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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 8, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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house. they start to attack the city, he said. they are using weapons like knives and machine guns. and an activist who lives in hama and who wanted to keep his identity hidden told abc news there was heavy government shelling. >> we are living in fear. areas in syria are being under attack every day. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton had her harshest words yet for president bashar assad. >> simply unconscionable. assad has doubled down on his brutality and duplicity. and syria will not, cannot, be peaceful, stable or certainly democratic until assad goes. >> reporter: a former general in assad's army tells me that only outside intervention will force assad to go. and witnesses to his reign of
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terror fear the worst is yet to come. >> being arrested, that would be that i am dead. >> reporter: beyond the compelling moral case, there are many who now say there's a compelling strategic case for intervention to topple assad. if he goes, then iran is vastly weakened. assad is iran's only arab ally and the direct route to hezbollah and hamas. but as one u.n. diplomat told me, there are two main elections year, including one here in the united states in november. they don't expect to see any action until after that. christiane amanpour, abc news, new york. in other news this morning, the greek election mess has taken a very ugly turn. take a look at the drama that unfolded on live morning tv. a far right politician lunged at two female left wing politicos throwing water at one and then smacking the other three times across the face. a dude smacking a woman like that after the fracus, the show had to go to commercial for five
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minutes. little civility left there. >> i think he might face some sort of -- >> something is coming. >> something, something, something is coming for him. now to the legal battle pitting former professional football players against the nfl. it's the biggest lawsuit in the history of sports. >> thousands of players are claiming that the league kept them in the dark about the danger of repeated head injuries. abc's karen travers joins us with the details. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. more than 80 pending lawsuits have been combined into what's being called one big master complaint against the nfl. this could be a major moment for the embattled league. hard knocks are a major part of the nfl. bone-crushing plays like this dominate the highlight reels. and they've helped make pro football the nation's most popular sport. but it's the nfl that's taking a hit. more than 2,000 former players are suing the league in a landmaland
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d landmark class action lawsuit. kevin turner played fullbook for the philadelphia eagles and can remember just two documented concussions. he believes he suffered long-term brain damage and is one of the former players filing suit. >> this action is about the retired players getting the help that they need. >> reporter: in may, former san diego charger star junior seau committed suicide in his home. another high-profile death that raised questions about the sport's dangers. the former players say in their lawsuit that the nfl exacerbated the health risk by promoting the game's violence. and deliberately and fraudulently concan sealed the link between concussions and long-term brain damage. the league says it's made player safety a top priority and any allegation that the nfl intentionally sought to mislead players has no merit. the former players are seeking damages and asking the nfl to set up a monitoring system for
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players with potential brain disorders. rob and paula, back to you. >> the nfl has made some strides in the last few years. our facebook question of the day, go to how can the nfl make the game safer while maintaining the integrity of the sport? please weigh in. we told you about rob's new jersey devils staying alive yesterday morning. this morning we can say the same about the miami heat. lebron james on fire. scored 45 points. miami avoided elimination against the boston celtics. >> the winner of tomorrow night's decisive game seven should be a good one. winner taking on oklahoma city in the finals. the finals itself, that gets started on tuesday. stay tuned. and while we're speaking of sports, we could have some history tomorrow at the belmont stakes. i'll have another attempting to become the first horse to win the triple crown since 1978, the year i was born. he and 11 horses will run the mile and a half. about 100,000 folks are expected to be there and some will actually remember it.
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>> i was 3 so i don't tomorrow. here's a look at your weather. showers in the pacific northwest. hail, gufrtsy winds. chance of tornadoes from duluth, upper peninsula of michigan. showers and thunderstorms around dallas, houston, new orleans and much of florida. afternoon storms for upstate new york and new england. >> mostly 80s from the east coast to the rockies. triple digits in phoenix. 70s in boise and sacramento. and now for our favorite story of the day. >> truly. >> it is such a great story. a north carolina student beating the odds making an extraordinary transition from homeless to harvard just two years ago. 18-year-old dawn logins was living as a squatter with her family. >> she missed so much school she was listed as a dropout. but last summer her parents abandoned her, literally gave up on her. she didn't give up. she graduated with an acceptance letter from harvard. >> i was about to cry when everyone stood up and started scre screaming. it feels great to have all the hard work that i put into this
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to finally be realized. >> after her parents abandoned her last summer, dawn worked as a custodian at her school as a way to make money. took honors classes and everything. now she's getting a scholarship for harvard, and the community is pitching in to cover some of her expenses. i love that story. it's my favorite story of the month. >> that community is becoming her family now. even more important. >> we applaud you. coming up, the mystery of the new strain of e. coli. >> and a guy we're cheering for. he spent time in prison for a crime he did not commit. could he be headed to the nfl? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by follow the wings.
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the nation's disease hunters are now in a race to find the cause of a new outbreak of deadly e. coli. >> several states already are affected.
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there's concern that the outbreak could spread further. abc's david muir spoke with the disease hunters. >> reporter: the nation's top disease hunters at the cdc are searching for a killer. the source of e. coli now linked to nearly a dozen cases already, possibly more. here's what we know. those cases have been detected across four states -- georgia, florida, alabama and louisiana. and in new orleans, the most heartbreaking case. a baby girl just 21 months old, dying from the disease. it's believed all of the victims have been sickened by the same strain of e. coli. not all strains are dangerous, but this one is. it carries what's called the o 145 genetic fingerprint, that produces a deadly toxin, a poison that can cause violent reactions, kidney damage and death. >> they are racing against the clock because they want to figure out what the product is and get it out of the market before it sickens or kills anyone else. >> reporter: five of the cases are right in the cdc's backyard near atlanta. and in the growing concern, georgia authorities admit they
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are at the starting point. >> we know these cases are linked. and that would suggest that there was a common source somewhere along the way. we just don't know where. >> reporter: this is the time of year when these cases begin to make headlines. the weather getting warmer. barbecues beginning. and often the first suspicion turns to undercooked ground beef or chicken. while they don't know if that's the case here, they are reminding us tonight to wash our hands after handling poultry, wash your fruits and vegetables, cook your chicken and beef, particularly ground beef, all the way through. if you think you already do that, that abc news experiment that opened all of our pipes one kitchen, one diligent cook. mom sharon cohen who had no idea we treated the chicken she was about to cook with glow germ powder designed to simulate the spread of germs. she went on to clean it and prepare it. yet when we turned off the lights and turned on the glow light we found the raw chicken juice was everywhere. it splashed on to the window sill, the soap dispenser, even on sharon herself. >> the government, the usda just
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began testing for this particular strain of koerks lie in meat just three days ago. we don't know if meat is the culprit. if so, that new testing should help. they are also renewing their warnings with the summer cooking season here. david muir, abc news, new york. >> you want to come to my house for a barbecue this weekend? we can grill out. >> no, thank you. the usda just started testing this particular strain of meat four days ago. >> it's scary, too. >> maybe last week i would have come over for a barbecue. not now. a guy named brian banks. >> he's had quite a week, including his long-await shot at the nfl. stay with us. >> announcer: abc's
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♪ freedom freedom ♪ freedom indeed. brian banks is certainly enjoying his -- we told you
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about him a couple of weeks ago. exonerated after spending five years in jail on false charges of rape and kidnapping. >> earlier in the week he joined jay leno on "the tonight show" telling him he was on top of the world. he's taking a shot at his ultimate career, an nfl career after an invite from the seattle seahawks. our station in seattle has more. >> reporter: brian banks is a free man. >> ever since may 24th, my day of exoneration, this has been the "s" on my chest. this has been my -- my symbol of freedom. >> reporter: he took the first major step in rebuilding his life when he got on a plane and flew to seattle for a workout. >> i haven't flown in a plane in over 15 years. and before that, i've only flown one time. so, you know, even walking through the whole check-in area, taking your shoes off. i know a lot of people complain about that. i was thrilled about it. >> reporter: a football career that's been stuck on pause for a decade may finally get to play
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out in seattle. >> this is the great illustration for us of why people deserve a second chance. and because of what he's overcome and because of what he -- what lies ahead for him in his life, this is just one step. but it is a step he's been dreaming about for a long time. >> reporter: pete carroll recruited banks to come to usc ten years ago. he never played for the trojans. the two finally got to share a moment on the gridiron together. >> i walked out here today and he was warming up. there was nobody in this building, just me and him. and we walked around for a few minutes and just trying to just kind of embrace the moment for him. he was just looking at the flags and the building and the field and then he was here. and just like -- i'm sure he conveyed to you how grateful he was to be here. >> reporter: banks is a long shot to make it but he's been given a chance. it's an opportunity to live out a dream that has been locked behind bars too long. >> the biggest thing for me is to carry my freedom. i did that.
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everything else is just a blessing. >> good for him. he'll have a formal tryout with the seahawks next week. >> "morning papers" coming up next. i used to only wear sun protection on a beach day.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> crazy story out of palm beach post this morning. a cop there who has gotten fired after six years on the force for writing too many tickets. went from 222 back in 2011 to 115 tickets just in one month of this year. he says he was doing it because he was trying to get a $6,000 bonus because the department there started basing raises on productivity or merit instead of longevity. and so confirming some suspicion we all have about the police and why they write the tickets they do. this guy became a ticket frenzy writing guy. he wanted his $6,000 bonus in palm beach. now they are going to fight to get him reinstatd.
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palm beach, crazy community there. we know dogs and their owners naturally seek to comfort their owners. this new study out of london from researchers at goldsmith found when the owner or stranger started crying, most dogs approached them providing reassurance and comfort. an 8-month-old yellow lab chasing his tail until someone pretended to cry and then it rushed up and put his head on their shoulder. time for you to get touched by the polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun
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this morning on "world news now" -- a call from congress to stop the leaks. >> lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are basically accusing the white house of leaking stories about foreign policy successes they say needs to stop right now. it's friday, june 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> tgif. we are here. we made it. >> it is friday. our favorite day. everyone's favorite day. >> i personally like monday. >> yeah. >> kidding. good friday morning. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. all kinds of political motivations here, but the claims about those leaks aren't only
3:01 am
coming from republicans now. members of president obama's own party say they need to be plugged as well. >> and this could really jeopardize our relations with foreign countries if they are seeing that this intel is leaked. so, obviously, both sides coming together on this issue. we've talked about distracted driving this week. particularly while texting. it's now being called a national epidemic. and the government is pushing states to do more in order to reduce the risk. also this half hour, there are plenty of scams out there. so many of them starting with the internet. our brian ross has details about phony debt collectors who are ripping off the elderly and many others as well. bottom line, be careful of these snakes because all they want to do is rip you off. >> sad that some people would go to that level of depravity. >> overseas connections, too. thankfully we have made it to friday. that means another edition of "insomniac theater." this morning, the new nest the madagascar franchise and a film reminiscent of an alien classic.
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>> yes. kind of a -- all you remember. that's one of my favorite sci-fi movies "aliens," sigourney weaver. ridley scott back at it again. someone is spilling secrets and top lawmakers are going to put a stop to it. fingers are being pointed at the intelligence community and the white house. it comes after recent leaks of sensitive information about the covert drone and cyberwars against terrorism. here's abc's jonathan karl with more on this. >> reporter: stories depictsed a decisive president and are chock full of classified intelligence. the secret u.s. cyberattack on iran's nuclear program. the double agent who helped foil an al qaeda attack. the secret terrorist kill list maintained by the president. some of the leaks are already under investigation by the fbi. u.s. officials told abc news the director of national intelligence is now doing more lie detector tests of people with access to classified information. republicans say the leaking is politically motivated, and
3:03 am
possibly criminal. >> you think it's coming right from the white house? >> well, yes, i do. to say otherwise just defies credibility. three stories within 30 days painting a picture of a strong president. >> reporter: should there be prosecutions here? >> absolutely. >> regardless of how politically useful these leaks may have been to the president, they have to stop. these leaks have to stop. >> reporter: top democrats on the congressional intelligence committees joined republicans in denouncing the leaks. >> this has to stop. when people say they don't want to work with the united states because they can't trust us to keep a secret, that's serious. >> it puts us at risk. it puts lives at risk. >> reporter: next up, congressional hearings with tough questions for the administration. an obama administration spokesman said they take all necessary and appropriate steps to prevent the leaking of classified information and that any suggestion that they've leaked sensitive information for political purposes has no basis in fact and has been denied by the authors themselves.
3:04 am
jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> you have to wonder. it is a national security issue and one of the top editors of "the new york times" said we can't edit a paper for our critics. the paper is saying, look. we're not get anything special treatment here, any leaks from the white house here. but the critics say, look. the president is trying to paint himself as a decisive foreign policy decisionmaker and that's how this information is getting out there. should be interesting what those hearings uncover. >> it's all because of good journalism and solid reporting. on behalf of their journalists. but the white house is condemning all of this but at the same time folks on the opposite side will say, well, they haven't specifically condemned "the new york times" articles which, you know, makes them suspicious that potentially it was leaked from the white house. but like we said, it's just got to stop. for reasons of national security. >> and the paper is saying, look. these issues, the drone attacks, the cyberwars, the whole war of terrorism which has been the main issue in this country for a
3:05 am
decade or more, that should be part of the national conversation. there's a try to know that information. regardless of where it came from, there's still important issues that belong in the marketplace of ideas. >> even the kill list? >> that's the debate, isn't it? >> uh-huh. next to a disturbing report that shows suicide among u.s. troops is growing faster than at any other time in a decade of war. the total is stunning. 154 suicides in the first 155 days of the year. nearly one a day. that's 50% more than the number of troops killed in action in afghanistan. >> studies show that combat increases the risk of suicide, especially multiple tours of duty. but sexual assault, substance abuse and domestic violence are also risk factors as well. in other news now, there are troubling new signs about the level of violence in syria. u.n. observers have come under fire, literally, as they tried to reach the site of the latest reported massacre. witnesses say about 80 people, including women and children, were found shot and stabbed in
3:06 am
that mass killing. secretary of state hillary clinton will hold high-level meetings later today. it's all a renewed effort to force out the syrian president. more than 2,000 former pro football players have filed the biggest lawsuit in the history of sports against the nfl. now they claim that the league knew the dangers of concussion and brain injuries but did not share that information with them. the suit is prompted by the recent suicides of football stars and the growing number of players suffering from dementia and alzheimer's disease. the plaintiffs want the nfl to pay for their care and to make the sport safer. also, a tragic story out of florida this morning. six members of one family killed in a plane crash. they were all flying from the bahamas back home to kansas city when their small plane developed some kind of trouble and then went down in a remote swamp. a prominent businessman was piloting the plane. his wife and four children, ages 15 to 8, died along with him.
3:07 am
a new government survey confirms many parents' fears about young drivers in the family. more than half of high school seniors admitted that they had texted or e-mailed while driving. the head of the transportation department calls distractive driving an epidemic. >> and americans have gotten into very dangerous behavior with their cell phones and their texting devices. to think they can use them behind the wheel of a car and drive safely. and you can't do it. put that phone in the glove compartment. put that texting device in the glove compartment. buckle up. drive safely. >> heed that vice. hood called on states without texting and driving laws to join the rest of the nation and asked automakers to adopt technology that eliminates distractions. >> certainly not a problem just amongst the yung either. kevin costner will take the stand again today in a lawsuit brought against him by felly actor stephen baldwin. the two men had invested in oil spill cleanup devices.
3:08 am
baldwin claims costner failed to tell him about bp's plan to buy 52 of them for about $52 million. baldwin sold his shares without knowing that and now wants costner to pay for his loss. a would-be robber in orlando was forced to run from a 7-eleven emptyhanded thanks to a courageous customer. surveillance cameras were rolling when a masked man with a knife announced a hold-up. but look at the man waiting in line. he quickly takes matters into his own hands. grabs a wine bottle, kicks the knife out of the crook's hand and then chases him away. the customer told him he doesn't even know karate, just watched a whole lot of bruce lee movies as a kid. it's osmosis. >> i like it. he learned something. he's been in a few bar fights in his day. pick up a bottle. that's step one. get back, fella. all right. moving on now. parts of wyoming and colorado are recovering from a powerful line of storms that triggered up
3:09 am
to ten tornadoes. >> here's a look at the quarter mile wide twister that touched down in southeastern wyoming yesterday. more than a half dozen -- more thn a dozen homes were damaged and at least one person was injured. the area was also pounded by heavy rain and hail the size of golf balls. >> amazing. such wild weather the last couple of weeks. rough start to spring. here's your friday forecast, everybody. that severe weather shifts to the upper midwest today for minnesota to michigan. schat are scattered showers and thunderstorms in new england and upstate new york. also stormy from florida to texas. some showers in the pacific northwest. >> 60s in seattle and portland. 102 in phoenix. mostly 80s from the rockies into the midwest. and east coast. weather has been a little spring cleaning at one of the most iconic symbols. the liberty bell in the city of philadelphia was spruced up yesterday by the park service. >> the historic bell gets a new coat of wax on its underside twice a year to keep it from rusting or developing another
3:10 am
crack. it looks pretty good for a bell that's been around since the mid1700s. we talk about groirth bell rung for three centuries. >> i can imagine maybe that cleaning is timed with independence day coming up in a few weeks. they want the bell to look good. >> we all need the undercoverage cleaned up every now and then. >> you got to, you know, knock the dust off it every now and then. coming up, a massive new scale and taking advantage of a lot of americans. >> con men pretending to be police tricking people into sending them money. lots of it sometimes. we'll show you what to look out for when we come back. "world news now." stake with us. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men hair color. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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♪ you're a mean one mr. grinch ♪ welcome back, everyone. now to an abc news exclusive. a scam that is taking advantage of a lot of hardworking and
3:15 am
innocent americans. >> this story will make you a little bit mad. con men calling from overseas pose as police and then hound and trick people into sending them money. abc's brian ross investigates. >> reporter: to get american consumers to pay debts they don't really owe, they often pose as police officers threatening to make arrests. >> my name is officer johnson. >> and they somehow have the victim's social security numbers. >> let me reveal the last four of your social. it's 9281. >> the calls to cindy of new orleans started long after she and her husband had taken out and paid off an online loan. but she was told falsely she still owed more. >> and that i was a no good dead beat. i would spend the night in jail and my family would be able to get me out. >> reporter: so she sent them more than $1800 to pay off a debt she did not owe. authorities say the scammers buy their victims names and financial information from dishonest, online payday loan
3:16 am
brokers. >> that information is on the internet. and it's accessible to these scam artists. >> reporter: federal authorities say the calls can be traced to a major organized crime group in india where call centers have targeted hundreds of thousands of americans. abc news went to one of the companies alleged to be involved. where employees denied any knowledge of the scam but refused to let us inside. >> can you please switch off -- >> reporter: federal authorities say the scam would not be possible without the help of american front men, including kirit patel of trace ecalifornia. he's accused by the federal trade commission of setting up the american companies where victims were told to send their payments. patel claims he knows nothing about the phone scam run out of india. >> no comment, sir. >> do you have an apology. >> i have no comments. i have written my attorney. >> where is the money. can you tell us that? >> i have no comments. >> reporter: the federal trade
3:17 am
commission has frozen patel's bank accounts and a criminal investigation is under way. much of the money has already gone to india well beyond the reach of american law where federal authorities say it may have ended up in the hands of an indian organized crime family. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> how scary is that? now there's talk about what laws can be, you know, crafted together to prevent some of this in terms of consumer protection here. i have one question i saw this story last night. are people so unaware of the finances they aren't entirely clear as to what they owe on particular card or bank loan or mortgage or whatever that they would be that susceptible to thinking they owe thousands? >> i think the point is that they are bullied into this and called repeatedly. sometimes up to eight times a day and i think that -- they may not be privy to that information or may not be smart enough to figure it out go online and see the balance. >> the elderly or folks who just get confused or scared easily.
3:18 am
>> people that may not be as internet savvy as you or i would be. >> and that's not savvy. >> well, that isn't saying a whole lot. i still have my typewriter. straight thaed, our friday rewind. >> the week just gone by. highlights, low lights and russell brand. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: ab mom: doug dad: ya mom: the magician from kyles birthday party is still here magician: ah uh dad: ya i had to sign a two year contract with him dad: so amazing larry is going to be staying with us for a while magician: this is our home now son: yeah voiceover: birthday magicians don't have long term contracts the internet should be like birthday magicians get clear unlimited 4g take it with you internet with no long term contracts and no data limits plans start at $34.99 a month call or go online today clear the way the internet should be
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♪ who sings this? >> who sings that, guys? >> we don't know. >> katy perry. i knew that. >> how department i know that was katy perry. a look back at the week that was. we're getting old. from commander and chief obama writing an excuse for that little boy who missed class -- >> soto the celebration of britain's queen elizabeth and her 60 years on the throne, here our friday rewind. >> you've been here all night?
3:20 am
>> yes in the pouring rain. >> why? >> for our queen. >> she's always been a constant. she's so reliable, dependable, and i think it's -- people love her for that. >> the only sad thing about this evening is that my father couldn't be here with us. but, ladies and gentlemen, if we shout loud enough, he might just hear us in hospital. >> the defendant's wife lied to this court. she stated she had no money when in fact, the records show she did. >> if one of the things he says, believe me, i don't lie, boom, this is going to come up. more and more companies will recognize that childhood obesity is a huge and growing problem. and that companies will step up and join the effort. >> tonight we tell wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. hey.
3:21 am
i just met you. and this is crazy. but here's my number. so call me baby. it's hard to look right at you, babe. but here's my number, so call me baby. >> do what was necessary to prevent a financial collapse again, to put a floor under the recession and began to create jobs again. >> made it harder for our economy to come back. and to put people to work. >> let me write you an excuse note. what's your teacher's name? i say mr. ackerman. then he writes, mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler. he was with me, barack obamobam the president. last time i did an mtv awards show, i did end up marrying someone that was there. so tonight i'm going to keep my eyes peeled for my next wife. >> and next divorce. >> give him a break. >> good stuff coming up next couple of days as well. the stanley cup final game five,
3:22 am
nba game seven. >> tony awards coming up. and world naked bike ride day. >> how fun. follow the wings.
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call or log onto right now! ♪ i like to move it move it ♪ ♪ i like to -- move it that's different insomniac theater music. >> i like it. if you've seen "madagascar." there's something in it for all -- all these animated movies, there's something in it for all of us adults. >> so it's time for friday edition of "insomniac theater" which brings the third installment of "madagascar," europe's most wanted. >> and another film with big expectations. prometheus which is packed with aliens and big ideas as well. but first, paula, all those crazy cartine characters this weekend. >> so this is "madagascar 3." seven years after these
3:26 am
characters escaped from the central park zoo, they are still trying to get home. they wind up in europe where they are kind of posing with the circus which they reinvent madagascar style. so take a look. >> got your game face on. yeah. good game face. what is that cat's problem? mean russian cat. >> hey, look. i'm doing it. >> guys, stop fooling around. >> we're just having a little fun. >> let's let these animals do their show. >> tah-dah! ♪ ♪ circus afro circus ♪ polka dot, polka dot afro ♪ >> afro circus. >> chris rock, sacha baron cohen, martin short, jada pinkett smith. "madagascar 3" according it to the new york daily news, the animals are caught in a visit to
3:27 am
sequel land. but the kids are going to like it. and we're going to take our kids -- i'm going to take my kids to see it this weekend. i want to enjoy popcorn at least. i had a very similar movie, prometheus. it comes from famed director riddley scott of "alien" and "bladerunner" fame. this has shades of alien and reminiscent of the sigourney weaver days way back when. great use of 3d the critics are saying. these two romantically involved archaeologists have made a stunning discovery of a pictogram that shows humans worshiping an enormous figure and there's -- kind of gets back to the whole origin of the human race. they want to seek out these aliens that could give the clues to life here. take a listen. >> let's say we find these beings down there, you won't engage them. you won't talk to them. we'll do nothing but report back to me. >> is there an agenda that
3:28 am
you're not telling us about? >> when you are paid a trillion dollars to find this
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- hard hits. >> those hits now at the center of a massive consolidated lawsuit against the nfl. it's been filed by thousands of former players who say the league actually hid information about head trauma. it's friday, june 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. we're finally to the weekend. >> end of the week it is. i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. this is a very big deal and could result in a very expensive case for the national football league. it is probably the marquee sports franchise in the world, and plenty of its former
3:31 am
employees are upset. >> also this half hour, president obama and mitt romney, they are taking plenty of swipes. but both men are really concentrating more on raising campaign cash. some surprising numbers this morning about who came out ahead last month. >> some describing the president's fund-raising clip right now to be unprecedented for an incumbent in terms of the amount of time. not the money. the amount of time he's spending fund-raising. it's really all he's been doing lately is fund-raising, too. some interesting numbers all the way around. plus, if you watch abc news, you know our nick schifrin has been all over afghanistan and pakistan as well. well, this morning, though, he takes on a new challenge confronting his own fear of bees. look at that. nick trading his bulletproof vest for a beekeepers suit. don't miss that story. >> if you are afraid of bees, what are you, a bee phobe? >> something. i'll google that. probably something i can't pronounce. some housewife drama. you've seen her flipping tables.
3:32 am
that's just about what she got up to during a visit with our friends at "the view." hang on tight to the airchgor desk, okay? >> teresa giudice, she's such a lady. first to that historic lawsuit against the nfl. those thousands of players, former players, claim the league kept them in the dark about the danger of repeated blows to the head. >> and even worse, the players say the nfl glorified the violence that left them with permanent brain injuries. abc's chris cuomo has the story. >> reporter: the signature of professional football, violent contact, is now the basis for the biggest court fight in the history of sport. the nfl has been sacked in a lawsuit by over 2,000 former players and their families. the charge? the league knew and deliberately hid the dangers of head trauma to players. jim mcmahon led the chicago bears to super bowl victory. he's now one of the players suing the league and spoke to espn. >> we knew there was going to be a chance for injury, but we didn't know about the head trauma. and they did.
3:33 am
and that's the whole reason for this lawsuit. >> reporter: the hits that excite audiences and are arguably promoted by the league as a calling card for the game have been found by espn sports science to be the force equivalent of a sledgehammer blow to the head. one study found the average player takes 900 to 1,500 head shots a season. >> multiple hits to the head, multiple concussions can and we know does potentially cause long-term side effects that is irreversible. >> reporter: the concern is that recent suicides of some of the sport's biggest stars like junior seau, dave duerson and ray easterling may be related to head trauma suffered during their playing years. the players claim no one knows the science and destructive plays better than the nfl. included in the complaint is the charge from 1994 to 2007 the league had its own committee to supposedly study the issue. but instead generated false findings about head trauma. the committee found, quote, returning to play after a
3:34 am
concussion does not involve significant risk of a second injury either in the same game or during the season. >> breaks your heart, man. a guy that you've known for years and years that he can't recognize you or doesn't know -- have any idea who you are or who anybody else is. that's tough to deal with. >> reporter: the question is, will this lawsuit change the game of football? two considerations -- first, the committee the league put together didn't even have brain experts on it, so it doesn't seem there's enough information to move on yet. the even bigger consideration is how do you change the game of football without changing the reason that everybody loves to watch it? chris cuomo, abc news, new york. >> in fairness to the nfl, the last couple of years, the concussion protocol is much different. a player is not allowed back on the field. they are cracking down on helmet to helmet hits. we've seen suspensions and fines for that sort of thing. but it is somewhat disturbing, and it is our facebook question. how can you change the game without, you know, without
3:35 am
sacrificing the integrity of the sport? >> make it safer but still keep the parts, as chris said, that everyone loves. this is a tough season for the nfl come september. not only on the heels of the suicide of junior seau, the bounty scandal with the new orleans saints, this lawsuit and possible work action by the referees union. this is shaping up to be a very different kind of nfl season. a lot of other off-the-field drama. >> i covered this story a couple of weeks ago on "nightline." the game is changing at the youth levels. and 70% of nfl players began playing at pop warner. pop warner beginning in june will change the way that they play the game. they're going to take the head out of it. they'll not lead with the head. they'll lead with the chest and shoulders. potentially talking about a different stance than the three-point stance so you can't actually start running and charging. >> just something to keep in mind. we're all rooting on those hard hits on a sunday afternoon. keep in mind what those guys are doing to their bodies. >> they're gladiators. >> adds another -- something
3:36 am
else to keep in mind on your sunday afternoons as we cheer these guys on. we're going to shift gears now. a good news/bad news story for parents of young adults. a new government study finds that more kids are smoking pot than cigarettes. the cdc reports 23% of high school students said they recently smoked marijuana while 18% said they'd had a cigarette. one experts say the kids see pot as less dangerous than tobacco. >> shows you how readily available it has become. next to the campaign trail where the race for the white house is a marathon of fund-raisers. mitt romney's campaign just announced that he outearned the president in may. >> that's big money. >> now that success has the democrats stepping up their game as well. abc's karen travers has more on this. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney kept up their attacks. >> now is not the time to double interest rates on your student loans. now is the time to double down on the middle class. >> it's painfully obvious this inexperienced president with no experience as a leader was
3:37 am
simply not up to the task of solving a great economic crisis. >> reporter: these days, campaign rallies seem to be taking a back seat. the president and romney are all about the money. they've been criss-crossing the nation shoring up their campaign war chests. all that schmoozing with donors paying off for romney. last month he raised with the republican party a combined total of $76.8 million. the president and the democrats raised $60 million. mr. obama may have pulled in less than a haul than romney last month, but it's certainly not for a lack of trying. the president shattering records for fund-raising events. he's held more than 150 so far as president. that's nearly double the number former president george w. bush attended during his whole first term. the president's getting some help on the campaign trail this week from a fired up first lady. mrs. obama rallied supporters in battleground virginia.
3:38 am
>> we simply cannot afford to turn back now. >> reporter: romney was asked what he thought his chances were to win in november. >> a long way to go. >> reporter: the obama campaign e-mailed its supporters highlighting romney's massive fund-raising haul. the message was clear. it's time to start writing some checks. karen travers, abc news, washington. there could be a los angeles connection to the man now suspected of killing and dismembering his lover in canada. authorities in l.a. are trying to figure out if luke magnotta was responsible for a decapitation murder earlier this year. the victim's body, if you remember, was found under that iconic hollywood sign in january. posts to facebook indicate he was in los angeles and was offering massages at that time, rob. a puzzling triple homicide here in new york city. three men were found shot to death inside of a brand new bmw parked just a few blocks from columbia university. someone walking by saw the bodies slumped in the car and then flagged down a passing
3:39 am
police officer. no one had reported hearing any gunfire, though. the victims were in their 20s and were not believed to be connected to the university. >> this story will rip your heart out. police in san francisco were on the hunt for a heartless thief who turned a special dream into a nightmare. >> this is just crazy here. christopher's custom bike was stolen from a church porch just before he was scheduled to ride it on a cross-country trip. he's a special olympian who powers the $10,000 bike with his hands. he was riding to raise awareness about the cancer that took both of his legs. >> with no bike, he now plans to ride his wheelchair through the city instead. why would somebody ever do that? >> borrow a phrase from one of our former anchors. special place in hell for certain folks. i can't believe someone would do that. i have a feeling that story gets out there he'll raise the money and get a new one in days. people see that stuff. their heart bleeds. they'll take care of him.
3:40 am
>> there can be gold in the garbage, right? here's your friday forecast. afternoon thunderstorms could turn severe from northern new england to albany, new york. and i borrowed that phrase from my pastor, by the way. showers and thunderstorms from tallahassee to dallas. hail, high winds and a chance of tornadoes in northern minnesota, wisconsin and michigan. >> a warm day for most of the country. 80s from salt lake city all the way to new york. 90s in miami and albuquerque. phoenix still the hot spot at 102. feeding time was a little out of the ordinary for some fish lovers in seattle. >> the grizzly bears at the woodland park zoo were treated to a special salmon toss. fish retailers from a local market actually got into the pen with the 800-pound bears to do all that tossing. lucky for them, the bears really, really like fish instead of dudes. >> no thank you. >> braver than i am. >> really good sushi, isn't it? >> it's fresh. it's raw. coming up, a "world news now" debut.
3:41 am
stay tuned. >> and a story we've been buzzing about since arriving in the studio here. you know what that story is going to be about. stay with us, everybody. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. medicare card, ot my i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit...
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online this week, there were plenty of sports fans looking for news and stats on the nba playoffs. >> search engines were also burning up as people wanted more details about the queen's diamond jubilee. for all the details, we're joined by yahoo!'s melissa knowles, host of "trending now." good morning to you, melissa. >> thanks, guys. good morning. with the queen's 60-year diamond jubilee in full swing, it's no wonder that searches on yahoo! had a distinctive royal flare.
3:45 am
searches for prince philip were up 6,700% after he missed out on the festivities due to a bladder infection. the queen was not the only one people wanted to know about. the ever popular kate middleton had three times more look-ups than the queen herself. london took center stage as searches for everything from weather to its famous tower spiked. across the pond, yahoo! was also buzzing about the wisconsin recall election. searches for scott walker were up more than 400%. and so was the all-important question, did scott walker win? and a bit of a prediction of walker's victory. in the past month, walker's name has been searched five times as much as his opponent tom barrett. the news may not be all good for the republican governor. his name has been linked to search terms like love child, investigation and indictment. it's summer movie time. no shortage of hot trailers out there. searches are focused on finding trailers for "iron man 3," "snow white" and "the dark knight rises." film lovers plan out the time they'll spend in front of the big screen.
3:46 am
from must-see movies to got to listen to music, it's hard to predict what song is going to define our summer. searches might lead the way. finding lyrics for songs like "wish you were here," "boyfriend" and "a song for mama" are rising. the top artists being searched for are jessica sanchez, kristina aguilera, katy perry and justin bieber who seems to dominate searches with queries about his love interest, merchandise and show tickets. like the biebs, the nba playoffs are a hot search term as the four semifinal teams battle towards the finals. all eyes are on the miami heat, although the team only beats the rival celtics in search by 2 percentage points. these two teams are also the clear favorites as they get 58% more searches than the thunder/spurs matchup. as for the players, yahoo! searches love rajon rondo. after his tremendous playoff performances. that's all for this week. have a great weekend, y'all. >> she said y'all. i like that. >> sweet girl. >> welcome aboard, melissa. when we come back, the
3:47 am
friday "skinny." >> jewel channeling her inner reese witherspoon perhaps? we'll explain what that means next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ welcome back, everybody. apparently on tuesday, "the view" had some special guests on the show to tape an episode that will air today. they had "the real housewives of new jersey" on. teresa giudice, melissa gorga and her cousin kathy. they were all there. but apparently there was a lot of drama, shockingly, behind the scenes here. they had -- "the view" had to change their plans. teresa refused to appear with melissa. after a lot of conversations, it was decided teresa would sit down by herself and then they'd do a separate interview with the other two ladies. apparently teresa got there, got out of her car, went straight to her dressing room. they all had separate dressings rooms. after the interview she left right away. when barbara walters had a chance to sit down with teresa, she said why did you refuse to appear with your sister-in-law and cousin. she said she didn't feel like she should do so in front of an
3:50 am
audience. and barbara walters said you do everything in front of a camera. what's the deal? that episode of "the view" airs today. a lot of behind the scenes drama going on when they taped it on tuesday. teresa, a class act, as always. >> too much drama. >> who has a functional family? >> i'll go to my grave never watching "jersey shore" or "real housewives." >> i like them both. i'm not going to lie. my home state. remember not long ago reese witherspoon won an oscar for her role in "walk the line." she played johnny cash's wife, june carter cash. now jewel will get a crack at it. she'll play june carter in an upcoming lifetime movie based on the book "anchored in love." >> and that's jewel on the left. and that is june on the right. >> that is june on the right. apparently she tweeted a photo of herself. almost looked unrecognizable. long, curly dark hair. i'm anxious to see how jewel does. singer and actress. >> movie coming to lifetime. also we want to extend our thoughts and prayers to the family of bob welch. the former guitarist of
3:51 am
fleetwood mac. hugely successful band. apparently committed suicide sadly on thursday at 66 years old at his home in nashville. his body was found by his wife. a single gunshot wound to the chest. he had some health problems. still not clear what those problems were, though. was with fleetwood mac and then went on to a successful solo career. actually he's the second member of fleetwood mac to die this year. back in january, bob weston died at the age of 64 from an intestinal hemorrhage. thoughts and prayers to the family and to members of the band. >> no one knows their child better than the mother themselves. cissy houston, whitney's mother is going to write a memoir. she's already signed on with harper collins and she said she wants to reveal the unabridged, unbelievable story of her daughter scheduled to come out next february. and a portion of the proceeds will go to new hope baptist church in newark where she got her start singing in the church choir. >> should be a painful but therapeutic process. should be interesting.
3:52 am
and let's end on a happy note on this friday because tom brady and his wife model gisele bundchen are reportedly expecting their second child. what an ugly kid it will be. >> oh, no! [ female announcer ] foamtastic news!
3:53 am
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♪ this next story is getting a lot of buzz. it's all about bees. bees that have gone wild. >> that's right. i've got something sticky for you. these pesky bees just won't buzz off. check out nick schifrin's story right here. >> reporter: in texas, beekeepers had to break through brick to rescue a house invaded by 750,000 bees. the home was so infested, jocelyn rubens ran for cover. >> they already came through the sheetrock. now it's real bad. it's in the dining room area. >> reporter: but despite the buzz kill of bees behaving badly, there's an exploding trend of people choosing to
3:56 am
raise their own bees. and that's where andrew coty comes in. >> call me if you have a bee problem. >> reporter: he's a beekeeper who works with the new york police to respond to bee emergencies that often occur when those hobbyists lose control. bees can take over cars, lampposts and trees. >> beekeeping is a great hobby. it's relaxing. it's calming. >> reporter: relaxing? calming? he might be crazy to you but he's never been busier. he took me to his newest hive, the top of the luxury hotel waldorf astoria. >> now is not probably the best time to admit i'm scared of bees. >> he wanted to show me that beekeeping is a science. you have to give bees water, check hives for disease. otherwise, they may choose to visit your neighbor. >> happy bees stay home? >> happy bees stay home. >> reporter: if you are surrounded by bees and a bit scared like i was, you should try to stay calm. watch this. i'm calm. and the bees ignore me. it's amazing that i've got 1,000 bees in my hands.
3:57 am
actually, they could care less. here's another tip. don't talk too much around bees because they target your carbon dioxide, as my nose found out the hard way. so i've just been stung on my nose. it's not very comfortable. it's like a war wound, huh? apparently i have a war wound from this story. ouch. nick schifrin, abc news, new york. >> my comrade nick schifrin. i feel your pain, man. a couple of months ago, i was doing a story for "nightline." i met that same guy, andrew, the beekeeper. it is a wild experience to be that close to thousands of bees like that. >> that is a great look for you. >> high fashion there in new york. this guy is like, oh, whatever. just going to play with my bees. i was a nervous wreck. i feel your pain. >> you didn't get stung. >> i did not. did not. that's why i feel bad for nick. everything was okay. >> keep that intact. >> more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
"world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am
so, are you all right, man? ♪ lean on me, thanks. ♪ when you're not strong, and i'll be your friend. ♪


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