. that's all that's legal in maryland right now. but there are table games and they are electronic i want to show you. come over here.
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here is a electronic table. but they have real cards and it's just an electronic arm. same thing frt rowlett wheel and hit the screen and -- thing for the roulette wheel and you just hit the screen. it's set for electronic but should there be table gaming in maryland they are wadery -- ready to go and it will take 6 months. in october they will complete phase two. this is the opening of phase one. tonight, this is the chance to come out here and basically bring your quarters and i guess your lucky rabbit's foot because it's a chance to check it out. it opens at 10 tonight. spectacular place. bobby flay will be out here with a burger place opening up. as well as the cheese cake factory. later on we will talk to the general manager as well as one of the chefs here and we will give you more of an inside look at the maryland live casino. in the meantime i will send it back to you. >> all right. meningan pringle out live. we want to know your thoughts
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on the opening are you excited or do you think it will be a waste of time. head to and let us know what you think. back to a developing story we told you about yesterday on good morning maryland. five men now sit in jail in howard county after police say they discovered them manufacturing methamphetamine in the hotel room. but there is a new twist to the story this morning. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with an exclusive interview with one of the suspects. >> reporter: yesterday, we had an exclusive interview with spencer smith one of the hotel guests at the holiday inn in elk ridge. turns out he was not just a guest but police say he is the 5th person arrested in the meth bust. this started monday night when someone called 911 reporting a strong odor on the 4th floor the holiday inn in elk ridge. while the addictive man- madechemical is scarce in maryland that set the stage for five out of state suspects to set up a lab in their room.
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during the commotion we interviewed spencer smith to claimed to have limited knock of the drug but turned -- knowledge of the drug but turned out to be the 5th person arrested. >> i don't know anything about this apparently a meth lab. and the only things i do know is what i see on movies and a big bang. >> reporter: in addition to the risk of fire and explosion, cooking meth can produce toxic fumes. cleaning crews were on the scene for more than 12 hours. the five suspects came fromobserving laa, michigan, north carolina and pennsylvania. they were traveling through the area for work. officers also found heroin at a -- and a handgun inside the hotel room. for more information on meth and to determine how your if your house was a smeght lab head to our website -- meth will be a, head to private first class manning's legal team is seeks
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to dismiss 10 of the charges. military prosecutors says he sent battlefield reports and diplomatic cables to wikileaks and his lawyer says was troubled and should have had no access to the information. today a candle light vigil is held in south baltimoreremembering the victims of a convicted child sex offender. more than 200 people are expected to attend the vigil tonight that begins at 7. they want to show a united front as has appeal is later this month. he was convicted in 1995 of sexually abusing a student. more victims pressed charges but they didn't proceed because he was sentenced to four life terms. a rare event for most of us out there had a chance to see it. did you get a chance? a once in a lifetime event that turns millions of eyes up to the sky. >> i am putting m lipstick back on and i am combat ready to
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keep on fighting. >> the bill that got senator barbara mikulski gearing up for a fight. why the bill got shot down. >> and we are going through a weather extreme. temperatures today below normal. but above average temperatures are on the way. i will have the details coming up. >> reporter: and everything is up to speed on 695 at harford road. but we are dealing with a disabled tractor trailer on 97. i will let you know how it could affect the commute coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish -
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over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution. now "good morning maryland." if you had your eye on the sky you may had a piece of heftry. venus passed across the face of the sun and it won't happen for 105 years. site was all almost missed by some and many areas there was cloud cover in front of the sun. as venus was finishing its pass through. lynette charges stam standing bywith a check of the forecast. any cloud in the future. >> we had cloud out there right now. and the funny things is we started out with clouds and
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through the day we had sunshine. by the time that transit happened yes, we had cloud cover. we look across the nation right now. satellite and radar. not only picking up on clouds but showers and thunderstorms maybe some severe weather down to the south once again. here at home, i am thinking maybe an isolated shower and a popup into the afternoon. that's possible. we still are under the unsettled weather pattern and trop and area of low pressure trying to get out of here. but we are in its clutches and chilly because of it. 49 right now in bel air. 54 in bethesda and centerville at 57. let's check of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the road. >> reporter: good morning. we have trouble on interstate 97 where a kiss abled -- disabled tractor railer is block two lanes and problems persist inpaul, thebor -- baltimore city in west balmmore that shut down south fulton -- baltimore that shut down south fulton. we are waiting on a callback from the fire department to see if anyone has been injured and we will bring you the latest as
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it becomes available. if you are using the tunnels, no delays true the harbor and fort mchenry and 83. here's northern baltimore at shawan road. everything up to speed and will be a nice easy ride from hunt valley to the beltway and will remain clear on jfx. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. baltimore is gearing up for big celebration. the event is going to draw ships from around the world here to charm city. also, does race play a role when it comes to preventing obesity in adolescent girls. what stawedy reveals. clear -- study -- what a new study reveals.
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now "good morning maryland." >> the push for a new bill to help even the pay gap between men and women failed in the senate. one study claims women earn 77 cents to every dollar a man will make. maryland senator mikulski was one of the lawmakers behind the push but is not happy with the outcome. >> we have a long way to go. this is 2012. and you think it's 1812 but in
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1812 we in baltimore fought another revolution and we will fight in 2012. >> the bill lost by 8 votes 8 votes shy of passing and opponents says it would cause hardships for businesses. >> we are one week away for the bicentennial for the war of 1812 meaning the kick off for the star-spangled celebration. warships will be floating inch the week long celebration starts june 13th continuing through the 19th. it includes air shows from the u.s. navy blue angels. also, it will be a fireworks display coming up on saturday. let's check of the commute and say hello, to lauren. >> reporter: hello. well, we have problems in anne arundel county where a trctor trailer has been -- tractor trailer is blocking two northbound lanes at quarterfield road. in howard county, interstate 70 is looking much better as we check in and look live at columbia pike. no delays to talk about. it will be an easy ride traveling towards the beltway.
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beltway and southwest corner is going to be very clear. if we pull up a shot north of route 295. no delays to talk about whatsoever. it will be a very easy ride and you want to keep in mind there will be delays later this evening on route 295 and also route 100 due to the grand opening of maryland live casino. leave yourself extra time traveling in that area later tonight and throughout the entire weekend. we have problems in baltimore city where there's a house fire in the western district. it has shut down south fulton and we are waiting for a callback to see if anyone has been injured. but use southbound street as your alternate. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now here's the forecast with lynette charles. >> good morning. we are chilly out there. let's look at some of the current temperatures. so we can see the setup we have a trough that's digging in and a ridge building in across the middle of the nation and another trough setting up along
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the eastern states so with that, that's where we are deeing dealing with the cooler air -- dealing with the cooler air this morning. and an unsettled weather pattern heading through the rest of today. right now, baltimore's temperature at 51. buffalo at 48 degrees. so yes, we are feeling the cooler air and we are feeling the unsettled weather as well. we do have mostly cloudy skies out there right now. we do have the chance for isolated showers. and as we go into the afternoon possibly one popping up this morning and we can see more unsettled weather down to the south if your travels taking you to tennessee and maybe north carolina. be prepared for some wet weather there. some drenching wet weather. we are looking at future trend picking up on the scattered showers still possible. we are under the grips of the area of low pressure and we start to a get more sunshine in here as we go into friday. lots of sunshine i might add going into the weekend and heat. but for today that hour by
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hourforecast at 74. we should be at 08 so we will be 6 -- 80, so we will be 6 degrees below that. we are looking at 90s heading into sunday, monday and possibly on tuesday. charley. >> health news. when it comes to preventing obesity, a study suggest exercise doesn't have the same effect on african american girls as white girls. researchers say african american girls are less responsive to the benefits of physical activity. the exercises levels and food intext of-- entakes of more than 1100 adolescents girls and african american girls were more likely to be obese by the age of 14. over white girls. here's proof of what the sun can do to your skin. look at this image. this is a 69-year-old truck driver. he spent 28 years on the road with the left side of his face constantly exposed to the sun. as a result, you see the ultra violet ray what is it see the wringling.
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man's extreme exposure could put him at a higher risk with forms of skin scanner. -- cancer. nine injuries have been seated. this morning the latest on the case of jerry sandusky. a high school runner is praised for helping out a competitor finishing the ride. the true story of sportsmanship when "good morning maryland" continues. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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top stories nine of the 12 key jurors have been seated -- seated in the trial of jerry sandusky who is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys during a 15 year period. the remaining jurors and alternates could be seated as soon as today. the aclu claims john leopold had an enemies list and they have records showing unjustified background searches. he is under indoom accused of misusing county police protection squad and plans to fight the charges. viewing hours will begin for the har forecounty 11-year- old boy -- harford county 11-
5:25 am
year-old boy who died after his 8-year-old brother accidentally shot him at harkins funeral home in delta, p.a. tonight at 6 and tomorrow morning at 11. few funeral proceedings will follow. on this day in 1944, d-day. the invasion of normandie took place during world war ii. more than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the d- day invasion and by day's in allies gained a foothold. more than 9,000 allied troops were killed or wounded during the battle. more than 100,000 soldiers began to march across europe to defeat hiltly. this day in history in 1944. a school bus hits a bum andslams into the side of a building. a look-side the bus and the -- inside the bus and the wild ride. this morning, why this runner stopped and heaped competitor cross the finish line. -- helped a competitor cross the finish line. >> there are some showers on the way. i will tell you when the next
5:26 am
best chance is coming up. >> and everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street. i will show you what it looks like coming up in my am bc2 timesaver traffic report. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money, the fed will they ride to the rescue. they reportedly could step in to stimulate the recovery after a report suggest the economy may be stalling. the wall street journal says the possibility of set action may reassure markets and employers. nasdaq exchange is expected to announce it will make up some of the losses from the facebook stock offering. there were technical glitches in the nasdaq that delayed many trade. and des any our parent company -- disney our parent company is banning junk food ads beginning in three years. michelle obama calls it a game changer in the war on childhood obesity. and pop star justin bieber will use social media to tap into
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the fan base and promote a fragrance that goes on sale later this month. the first scent someday set sales records last year. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." while you were sleeping, the results came in and i am linda so. who won the bit are recall election in wisconsin and how it could have implay cages come november. -- implications come november. >> how you can help in the recovery. a protest stop an eviction turned violent when u.s. marshals get involved. why the woman being kicked out says the invasion was illegal. that and much more coming up on this wednesday, june 6th. good morning. i am charley crowson of the
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megan is down at the casino at the arundel mills mall. talk about the weather. >> i know. >> you get her. >> reporter: we complained yesterday and you haven't differed. >> orbs, my gosh i. told you i would deliver over the weekend. how about that. >> kinder and gentler. >> reporter: as long as it is nice in national city. >> get her. let's show you what's going on. we are talking about cooler temperatures this morning. you can see what's happening in bel air. we are seeing the sunrise and we are starting out with a little sun. this pattern is going to be what we have seen for the past several days where we have the clouds early in the morning and the cloud begin to get a little break in them and we see sunshine. that continues through the day and we will see some more clouds moving in. possibly an isolated shower. so that's the scenario for today once again. along with the cool temperatures and that's what you are seeing in stevensville coming in around 57 degrees. sykesville at 51 degrees. and 52


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