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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  June 14, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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get ready the vote on a controversial law when you head to the polls in november. i'm linda so, what voters will decide about the dream act. from land, air, sea, it is all about celebrating 200 years of freedom here at the inner harbor. i'm megan pringle. just waking up with us, good morning to you. a developing story we've been following all night. a deadly crash on the northbound lanes of i-97 in anne arundel county. the story broke on it's on ben field road. the head-on collision happened around 1:30 in the morning. team coverage throughout the day and abc2 news sherrie johnson and don harrison. they are live fare the scene of the crash -- near the scene of the crash. what do you have? >> reporter: basically i've been in touch with maryland state police all morning long. right now i can tell you that the north and southbound lanes of interstate 97 have been
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reopened to traffic. they were closed down for a period of time during that investigation. this crash happened about 1:30 in the morning. one perp was pronounced -- person was pronounced dead on the scene of the crash and another person was taken to shock trauma with serious injuries there. this morning i have don harrison joining me live here. he was first on the scene. don describe what you saw when you pulled up. >> it was an hour, hour and a half after the accident occurred as you said both lanes were shut down. at that point southbound lane had occupied back up but the northbound lane still shut and closed. both vehicles in the scene. it was obvious that there was a head-on collision. both seemed to be on the drivers' side. one body was ejected from the vehicle. they were pronounced dead on the scene. not sure if it was ejected from the vehicle or if fire personnel and rescue people have pulled et out of there. it's happened sever times before on route 50 we had one a
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few months ago and route 301 and sometimes for some reason someone gets going the wrong- way and that's what happened last night. they were heading southbound and the northbound lane of 97 and obviously wasn't very well. the traffic is moving now as people who travel that way know that that's very heavy traveled for rush hour traffic. obviously at that time of night there wasn't much traffic there. >> reporter: those cars were pretty banged up there. when i talked to state police they said they are still investigating but they say it looks as though one of them might have been traveling in the wrong direction. >> that was the early indication. >> reporter: just a mangled mess. all right. thank you so much don for telling us that. and again, the north and southbound lanes have reopened to traffic this morning. and right now wed like to throw it over to lauren cook. thank you. well, as you mentioned 97 is back to normal following that deadly crash. it had been shut down for several hours and you're looking at 83 right now at
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warren road. eing up to speed. we have another accident that you need to watch out for. it's in harford county in jarrettsville. stick with route 23 as the alternate route. there are some downed wires in the area. and you had taken a look at 83 at warren road but here's a look at 83 at swan road. it's going to be the same story. no concerns from hunt valley tom beltway. once you get on to the justification it will remain clear. traveling that outer loop just 11 minutes to travel from95 up to 83 and on the west side from 795 down towards 95 that stretch will also take you 11 minutes and no concerns traveling on95 north from the beltway. just an eight minute ride. that's a log at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now here's lynette charles with
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a look at the forecast. we can see what's going on in glen ill right now coming in around 60 degrees. 61 emmettsburg and glen oak at 63. the winds right now they're on the light side. but they'll pick up as we go throughout the day and northeasterly flow at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. but as we step outside in glen oak this morning we are seeing that sun/cloud mix out there and that's what we will continue to see throughout the day. what i am thinking though is that we will get little bit more cloud cover than what we saw yesterday. although we will have some sunshine. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, as of now we do have all five sweeps on. we are nice and dry and we should stay dry throughout remainder of today and beyond. i'll detail sailabration coming up but right now over the charlie. the festivities are underway for the star-spangled sailabration at the inner harbor and abc2 news megan pringle has a prevow of what to expect when this officially kicks off later today. megan? >> reporter: charlie, it officially kicks off later on today and this is patriotism
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and history meeting at the same time all celebrating the war of 1812. the tall ships came in yesterday. this is from mexico and actually a bunch of sailors hopped off the ship and they are exercising along with other people running through the inner harbor this morning. there's definitely so much to see and nothing has started yet. but it really is a spectacular sight. you know we drove down here really early in the morning and it was dark out and you could see the glittering lights from all the ships. just an amazing sight and amazing people to meet who know so much and have experienced so much. like michael hart in charge of the uss san antonio. you said almost 400 men and women you lead. >> that's true. we have 380 sailors on board uss san antonio and it's a feat privilege and honor really for me to lead all of them. >> reporter: how do you do it? >> well, they do it. they're very talented. the average age of our sailors is anywhere from 18 to 22 years old. and they are amazing.
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they joined the navy for a purpose. to serve their country. and just a sense of pride and unity and come add rhee that we have on record the -- camaraderie that we have on board the ship. is ship is going to be open for sures, so come on down -- tours so come on down and meet the sailors and see what they do and you'll see the type of pride the uss san antonio really has. >> reporter: what will they be able to experience? >> sort of a walking tour. so they can leisurely walk around the ship and they can see where we -- have the aircraft. on the flight deck. they'll see some of the marine corps lcus. some of the amphibious aircraft and vehicles that will be on board the ship. they'll be able to talk to the sailors and find out what they do for the navy and their country and again see the pride that will be coming right through. >> reporter: welcome to baltimore. we're thrilled to have you here. >> thank you very much for
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having us, we're very excited about being here and looking forward to getting around the city. and seeing some of the sights. >> reporter: now before we go i have to and, how do you keep that uniform so clean? >> how do icecap this clean -- i keep this clean? no tomato juice and no -- >> reporter: thank you den. so charlie -- again. so charlie there you have it. we're talking about music and of course all the events happening at fort mchenry. dell an area that i -- definitely an area. you can get on all sorts of ships from all around the world. and also over at rash field near federal hill, down here at the inner harbor and there's a great adventure zone for kids. back to you. >> megan pringle live this morning. well, a salute to the red, white and blue. today is flag day. on this day 1777 the continental congress and philadelphia adopted the stars
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and stripes as the national flag. as part of flag day celebrations, sailors are going to be volunteering around the city and 80 of them are going to be at the howard peters raw rings conservatory helping plant a garden. also meals on wheels to help spruce up the property. well, maryland's dream act will now go into the voters. the state's court of appeals now rules the controversial law now available for the november ballot. linda so is now here for you. >> reporter: but now it's going to happen. it means when you go to the polls in november, you will get to decide if children brought here illegally should get in- state tuition at maryland colleges and universities. the law that was passed last year says if your family files taxes and you've gone to a maryland high school for at least three years, you can qualify for in-state tuition. maryland and immigrants' right group has been fighting to keep the referendum off the ballot but the state delegate led the
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charge to collect 56,000 signatures to get the dream act on the ballot. >> it's going to be a big -- big election. and i know their side is already raising a lot of money and we will need to make sure we have money on our side and effort to make sure that the truth is being told. >> reporter: now, under the dream act immigrant students have to attend community college for the first two years. linda so, abc2 news. it is nine minutes after the hour, and our coverage of the sailabration continues. megan pringle is live down at the harbor with more on what's coming up. megan what do you have? all right, we'll check in with megan in a minute. also this morning, daredevil nik wallenda preparing for his dream stunt. walking the tight rope across niagara falls, how's the weather going to be for that lynette? >> the unseasonably cool dry air continues to funnel in here. if it will be around for that
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and for sailabration. >> travises somewhere tractor- trailering to stick -- is just starting to pick up on the beltway here at harford road. what they look like in the abc2 timesaver traffic report. live look at the big apple. new york courtesy of cnn. let's head that way now for the very latest in techbytes this morning. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, ads calls, skype plans to insert display ads into its free voiceover internet phone conversations. the ads will first appear during voice only calls but eventually expand to other services. political groups are zeroing in on one social network in particular this year pinterest. first lady michelle obama just got the account although it's actually run by the president's re-election campaign. "time" has decided to take a bite of the apple. the magazine publishing company will now allow readers to subscribe to its magazines via apple's newsstand a.m. they worked out their dimples. and finally some big name
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want to expand the internet domains, among the names that have been proposed to the agency google wants dot love and amazon wants dot author. those are your techbytes, i'm rob nelson.
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all right, charlie, everyone out there if you're just joining us, we are live this morning in the inner harbor, so much happening down here to celebrate the war of 1812. this is the star-spangled sailabration and the tall ships arrived here yesterday. and it got us thinking what is life like on one of these ships? it's got to be an incredible experience. so lamont williams hopped on one of the ships to see what life is like on the open sea. ♪ >> reporter: in the year 1812,
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baltimore's harbor and fort is the site of what is now naval history. the year is 12012 and baltimore again is at the center of the naval world. from june 14th through the 18th naval vessels from around the world will be gracing our fair city. >> the celebration is really a salute to america's naval power and a commemoration of the war of 1812 and as such as part of the grand celebration, baltimore is host to 40 naval vessels. and about 10 to 15 tall ships so class as and class bs. >> reporter: ships from 12 countries came under the key bridge. among those, is the guise. a tall ship from ecuador and south america. a ship built in 1977 and serves as a training vessel for sailors of the country's naval academy. >> we are sailing now -- 151
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people. >> reporter: of the 151 people on board, eight are women. and these ships have all the technology at their disposal. things that couldn't even be imagined in 1812. >> we will -- >> reporter: as the ship sailed by fort mchenry. a volley of cannon fire erupted. the fort and arriving vessels exchanging 21 gun salutes. the guise has been at sea since april 2nd and won't return to ecuador until december. >> we went to the -- puerto rico. puerto rico and new york. new york -- very big party. >> reporter: and party they do. sailors welcoming these ambassadors of the high seas. >> every day going to be open to visit -- so all the people can come and visit the tall ships and know something about
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us. >> are you going to go to a baseball game while you're here? >> yes, tonight. >> reporter: so take some time and show some love to the visitors from around the globe. it will help you appreciate the sacrifices for the freedom we enjoy. on the guise tall ship, i'm lamont williams. abc2 news. >> and as you can see a sailor's work is never done. this early in the morning, these sailors from mexico doing a little physical training before their day begins. so come on down here to the inner harbor. if you're curious about the events here and fort mchenry. we have everything on the website. it's going to be a great week. charlie? inner harbor, thank you so much. you saw them do the calisthenics you know lynette that's what we do before the beginning of the show every day on "good morning maryland." >> if you did that -- before every show? i would not show up.
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>> really? so little jumping tracks -- >> you know they are fine but that whole stretching thing would not work. >> jogging if place? >> you can jog in place, that's fine. >> great weather for it. >> nice transition charlie. good weather to do that today and also temperatures on the cool side a little bit. we have upper 50s in reisterstown right no and also westminster, mount airy coming in the napier 50s and also -- in the upper 50s and also norrisville right now. winds out of the northeast today at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. the breezy side. in bel air mainly cloud cover. we have a few peeks of sunshine but all in all those clouds will probably win out for today. now let's head to the tropics where we are looking at tropical storm carlotta. and the winds are sustained at about 40 miles an hour. it is moving to the northwest at about 9 more than. right now it is to the south of mexico and it could strengthen to a hurricane by friday. so deft going to keep our eyed on this one. in the atlantic though, we're not dealing with any type of
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tropical storms. no type of hurricanes, right now. but we're definitely going to keep our eyes peels across that area as well. we look across the weather pattern as high pressure is trying to build in. but it's not going to win out so much for today. because we do have that area of low pressure off into the atlantic as of now. and this is courtesy of the storm system that worked its way through on tuesday that dropped lots of rain. basically just stalled out it's not going anywhere. and it could kick back a couple of clouds as we go throughout the day. and that's my financial for saying that -- reasoning for saying we'll see more clouds and sunshine. and future trend basically picking up on that as well. at 1:00 this afternoon some more clouds in here and then it looks like finally that system will sink its way off to the south keep the clouds away for the most part. and that's when we'll begin to see more sunshine friday, saturday and even sunday. but for today that hour by hour forecast. 78-degrees is what i'm going with and due to the fact that we have drier cooler air mixing in and also more cloud cover i'm going to keep it a little bit cooler than yesterday but all in all a feisty.
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i have a suggestion, go to the game? the temperature around 75 degrees. all right a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. i went to the game last night. great weather, great game. way to go o's. they beat the pirates again. in harford county county this morning. trouble in areathsville on shyster road at north furnace road. you want to stick with route 23 as the alternate route and there's another accident in forest hill right on route 24 at osborne parkway. no delays from harford county to baltimore county. and white marsh 43 everything up to speed. in delays as you make the drive down to to beltway and once you get on to the beltway. here's what it looks like at bel air road. that outer loop again picking up but no delays up to charles street. fort avenue will be shut down between andres street and the entrance to fort mchenry. that started at 6:00 this
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morning and it will continue through 11:00 tonight all the way through sunday. and on -- everything you need to know about where to park for sailabration just go to that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charlie over to you. today a warning sign will be put up reminding drivers to watch out for motorcyclists. nearly a third of maryland's motorcycle deaths occur as a result of crashes at intersections. so later this morning, all state insurance will be in- stating a sign at the -- installing a sign at the intersection of president and pratt streets. we cannot get enough of dumb criminals, we love them here on "good morning maryland." at least an attempted truck heist, problem is you need to wait until the truck is dropped. >> also this morning is your neighbor guilty of letting that lawn grow a little woolly? coming up if you're in new york, one town specifically you could be sent to jail for it. we'll tell you all about that and head to facebook this morning and let us know what you think about a messy yard. we're back in a bit.
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well, authorities are trying to determine the wind may have played a role in this accident and take a look at this. suv nearly sliced in half. after a crane fell from high atop its bearings, two workers were taken to the hospital to be checked out and the woman owning this car was inside uppiling -- a building at that time. that's not easy trying to rob a truck especially when the truck is moving, now a group of alleged thieves were caught on camera in romania. here's the problem with it guys, that stuff is staged. now the truck pulls right up behind that truck with its headlights off. two guys pop out of the sunroof with one holding on to the other. as he tries to break into the back of the truck. i see the whole thing breaking out here. now once he gets a look inside he decides to abandon the mission altogether out the way he came. lauren? you're a traffic expert. >> gosh. >> what would your response be to that? >> i don't even know. >> how about couple of responses to our caption this
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this morning? >> i like that better charlie. well today's caption this picture was sent in by colby, it's of her daughter and she's barely a month old and already very fashionable sporting some big sunglasses. and we posted the picture on the facebook page. and a lot of you have sounded off. steven scott wrote in saying my future is so bright i have to wear shades. melissa wrote in saying i wear my sunglasses at night. and johnny thomas wrote in saying, diva in training. so please keep your comments coming and we're really enjoying them and if you ever have a caption this photo idea e-mail it to charlie are you going to make your daughter wear that? >> big sunglasses and big hat. can't be exposed to the sun all that stuff. amable's sir key could be coming to cars. the new addition will come in the form of a button on the steering wheel and you can turn the radio on or possibly get
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directions without ever taking your eyes off the road. apple is work welcome several automakers -- working with several automakers. it is now 6:26. and darth vader never looked so cute. as he did during a 2011 volkswagen super bowl ad. remember this kid? the young man behind the mask is now -- he's captured the hearts of millions, now his heart needs a little work of its own. >> also the home of rapper kanye west becomes the scene of a crime. details on why police were called to the hollywood house. this happened recently. you're watching "good morning maryland." what's new, now and next. we are back in just a few minutes. pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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day four of the jerry sandusky trial. and things progressing quicker than expected. details straight ahead. also, baltimore county called it easing off the zero tolerance policy when it comes to kids acting out. and -- >> about 20,000 people are expected here in the inner harbor this weekend. for the sailabration or celebration of fort mchenry the war of 1812. i'm megan pringle. so much happening here. floating history lessons we're going to take a look at all of it just ahead. that's straight ahead on this thursday, june 14th. >> megan is out live and lauren


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