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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 8, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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you're waking up to what's new in maryland. we'll be right back.
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from texting to making a call, sometimes the biggest dangers on the road arin' the ones inside the car. on thursday the government laid out its plan to combat distracted driving. they want the 11 states without distracted driving laws to create them and create a bigger push for car makers to cut down on dash distractions. >> americans have gotten into very dangerous behavior with their cell phones and their texting devices to think they can use them behind the wheel of a car and drive safely. >> a recent government study shows that in 2010 one in 10 traffic deaths caused by distracted driving. speaking of phones, sprint is offering a new way for you to have an iphone without having to sign a very long contract. you see, the company says it's going to offer the iphone with a prepaid monthly plan on a divergent mobile unit, so you can get an iphone 4 or iphone
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4s and pay as little as $30 per month. the more you use the phone, the more it's going to cost you. version says there won't be any activation, roaming fees or a contract. the offer starts, by the way, on june 29th. from the roads to the air, if you enjoy a view of the friendly skies while you're flying, get ready to pay up. a number of airlines now charging extra for passengers to reserve a window or an aisle seat. nobody likes being in that middle seat. they cost as much as $29 each way for domestic flights, $59 on international flights as well. the nation's disease detectives right now are hunting for the cause of mysterious and deadly new outbreak of e. coli. health officials say it is an especially dangerous strain. so far these viruses have been detected across states such as georgia, florida, alabama and louisiana. the most heartbreaking case in new orleans, a baby girl, just 21 months old dying from this disease. not all strains of e. coli are
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dangerous, however, this one, they say it is. testing for this particular strain of e. coli began just about three days ago. also making news this morning, the "new york times" reporting scientific evidence that shows that the morning after pill does not work the way many people think that it does. scientists say that this pill just delays ovulation, however, labels on the pills say that it blocks fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman's uterus. news around the world this morning, eight russian firefighters died while trying to put out a massive forest fire. authorities say that some of the change was caused because they were trapped. the firemen. six others managed to escape the burning forest. right now there are 14 wildfires in southern russian. in peru, rescuers are searching for a helicopter that disappeared. authorities say 14 people were on board. the chopper disappeared on wednesday in a remote
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mountainous area. harsh weather conditions complicating the search effort this morning. large biting spiders are becoming a big problem in northeast india. this is so gross. health officials there worry that the primitive treatments being used are just as dangerous. two people have died after doctors used razor blades to drain the wounds. it's not known right now whether the victims died from the spider poison or the attempt to treat those spider bites in the first place. time now to start the 5:00 hour. >>reporter: one week after tornadoes hit our area cleanup continues. i'm linda stow live at the falston pharmacy this morning. we'll show you the recovery efforts being done here. >>reporter: and this truck a total loss here in falston, so much damage. the cleanup continues one week after our round of severe weather. police need your help this morning to find a suspect who is stealing prescription drugs from pharmacies across the
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city. good friday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle alongside lauren cook and lynette charles. obviously, charley and linda out live today covering the one week ago since we saw those tornadoes. we'll talk about the weather as well as traffic news. a lot of people want to know what's going on today. >> exactly. what's going on today, megan, it's gorgeous out there. we're not dealing with any type of tornadic weather, no severe weather, not even any rain across the area. so it's going to make what we had basically last week, not going to be dealing with any of that for today. so we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we can see that we are basically nice and dry right now. we do have all five sweeps on. today is going to be a day that you really just want to get out there and just bask in the sunshine and just enjoy it and really live it up. for the people who do have some cleanup to do, this definitely will be a good time to do that. we are also looking at temperatures on the cool side in a lot of spots this morning. but then we're looking at milder temperatures too, especially around the inner harbor. 64 degrees there. 62 in annapolis. and the cooler spot in
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cambridge coming in right around 55 degrees, 51 in york and 55 in hagerstown, but we're also dealing with reduced visibility in some spots. so if your travels are taking you to virginia this morning, you will be looking at only about five miles of reduced visibility. last time i showed you that, it was one. it has come up a bit this. will be up and down as we go throughout the morning and finally it will scour out. let's get a check of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we were talking about accidents a little earlier, but things calming down a bit. >>reporter: not just yet, lynette. we do have a new crash to tell but in fredrick county, right along the westbound lanes of interstate 70 there at east patrick street. if you are traveling the jfx, no problems getting into the city. an 11-minute ride from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. everything also up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel and the harbor tunnel. and as we travel up 95 in the white marsh area, here's a live look at route 43. everything up to speed. just a four-minute ride all the way down towards the beltway. once you do get onto the
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beltway, here's a live look at hartford road. a nice easy right up towards 83. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan, over to you. >> lauren, thanks. this morning across parts of maryland cleanup is on following last week's 12 tornadoes that hit our area very hard, one of the hardest hit locations hartford county in the town of falston. we have team coverage this morning beginning with linda stow. linda, what's going on this morning? >>reporter: megan, we're live here at the falston pharmacy right on route 1. this building made up of medical offices was damaged in the tornado. and you can see tarps still cover the roof and parts of the building have not been able to reopen for business. the problem they're having here is when the tornado hit, it damaged the roof, the rain came down and soaked the insulation. so subcontractors have been brought in to pull that insulation out. the problem is all that rain from the severe weather. it soaked it, causing part of thceiling to fall, so they're
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working to remove all that, to prevent the walls from collapsing even more. >> it's been pretty rough. we've been clearing out this here attic of all the insulation that got wet from when the tornado came through, tore up this roof and it rained so hard in there, all that insulation got wet, causing the ceilings in there to start falling in. >>reporter: now coming up at 5:30, we'll be joined by the executive director of fema. he'll be here to talk to us about storm cleanup and how prepared maryland is to respond to this if something like this would happen again. charley is at bippers repair shop where things were heavily damaged during the tornado as well. charley. >>reporter: linda, thank you. this is the scene, a lot of cars, a lot of damage after last week's rash of storms. a dozen now confirmed tornadoes as a result of what you're seeing here in falston, busted out windows, many cars a complete loss. a lot of businesses have a lot of work to do not only in
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repairing what they can, but in cleaning up this mess. we met with jim heath here yesterday at bipper's automotive. they're going to be in charge of fixing what cars they can, but first they've got to get their shop up and running again. in the past things have been more than difficult on this auto repair shop as it has for a number of the businesses in what's being dubbed ground zero as a result of last week's f-1 tornado. let's listen to jim. >> it's been a pain in the ass, actually. we've been basically closed down for a couple of days, we were cleaning up. as you can see, we got cars over there, it's got a lot of damage done to it. we're basically just trying to clean up the parking lot. >>reporter: how long were you guys closed up? >> a couple days. >>reporter: you guys are back open? >> yeah, but we're not at full swing yet. >>reporter: what he means by full swing, they've got three bays at bipper's where they're working on cars. only one is working right now. this dodge you're looking at is
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a total loss. they do emphasize they are open for business as are a lot of the businesses up and down this row, everyone except, of course, keith matthews, he is still in recovery this morning, been moved to a rehab facility. we'll have more coming up at 4:30, how ku help out the matthews family. again, he is doing well. we talk today his fiancee last night, doing well, recovering in rehab. how you can help coming up at 5:30. for now, we are live in falston one week after a rash of tornadoes throughout much of maryland. let's go back to the studios with megan. >> thanks, charley. if you want to take a look at all of our storm coverage to see the cleanup efforts, head to our website, when you get there, click on the weather tab. news time right now six minutes after 5:00. police are looking for a suspect in mount vernon who was holding up pharmacies, stealing prescription drugs. the latest one happened on monday here in the 100 block of west reid street. that suspect walked in, showed a gun and then demanded drugs. he's now hit quite a few pharmacies in the area. if you have any information,
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police would like to hear from you. police were helped this morning a convenience store worker who was taking cash to the bank accidentally left the money in a bag on top of his car and then drove off. this happened around 5:45 yesterday morning near i-97 and route 100. now, that money is in a red bank bag. it's marked 7-11. if you know anything, please call police. his team didn't make the playoffs, so one nba player decided he was going to give another career a try. we're going to take a look at how he weathered the storm and see if he stands up next to our very own meteorologist. also ahead this morning, a man dressed as a chicken is drawing attention to one business, but it's not what he was wearing that's getting so much publicity this morning. and we will stay mainly dry for today. but we do see some showers and thunderstorms around the nation. i'll tell you when they begin to move our direction coming up. everything is up to speed here on 95 just north of the beltway, but we are dealing
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with a crash on interstate 70. i'll have all the details coming up in my abc 2 time saver traffic report. g
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right now it looks like it's 16 degrees and it looks like a cool place with lots of dirt bikes so hopefully i can get over there one day. >> what? don't quit your day job. los angeles lakers basketball player met world peace also known as ron artest took his weather from the back board. he took on the role of nba weather specialist on ctv's wednesday night broadcast. lynette, i want your thoughts on this. >> i'm shaking my head, megan. >> give me a break. >> exactly. do what you do best. leave it to the professionals. 56 degrees in baltimore right now and 56 in glenn el. these temperatures a little bit coolish this morning, but we've been dealing with the cool weather all week long. but we will warm up nicely as we go into the afternoon.
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winds right now on the calm side. they'll pick up a little bit more as we go throughout the day out of the northwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. but this is what we're looking at right now, the satellite and radar picking up on na-da, plenty of clear skies and lots of sunshine by this morning and that will linger through the weekend. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren. >>reporter: we do have trouble in fredrick. we are dealing with an accident on the westbound lanes of interstate 70 at east patrick street. if you are using the tunnels, though, this morning, no delays to talk about. the fort mchenry tunnel and the harvard tunnel will be nice and clear. and as for 83, here's what it looks like in northern baltimore county right in hunt valley at shan road, everything up to speed. it will be a very, very calm drive making your way down towards the beltway and it will remain clear as you get onto the jfx. that is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. megan, over to you. why more than 3,000 people could be getting a refund for their supposed violations.
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and a touching story of two brave little girls who made it their mission to stop bullying. that story straight ahead.
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thanks for joining us on this friday morning. good news for drivers who received speed camera tickets on wabash avenue at the beginning of the year. you could actually be getting a refund. officials from the baltimore city department of transportation say more than 3,000 people are affected and the city says that there was a processing error where the wrong address was listed for one of the cameras on wabash avenue. the citations are from violations for what happened between last december and this april. the city is now working with a vendor to fix the problem. time now for a check on your roadways and your commute in. here's lauren cook. lauren, how's it looking out there? >>reporter: well, megan, we are dealing with a serious crash in fredrick that has shut down the westbound lanes of interstate 70. that's right at east patrick street. you will want to stick with fredrick road as your alternate route this morning. closer to baltimore, the beltway in great shape as we check in and take a live look here at the northwest side at old court road.
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everything will be up to speed. no delays to talk about. just an 11-minute ride on that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. here's what it looks like in parkville at hartford road. no problems to report. it will be very calm as you make the drive up towards 83. once you do get onto the jfx, just an 11-minute ride from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. everything will remain up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel and the harvard tunnel. that is look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. now over to lynette charles for a look at the forecast. good morning, lynette. >> good morning, lauren. it is going to be a lovely day. this morning temperatures a little bit below average in baltimore, coming in at 55, we should be at 59 for this time of the year. but we're looking at 54 in roanoke. if you're traveling today, it is friday, maybe you're going on vacation, if you're heading maybe down to the south, we're looking at 60s there in cape hatteras, right around 61 in charlotte and 63 in charleston or maybe your travels are taking you to atlanta where we're looking at 66 degrees. the satellite and radar not picking up on anything this
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morning. clear skies. we did have a few thunderstorms pop up yesterday afternoon. yes. those were a little bit on the frisky side, but nothing severe. we won't be seeing any type of severe weather today or as we head through the weekend. the reason why, high pressure is going to do its thing. it will really build in. remember i showed you this yesterday. it was further back towards the west. it's making its move and with that it is going to keep us on the dry side as we head through the rest of today, and that trend is going to continue even as we head into the weekend. so as you have your plans on saturday, that outside cookout, we're looking good. that will continue even as we go into sunday. head to the pool because those temperatures are going to be heating up. today 86 degrees, plenty of sunshine, warming up. 86 degrees, that's a little bit above. we should be at 81 degrees now. but we'll take it, no complaints, right? 60 degrees for the nighttime. it won't be as cool. mostly clear skies. and by tomorrow that temperature coming in right around 89 degrees, but don't let this fool you, a lot of spots will hit 90. it's going to be a hot day on
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tap for us. let's send it back to megan. >> lynette, thanks so much abc 2 news is working for you this morning to stop bullying. this morning we're telling you a story about a little girl -- or i should say a young girl and it involves her, she's right over the state line from maryland in west virginia, getting the word out about a bullying walk that's happening tonight. lexi openshaw joins us live from west virginia this morning via skype. lexi, good morning. what are you doing up so early? >> [ indiscernable ] >> we appreciate you getting up early. tell us a little bit about this event that's happening tonight. >> well, for the walk i just wa our main goal is to create hope, healing and awareness. i want to give the families a way there is a way to stop it and let them know there are plenty of people out in the community who are willing to help them with it. i also want to let them know that they can heal by knowing they're not alone and they can
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speak about their bullying to anyone that is looking to help them and they can start to heal themselves. i just really want to raise awareness of what bullying is and how often it happens and just ways to make it stop. >> how did you get involve inside this? >> well, we have to choose a platform for our pageant and mine is stop teen cyber bullying. i really feel passionate about it and bullying in general because in the last -- in one year my brother and i were both bullied. he was bullied really bad, and then i was cyber bullied, and i really feel passionate about it because so many other kids my age are bullied and i just know it really needs to stop. >> we see such sad consequences when kids are bullied, especially cyber bullying. how did you and your brother deal with that? >> well, we went to my parents, and they really helped us with it, and that's what i think most kids don't do, but it's really important to go to your parents because in the end
5:21 am
they're really the main support. >> well, i think it's great what you're doing. you're obviously young but leading the charge in this bullying walk. in case anybody can make it over to west virginia tonight, can you give us all the information where it's happening and what time? >> it will be happening at st. agnes church in shepherdstown. the walk is two miles long. it's free and we really encourage a lot of people to come out to find out about bullying. >> lexi, thanks for getting up so early with us this morning. we'll check in with you later on. >> okay. >> we'll put that information on as well. some teachers go above and beyond to help out their students, no doubt about it, and a fundraiser tonight is meant to help some very special students. more information on how you can get involved. and some might say that he got what he deserved. what happened to one burglar as he was attempting to steal from a restaurant.
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thanks for joining us. it's 5:24. thousands of teachers across
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the state go to work every single day, and they educate young people in the classroom, but there are a special few that go above and beyond what's expected to really help out a child. and teachers and staff at woodside elementary school are hosting a fundraising event to help students' families that have fallen on hard times. abc 2 news education reporter sharree johnson shows us how this fundraiser is making a difference. >>reporter: teachers in the pta here at woodside elementary school in glen burnie are working on a fundraiser how big is your heart. the money helps woodside families experiencing financial hardships. darlene landreax takes care of four granddaughters with their mother incarcerated. she lost her home and right now she's staying with family members. >> it's been rough. we got put out, we traveled back and forth to d.c. and i bring the kids to school, the food and just a lot.
5:26 am
>>reporter: how big is your heart will help land row and six other families. woodside elementary school is a title one school which means about 54% of its students qualify for free lunch and 10% qualify for reduced lunch. we became aware of the families that were homeless, who have shelter and some who do not, and it really struck a chord with our staff and with me personally. i had problems sleeping, so i decided i needed to do something about it. >> landreaux is great for the support. >> the school has to survive. -- the school helped us survive. they gave us food and looking for a house for me and the kids to stay in too and i really appreciate it. >>reporter: this fundraiser not only helps families, but it also shows students how important it is to help others. sharee johnson, abc 2 news. >> how big is your heart fundraiser will be held tonight. the information is on your screen.
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it starts at 6:00, ends at 9:00. it's at mothers on south charles street. that's in federal hill. the cost is $10 per person and if you want more information or you want to read more about this program, head to our website, it's when you get there, click on the education tab. if you're married, you might know this already, getting married can be quite expensive. but just how expensive the average cost of a wedding and how many people can you invite. lauren cook, this story is for you. we have details on the price of a wedding. a warning this morning about teething gel. what parents need to know to keep their kids safe. and we're going to see lots of sunshine today, so you can keep that rain gear at home, but there's going to be something else you'll need to take with you. i'll have those details coming up. >>reporter: everything is up to speed here on 695 at 295. but a crash has shut down a portion of interstate 70. i'll have all the details coming up in my abc 2 time saver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland." good morning. topping america's money, the
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fed sits tide federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the central bank is ready to step in, but not yet. he told congress yesterday he expects the u.s. economy to continue its modest growth without any further help from the fed. we're not charging as many purchases, sharply reducing credit card debt. last month. that may be the result of unease about jobs. overall the fed says consumer debt did go up last month, but that's not because of a pig increase in auto and student loans. the average 30-year fixed mortgage is now 3 wurdz%, the lowest ever for long-term mortgages. while americans are complaining about high fees and taxes, canadaians think they're just fine. taxes and fees can be as much as four times high ner canada, so it's cheaper to drive across the border and catch a flight here in the u.s. that's america's money. i'm rob nelson.
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