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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now abc 2news at 11. >> our evening showers passing, now get ready for the heat. we are tracking it all. . >> fireworks for the fire chief. it's a budget battle tonight at city hall. >> and we are working for you with ways to make sure you aren't getting over charged for flights. >> let's go outside. strong winds and clouds out there tonight. >> we could be looking at scattered storms heading our way and then we will deal with the heat. >> we will deal with this. wyatt on top of it all. >> wild photographs sent in this evening. interesting hues on the clouds, rainbow. first the radar, couple of showers but most of them have ended. closer look on the eastern shore. couple of thunderstorms earlier, now moving out of maryland into the delaware, off the delaware coast and up into southern new jersey and other -- a few storms passing just
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south lexington park. radar calming down. i think we are just about done with anything other than a isolated rain shower. upper 60s now but warming into the mid80's now. that's's a five degree warm up and that's just the beginning . >> all right. can baltimore city afford to close fire companies? tonight there is new controversy over a plan to do just that. >> a plan released by the mayor could permanently close three companies. we have been following that story. what's the status of that plan? >> its part of the proposed budget. if it's approved the closures would go into effect on july 1st. they would be replaced with other units. there was a heated exchange over that, also tonight. we learn that those changes won't be cheap or easy. the station that houses ladder truck 15 in east baltimore is so old it has its woodn 't board commanders used to keep track of the trucks and just
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outside of that blackout lines along the line. the last remnants of the stables for the horses that pulled pulled the engine. the job done by crews, rescuing people trapped in burning buildings. a plan by the fire chief and support bid the mayor would disband it and replace it with an engine company charged with putting water on fire, not rescuing people and a medic unit. it's a plan that brought itous burst from the president of the city council. >> i want somebody to be able to get up to the third floor with the ladder rescue me. i pay taxes and this is not acceptable and i want you to stand up for your men. >> the council president said the chief should be fighting against the closures of truck 15 along with truck 10 and squad 11. the chief said the first budget proposed by the mayor would
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have eliminated nine fire companies. >> the number was reduced mainly because of the work of this staff and the work we did behind the scenes. i'm not going to call a press conference and get everybody excited but i am going to work to defend this department. >> reporter: and the station has a basement. it can support the weight of truck 15. but if the hearing today the chief said that the replacing the trackway the engine and medic unit would require a major renovation with a price tag of $250,000. tonight the head of the city's fire officer's union said the station would need more space for the crews working on the medic unit. that could mean even more costly renovations. the chief said after july 1st they will still have the same number of companies as it does right now because the permanent closures will replace the system of three nightly rotating closures. we will continue to follow the
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story and bring you new information as we get it. abc 2news. >> the fire company closure aren't the only thing affected by the budget. some of rec centers will close and the others will be run by private companies. >> we have the name of a police officer who shot a man. officer karen -- was responding to a burglary call when she shot a 44-year-old stewart fitzgerald. he later died in the shooting many the officer has been on the force for five-years. >> this next story will lope any appeal to the good in people. a worker who was taking cash to the bank accidentally left the money in a bag on top of his car and drove away. it's around 5:44 this morning near i-97 and loop 100. it was in a red bag marked 7-
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11. minnillo knows where it is asked to call police. >> police are looking for someone holding up pharmacies to steal drugs. the latest happened on monday night. . he isn't quite a few pharmacies in the area. be on the look out. crowd of about 10,000 parked the casino last night for a opening in hanover. while it was good news for the casino. traffic was a nightmare for people leaving the movies, the mall and people going to the casino. maryland live officials say last night was a big event. they only expect delays like that -- they don't expect expect delays like that regularly. all the side streets closer to the casinos were clogged.
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much better news tonight. give yourself plenty of space. there you go. on the road. opening night was rough but it is expected to be that bad from now on. >> pledging to be soda free for the first 30 days of summer. 200 students are weaponing themselves off soda as part of a statewide effort to help stop obesity. the co chair of the regional wellness community said it's a more effective way to reach kids than the proposal in new york to ban sodas over 16 ounces. >> you can get around that amount by buying four, 14-ounce drinks. i think educating the public will push the market to respond. >> they say getting companies to shift from all the sugar laiden drinks to water may take
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time but. the average american put away about 46 gallons of sugar drinks a year. sodas have been tied to obesity. we talked to a doctor about some of the dangers of the high sugar in soda. >> sugar is the classic example of empty calories, calorie that don't bring anything with them. they add calories. >> the key is moderation in everything and while banning sodas may seem extreme she said at least it's got people talking about it. this is the hot topic unifies book. we have asked you could you and your kids give up soda for 30 days. would you consider doing it just to be more healthy? join in the conversation on the website. >> i need a coke after this. are we in garret? look at this. what's the likelihood of two bear sightings in baltimore in one day. this black bear was -- let's
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see the bear. this bear was walking the campus at a elementary school and they delayed the dismiss alabi about to minutes and then after a brown bear sighting outside of jacksonville elementary the kids had to be brought back into the building this morning when a brown bear was spotted. the bears still out there. we just checked and they are still on the loose. tonight 225 people took a chance at winning $10,000. this was a raffle all to support the believe in tomorrow children's foundation. the foundation provides help for families of sick children giving them a place to say while they are in the hospital. >> we see this miracle growth from small acts of volunteering to very large facilities and today we have eight facilities that provid accommodations. >> he does a great job.
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tickets cost $100. >> we are working for you tonight. we have good news for people who want an i-phone but don't want to sign a long contract. sprint said it'll offer it with a prepaid monthly plan out of it's virgin mobile unit. you can get the four or 4s and pay $30 a month. if you use the phone it'll cost you more, if you use it more often. they say there won't be any roaming fees and no contract. this new offer starts june 29th. >> when you book a ticket do you go to the airline website because you have always heard that's where you find the lowest price? >> that's not necessarily the case. john shows us how thousands of travelers may be over charged by doing that so you don't wastey money. >> reporter: did you hear the report about delta over charging some of its own frequent flyers in it was a black eye for them.
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it's also an important lesson for everybody who ever travels by air. when you are booking a flight airlines have conditioned us to believe are you always getting the lowest current fare on their website. . >> most of the time i just go to delta because we have american express and we use it to get the miles. . >> reporter: several frequent flyers said they rarely check other sites. >> i go to delta just because it's so much more have not. >> reporter: delta now says that during a 19 day period this spring some of its sky miles members were paying higher fares than members of the general public. delta blames a glitch in the computer system and said its been corrected but it's an eye opener to those who always assumed frequent flyers getl best price. >> you would think that the frequent customer would get the discount if anything. >> reporter: so you say i'm not a sky miles member.
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this doesn't affect me. there is a good lesson in mere for anyone who ever travels by air. whether you fly once a weekor once a year it's good to double check the quote. you can plug in the dates at sites like expedia but for just comparing costs check that way you will know if your fare is really fair. even if you don't fly delta and don't belong to anyone's frequent flyer program it's a good idea to comparison price any trip and more than one website. that way you don't wastey money. >> tonight we are taking care of are you parents. >> baltimore about to join the world in elder abuse awareness day. why wait until next friday as we tell you the story tonight. . >> we made it to it 80 but hotter air getting ready to heat our way. we will talk about that coming up. >> and a new plan to fight distracted driving but can the
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government really force you to put down the phone? what do you think? . >> before we go to a break we lost a great man tonight. a coach to many, a friend to all of us, mike riddles. little did we know this would be his final game. he learned he had cancer and he fought it. he was an inspiration for the way he fought, the way he coached us from kids to grown ups, the dinner a few years back i asked the crowd to stand up and cheer for him. he said that was his first standing ovation, he just got another in heaven. to his wife, mike, nick, jessica, the community, our hearts are with you tonight as mike will always be in ours. keep fighting, make every day count.
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. politicians behaving badly. republicans and democrats can go at it check out these greek politicians in a popular morning show, a woman from the far left party must have said something disagreeable to the conversative one and he threw a glass of water on her and slaps another woman three times. the man has a warrant for his arrest. >> from texting to pope calls sometimes the biggest dangers on the road are the ones inside our car. today the government laid out a plan to fight distracted driving. first they want the 11 states without laws to create them. second push car makers to cut back on distractions and better tractions and bet educate new drivers. >> americans have gotten into very dangerous behaviors to think they can use them behind the wheel of a car and drive safely. >> and you still don't think it's a big deal. the study shows in 2010 one in
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ten traffic deaths was caused by distracted driving. and we told you before that teen drivers especially guilty of texting while driving. now the first federal survey shows your child probably does it. the survey asked teen itself over the past month they sent texts or e-mails while driving, 58% of high school seniors said yes. about 43% of juniors admitted to the same thing. health news, doctors hope a new procedure will one day be the bench mark for testing a baby's genes. they took blood samples from a woman who was 18 weeks pregnant and salivia samples from her partner and mapped the baby's dna. it's safer than the procedure. done currently. >> when a child is found to have asthma it's a family effort to create a healthy
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living environment. in one city home visits helping children breathe easier. the community works out of children's hospital in boston. they visit houses and look for triggers like mold, animal dander and dust. they give families tools to get back at those triggers, vacuum cleaners and filters, mattress covers and roach traps. >> got rid of all the teddy bears, books are in the closet because they build up dust. >> since the program started in 2005 they have seen an 85% drop in hospital stays. we are working for you tonight. the signs to look out for if you expect your child asthma. check for noisy breathing, some children loose interest in favorite past times, when the babies -- look out for difficulty sucking cry that are
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extra soft. if your child has any of these symptoms you need to call your doctor right away. >> barbara doesn't have her olympic speed anymore, can't run the 40 in four flat. takes her four days now. the i'ves in the back of her head. now they are shut tight. barbara can still deliver a message that we should take care of our elders. >> barbara is getting a visitor today. she is going up to her apartment to make sure she is safe and sound. >> with me, i know they are very safe. >> you can call them al, he may turn and take barbara groceries. >> hello. it's al. >> reporter: he is that kind of guy. as a volunteer for the department of aging. >> scared? yes. i'm not afraid here. >> reporter: next friday will be world elder abuse awareness day and barbara is a ware. >> i think sometimes there is -- i call neglect abuse too.
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>> reporter: her family takes good care of her but the friends she knows, families do a drop and run. >> i see what it does to people. it makes them feel really not wanted, you know, that -- they are a bother. >> reporter: she is always with someone when she goes out. never is out past 8:35 and always looks around. >> i'm a senior and i'm pretty healthy but even i know that i could be a target. just because you see the gray hair and realize this is a person that's problem more at risk. >> reporter: this is just not about stealing a purse, it's about ripping them off. it's about when they fall at night at home alone who will pick them up? it's about making sure they eat right and that's why you need to join us next friday at townsend library for the world elder abuse awareness day. >> now the radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> kind of a wild sky today but for the most part minimal thunderstorm activity. a few of us got a couple showers and storms, 61 degrees. humidity around 80% but don't let that fool you. the air is relatively dry. that limits the thunderstorm activity. we have still a few storms unon the map just south of the southern tip of maryland, the tip of saint mary's. we have one storm moving out over the chesapeake. basically between tangier and cr cris -- you can see looking clear. it was a day of passing hit or miss storms. then a beautiful -- sun coming
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down. another shower passing by. annapolis you see two different. there is one storm and then another pushing in and -- nice nice finish. great shots captured tonight. great rainbow shot and a few that -- i took out there tonight. that's amazing right there. temperatures in the low 60s and they will cool off. many spots in the low and mid60s. mid80's with 70s for highs. this was at or just really a hair below average. tomorrow we will warm it up. downtown could be in the mid to upper 80'sful the outer suburbs, mid80's. as we look at the pattern here, getting more quiet tonight. we had showers coming in out of
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pennsylvania earlier this evening. they are just about all completely gone. that will mean a dry sunny situation. big high pressure. coming out of the west. also, this air mass will get hotter and hotter each day. no cool fronts until next week. just a stray shower in the next hour or two and then done. chance for rain up to new york city. other than that weather looking clear here around maryland and the tropics, now that we are in full pledged hurricane season, looking quiet. some storms in the bay, overnight down to 56, into the day tomorrow down to 85, that's at the airport. downtown hotter, maybe in the upper 80's. the seven day forecast, hotter will be the theme. we get hotter each day and probably level off to 90 sunday and monday. we have been hotter than this already, back to what we had in may so it's no so bad and we
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look for another cool front next week. >> feels like past february. >> not much of a cool front. >> few degrees. >> the orioles did almost as much damage in boston as the british. tonight the red sox beat us, 7- 0 behind a four hit shut out by clay. brian lasted six outs, that's about continue minutes? the orioles had a chance to own the best record in the major leagues with the win so they are back home tomorrow night against the phillies. >> they will turn it around when they get back. come up one of the most disgusting pranks and a mom said her kid's teachers were involved. >> here is bill with a look at night line. >> coming up, frauds exposed, how scammers are scaring americans in to paying debts they don't owe. and 20,000-calories a day and can smell you three miles away. so we are going to search for
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. we taking to you to canada, a 13-year-old was offered a chocolate treat. >> he dug into the bag and when he bit in total monde heard someone saying you just ate -- [bleep]. everybody started laughing and he said there were five adults there laughing. >> she said [bleep]. >> i thought so. there was a teacher, guidance counselor and principal.
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the mom pulled her out with the fear of more bullying. there will be a hearing next month. the mother -- she needs more than an apology. >> a frightening scene at a rhode island wal-mart end was a police foot chase. screaming man. ripped off his clothes, then led police on a chase outside over a busy highway. employees say they saw him foaming at the mouth. his parents say he was bipolar. >> all right. the bears just called. they want to know --. >> baltimore county bears comingo. they are going to hartford. >> something in the air. take a look at radar pictures, quieting down. i think we are getting set for a sunnier and warmer situation tomorrow. probably mid80's downtown baltimore and the heart of the concrete probably hotter than that and there is the weekend.
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pushing up to 90. ♪
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. hartford and they put their trash out and bear was knocking over trash cans. >> whole place going to the bears.
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