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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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than finger pointing as a campaign platform. meanwhile, the romney campaign says the candidate's considerable assets would be put in a blind trust if i gets elected come november. now, a week ago romney did reveal that his fortune may be worth $250 million, perhaps even more. more politics now. both sides still trying to spin the results of the wisconsin recall vote to their advantage. >> and the win by governor scott walker is giving him a whole new national profile. with more on this, here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: it was wives' day on the campaign trail. a fired-up first lady in philadelphia. >> and when we need a leader to make the hard decisions to keep this country moving forward, you know you can count on my husband, your president. >> reporter: in ocala, florida anne romney visited an
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equestrian program that works with the disabled. and she was beaming about the big republican win in wisconsin. >> oh, pretty exciting. >> reporter: for republicans there's plenty to be excited about. governor scott walker took on the unions and still won big in a state obama won by 15 points last time. he even did well among working-class voters, a trend that could spell disaster for president obama's re-election. gop leaders are calling walker's win a blueprint for republicans across the country. but when we caught up with walker, he said obama still has the upper hand in wisconsin. >> is romney still the underdog here? >> i think so. i think there's no doubt about that. but i think unlike maybe six months or a year ago where a lot of folks in the president's campaign would have said this is a done deal, i think it's still very competitive here. >> the great state of wisconsin. >> reporter: some republicans are even touting walker as a good candidate for romney's vice president. he told us no way.
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>> the last thing you want is another election -- >> no. my wife would kill me. >> reporter: at least for walker his wife has the last word. jonathan karl, abc news, milwaukee. >> don't get in trouble with the wife, governor. all right. well, dozens of workers at puerto rico's largest airport are in federal custody this morning. the d.e.a. says they were part of two smuggling rings that shipped millions of dollars' worth of cocaine to the u.s. mainland on board passenger planes. many of those arrested worked for american airlines while others worked for a baggage service company. three others were arrested at u.s. airports. well, the business social network site linkedin is confirming that some of its users' passwords have been stolen and leaked onto the internet. more than 160 million people have linkedin accounts. the company says it doesn't know how many have been compromised or how or why it happened. they say stolen passwords have been deactivated and users are being contacted. are you linked in? >> i'm not linked in, though.
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>> i'm not either. >> i should be. >> we're unlinked. >> we're unlinked. unplugged. >> here we are. we're linked. >> that's all we've got. >> we're cheesy. our next story is a love story. who doesn't love a love story? about a kansas couple and a bridge. get this. the golden gate bridge was the last bit of america that larry richardson saw on his way to vietnam back in 1968. >> when he got back, he married barbara and built a 150-foot replica of the bridge on his kansas farm. though they never got to san francisco. but a journalist wrote about them recently and that sparked a flood of donations that made a visit possible. the richardsons got a special tour of the bridge and made their dreams come true. >> good for them. here's some great news, too. my, and i do mean my new jersey devils are still alive in the stanley cup finals. >> they were facing elimination last night against the kings in l.a., and your devils, rob, they got the job done. jersey broke open a scoreless game in the third period, came away 3-1 winners. the kings lead the series three
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games to one. game 5 is saturday in new jersey. so they live another day. they do not get eliminated. >> garden state, my home state. go, boys. and let's hear it also for the oklahoma city thunder. >> right. >> they're heading to the first ever nba finals. their first ever finals. it was a come-from-behind win last night over the spurs. >> the win was oklahoma city's fourth straight over the spurs. that's the same san antonio team that had won its previous 20 games. >> wow. >> in the finals the thunder will face either miami or boston, who play game 6 in their series tonight in beantown. congratulations to the thunder. >> yeah. first time ever. that's sweet. enjoy it, guys. well earned. >> it's nice to see a small market team be so successful as well. >> amen to that. here's your thursday forecast, everybody. stormy from northeast colorado into wyoming. we have some showers in the pacific northwest. windy in kansas and oklahoma. also some scattered thunderstorms from texas to florida. and from d.c. up to boston. >> 80s from baltimore to amiami
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and the nation's midsection. mostly 70s in the northern rockies. another trim-digit day in phoenix. raise your hands up because it's time for our favorite story of the day. this is pretty funny stuff. all right. we'll get that graphic. later, grown men getting the scare of their lives and shrieking like a teenage girl. >> can you do that? >> no. >> unsuspecting broadcasters were asked to show how they use pine-sol to clean up household messes. little did they know germs weren't the only things lurking in the house. >> whoo! [ screaming ] >> calm down, dude. lord have mercy. that is the pine-sol lady herself, actress ayetta amos having a little fun at all those dudes' expense. fyi no product tester was hurt in the making of that prank. we all love the pine-sol lady. good she had some fun and scared some dudes. that guy fell down.
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>> i just love hearing them scream like a teenage girl. >> and dancing now too. all well that ends well. >> it is. well, coming up, the ugly mess at the miss usa pageant. >> is it rigged? one contestant says yep. so pageant owner donald trump is firing back with his characteristically stinging critique. you're watching "world news now." follow the wings.
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don't have your legs. call now for your free consultation. and right now, get this limited edition hoveround america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery. call or log onto right now! well, there's trouble in paradise. fresh controversy involving the miss usa title. donald trump at the center of it all. >> a contestant dropped out and claims the pageant is rigged. now trump, who of course runs the pageant, said he's suing. diana perez has the details. hey, diana. >> reporter: good morning, rob
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and paula. this is the case of the beauty pageant turned ugly. one contestant claims the whole thing is fixed. pageant officials deny it. and the guy in charge is questioning a beautiful girl's beauty. last weekend's miss usa pageant had it all. the glittery gowns, barbie doll makeup, and all of it only outshined by a nail-biting finale. >> miss usa 2012 -- rhode island! >> reporter: and just like that, the most beautiful girl among really, really beautiful girls got a sash, a crown, and everyone was just so happy for her. right? wrong. miss pennsylvania, sheena monnin, says all of this is rigged, a staged stage. so she gave up her state crown. but she isn't high-heeling it out quietly. on facebook she called the pageant fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent, and trashy. then a bombshell. "i witnessed another contestant who said she saw the list of the top 5 before the show ever
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started." monnin says that contestant knew the top five in order. the pageant is firing back, flatly denying her charges the pageant is fixed, and producing an e-mail they say show monnin's real issue is their decision to admit transgender contestants. donald trump, who runs the show, hit herr where it hurts. >> i think her primary issue was that she lost and she's angry about losing. and frankly, in my opinion i saw her for, you know, barely a second. she didn't deserve to be in the top 15. >> reporter: ouch. and he's not done. adding injury to that insult, he's suing monnin for making a false charge. but not everyone is clawing to get into this catfight. miss rhode island, the winner, remained gracious on fox news. >> i just feel for her because it really is an awesome opportunity and experience and she's giving that up. >> reporter: donald trump says his people have already spoken to the contestant monnin says blew the lid off the entire pageant. that person, though, says monnin is lying. rob and paula. >> catfight.
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>> it is. but they say it's legit, it is certified by ernst & young, and the judges vote in secret. to have a big reveal. >> we'll be back.
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zippo. you know those handy little lierts, recently produced the, get this, 500 millionth lighter. the company is family owned and pennsylvania based. >> heath rafert from our affiliate in buffalo shows us the light. >> wow. absolutely wow. 500 million. 500 millionth. can you believe it? unbelievable. >> reporter: yes, it is a little hard to believe. 500 million is a big number. but what is even harder to believe is that this bradford, pennsylvania company from humble beginnings has thrived now for
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80 years while so much american manufacturing has gone offshore. zippo has managed to stay right in its hometown. and now sells its products in 160 countries around the world, providing a lot of good-paying jobs here at home. >> well, we have 620 employees here at zippo. we have 350 at w.r. case, one of our wholly owned subsidiaries. in a community of 8,000 people we touch an awful lot of lives in bradford. i think we mean a lot to bradford. but quite frankly, bradford means an awful lot to us as well. >> reporter: george blazedell invented the windproof lighter and began making it here in 1932. his family still owns and operates the business today. there are many keys to success. but one thing is at the top of the list. >> everybody i talked to here loves working here. >> well, and of course my grandfather was always -- that's one of his top things that he thought about. how we treat our employees.
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the benefits that we provide for them. >> reporter: harriet irons and karen haven are typical. each with zippo now for 23 years. >> how is it working here? do you like it? >> yes, i do. i like it -- >> why? >> well, like harriet says, because it's a family-oriented company and they treat you very good. and the people here are very nice. >> reporter: zippo can produce 65,000 lighters every day. and right now the lines are running nonstop. many people who buy these lighters collect them. they are high-quality, hand-crafted, guaranteed for life. number 500 million received a special engraving, and it went right from the plant through every employee's hands two blocks away to the zippo museum and then took its place in history just below the very first lighter zippo ever made. >> i must confess, i have a zippo. this was a gift way back when, my senior year in college. >> is that engraved?
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>> it's engraved, too. the staff of the paper i worked for in chapel hill. in college. "pimping ain't easy. 9-14-99." it was a reference to a headline in the paper. love my zippo. i can't close it like a cool guy -- oh!
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. rob, if i could issue an award for dumb criminal and parent of the year in one, it would be this couple. this is a story out of spain. this couple goes into a bookstore, starts taking books, shoving them into their bags, and then noticed that they're getting caught. so they flee. but they leave their little infant behind. >> oh. >> and they finally come back later that afternoon to pick up their infant. their infant. and -- >> they came back hours later. it wasn't like a minute later. >> they left their baby unattended. >> parental love. >> maybe they won't notice. we'll just ask for the xwrab that we left -- >> it's just a kid.
2:56 am
criminals. >> dumb. >> this is also sad. listen up, all of you sexually active folks out there around the world. apparently, according to yahoo news, there's a new super gonorrhea out there now. >> what? >> there is -- the world health organization -- this is legit. announced on wednesday that the second most common sexually transmitted disease out there is becoming more and more resistant to the antibiotic that is used to treat it. so now there's a strain of super gonorrhea that is resistant to these drugs. world health people very concerned. and behind chlamydia, this is the number two most common std. 106 million people around the world have it. and it's spraez ieading. and there's a super form of it. >> ooh. >> oh! >> no treatment. >> just a little public service announcement here on "world news." be careful as you do your thing out there. or as my friend larry everidge liked to say, don't catch
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something you can't throw back. be careful out there. >> yeah, please do. up next? >> yes. oh, i have number 3 too. good news for all you people who love siri out there. siri is coming to the ipad. we all know about the iphone. now it's coming to the ipad. here. we cleaned it. look at that. >> does rob nelson have super gonorrhea? >> let's see what she says. >> she's thinking. >> she's thinking about it? it's coming. it will be available in the ipad with the new version of ios. >> let me think about that. would you like to search the web for does rob nelson have super gonorrhea? >> yeah. siri has confirmed it. i have super gonorrhea. thank you, siri. for that. >> oh, my word. how awkward is that going to look, though, if you're holding your ipad up and just talking into it asking something? >> siri, how do i cure my super gonorrhea? "stop sleeping with paula
2:58 am
faris." oh, thank you, siri for that. >> hey. i'm a good clean -- don't you
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this morning on "world news now," the jury has been seated for jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial. >> among those who will decide his fate are several people with linked to penn state. it's thursday june 7th. good thursday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> it is friday eve. love that day. i'm paula faris, everyone. a dozen jurors have been selected for jerry sandusky's trial. they include one current student at penn state, and now it's all systems go toward opening statements in that case. but six men, ten women, that includes four alternates. nine of those panelists, nine of
3:01 am
the 16 jurors have some form or fashion of tie to that university. >> that's why his attorney, sandusky, has wanted the trial moved out of that area, because that whole community is defined by penn state. so to find anybody who didn't have a tie with the school is going to be impossible. that's proved in the numbers you just gave. we'll see how that affects the trial. the things are getting heated there. also this morning, sheryl crow, we touched on her health scare yesterday morning. that brain tumor that she's now living with. it is benign. but we're talking a little bit more about what has caused it and what are some symptoms of it for the folks out there who may have it as well. about 10,000 americans get diagnosed with this kind of tumor every year, and she's one of them. says she's doing okay, though. but we'll get into that a little more. >> that's the good news about it. on a much less serious note, we'll visit with our toy insider mom, lori schacht. she's going to be telling us about the best toys for your kids all pegged to blockbuster movies hitting the theaters this summer. >> and huge news this morning.
3:02 am
a mystery up in massachusetts. who was messing with the famous pink flamingos in one guy's front yard? they are a landmark of sorts in his little town. and unfortunately, someone has had the audacity to steal them. >> you think don johnson, "miami vice"? >> crockett & tubbs. but first, before all, that seven women and five men, some of them with very close ties to penn state, will hear the case against jerry sandusky. >> the prosecution and the defense will present opening statements monday and then testimony begins. abc's t.j. winick has a preview. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. several jurors were excused because of financial hardship on wednesday morning. but in the end the judge found 12 jurors and alternates. the jury is now set in the child sex abuse case of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the 12 who will hear the trial includes a penn state senior, a retired professor, and a woman who's been a football season ticket holder since 1970.
3:03 am
>> as the prosecutor you want the jurors to strictly focus on the actions of jerry sandusky, not the actions of penn state. and the prosecutors as well as the judge and the defense attorney should be asking the jurors whether they will be able to separate the case. >> reporter: the 68-year-old sandusky has denied the allegations he molested ten victims over 15 years. attorney ben andreazzi represents the first of the alleged victims to testify, known as victim number 4. now 28 years old, he will bring with him a pile of evidence. expensive gifts prosecutors say he received from sandusky as a teenager. and perhaps the strongest physical evidence prosecutors have. love letters to the boys allegedly written in sandusky's own hand. >> it may actually be the only thing in his life that'll be more difficult for him to handle other than the abuse which he suffered at mr. sandusky's hands. >> reporter: the man's attorney won't detail the content of the letters. but sources characterize them as creepy and tell abc news one is written in the third person, a
3:04 am
love story about a boy and a man with a lewd title. >> for the prosecution it's crucial to offer corroborating evidence if you have it. and for the defense it's extremely damaging. >> reporter: several members of the sandusky family are on his potential witness list. rob and paula? >> thank you, t.j. another landmark case has just wrapped up involving texting while driving. a massachusetts teenager has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years behind bars for a fatal traffic accident that happened while he was texting. prosecutors say the high school student sent nearly 200 messages the day of that crash, including some just a minute or so before impact and dozens more after it. he's expected to serve only a year of that sentence. but this is a kid who had just had his license for several months. in georgia they have banned texting. it's a law called caleb's law. and now we're seeing new devices out there -- there's one called cell control. we told you about it i think it
3:05 am
was a couple of weeks ago. you plug the device into the same socket where you read a card. teens, parents, you cannot text and drive, whenever the car's moving -- >> if you do the parents get an e-mail. it's a whole system to block it. it seems to make sense. i mean, if you can bust someone for driving while drunk or even some states, new jersey i think driving while drowsy is against the law as well, certainly texting, you take someone's life, it seems like it's fair. it's just. >> 6,000 people a year die from texting accidents. and there's also 450,000 accidents. >> the price we pay for our mobile society. there it is. let's turn now to the economy. and if overnight trading in asia is any indication, today will be another good one on wall street. the dow came roaring back yesterday, gaining 286 points, its best day of the year. the index is now up for 2012. >> the nasdaq also rose yesterday, up 2.4%.
3:06 am
investors around the world are encouraged by signs that europe is taking steps to shore up its banks. and in puerto rico major drug bust at the island's largest airport. u.s. federal agents arrested dozens of workers for smuggling cocaine to the u.s. mainland on board passenger planes. many of those arrested worked for american airlines while others worked for a baggage service company. the d.e.a. says they operated for at least a decade and smuggled more than 14 tons of cocaine. >> a lot of coke. well, new york city police have wrapped up the search at the home of the man who confessed to killing etan patz. they confiscated a computer hard drive, among other evidence. pedro hernandez's wife opened the door for officers when they arrived at the family home in new jersey. the search comes about two weeks after hernandez made his surprising confession. but so far there has been absolutely no evidence to back up his claim. a school trip from kentucky to washington, d.c. ended just a few miles from home.
3:07 am
the tour bus chartered by cub run elementary school flipped over on its side when the driver failed to navigate a curve. 55 people were on board including 34 children. officials say several dozen were injured and seven of them were taken to the hospital but none of their injuries thankfully were serious. and the government is expanding its fleet of firefighting air tankers just days after a fatal crash in utah. as wildfires rage in several states, the forest service announced plans to add four more large air tankers to the nine already in use. the tanker in the utah crash was 50 years old. lawmakers are considering legislation to further expand and upgrade the federal fleet. >> i hate to see it always takes a tragedy to then spur action. we're so reactive sometimes instead of proactive. but the fleet's getting an upgrade. it's only for two heroes who are trying to fight the flames to die in order to make that happen. sadly, that's what it took. hopefully, it saves lives down the road. all right. here's your thursday forecast,
3:08 am
everybody. hot and dry with red flag fire warnings in the southwest. not the news they want to hear. showers from portland to seattle. then another day of severe weather outside denver. and cheyenne. scattered thunderstorms from dallas to miami. and much of the northeast. >> upper 70s from new york to minneapolis. mostly 80s in the plains. 60s in the pacific northwest. well, a relocation project near houston is not going as planned. all because a stubborn resident is refusing to budge. >> crews in league city broke out the heavy equipment to move this massive 100-year-old tree yesterday, but when they tried to lift it it stood its ground. the stubborn oak is standing in the way of a road-widening project. so the plan is to move it to a nearby park. >> the city isn't giving up, though. crews will try to uproot it again today. >> pretty amazing treehouse, though. >> those oaks are strong, man. oaks are strong. all right.
3:09 am
coming up next, the latest must-have toys based on some of the biggest movies of this summer. but first, sheryl crow. she's had serious health issues before. she's already a cancer survivor. now a benign brain tumor. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." follow the wings.
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♪ every day is a winding road ♪ i get a little bit closer and now to that new health battle for singer sheryl crow. the pop superstar has already survived breast cancer, and now she's dealing with a brain tumor. >> you heard that song "winding road." it has been a winding road. a lot of ups and downs for her as well. luckily, it is non-cancerous. but how do you know if you're at risk and what symptoms should prompt you to ask your doctor? abc's cecilia vega gives us some insight. ♪ all i wanna do is have some fun ♪ >> reporter: she is a nine-time
3:14 am
grammy winner who occasionally forgets a few lyrics. ♪ but that's not what sent the rock star to the doctor last fall. crow's team tells abc news the singer was concerned by pressure she felt on her temple. the mri diagnosis? a benign brain tumor called meningioma. no one knows what causes the tumor. still, as many as 10,000 americans are diagnosed with one each year. over 90% of the cases are non-cancerous. >> they're more common in women than men. and they typically arise in older people, between 40 and 70 years old. >> reporter: most of the time the tumors grow slowly. that's why many doctors recommend leaving and monitoring them. they're always found in the tissue surrounding the brain. but exactly where the tumor sits is critical. if it's at the top of the brain, that can mean seizures, headaches, difficulty speaking. at the base of the skull hearing and swallowing problems. behind the nose, loss of smell and vision. the symptoms come on gradually.
3:15 am
>> my side vision was off. >> reporter: for agneta jofers that means she had to move forward with surgery last month. >> did you consider leaving it like many patients do? >> i wouldn't be comfortable with that, no. >> was it ever an option -- >> why wait? what is going to happen, it's going to grow and cause you more problems. >> reporter: for crow the plan is to keep a watchful eye with an annual mri. at 50 she's already fought breast cancer. she spoke about it with diane. >> i mean, it demanded all the courage i could find to just really experience it. >> reporter: but this time it's different. and she has a message for her fans. "it's a non-cancerous growth. i want to assure everyone i'm okay." cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> certainly happy that she's okay. that is fantastic news. about 10,000 people are diagnosed with the very same thing she has every year. and 2% to 4% of people don't even know they have it. they don't find out until the
3:16 am
autopsy. >> sometimes you don't have have symptoms, but some of those symptoms, seizure, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. beware. >> we'll be back.
3:17 am
welcome back, everybody. with the summer blockbuster movie season in full swing, we thought that we would share with you some of the must-have movie-related toys from "batman" to "the avengers." we are pleased to have our superhero toy insider mom laurie schacht in the house. laurie, you have completely outdone yourself this time. so excited to look at some of these toys. >> and do you know why it's so much fun? you get to go to the movies. it's great for the whole family. and then you get to bring it home and relive it. >> yay. even if you don't want to. >> let's start with "men in black 3." we have these great characters. but then we also have these role play items. you have the ring. push the button.
3:18 am
>> i did. i just launched it. >> and they all turn into these cosmic vehicles. >> nice. >> just lots of fun. this is agent k and agent -- j and k. and in this particular movie agent k has to go save agent j. >> yeah. watch out. >> watch out. >> okay. >> "amazing spider-man." >> love amazing spider man. >> so peter parker is on a quest. he wants to go find information on his parents, on his past. he ends up meeting his father's old partner, who happens to be dr. connors, also the bad guy. >> he's the bad guy. >> the lizard. so we have this great 100-piece set. this is the megablox sewer lab. you get to recreate these scenes. >> scents not included, though, right? >> and you are actually holding -- this is the quad. it's really cool. kids can take this inside and out. it's an all-terrain vehicle. it's really powerful. >> you can even go over all the wires on the set. that is powerful.
3:19 am
>> it is. it's lots of fun. >> very cool. >> battleship. the game battleship. family game. everybody loves it. now we have the movie. the ships, the fleet are out, led by the -- fighting the the alien forces. now you can build this real battleship. "uss missouri." this is 545 pieces. >> i was just going to ask you that. it looks like a lot of pieces. >> it is a lot of pieces. so kids who love to build, they're going to love this. parents who love to build with them are going to love this. and then they're going to recreate scenes. >> so parents, if you need to keep your kid occupied for a couple hours, buy this one. >> a lot more than a couple hours. >> it's getting hot in here. >> it's getting hot in here. "dark knight rising." the last time we saw batman he was riding off. this is the concluding film to dark knight. we have these really cool detail figures. so collectors and kids are going to love them. and look. room decor. iconic lava lamp. and now we have the dark knight -- >> these are great. my kids would love to just go at
3:20 am
each other with these. >> from 1963 the comic book now we have the avenger movie. it is loaded with superheroes. you're wearing the hulk fists. >> how much -- >> check it out. >> they actually have little handles in here so you can keep your -- they're not your hands. they don't really hurt. they really don't. >> but it's really a lot of fun. and of course we have our action figures that come with their iconic shields. we have captain america. >> yes. >> everyone's in here. but for the girls disney pixar. so i'm really excited about this movie that's going to be out this month. >> how cute. >> this is "brave." it's the story of nerida. she's the heroine. she is an expert artist. we have the beautiful doll. girls can decorate her hair and clothing. if they want to see her they can dress her up. >> how pretty. >> they have the jewels. the crown.
3:21 am
>> this won't fit me, but it will fit my daughter, right? >> and you need to practice because nerida is an expert at this. so you can give this a shot. >> i'm going to give it a shot. what else -- we also have games. >> we have the games. for the younger ones it goes into the leapster or the leap pad so they can follow the adventure of nerida. and of course the wii and the xbox kinect so they can practice their skill. >> ooh. >> you're getting really good. >> i think i just hit somebody. i think i just hit one of our stage crew. yeah. exactly. >> really? >> i don't know if he's okay, actually. noely? are you okay? thank you very much. i didn't really mean to hurt you that bad. are you okay? you're pretty tough. okay? >> she always outdoes herself. we want to thank you, laurie schacht, for coming in. and if you need detailed information on all the toys she showed us, you can go to our facebook page, you're watching "world news
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3:25 am
♪ ♪ toughen, toughen, toughen the bag ♪ did i see "fifty shades of grey," which our hairstylist is reading? >> yeah. read one page in the makeup room tonight. >> all right. let's check it out. make sure you're all right. he was working up a sweat earlier. here it is. a mystery this morning in a small massachusetts town. a flock of pink flamingos has
3:26 am
gone missing. and no one is saying they actually flew the coop. >> it didn't call for your -- >> any bird story. >> so they're plastic birds, but they have become a staple of this small town. and andrea medeiros from our providence affiliate has more on this missing flock. >> all they do now is just put them in the flock. >> reporter: it started as a joke for his wife. now retired arthur o'neil spends most of his time dressing this flock of flamingos up for every occasion. >> i just enjoy it. and the people come by and have a big smile on their face, and that's all that counts. >> reporter: arthur has a whole room of their clothes which he's gathered over his four years doing this. the flock's become a town institution. >> i mean, most of my friends know him. everybody i know knows him. you know what i mean? >> reporter: a local restaurant even use the flamingos as a landmark for deliveries. in recent weeks thieves have noticed them too, snatching armfuls of flamingos out of
3:27 am
arthur's yard. he came outside to find all but two of his birds taken, yanked out of the ground and nowhere to be found. which has arthur's wife frustrated. >> it hurt me because he was so upset when he saw them, he said i'm not going to get any more. >> reporter: arthur eventually changed his mind and bought some new pink plastic friends, just in time for a big weekend in town. mansfield high school's graduation. >> all the neighbors, if they graduate they'll sit down and have pictures taken with the flamingos. and have a lot of fun with them. >> reporter: arthur hopes the flamingo snatchers will change their minds and bring the flock back, no questions asked. andrea medeiros, abc news. >> admittedly, that is not a mainstream hobby, the pink flamingos. but who would take this man's yard stuff? come on. i don't get it. >> by the way, when flamingos stand on one leg, it's because that's the most comfortable position in their resting
3:28 am
position. did you know that? >> that is fascinating. thank you for -- can you do it? >> i'm weak. >>
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- a surprise search by police working on the decades-old case of missing youngster etan patz. >> they're trying to piece together information about the man now claiming he's responsible for the boy's death. it's thursday june 7th. good friday eve, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. the case of etan patz started right here in new york 33 years ago with the little boy's death. and the investigation into the man who is admitting to killing him is very much still in progress. >> absolutely. he has confessed, which is what sets this whole thing off, but still they have to collect the evidence to back up the
3:31 am
confession. >> and there's no evidence to this point. >> maybe they found some yesterday. we'll get into that. also coming up, a case from chicago. a bizarre story here. a pregnant woman claiming she was tasered by police. again, she's pregnant. she says this happened for no reason whatsoever. we're going to hear from her and her boyfriend coming up. >> got to be some sort of explanation to that bizarre story. >> yeah. then from our adrenaline junkie file, one guy who climbed for days in the highest mountain chain in the world only to fly back down to where he started in a matter of seconds. talk about taking daredevil base jumping right to the edge and insanity to the edge as well. >> those adrenaline junkies, they are amazing creatures. >> keep my feet on the ground, please. >> amen to that. and in our thursday skinny right now, miley cyrus, some big news in the young pop star's life. a real change of status coming up for the former disney starlet. we'll get into that and what she's got going on. maybe miley's getting on the straight and narrow a little
3:32 am
bit. she had a rough little spell there. maybe she's cleaned up her act a little bit. >> perhaps. she's 20. so she's got plenty of time to deviate. >> she's young. that is true. but first a new effort to solve that mystery surrounding the disappearance of that little new york city boy. >> investigators have searched the home of the man who confessed to killing etan patz. jim dolan of our new york affiliate wabc reports from the scene. >> reporter: when pedro hernandez's wife and daughter came home, they were greeted by an army of police from new york and a search warrant. the wife let them in the home, and investigators began searching for evidence in the murder of 6-year-old etan patz. in time new york city police detectives carried out computer equipment from inside the home and other evidence in bags, all part of a police effort to bolster the murder case against hernandez. >> we have devoted significant resources to the investigation.
3:33 am
a lot of interviews are being conducted. there have been efforts to gather forensic evidence. so that's all in process now. >> reporter: pedro hernandez is the lone suspect in the sensational murder of 6-year-old etan patz 33 years ago. his case got nationwide attention and started a national movement to raise awareness of missing children. hernandez has told investigators that he was a 19-year-old stock boy at a local bodega when he lured patz into a basement with the promise of a soda, murdered him there, and disposed of the body. but that confession is nearly all prosecutors have. and they'd like to come up with more evidence for the trial. the computers could contain some of that. and they'll be analyzed by police and prosecutors to find out what they hold. by nightfall police were in hernandez's basement as his wife looked on from outside the home. the police looking for evidence in a three-decade-old cold case that is suddenly heating up. hernandez has been ordered to undergo psychiatric testing
3:34 am
while he's in custody. his lawyer's saying he has a history of psychiatric issues that include hallucinations. his next court date is june 22nd. in maple shade, new jersey for abc news, i'm jim dolan. >> our thanks to jim dolan for that report. well, opening statements are set for monday in the jerry sandusky trial. it took only two days for lawyers to select jurors to hear the case. many of the seven women and five men have very close ties to the university where sandusky was an assistant coach. but the judge said those connections should not matter as long as the jurors can remain impartial. and it's almost unfathomable to think they'll be able to do so if they have strong connections. >> one girl wore her penn state t-shirt to court. you know, that kind of says it all in terms of what that school -- how intertwined that school is to that community. we'll see how it goes. stock markets in asia are trading higher again this morning. and that could mean another good day on wall street as well. the dow jones just had its best day of the year, erasing a month of losses and showing a gain now
3:35 am
for the year. >> the nasdaq also surged yesterday, up 2.4%. investors are encouraged by signs both europe and the u.s. will act to support their economies. well, most tech stocks are listed on the nasdaq. but a major computer glitch caused massive trading delays on the exchange when facebook went public. so nasdaq's trying to make good by offering $40 million in refunds and discounts to investment companies who lost money that day. and there are many that did. >> there are a few. zucker berg could just write a quick check for that 40 million. >> in the couch. >> yeah, pocket money. this is my lunch money. investigators in chicago are investigating claims by a pregnant woman that an officer shot her with a taser. >> it all started when tiffany rent got a parking ticket outside a drugstore. police say she ripped the ticket up, threw it in the officer's face, then tried to drive away. the eight-month pregnant mother denies that. >> i got scared.
3:36 am
and i closed the door. i didn't hit him. i didn't do anything to harm him or anything. he tasered me through the window. >> i ran from the other side of the car with my hands up like stop, stop, stop, she pregnant. she's pregnant. stop. don't hurt her. >> now, rent went to the hospital to be checked out after being released from police custody. the baby is apparently going to do okay. still inexcusable to ever tase a pregnant woman. >> it shouldn't take that much to subdue a pregnant woman i wouldn't think. now we turn to an important health alert for parents of teething babies. the fda has issued a repeat warning about benzocaine. that's an anesthetic that's used in pain relievers like orajel and baby orajel. in rare cases it can cause a deadly condition. among the symptoms, fatigue, confusion, as well as gray skin and lips. if you notice any of those symptoms, call 911. the fda says benzocaine should not be used for children younger than 2 except when advised by a
3:37 am
doctor. >> but the problem with orajel and -- it's for babies that are under 2. i have like three tubes in my medicine cabinet for my kids. >> they're at that age, yeah. >> and it's not just orajel. it's if you have any sorts of -- anything going on in your mouth. benzocaine. also anbesol. if you have anbesol, canker sores, or anything like that. beware. are you okay? >> i'm good. i'm good. getting this last tooth in today. go ahead. >> was you've been nursing too long. >> sorry, ma. all right. switching gears, a massive dock from japan has washed up on an oregon beach 5,000 miles away. that devastating tsunami ripped the 70-foot dock from its mooring last march. officials say it's not radioactive because it was set adrift before japan's nuclear meltdown. but starfish and hundreds of other organisms not native to oregon arrived along with that dock and that is causing some major concern.
3:38 am
>> the debris field from the tsunami is the size of california. these stories are going to become more and more frequent as time moves on. we're going to move on to the space shuttle "enterprise." it is now at its new home on the hudson river right here in new york. the shuttle rode a barge from new jersey to the intrepid sea air and space museum, where it was hoisted by crane onto the flight deck. >> the "enterprise" never went on an actual space mission. it was a full-scale test vehicle used for flights in the atmosphere and experiments on the ground. it should be open to visitors next month if you are so inclined to visit the big apple. >> very cool to see that shuttle on the barge yesterday through the river. very cool scene. here's a look now at your weather, everybody. pop-up thunderstorms in the northeast and also along the gulf coast today. windy in the central plains. also some showers from minneapolis to fargo. hail, high winds, and a chance of tornadoes near denver and cheyenne. also some showers in the pacific northwest. >> 70s in the northern rockies. hot in the southwest. getting up to 101 in phoenix. mostly 80s from fargo to dallas. 78 here in new york.
3:39 am
91 in new orleans. well, president obama and mitt romney have found some common ground before millions of country music fans. >> the prez and romney both appeared in a taped comedy skit at the start of last night's cmt music awards. they were dragged into a feud between toby keith and kristen bell, asked to weigh in on who should host the show. >> this is one of the toughest decisions i've had to make since i've been in office. but i think i've decided. i want them both. >> i thought the presidential election was a tough race. but it's nothing compared to the politics at the cmt music awards. i think i have a solution, though. i propose toby and kristen co-host the show. see? i just put two people back to work. you're welcome, america. >> continuing with that economic talk, isn't he? always finding ways to implement
3:40 am
that in the conversation. now, both men going for the diplomatic answer, as you heard. neither wanting to offend anyone. as it turned out, both keith and bell hosted that show. >> always cool to see despite the grueling campaign those guys show a little humor and humanity. having a little fun with it. that's cool. coming up as promised, your friday eve "skinny." but first, though, our investigation into what happened aboard a doomed air france jetliner. amazing story here. a few years ago it just dropped into the atlantic ocean. but now some truths are finally getting out there and being told. you're watching "world news now." now." follow the wings.
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
now we turn to an now we turn to an abc news exclusive about one of the biggest mysteries in the history of passenger planes. >> it's just a fascinating
3:44 am
story. earlier on "nightline." we're talking about the air france jumbo jet that crashed into the atlantic three years ago with 228 people on board. abc's elizabeth vargas has new details about chaos in the cockpit. >> reporter: it is 3 1/2 hours into the flight, cruising at 37,000 feet, when captain marc dubois makes a fateful decision. despite a thunderstorm lurking ahead, he takes a scheduled break. just a few minutes later the plane's pitot tube, a piece of equipment that reads the air speed, suddenly fails. the automatic pilot shuts off. now the control of the aircraft and the lives of the 228 people on board is in the hands of the least experienced of the three-man crew, 32-year-old cedric bonin. >> and the captain is sitting where i'm sitting right now? >> correct. >> reporter: bill voss of the flight safety foundation joined us in an a-330 flight simulator to recreate what happened. >> what did he do? he pulled the nose of the plane
3:45 am
up? >> a fairly dramatic pitch-up. >> reporter: pulling up is precisely the wrong thing to do. it can essentially cause the plane to start falling out of the sky. soon the plane's stall warning goes off. >> it keeps saying repeatedly what's happening, what's happening? where's the captain? they call for the captain six times. >> yeah. >> reporter: we don't know why it took captain dubois more than a minute to return to the cockpit. but two sources tell abc news that he was traveling socially with an off-duty air france flight attendant. were the two together? >> if the pilot is distracted because he's traveling with somebody potentially, isn't that part of the investigation? >> i don't think it could be an explanation of accident. >> reporter: in the cockpit captain dubois finds a scene of utter confusion. "what's happening," he asks. "i don't know what's happening," answers one of the co-pilots. within seconds the plane has entered such a deep stall it's plummeting about 120 miles an hour, nose up. bonin still thinks his
3:46 am
instruments are wrong. he asks, "am i going down now?" confusion has turned into chaos. with both co-pilots now trying to fly the plane in opposite directions. >> the point of exasperation where you actually have a bit of the discipline breaks down. >> and then finally, literally three seconds before impact we hear robert, pilot robert say, "oh, my god. we're going to crash. i can't believe it." >> he'd not really contemplated the idea this could end badly. >> wow. >> and it's stunning. just to give you an idea, they had no idea this was coming. even those in the cockpit. no oxygen masks were deployed. no life vests. no announcement to brace for impact. but at some point during that flight, the freefall, they were falling 120 miles an hour. >> i heard that in the piece. they knew something was happening. but again, all those signs, they just crashed seconds before. and it's just done. and they asked, the captain, who was traveling with a flight attendant at the time, you have to wonder what traveling with means here.
3:47 am
and they asked one of the authorities, did you investigate the captain because of that? and he said, "we are not interested in the private life of the pilot." that's not really his private life when he's in charge of 200-plus lives. >> and it takes him a minute to get back to the cockpit in an emergency situation. >> saw the same thing with the concordia, that ship off italy that sank. the captain there was canoodling, traveling with someone on board. same story, different tragedy. oh, man. when we come back, let's lighten the mood a little bit. thursday "skinny." >> miley cyrus and some news about john travolta. you are watching "world news now." about john travolta. you are watching "world news now."
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny rob, you always give me a hard time because i got married when i was almost 25. well, miley cyrus, 19, getting married. >> wow. engaged, huh? good for her. >> she is engaged. >> a little young. >> she's probably lived more of a life at 19 than i had at 25. >> more than most.
3:50 am
>> she's engaged to liam hemsworth, her beau of three years. they met on the set a couple of years ago of the movie "the last song." apparently, he engaged -- they got engaged on may 31st. he proposed with a 3.5 carat diamond ring from neil lane. and she told people, "i'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness." there you go. >> good for her. happy for miley. >> no date has been set. >> no achy breaky heart for her we hope. the plot thickens with john travolta here because apparently according to the "national enquirer" john's personal pilot, former personal pilot is speaking out now saying yes, he had a six-year sexual fling with john travolta back in the 1980s, it was a well-known thing, it was pretty much an open secret that the two were together according to this former -- john's former private pilot named drug -- i don't go whether
3:51 am
it's gotterba or gotterba. but he's being open about this saying yes, they had a relationship, eventually left because it got a little too intense, too much for him to handle. the "national enquirer" reporting this on the heels of those accusations by some of the masseurs out there who claimed inappropriate touching by travolta as well. so accusations building and building against mr. john travolta. >> coming out of the woodwork, it looks like. well, seaside heights, new jersey breathing a sigh of relief because according to this report from "in touch weekly" this is the last season of the "jersey shore." >> oh, no. >> no more gym, tan and laundry. apparently, when the cast arrived in seaside heights an executive producer sat them down, said bring your "a" game, this is going to be your last hurrah, stressed to the cast that fans are going to remember them for this season. so -- >> ratings dropped, you've got to cancel, you've got to move off. they had a hell of a run and also made a lot of money. none of them are starving. also sad news. "the wonder years." remember winnie cooper, danica mckellar. after three years she's getting divorced from her composer husband, mike verna. they have a 1 1/2-year-old son. it is splitsville. i picked this story because i
3:52 am
was a huge fan of "the wonder years." it was one of the best-written shows ever. had a little crush on winnie cooper back in the day. >> she's back on the market now. >> she's back on the market. plus i love that song by joe cocker. let's let the folks hear it. ♪ i will try not to sing out of key ♪ ♪ oh, baby, i ♪ i will try not to sing out of key ♪ ♪ oh, baby, i an aarp... ed i needed medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insuranc.
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sleep is overrated. you're watching abc "world news now." >> i can imagine if you didn't see that segment a few weeks ago you're flipping out right now, like what is that? but that is one of our favorite guests. tupperware queen aunt barbara. last month she joined us with some advice on surviving the economy and planning quite the party. >> i'm so sad that i missed it. >> she's the number one tupperware seller in north america. >> unbelievable. >> aunt barbara. >> i heard it was a hit. i'm sad that i was not here for it. sunny had a good time. >> yeah. >> if you have a pressing question for aunt barbara, you can post it on our facebook page and she may answer it next week on the air. >> aunt barbara's coming back.
3:56 am
>> yes, she is. >> give us your questions. also finally this half hour, daredevils always seeming to outdo one another, jumping from higher and higher heights. >> they get crazier and crazier. one example -- a man spent a week climbing one of the world's highest peaks and then jumped off with a wing suit. abc's nick watt has more on that epic jump. >> reporter: there's a mystical himalayan mountain 21,500 feet high. and there's a man. >> hello. i'm valery rozov. >> reporter: rozov just spent six grueling days climbing that mountain, then strapped himself ton a wing suit and jumped. the highest base jump ever attempted. a little wagner, please? ♪ rozov, a 47-year-old russian, was also the first guy to jump off this mountain in antarctica. the first guy to jump into this
3:57 am
russian volcano. my own favorite, gary connery just jumped out of a helicopter in a wing suit but without a parachute, aiming for those cardboard boxes to break his fall. he made it. >> tell us how it was. >> i am in a strange space if i'm totally honest. >> reporter: now back to valery rozov. 90 seconds after his leap miraculously drifting safe to terra firma in the himalayas and that new world record. >> everything is successful, and i'm here. >> reporter: safe and sound after a feat that one of his brave brethren is no doubt already planning to beat. nick watt, abc news, london. >> mm. >> more power to him. >> six days to climb it. 90 seconds to fly down. >> no, thank you. >> couldn't do it. i get scared riding the subway. i don't know how those guys do it. i'm tipping my hat. >> i am a wimp for sure. >> more from abc next.
3:58 am
>> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. w." informing inso
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