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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 13, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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welcome back. president barack obama's attention remains on campaigning with many miles being logged now on air force one. the president arrived back at the white house last night after spending the day in baltimore and philadelphia. today he heads to chicago. governor martin o'malley and barbara mullcowski were the two democrats welcoming the president to baltimore. tune in at 5:24 to hear what the president had to say. and the president challenger was campaigning in florida yesterday as well, but mitt romney's wife spend time in lipsucum. romney insists it's the president's economies that is holding the country back.
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>> i love the fact that people come to this country and see the opportunity here. i'm disappointed in a president who tries to attack success and divide the american people. >> while both candidates are focused on the economy right now, healthcare will likely be one of the big issues we'll hear about soon. the supreme court could be issuing their ruling on the legality of the president's healthcare law. that could come as soon as monday. speaking of healthcare, more and more young americans are actually skipping trips to the doctor because of the rising costs. a new study found that more -- they say more than 60% of young adults without insurance are not getting medical care and 40% who do have insurance are still skipping out. the problem is that patients are basically shouldering more of the costs in the form of higher deductibles and copays and many young people aren't prepare today pay those costs. new research shows there's still an income gap between men and women as doctors and researchers. doctors make about $12,000 a year more than their female
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counterparts, even if the women are doing the same amount of work. researchers say women tend to work in lower paid specialties and work slightly fewer hours. when most disparities were accounted for, doctors still made more. just a few minutes away from 5:00 and here are some of the stories you'll see in the next hour, the search for clues continues this morning concerning a bed body -- dead body found in a car in parkville. abc 2 news' sharree johnson will have the latest. after 5:30 we'll have video from overnight of a toddler being tossed out of a vehicle during a police chase. we'll tell you what happened. and has baltimore lost its manly touch? find out when we reveal the top manliest cities in the united states. that story coming up at 5:48. time now to go around the world this morning. the death toll is rising overnight following a series of car bombings in baghdad. right now the number stands at 56 dead, at least 100 others are injured. four bombings went off during a procession of shiite pilgrims. this is the third attack this
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week on the annual pilgrimage commemorating the death of the 8th century imam. authorities are searching for haitian migrant hoss may have survived their overloaded boat that capsized near the bahamas. 11 people drowned. a few survivors did make it to the shore. coast guard officials say they are looking for a dozen other people. many are believed to be children. they say it appears the group was headed to florida. some japanese leaders are collecting funds to settle their dispute of an island. japan has been fighting ownership with china of the islands for years. so far the government has raised $14 million. china maintains that it instead owns those islands. we're getting a first look at the plans for the olympic games opening ceremony in london. olympic stadium will be transformed into an english meadow. it will be complete with grass and livestock and a contradict match. -- and a cricket match.
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the games run from july 27th to august 12th. time now to start the 5:00 news. baltimore county, police search for clues after a man's body was found in a car in parkville. we have that story on air and online. and a loyola student dies suddenly at his home. this morning we're learning more about this young man's death, all that coming up on this wednesday, june 13th. >> thanks so much for joining us, i'm megan pringle, next to charley crowson. lynette has a check of your forecast and lauren on the morning commute. let's first talk about the weather -- what? it's him. when i came into the newsroom this morning, what did you do? >> you were kind of combative. >> i said, lynette, where's the monsoon. >> we did get heavy rain across hartford county and cecil county. >> we needed it. >> it was really coming down in bel aire. >> thank you, megan. you see the mocking of charley, the things i have to deal with in the morning.
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it's only because i love all of you. we do have a coastal flood advisory that's in effect until 6:00 for the areas shaded in the blue color. that will be diminishing pretty soon. but right now temperatures 70 degrees in chestertown, chesapeake beach coming in at 70 and 69 degrees right now in federalsburg. here's the rains we saw, about .20 inch in chestertown and about .10 in chesapeake beach and federalsberg, the big number on this map right now, about a half inch of some rainfall. the wind also pick up as we go throughout the day. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. how are the roads? has it been quiet or is it picking up? >>reporter: quiet so far. no problems to report on 895. one week from today major construction will take place, reducing traffic to just one lane in both directions. that will continue basically all summer. so you will want to use the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate route. unfortunately the construction won't be finished up until october. even in the fall we'll see very slow speeds traveling through
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that tunnel. if you are headed out on 95, no concerns in white marsh. you're looking at a 15-minute drive from the beltway all the way into the city. if you are heading out to 83, here's a live look in hunt valley at shan road, no problems to report here. not too many cars out there just yet. so it will be a very calm ride as you travel down towards the beltway and it will remain clear on the jfx. as far as the beltway is concerned. here's a live look in parkville at hartford road. just 11 minutes to travel that outer loop from 95 up towards 83. unfortunately the west side is going to be the same case, no problems to report from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. a developing story for you this morning, baltimore county police are investigating after a man's body was found in a car in parkville. abc 2 news' sharree johnson is here with the latest on this investigation. sharee, what do we know at this hour? >>reporter: charley, i've been checking in with baltimore county police this morning. detectives are still trying to figure out why a man's body was
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found in a car. police have been busy gathering evidence for more information. that car was found in the 100 block of mopeck circle. that's in baltimore. police say a man's body was found who had been shot to death inside a car in this parking lot at this taylor park apartment complex. detectives searched the back seat of a black sedan. a number of people were stuck outside waiting while their apartment building was blocked for hours during this investigation. now, so far police have not offered a motive or a suspect in this case and we'll continue to check in with police to bring you the very latest information as it becomes available. sharee johnson, abc 2 news. today the family of a loyola la crosse player who died suddenly will talk about his death. adam pomper just finished his freshman la crosse season. he died suddenly sunday night at his home near huntington, new york. charlie toomey said the loyola
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community was offering support and prayers to the family. today kicks off the start of the star spangled celebration. it's a seven-day celebration commemorating the war of 1812. in the first half hour, the ships are set to arrive at the inner harbor. they'll continue rolling in throughout the course of the day until 5:00 tonight. about a half dozen tall ships left norfolk, virginia yesterday, all making a 24-hour trek to baltimore's inner harbor. more than 24 ships and navel vessels will kick off the seven- day celebration. all of this commemorating the war of 1812. tomorrow through monday you can take free tours of the ships from 11:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the morning at the inner harbor and fells point. from 1:00 to 5:00 you can have those tours at locust points. celebration festival villages will also be set up throughout the inner harbor, fort mchenry and at the martin state airport. there will be a number of kinds of entertainment. for more, coming up at 5:45, we'll have a full breakdown of what you can expect for the
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weekend's festivities. if you want a quick preview, head to the facebook fan page, let us know what you're expecting for the weekend and what we have in store for you coming up at if you're going to go, is this going to be a family-friendly event or are you going to be a history buff? facebook is the place to go and weigh in, all of that coming up throughout the course of "good morning marylandle." two baltimore-area wal-mart stores will reopen today. the rosedale and nottingham locations underwent major renovations and expansions. the roseville star is on patriot way and is going to reopen their stores at 7:00 a.m. this morning, the nottingham store on perries hill court will open at 9:00 this morning. each store will offer the full line of groceries and both locations will actually be open 24 hours after their reopening. the maryland blue crab, it's pretty common in our area, but have you ever seen a blue monster? >> stay with us this morning. pictures of this rare krus
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taishon and the. nine injured, we've had an explosion on board. >> it turns out that whole thing never happened at all. how this little prank is costing rescue crews and a reward being offered now to catch that caller. the rain is gone and we are drying out. i'll tell you how long the dry weather lasts. those details coming up. >>reporter: up to speed here on 695 at hartford road. i'll show you what 95 and 83 look like coming up in my abc 2 time saver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland." i can't stand these spots.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine.
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jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. check this out. it is not a die job. this is a rare blue lobster caught off the coast of nova scotia. a lobster like this one is a one in 2 million phenomenon. that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of protein that gives it that blue coloring. lynette, have you ever seen anything like that? >> no, i haven't. that's just so beautiful, i wouldn't even want to eat it. that's lovely.
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let's look at temperatures right now. we are looking at mild conditions this morning. we will have some dryer and cooler air moving in. right now 65 degrees in sikesville, 69 in aberdeen. but the big story yesterday, the rainfall totals that we received, they were on the hefty side, especially in sikesville, over an inch of rain there, close to an inch of rain in aberdeen and also annapolis. the rain is gone. the big picture showing some showers and thunderstorms once again around texas and oklahoma. so we are going to be seeing some severe weather across that area. but no type of severe weather across our area because we will be dealing with mainly clear skies as we go into the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, so make sure you do get out there and enjoy. it's going to be a fabulous day on tap. the winds will pick up a little bit. i'll detail that more coming up. but right now let's get a check of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, no delays to talk about from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. no delays traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel or the harvard tunnel, but one week
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from today construction will take place, major construction on 895, reducing traffic to just one lane right at the harvard tunnel. so do expect heavy delays all the way through summer. you will want to use the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate route. as we check in and take a live look at 95 in white marsh, virtually everything up to speed. just a 15-minute ride from the beltway all the way into the city. that is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. it's one thing to dine by candlelight, a totally different thing to dine in the dark. >> total darkness is what we're talking about. you can only smell and taste your food. find out why two famous men have a for two. also this morning, it probably won't do much in efforts to -- efforts to curb obesity. what one fast food chain is doing now adding a bacon sundae. just in time for summer, yum yum. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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a $3,000 reward is being offered to the coast guard for a person who call inside a fake yacht explosion. the call pretending to be the ship's captain made a series of
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urgent calls claiming a yacht had exploded off the coast of new jersey, even saying that three people had been killed. the coast guard helped deploy helicopters and rescue teams, but there was no incident. officials say the call seemed to be genuine, right down to the terminology. >> electronic array is down. i'm on a solar-powered radio right now. i'm in three feet of water on the bridge. i'm going to stay by the radio as long as i can before i have to go overboard. >> the search cost more than $300,000. the person responsible will have to pay the cost of search and as much as $250,000 in fines and they could spend even 10 years in jail. what would happen if you've only had four senses. we're talking about smell, hearing, taste, touch, but you cannot see. >> there's a big event going on at the baltimore hilton tomorrow benefiting the foundation fighting blindness. it's called dining in the dark. jamie costello has more. >>reporter: he shows off his super bowl winning ring, he shows off his old gillman arm.
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robert ehrlich, matt sloafer will be honored on thursday for the organization fight >> we get to experience total darkness and eat and experience that and see what these people have to deal with on a daily basis. >> for me this is a cause i've been involved with for over 25 years going back to the legislature. >>reporter: eric and sloafer's mom both struggle with vision and say sight is their most important sense. >> my sight plus my depth perception is on cue. where the ball was is where it is. >>reporter: what's most difficult, kicking a field goal to win the game or getting a bill signed? you know, i love this guy, the greatest pressure kicker ever, hall of famer, i'll be there. i'm inviting myself to the hall of fame ceremony. he had 11 angry guys, i had an angry entire town. >> it's controlled chaos. if my guys step out of line,
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they get penalized, sent to the beach or disqualified. in his life, it's a dog-eat-dog world. >> i try to throw a flag. >> i'll have to go with ehrlich on that one. it's a hard job. that was jamie costello reporting. the event, by the way, tomorrow night at the hilton baltimore right downtown. it starts at 6:00, running until 9:00. >> tickets going to be about $350. again, all proceeds going to the foundation fighting blindness. time now for a check of that commute. let's go over to lauren. >>reporter: thank you, megan and charley. in just one week major construction will begin on 895. crews will be replacing concrete decking and traffic unfortunately will be reduced to just one lane in both directions at the hartford tunnel. that will continue all summer, but the construction won't be complete until the fall. so do expect heavy delays. again, that begins on june 20th. you will want to use the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge. this morning no delays to talk about through the tunnels, they are nice and clear. that will be the same case on the jfx.
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11 minutes to travel from the beltway to east fayette street. here's a live look at the beltway at liberty road. everything up to speed. will be an easy ride down towards 95. as far as the beltway is concerned in parkville, here's what it looks like at bel aire road. traffic starting to pick up, but no significant delays in the area as you travel up towards 83. that is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. here's lynette charles with a look at the forecast. good morning, lynette. >> good morning, lauren. we are not dealing with any type of rain this morning. we still do have a few clouds, but these will be decreasing as we go throughout the day. all that rain is now off into the atlantic. but we still do have some moisture in the atmosphere. so that cold front is going to be working its way through and then it will begin to trickle in some dryer air so the humidity will go down throughout the day. so it's going to turn out to be a pretty nice day on tap. right now, though, temperatures in the upper 60s from baltimore to easton, even into d.c. mid- 50s in new york and also hagerstown. the winds will be a big story, especially as we go into the afternoon. right now, though, they are out of the north at five to 10 miles an hour. they will pick up more at about
5:19 am
15 miles an hour with gusts maybe up to about 20 to 25 miles an hour. so although it's going to be a good hair day with less humidity, not so much with those winds. now, high pressure is going to do its thing, build in here, and we have this cold front that's going to slide off towards the atlantic and also this area of low pressure. the difference between the two, that's when the winds will be picking up some as we go into the afternoon. now, future trend looks good. you follow the timeline because if not you kind of get confused because we're not going to be seeing any type of rain moving in for the next several days. so plan accordingly. today hour by hour looks nice as well, coming in right around 82 degrees. and a great day to go to the game. we are looking at playing pittsburgh once again, 78 degrees. it will be dry and breezy with those winds out of the north at about 10 miles an hour. and the seven-day forecast looks awesome for celebration. megan. >> lynette, thanks so much. health news for you this morning, people exposed to diesel fuel exhaust, they say that they are getting dangerous fumes and they say that this
5:20 am
could lead to getting cancer. that's according to the world health organization. now, we're told that four -- we're told that for more than two decades diesel engine exhaust has been classified as a probable cancer-causing agent. the world health organization goes on to say that the new studies show a direct link between exposure to diesel fuel exhaust and to the disease. the findings could pressure the government to actually put stricter limits on emissions. it appears burger king has come up with a new way to beat the heat this summer, but this idea is not going to help you get bikini ready at all. megan. >> don't look at me. >> there's no way. who would eat this? lynette? really? >> yes, i so would. you never cease to amaze me. this is the bacon sundayae being added to the menu, fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles, topped off with a nice piece of bacon. that tasty treat will have 510 calories.
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i never know what she's going to say. >> calories aren't the issue, it's the bacon and the ice cream that concerns me. >> is it the salt and the sweet? yes. >> there you have t. let us know on facebook if you would eat that. unmanned drones are a popular tool right now being used in the u.s. but not everyone agrees that the best way to combat terrorism. we have new poll numbers this morning on how other countries feel about the unmanned drones. also state lawmakers passed the dream act last year, but opposition groups want voters to now decide what pro- immigration groups are doing to keep it off the ballot as "good morning maryland" continues.
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thanks for joining us this morning. there's a fight over whether maryland's dream act should be on the november ballot or not. an immigrant advocacy group is trying right now to convince the state's highest court that that law should be on the ballot. they say because of its -- because of the suspending bill, it cannot legally be subject
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today a referendum. opponents of the law say it has nothing to do with spending. the dream act provides college tuition and how it breaks down to illegal immigrants. it was passed by lawmakers last year. a new report out this morning of our countries basically how they're doing in the world. it finds that opposition to the obama administration now use of unmanned drones is the issue to kill terror suspects. the pew research center found that in 17 out of 21 countries surveyed, more than half of the people disapproved of these attacks. in the united states 62% approved the drone campaign. the obama administration considers drone strikes one of its most effective tools to combat al-qaida. democrat ron barber won a special house election in arizona to finish the term of former representative gabriel giffords. barr ber is her former right hand man. giffords resigned a year after being shot in the head while meeting with constituents at a tucson shopping center. the 66-year-old barr ber was also injured in that rampage
5:26 am
which also result inside giffords being shot. in all six people were shot in that rampage. barber will hold the office for six months. he must begin running for reelection almost immediately ahead of the november vote. a police chase in texas takes a heartbreaking twist. >> an suv rolled over while trying to escape officers and dumped out some very precious cargo, whotel thing caught on camera. we'll show it to you. a student in california wins a scholarship but ends up having it taken back. the mixup that cost the high schooler $1,000. and we have warm temperatures this morning, but we will be seasonable by this afternoon. i'll tell you if this sticks around through the weekend coming up. >>reporter: everything is up to speed at 695 at route 295. i'll show you what 83 looks like coming up in my abc 2 time saver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland." >>reporter: good morning, much. topping america's money, an apology for wall street. jp morgan chase ceo jamie dimon
5:27 am
testifies on capitol hill today, he'll say he's sorry about his bank's huge trading mistake that cost jp morgan about $2 million. jobs for teens are disappearing. fewer than 3/10 hold job from june to august. that's the lowest level since world war ii. one reason is that older workers are taking away more of those lower skilled jobs that once went to teens. meanwhile, the cost of going to college is soaring. of course it is. the average tuition at a four- year public university is up 15% in two years because of state budget cuts. there are also significant increases at private schools. and finally college students and others will soon be able to buy a fresh baked pizza from a vending machine. let's pizza is following up its success in europe with machines here in the u.s. you'll see that in malls, airports and college campuses. that's america's money. i'm paula farris.
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testimony continues today in the trial of jerry sandusky, the former penn state assistant coach reaction from attorneys on the testimony. a warning in anne arundel county this morning. who police arrest inside a bottle bomb attack. the ships are sailing into the harbor today as the city officially kicks off the star spangled celebration. what you'll be able to see over the next few days. those stories just straight ahead. it's wednesday morning, middle of the week, thanks for joining us. >> we're all here for you, getting ready for news, weather and traffic. we start with weather, expecting some big storms yesterday. but down south it kind of sucked the energy out. >> exactly. so we didn't have any type of real gulf of mexico moisture that helps with the flooding. but that's a good thing, we didn't get any flooding, we got the rain which we needed and it was hefty in some spots this morning. so i'm going to go ahead and show you what's going on. maryland's most powe


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