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tv   News  ABC  June 13, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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testimony continues today in the trial of jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant coach reacted to attorneys on the testimony. >>reporter: and let the fun begin with the star spangled celebration. i'm linda stow live at the inner harbor where the tall ships are set to arrive and all the fun that's planned for you and your family over the next seven days. 68 degrees out there. you can see people running by on the inner harbor. looks like a nice day to do that. >> it's actually nice outside right now. we're seeing some sunshine mixing with a few cloud. we will stay dry. yesterday we did pick up some rainfall across the area. we got a little over .70 in towson and about quarter inch in buoy, woodbine right around .87. so we definitely picked up some good rains there.
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the rains -- the winds out of the north at five to 10 miles per hour. they'll pick up more as we go into the afternoon this. is what i want to show you, stepping out in towson, again, we have that sun/cloud mix. get out there and enjoy it because it is a nice day on tap for us. we look at maryland's most powerful radar for now and it is dry. we have all five sweeps on. that's going to be the name of the game, a nice day on tap. and moisture content, yes, you're stepping out the door this morning and you're, like, hum, it's a little on the muggy side once again. we will begin to filter in that dryer air as we go throughout the day and also some cooler air moving incious especially by tomorrow. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. how are the roads? >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we have our first accident of the day. it's in baltimore city right on shannon drive at dudley avenue. fortunately no delays to talk about, though. if you are traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel or the hartford tunnel, but major construction on 895 will begin a week from today. it will reduce traffic to just one lane in both directions right near the hartford tunnel.
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you will want to use the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge all the way through the end of the summer as your alternate routes and that construction won't be finished until the fall. if you are headed out to 95, no delays to talk about. it will be an easy ride from white marsh all the way into the city. as we check in and take a live look at 83 in northern baltimore county, no problems to report here at scwann road, making for a nice easy ride down to the beltway and it will remain clear as you get onto the jfx. that outer loop starting to pick up just a little bit. all in all a 12-minute ride from 95 up to 83. that's a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. a gut-renching day in the trial that has already rocked one of america's most powerful universities. >> it was a day packed with emotion, even tears report from some jurors. and abc 2 news' sharree johnson has more on what's expected to happen today in the trial of jerry sandusky. >>reporter: megan, charley, more potentially disturbing trial in the third day of jerry
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sandusky's rape trial. today prosecutors continue building their case against the former penn state assistant coach. on tuesday, mike mcqueary, a former penn state assistant coach testified that in 2001 he saw sandusky standing behind a young boy who was propped up against a wall in a school shower. he told the jury he slammed a door to make noise, but didn't do anything to physically stop the alleged encounter. the court also heard from alleged victim number one, the 18-year-old described the abuse in graphic detail, sobbing as he told jurors that the first time sandusky allegedly performed oral sex on him, he was just 11 years old. he said the incidents happened on the nights that he slept at sandusky's home. during the cross examination, the defense tried to poke holes in his story, questioning discrepancies in his timeline. >> whether it was 12 times or 20 times or 70 times, it shouldn't have happened once. >>reporter: now, alleged victim number one also testified that when he initially reported the alleged abuse to his school, he was urged to not go to the
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authorities. sharee johnson, abc 2 news. news time right now 6:33. a man suspected of killing three people at a party near auburn university could appear in court as early as today. desmonthi leonard is accused of going on a shooting spree on saturday that killed three people, two of them former football players and injuring three others. the 22-year-old turned himself in at a montgomery, alabama courthouse just before 8:00 last night. the wife of the florida man who shot trayvon martin has been released from jail on a $1,000 bond. george zimmerman's wife, shellie has been charged with perjury. she's accused of lying to a judge about the money she and her husband had in the bank that led him to being released on $150,000 bond. her husband, george zimmerman is still behind bars today. take a look at this, chaos in the courtroom. an inmate in kentucky trying to make a break for it. he was being held in a courthouse holding cell when officers tried to get another suspect out of that cell. the man charged the door and pushed a deputy. he stumbled into the courtroom
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where court officers quickly piled on top of him. now he's also facing attempted escape charges, also being charged with assault. today kicks off the start of the star spagled celebration which is a seven-day celebration to commemorate the war of 1812. abc 2 news' linda stow is live at the inner harbor this morning with a look. there you go, charley. what's going on, linda? >>reporter: hey. the tall ships are set to arrive this morning. and to tell us all about this fun-filled weekend which, actually, it starts today is tracy with the baltimore office of promotion and the arts. a lot planned. and the first tall ships arriving today in baltimore? >> yes, the tall ships and the navy vessels will be coming in today. they're staggered times so they'll be coming in all day. it's really great for the city. we'll kick off everything officially tomorrow. >>reporter: tell us about the festival villages. it's a lot of fun. we know we'll see the tall ships. there'll be about 40 from all around the world. but there's plenty of other stuff to do, right?
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>> yes. a festival celebration is a festival. on top of the ship, you can bring your kids down to our chesapeake family fun zone which will be held in clak lendon square. there'll be arts and crafts and also entertainment. we'll also have live bands performing, not only navy bands, but a lot of the local bands will be be performing on the west shore. the festival starts tomorrow on thursday and goes throughout the weekend. so you have four great days to come on downtown and have fun. >>reporter: we're here by rash field. tents are set up already. what's going to be going on here? >> right here in rashville is our venture zone. there'll be a rock climbing wall, also there's a big ferris wheel, so you can't miss that. that's always fun for the kid. and then volleyball right here on rash field. this is where you can come out, you can run around and you can enjoy it. >>reporter: tracy, thanks for joining us this morning. it all kicks off starting today, the first tall ships to arrive at 8:30, 9:00 this morning. we're live at the inner harbor,
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linda stow, abc 2 news. >> a spectacular site, thanks, linda. if you're a gadget geek, verizon wants to simplify your life. >> a new service coming at the end of the month allowing customers to share everything. what this could mean for you coming up. also ahead this morning, if you're planning a trip this fall, southwest and airtran, they have some offers that you really might want to look into and consider. but you don't have much time to act.
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if you have a lot of gadgets, this might be for you. >> verizon has announce add single plan that will get you data on multiple devices or multiple levels. this means you can get service for everything from your smart phone to your ipad, anything you need all in the one share plan. it's called share everything, rolling out june 28th and it's going to do away with the voice and texting plans you're most associated with. planning on a getaway? well, now might be the time to
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book. southwest airlines and airtran, they're offering airfare under $50. you can get a one-way ticket for a flight of 500 miles or less for $49. you can bump that up to $99 each way for trips that are up to 1300 miles and $139 for trips longer than 1300 miles, but you have to book, i believe by the end of today or tomorrow. so hurry up. a health alert for you this morning for people who work around diesel exhaust fumes. stay with us this morning because researchers have confirmed a serious health problem connected to the exhaust. we'll have details on this in the new study. also a dramatic scene in texas where an suv on the run from police spills over, releasing some precious cargo. will the dry weather last for the orioles game? i'll have that forecast coming up. >>reporter: traffic is really starting to pick up here on the beltway at bel aire road. i'll show you where else there's congestion coming up in my abc 2 news time saver traffic report.
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it's 6:44, 68 degrees. this is a live picture this
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morning from london. prince william speaking as part of the queen's jubilee celebration. that is video from nottingham station this morning. the party continues today and tomorrow as they continue that diamond jubilee tour. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. this is your abc 2 news to go. we begin with a check of your forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >>reporter: all right, charley. yes, we are looking at much calmer air for today and also some much dryer air. we'll definitely take that. as we take a look at the numbers, .20 inch in colombia yesterday, also about .60 over in ellicott city and close to two inches in joppa, that's much needed rain across the area. we look now at temperatures this morning still coming in above average, 65 degrees from colombia and also ellicott city. joppa coming in right around 68. and those winds will begin to pick up a little bit more even as we go into the afternoon. look at what we have in ellicott city. a nice sunrise this morning, plenty of blue sky definitely going to prevail. we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we
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are dry. let's get a check now of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we are dealing with an accident in baltimore city. it's right on shannon drive at dudley avenue. and unfortunately congestion is really starting to pick up on many of our main lines, including the beltway, as we check in and take a live look at the west side at old court road. that outer loop really will start to jam up even more as you make the drive from security boulevard all the way down to route 40. and if you are using 895, here's a live look at o'donnell street. no problems to report here. fort mchenry tunnel will also be clear. but a week from today all of that construction, major construction will begin at the harvard tunnel. so do expect significant delays. traffic will be reduce today just one lane in both directions all the way through summer and the project won't be finished until the fall. fort mchenry tunnel or key bridge will be your best bets that. is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan, charley, over to you. they protested to the bitter end but to no avail.
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today several re kre centers in baltimore are looking to close their doors. groups are try to go prevent those closures by holding rallies. mayor rawlings blake says the facilities are closing to make way for newer. they're continuing to run the old building staff is simply not an option. elected officials and communities say they were joining together to try to keep those three fire companies open and operating in baltimore city. >> abc 2 news' sharree johnson has more on what is proposed to do as time is running out. what do you know? >>reporter: truck 10, truck 15 and squad 11 all in baltimore are slated to be disbanded as of july 1st. last night the bayview association had a meeting with councilman jim kraft to discuss the closure of squad 11. it has special equipment for rescues. squad 11 covers large sections of interstate 95 and 895 as well as the neighborhood near johns hopkins bayview hospital. it was on the scene for monday's huge fire in phelps point and councilman kraft still believes there's time to save at least one or two of
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these companies. he believes money could be saved by eliminating open positions in other dments. >> we get closer, we get more anxious and it's, like, you know, we're down to the next level, you know, and this could be it. so that's why we're being more passionate tonight. >> there's still going to be a fire engine or fire truck operating in that station to provide the same level of fire service that it has been before those disbanded. >>reporter: now, a vote on this measure could happen on monday. a final vote on the mayor's budget is scheduled for june 25th. sharee johnson, abc 2 news. we're hope to go learn more today about a body that was found in a car in parkville. police say they found a man's body around 6:00 last night in the 100 block of mopeck circle. they discovered that body, the victim had been shot. no other details right now are being released. the family of a loyola la crosse player who died suddenly is expected 0 to speak today about his death. adam pomper passed away monday night at his home in huntington, new york.
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he finished his freshman year at loyola. funeral will be held saturday in new york. for more than two decades diesel engine exhaust has been classified as a probable cancer- causing agent and now two new studies confirm that it can cause cancer. the research comes from two groups connected to the world health organization and their findings could actually pressure the government to put stricter limits on emissions and require greater protection for workers that are exposed to diesel exhaust. there is a fight in the courts on whether maryland's dream act should go to a ballot this november. attorneys for the immigrant advocacy group don't think it should be put up for a vote. they say it's a spending bill and cannot legally be subject to referendum. opponents say the law has nothing to do with spending and the dream act gives college tuition breaks to illegal immigrants who passed last year. a chance for you to own a piece of history but are you going to be willing to shell out some pretty big bucks? president george washington's personal copy of the acts of
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congress including the u.s. constitution and a drafted bill of rights with his own handwritten notations being auctioned off this weekend in new york. it's expected to sell for $2.3 million. well, it is reopening day for two baltimore-area wal- marts and the stores temporarily closed for renovations. the one in rosedale that opens at 7:30 this morning, the one in nottingham opens at 9:00 today. both stores also added thousands of square feet to their buildings and they installed l.e.d. lighting to reduce their energy consumption. a new report suggests that countries should raise the retirement age as people continue to live longer. here in the united states, social security has started paying out more in benefits than it takes in. the congressional budget office is already talking about gradually boosting the retirement age to the age of 70. time now for a little morning sports. and brian roberts, the o's second baseman inactive for more than a year after concussion-like symptoms never looked better and looked like he was never away to begin
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with. 3-4 on the night with the win over the pirates. that's adam jones, 4-5 with a two-run bomb. game tonight first pitch 7:05. the o's still one game behind the yankees. chris davis going deep. will ed reid show up for practice today? that's what we'll find out as the ravens meet for the second day of mini camp. reid was a no show yesterday for unspecified reasons. ray lewis downplayed the situation saying it wasn't an issue and he was sure that reid would show up for training camp in july. if ed reid misses all three days, he could face a fine of about $63,000. the baltimore 10 mylers just a few days away and race officials are holding a news conference today at the maryland zoo to talk about the whole event. right now they say 6500 runners are expected to take part. the race benefits the signal 13 foundation and the mark reckonnese family trust. he was extra liesed from the chest down in an accident that happened back in 2008. the baltimore 10 myler is this saturday at 7:30 in the
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morning. time for five things you need to know before you head out the door this morning. starting today the u.s. conference of catholic bishops will be meeting in atlanta for their annual spring general assembly. baltimore's new arch/bishop william lori is going to be there. mayor from across the u.s., they're meeting down in orlando for the 80th u.s. conference of mayors. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake will speak friday. she'll be speaking about several issues including gun violence and also the values program. we learned overnight the aide to former congresswoman gabriel giffords jesse barber won the seat. she gave up that seat focus on her health after she was shot. and first lady katie o'malley and young people are holding a campout today at the government house. it's going to be promoting the great american backyard campout for june 23rd to promote recreation throughout the summer. long lines are expected today at the lottery places. lottery dealers ahead of tonight's powerball drawing. the jackpot now up to $240
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million. tonight's drawing starts at 10:59. lynette, what do you say we go in on some ticket? >> sounds good. you know how many bacon sundaes i can get with that. >> if that's what you're spending your money on, i will go in with someone else. let's check out what's on the satellite and radar. the rain is out of here, off into the atlantic. we're just left with a few clouds. you can see for yourself in urbana this morning, a sun/cloud mix, a beautiful sunrise this morning, more in dundalk. yesterday at this time we were seeing that fog, diminishing visibility. but not so much for today. this is what we're working with, temperatures are on the mild side, still coming in above average. so basically we have that cold front working off from the west to the east. so the eastern shore is going to be the last to get on some of that cooler, dryer air. so we're talking about 70 degrees right now in annapolis and 70 in chestertown. we do have the winds out there today as well. those will be picking up as we go into the afternoon out of the north at about five to 15
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miles an hour, gusts up to about 20 to 25 miles an hour. the reason why? well, we have the difference between this high pressure, this low pressure and that's what we're going to be seeing and feeling as we go into the afternoon. but all in all high pressure is going to do its thing as it gets in here. and future trend picking up on that. follow the time line here, not a whole lot of clouds, no type of wet weather and this will extend even as we go into friday, saturday, wait for the seven day, it's coming your hour-by-hour forecast looks good, seasonable, 82 degrees. that's exactly where we should be for this time of the year. this is what it looks like for your game day forecast, 7:05, pirates, dry and breezy conditions. here's your seven-day forecast, as you plan accordingly. we get nice as we head into the celebration. 82, 78, plenty of sunshine in the forecast. get out there and enjoy it. and that'll extend even as we head into next week. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we do have trouble in baltimore city where we are dealing with
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an accident right on shannon drive at dudley avenue. congestion starting to pick up on many of our main lines. if you are using the jfx starting to pick up southbound from 28th street to st. paul street. so do watch out for that. and fortunately no delays to talk about through the fort mchenry tunnel or the harvard tunnel. as we check in and take a live look at the west side of the beltway here at liberty road, that outer loop really starting to jam up. that will continue all the way down towards edmondson avenue. if you are traveling the beltway, the east side also really packed here in parkville. bel aire road, that outer loop very crammed. that will continue all the way up towards loch raven boulevard. we want to warn you the video you're about to see may be a little bit disturbing. in texas a toddler fell out of an suv that was involved in a police chase. this is dash cam video from that incident and police say the suv, those on board are in that car, they'd stolen a purse from someone. now, after the police chase ensued, the driver lost control. you see the car flip and you see this. but what you don't see is the
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child was thrown from that suv. now, amazingly in all of this, you see it right there, that child gets up and walks away. four people were in that car, all teenagers, all over a stolen purse. >> thank goodness the child was okay. two stories of the day that we've been talking about all morning, one is baltimore lost a little bit of its notch in the manliest city, was ranked 35, used to be 28. let us know on facebook what you think, is baltimore still manly? >> but i thought manly was, like, manly. i didn't know it was like the salons and stuff like that. >> they say it has to do with steakhouses as well as home improvement stores which is a little sexist. >> i know it is. >> i like a good steak once in a while. >> home depot not endorsing anyone, home depot, ruth crists. >> man-i-cure. >> this is what i call a
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manicure. >> oh, charley, ewww. thanks for joining us this morning. >> have a good one. [ sneezes ]
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