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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 12, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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here are today's contestants-- a bookseller from seattle, washington... a web developer originally from new york, new york... and our returning champion-- a writer from burbank, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! hi. thank you, johnny and ladies and gentlemen. well, now that the kids are out of school, we're hoping at "jeopardy!" that you folks are playing along as family units for these half-hours. aaron is our champion, as you just heard. eddie and kathy, welcome aboard. pick up the signaling devices. hopefully, you'll get to use them often in this first round of play, the jeopardy! round, and here are the categories...
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you're... and finally, we'll deal with... aaron, your choice. let's watch some fox tv for $200. what is "m.a.s.h."? tv for $400. what is "the x-files"? i'll take grime fighters for $200, please. what is johnson & johnson? tv for $600. what is "that '70s show"? tv, $800.
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what is "batman"? 20th century fox tv for $1,000. what is "the simpsons"? for $1,000. you're tied with aaron. abbreviations after your name for $200, please. what is bachelor of arts? grime fighters for $400. they're for your dishwasher. back to you, kathy. grime fighters, $600.
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what is bleach? grime fighters, $800. what is vinegar? grime fighters, $1,000. yay. (chuckles) how much of that $2,800 are you going to put at risk? oh, let's do $1,800. all right. here is the clue... what is formula 409? formula 409. yes. you've done some cleaning around your home, and it's paid off. let's try ambrose-ia for $200. what is first manassas? or bull run. ambrose-ia for $400.
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what is the radio? ambrose-ia, $600. and st. patrick-- march 17th, saint patrick's day. kathy, back to you. ambrose-ia, $800. what is "band of brothers"? and with that, you move up to an even $2,000, and you move us to our first commercial break. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] we have more than 3,000 daily flights
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sara lee one hundred percent whole wheat bread. with thirteen grams of whole grain in every slice, and delicious taste in every last bite. sara lee. so good, it's gone. although she is from seattle, washington, kathy wright should feel very much at home here in southern california, because i am told that
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i remind you and your father of himself, right? yes, um, especially when i was in college. people always told me that, um, my dad looked like someone famous, and that was you, um, but--but-- well, wait a minute. when you were in college, i had dark hair, bushy hair, a mustache. does he still have all of those things? no, i'm afraid not. he's now old and gray like me? no, he-- he looks just like you now still, but, uh, you were both rockin' that look back in the high roller time. that's it. i like that. yeah. it was awesome. "rockin' that look." good. yep. (chuckles) eddie nwah-bwa-koo. close enough. close-- well, then you say it. (chuckles) nwabuoko. nwabuoko. okay. good. you are a man after my own heart, because it says here that you went for a stretch of how long without making a telephone call? six years. why? well, uh, i was helping my dad. we were doing anthropological research in africa, central africa... ah. and, you know, it was really difficult
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to make phone calls, and it was very expensive, so i was like, well, forget it. yeah. we don't need it, do we? no, not at all. no. good for you. aaron cappocchi from burbank, california, is a writer, and invariably, writers who appear as contestants on "jeopardy!" are working on either a screenplay or the great american novel. with you, what is it? it's both of those. oh, hello. (chuckles) uh, same subject? no, different subjects. different subjects. any particular period? uh... uh, i'm writing a fantasy novel about a young boy who discovers his destiny. okay. good. well, good luck with that. thank you. and now we get back into the game, and you have command of the board, so you pick our next clue, please, aaron. let's do abbreviations for $600, please. what is master of social work? ambrose-ia, $1,000.
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who is ambrose bierce? shakespeare's women, $200. who is juliet? shakespeare's women, $400. who is lady macbeth? shakespeare's women, $600. who is desdemona? $800, shakespeare's women. who is kate? shakespeare's women for $1,000. and that shakespeare woman is miranda. back to you, kathy. you did well in that, uh, category. abbreviations after your name for $800.
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what is licensed practical nurse? abbreviations for $400. what is veterinary medicine? abbreviations for $1,000. what is a fellow of the royal society? for $1,000. going postal for $200, please. what is the grand canyon? postal for $600, please. what is everglades national park? postal for $400.
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what is... montana? no. kathy. what is washington? postal for $800. and the artist for that work was marc chagall. a very expensive piece of work. kathy. going postal for $1,000. what is g.e.? general electric. that takes you to $4,400. you have twice as much money as eddie. but kathy is the one who has the big lead. she has a total of $9,000. eddie goes first when we come back.
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time now for double jeopardy! and eddie gets to go first with these categories in play... ahh... "side" in quotation marks... not "dessert." eddie. apps for $400, please. what is kayak? apps for $1,200. what is a mixologist? drinks, $400.
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what is rum? apps for $800. what is paypal? drinks, $800. what is margaritaville? i need another drink for $1,200. okay. what is "tequila sunrise"? drinks, $1,600. what is vodka? you're gonna get the wrong idea about me. (laughter) drinks for $2,000. i got that a long time ago. (laughter) correct response-- "whiskey in the jar." kathy, you're glad you missed that one. yeah. (chuckles) go again. "side" dishes, $400.
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what is a sideshow? apps for $1,600. what is motley fool's? "side" dishes, $800. what is a sidearm? apps for $2,000. what is "plants vs. zombies"? for $2,000 more. "side" dishes for $1,200. and, aaron, kathy's in the lead, as you can see. she has almost twice as much money as you.
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i will wager $6,000. $6,000. all right. that'll put you very close if you are correct. here is the clue... what is "the far side"? that's it. yes, indeed, and you jump up to $14,400. let's have some more "side" dishes for $1,600. what is a sidebar? side for $2,000. what is "side by side"? "travel the road sharing our load, side by side," yes. mixed greens for $1,200.
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what is bowling green? mixed greens, $1,600. the green lacewing seen here gets its name from a network of tiny these that make the wings look delicate. what is a praying mantis? no. aaron? what are veins? maine course for $400. what is newfoundland? no. kathy. what is new brunswick? mixed greens, $2,000. and that place is gretna green. kathy. mixed greens, $800.
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what is a butterfly? no. eddie or aaron? it was a horse-- a thoroughbred. racehorse. kathy. uh, mixed greens, $400. what are the green bay packers? uh, maine course, $800. what is paper? maine for $1,200. what is the missouri compromise? maine for $1,600. what is bowdoin? maine course, $2,000.
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and that famous woman is margaret chase smith. less than a minute to go now, kathy. what's for desert?-- $1,200. what is the mohave? desert, $1,600. you are now just $600 off the lead. i'll just wager $1,200. okay. here is the clue... aaron? what is... (beep) what is the negev? the negev. all right. three clues left. let's do desert for $2,000.
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the third desert is the great victoria. two clues-- (beep) well, we won't get to them. and you're still close to the lead, aaron--$19,200. eddie's still alive with that $600. here comes final jeopardy! authors. and we'll have a clue for everyone after this. authors. ready? as i'll ever be. break a leg! i used to love hearing that phrase... but not since i learned i have... postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture. i want to keep acting but a broken bone could change that. so my doctor and i chose prolia® to reduce my risk of fractures. prolia® is proven to help make bones stronger. proven to help increase bone density. i take prolia®. it's different. it's two shots a year.
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on final today, we are dealing with authors.
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let's see if you can come up with the correct response after looking at this clue... 30 seconds, players. good luck. ♪ we'll start with you, eddie. you had $600. will that total go up or down? you picked j.r.r. tolkien, and that means it'll go down, because that's incorrect. it'll cost you everything--$600. now over to our champion aaron.
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$19,200. he's a writer. he wrote down, "who is stephen king?" he picked the right author. he will add $1,999, taking him to $21,199. kathy, did you get stephen king? you took your time writing something down, and you got stephen king. did you risk more than $199? hello! $17,398. $38,398. congratulations. well played. way to go. look at that. she's gonna play again for more money tomorrow. see you then. so long. promotional consideration provided by...
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you know... ubig game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen-- pat sajak and vanna white! was that jim? (laughing) i think so. hi, everybody. thank you. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. good-bye. as we're getting ready to come out, vanna says, "i have to walk slowly because i don't have a slit in my dress,


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