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tv   News  ABC  June 11, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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you said warmish. >>ish. >>i think you should say it's hot. >> you know the wordish works so well. >> i am going say it was hot like megan. 94 is what we got yesterday. only if the clouds want to cooperate. so we will see if the cloud want to move in a little sooner then we are looking at temperatures that will stay in the upper 80s for today. but that's above average. speak of the temperatures, this is what we are contending with this morning. 70 right now in mount airy and 67 in edgewater. 72 in stevensville so the temperatures are above average. winds on the light side and they are variable. we will get a southerly flow going into afternoon at 5 to 10 miles an hour. and maryland's most powerful radar we have the five sweeps on not picking up on anything as of now but this will be changing. there's a possibility for a popup storm or shower as we go into afternoon. but more likely we will see more showers as we go into the overnighttime frame. here's reduced visibility so let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook. we have patchy fog and i know you've been talking about accidents what's going on right now. >> reporter: we are seeing relief as far as the accidents. a crash cleared from harford county in joppa on route 1 52 at clayton road. everything back to normal now in the area. if you are using 95 no delays from harford county to baltimore county. and everything will remain up to speed traveling through both the fort mchenry and haror tunnel many no delays on jfx downtown to east fayette street and looking live north of this scene, on the beltway, everything will be clear. no problems to talk about as you travel up towards or towards pikesville and checking in and looking at west side no delays at liberty road. everything nice and clear from 795 all the way down towards 95. we have a disabled car on route 295 to watch out for it's just right along the southbound lanes at the beltway. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic.
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now over to you. today the city council will take up a vote that could have you paying more when you buy drinks. abc2 news linda so is live at city hall to tell us about the proposed bottle tax increase. linda. >> reporter: if it passes you will pay -- [ no audio from station ] >> i apologize looks like we lost linda so and we will try to get her back as quickly as possible and keep youposted. police are searching for two masked men accused robbing a 7-eleven. last time the store was targeted they helped to capture the robbers. suspect came in and opened the registers and walked away with an undisclosed amount of money. who's going tonight next person in charge prof texting
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baltimore citych the searchunderway -- protecting baltimore city. the search is underway. day to day operations have been turned over. the deputy -- to the deputy commissioner. the mayor released the panel for the next chief including he had a educators and business leaders and those working at city hall. the chairman is attorney ken thompson. news ash the nation police are -- news around the nation, police are investigating a deadly shooting a gunman entered a home in and another person confronted the man and they exchanged gunfire. suspect and three others were killed. police believe the shooting could be gang related. the city of detroit could run out of money this week. the financial crisis is a result of a lawsuit challenging the consent agreement between city and state. the state has threatened to withhold millions of dollars in revenue sharing, the mayor says
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that city attorney res to drop the law -- refuses to drop the lawsuit. >> a huge crisis. you run out of money you are out of business. it's as simple as that. >> the mayor says he does not have the power to force the hand under new city charterch the mayor and city council have called a special meeting that is happening this morning at 8:00. the uss iowa docked at the permanent home. it's towed the last few miles into the port of los angeles. the 70-year-old battle ship made a temporary home sense arriving at port last week and will become a floating museum slated to open on july 7th. the iowa saw the battle during world war ii and the korean war. coming up this morning, it's a way to celebrate forme farmers and have fun at the same time. >> how a messy fight in columbia brings thousands to a fight and tons of fruit to one small town. dangerous stunt driving.
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what a driver was doing that upset so many other motorists on the road. >> and temperatures are warm this morning and they will soar from there. i will tell you how high the mercury will go. details coming up. >> reporter: traffic is nice and clear on 895 at o'donnell street. i will show you what the jfx and 95 look like coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. 3q
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now "good morning maryland." check this out it looks fun. 15 tons of ripped tomatoes and 20,000 people ready to have a good time two ingredient yoantsfor the tomato fight fest vast-- ingredients for the tomato fight festival. it recognizes the hard work of farmers. the mayor was inspired by a similar event that takes place in spain. this is the 6th year for that fight. an elephant camp in thailand attempted to attract visitors featuring the 2012 football tournament. they played the large football and did penalty kicks. look at this. oh. and he blocked it. that right there is good
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goaling. they had the national flag of the country participating. a young man who staged drive stunts has upset a lot of people. you can see from the video why the man controlled his car with his right hand while the feet were on the window frame. and the door frame. with the driver's door open the driver opened the door and hung from the car with only his right hand controlling the vehicle while driving. so the driver did this several times and upset many other drivers on the road. >> we can understand why. >> it would have upset me. >> a program turning vacant homes into valuable properties. >> stay with us. it seems to be bringing people back to the city. we will talk about the success of the program. >> and 24-year-old who needed a heart blogged about it and got one from an anonymous donor. the incredible story when we come back. >> a disabled car has been cleared from route 295 south at the beltway.
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back a manhunt continues for a 22-year-old gunman who shot and killed three people while wounding three others at a party near auburn university in alabama. sherrie johnson is here with the latest on the ongoing story. sherrie. >> reporter: local police and fbi are shooting for desmonte leonard. bullets hit 6 people two of the victims were former auburn football players and a current player eric mack was shot and is recovering at a local hospital. now former auburn players 20- year-old edward christian and 20-year-old ladarius fill rips killed. police say the suspect de. smonte leonard is from the areait happened at university
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heights apartment complex a large complex near the auburn university campus where many of the athletes live transport was a party happening near the pool shots range out and after a fight started over a woman. >> the only connection that auburn football team has with this is they are victims of a brutal shooting. sometimes the young men get a bad wrap i feel like but they are the victims today. >> reporter: leonard has been charged with multiple counts ofcapital murder and is considered armed and dangerous. he fled the apartment complex in a car that was later found abandoned in macon county. authorities are also looking for two other people of interest. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> an arrest has been made in the connection with the body found in early may behind windsor mills. kyle william was taken into custody. ants victim 18-year-old quintin
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. deckser was found shot to death by a woman walking her dog that morning. today a protest is planned to try to save a baltimore city rec center skees dsh -- scheduled to close. they will host a rally to save the parkview recreation center which is scheduled to close on wednesday. parkview is one of the city's recreation centers that will close to make room for more state of the art centers around the city. today the rally happens at 2610 francis street. and while rec centers are closing some places are being saved. dome in east baltimore will get a face lift and today there's a ceremony to celebrate. improvements include new paint and court and hoops and back boards foam pads and bleachers as well. nba legend muggsy bowings will be there along -- bogues will be there to help along with the mayor between to fix up
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basketball courts. a program being used here in baltimore is hoping to get people and businesses back into abandoned buildings. when's vacant because of the economic downturn. the city use millions in government funding to make it easier for homeowners anddevelopers to buy up the homes. joseph lives in the neighborhood that's undergag rehabilitation and he says he likes what hesees so far. >> we have pride coming back into the neighborhood and you have assets returning. peep are now paying taxes. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake would like to see boltsmore grow by 10,000 families -- baltimore grow by 10,000 families within the next decade. a man's journey for a heart has a happy ending. he spent half his life battling a rare disease and spent six months in the hospital waiting for a transplant and started to blog about his experience. he received a new heart thanks to an anonymous donor that was -- and was able to leave the
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hospital yesterday. >> to walk in with my own and leave with someone else who donated it to me to give me a second chance is just amazing. >> he received a hiewmg welcome home from his family and friends. he says his story shows the importance of becoming an organ donor. speak of an amazing heart story we are speccing to hear -- speaking of an amaying heart story we are expecting to hear from a man to transition from anartificial heart to a heart transplant. the 64-year-old nearly died a year ago from the severe heart failure situation and doctors at the university of maryland medical center performed the surgery in february. he has been going into rehab and has been able to go home at least he did at end of may. we will keep you posted on this story. >> look forward to hearing how that turns out. lynette, a lot of changes and if you think back over a 7- day span.
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>> 7 years? >> but weather changes over 7 years people. in 7 days, though, think about hop things have changed night been in-- about how much things have changed. >> it's incredible. >> we will see another hot and humid day. but then we have more change on the way if you don't like the warmish temperatures. sattelite and radar picking up on clouds that will begin to push in here and also we have showers back off towards the west there. it's courtesy of a disturbance the same one that dropped the rainfall across the south. across the panhandle of florida. so, they do have bad flooding across the area. but no flooding here. going out into bethesda where we are looking at a few high clouds trying to stream in here. but plenty of sunshine to be had. so get out and enjoy it this morning. more of the same in bel air as we look at live weather bug camera. people getting ready and heading to work and school and going to the destination. as they do so they are doing it under a nice sky. temperatures this morning are on the mild side warm side once
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again. 65 degrees in millersville and 62 in rockville. good morning westminster coming in at 65. and northeast at 67 galena 66 and rock hall at 66 as well as joppa. we have a little bit of a visibility issue this morning. in certain spots. patchy fog around so we have reduced visibility in baltimore about 9 miles and we like to get to the 10 we are seeing in dc and also easton. only 7 in york and 7 has been holding steady in york for a while and we are down back to 1 in culpepper. we were up to 2 but we will see the fluctuating as we go through the morning and it will burn off later in the morning hours. future trend picking up on the fact we have the chance for again some scattered showers to move in here but all this back off towards the west and south. this is that disturbance that's going to be moving in here going mainly into the overnight and it will linger as we head into tomorrow. and possibly as we go into wednesday. but then things will start to improve a bit. so let me show you what's going on for today. the hour by hour forecast with the temperature coming in right
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around 91 degrees. the cloud hold off check out great pictures for today. another beautiful rainbow sent in taken around catonsville. thanks for sending that in and you know what to do. send your pictures and include your name and a brief description. now over to lauren with a check of the traffic good morning. how are the roads. >> reporter: good morning 689 if you are using the -- good morning. if you are using the jfx11 minutes southbound from the beltway to downtown east fayette streets. checking in and looking at 895 at o'donnell street this is going to be a shot north of child street. not too many cars out there yet. this will all change. there's major construction plans for june 20th. crews will replace concrete decking. you will want to avoid 895 at that time. you will want to stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or key bridge as your alternate. look at the northeast corridor
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of 95, white marsh at route 43 everything up to speed a 4- minute trip from this point to 695. and once you get onto 695, here's parkville at harford road. everything up to speed. 11 minutes to travel from 95 towards 83 and we have a construction update on the charles street bridge overpass construction. we know that was removed and replaced with two traffic signals a new ram from northbound charles street reopened to get to the beltway as of 5 this morning. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> when you think of nasa you think of astronauts going into outer space you know the drill. don't go in the ocean. >> that's where a crew of aquanants will be today. we will explain why they are traveling to the depths of the atlantic ocean. >> and governor o'malley is spending his afternoon outdoors for a dedication that requires a fishing pole or bait. ♪
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios washington post is holding an event and marks the 40th anniversary of the watergate scandal involving former
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president richard nixon. carl bernstein and bob woodward first broke the story in 1972. mitt romney will make a joint appearance with newt gingrich in atlanta georgia. some reports say gingrich may officially endorse romney for president. he dropped out of the race early in may. instead of blasting off into space an international team of aquanants are heading to the bot off the ocean to simulate a asteroid. this is a extreme environment operation. kathleen is a billis is speaking at johns hopkins medical campus. she is a keynote speaker for a all day conference featuring on academic medicine. governor o'malley is did he kateing the gun powder soul south trail to bernie lefty crew. it's at 12:30 this afternoon at the gun powder falls south trail. father's day is coming up.
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this will be significant for you. >> yeah it will be one of my first. but, a great way to get a dad gift and doing it online. >> stay with us because beforeyou shop you might want to listen to tips about online shopping and how to do it safely and get your money's worth. >> and texas teen is walking thousands of miles from home to spread what he thinks is an important message. what he hopes to accomplish from the mission. >> and wait until you hear the lengths an oregon woman goes to -- oregon guess to to advice her boyfriend in his apartment complex. >> the heat is on a and so is the humidity. but there's relief on the way. details coming up. >> no delays to talk about here on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i will show you what the jfx and 59 look like coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. you are watching good morning maryland. g
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are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." opening statements begin in the trial of jerry sandusky, the former coach accused of poe lefting 10 boys. a look at what to expect today in the trial. important vote is set today at city hall. how it could affect how you're paying more for bottled drinks. >> ants search is on for the police commissioner in baltimore sit -- and the search is on for the next police commissioner baltimore city we will look at who's on the panel. >> down at the inner harbor on this monday june 11th. looks like it's going to


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