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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  June 18, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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baltimore family is mourning the loss of their father. the tragedy could have been much worse they say. states west, feeling the heat. it's headed for us later this week. we will tell you when you can expect the temperatures to go up on this monday, june 18th. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. hopefully you had a great weekend. >> you say lynette charles joins us now. i hope you enjoyed the weekend. today is going to be a coolish day. we have showers now on maryland's most powerful radar. montgomery county, showers now, trying to push over towards rockville, gaithersburg, i-270, if you are going to travel there, you are going to get
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wet. south in virginia, wet weather around chantilly, westin, towards the dc area. temperature wise, we are on the cool side. temperatures now for this time of the year are low temperatures, should be around 63 degrees. see is 50s from buoy, columbia, chestertown, they will pick up throughout the day. also what we have is a coastal flood vivary until 11:00 -- advisory until 11:00. excessive heat watch as we head north and east. the heat moves in as we head in to wednesday through friday. i will have the details coming up. now a check of the traffic with loren cook. so far, so good on the jfx, if you are using that to get in to the city from the beltway, 11 minute trip. no problems through the fort mc
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henry. if you are headed to the northeast corridor of 95, here is a live look at white marsh, no problems at route 43. for the beltway, here is a look in parkville, harford road, everything up to speed, 11 minutes from 95 to 83. that's a look at your time saver traffic. jurors in the jerry sandusky trial could hear from the former football coach possibly today. prosecutors called 20 victims. the defense hasn't said if sandusky will take the stand. fire officials are looking for the cause of a house fire that happened in southeast baltimore that killed a man , the dog started barking when the fire broke out on east born avenue. four people got out of the house. however bruce wagner did not make it. he returned home after being hospitalized with a kidney
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infection. >> it was already on fire. no sooner we opened the door, the dog ran out. we got out of there in time. the flames flew and that was it. >> there were no smoke detectors in the home. firefighters plan to walk through the neighborhood to install them for free. call 311 to request an alarm. while you were sleeping, new jersey officer involved in a 10- hour standoff in pennsylvania surrendered to police. richard was also a police officer, he was taken in to custody after midnight he fired at police several times during the ordeal. one officer was injured by shrapnel. he was held up in the home with his estranged wife. >> we all get along. >> those words spoken by rodney king that helped the nation confront the racial history in the 19990s and say the country
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mourns the loss of king who was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool. he was beaten by los angeles police which sparked the la riots. he was 47 years old. stay with us, we will look at how hot it is getting out west and what people are doing to beat the heat: lawyers for football star brett favre are going to be in court today. the latest on favre's legal troubles. everything is up to speed on 695, parkville, 83 coming up in the time saver traffic report. you are looking at new york city, beautiful way to start the day. stay with us, much more to come.
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going to be hot out west
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this week in nevada, they are seeing temperatures in the triple digits. most people trying to stay cool by hitting the pool or staying inside with the ac cranked. one family decided to keep the father's day tradition of playing volleyball. >> you can't do this everyday, obviously. stay in the shade, take a break. do it when you can. >> the family came prepared with water, a tent and had a great time. >> let's send it over to lynette charles with a check on the weather. looking good across the area. on the cooler side. we will take that, look across the middle of the nation, now, actual temperatures in kansas city, close to 80 degrees, look at the 95 degrees in phoenix right now. that's warm and hot for their standards. this will be e e -- 60 sparrows
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point. 55 northeast, 53 galena and rock hall around 55 degrees. as we check out what is going on in terms of the wet weather, well it's off towards the west, showers around the dc area and all this will slide towards the east as we go throughout the day. a few showers possible in to the afternoon. now a check of the abc time saver traffic with loren cook. major construction that will start wednesday on 895, expect delays through the fort mc henry tunnel. as we look at 83, everything nice and clear in northern baltimore county at shawan road. no delays to talk about whatsoever. as we pull up drive times if, you are headed to the beltway, 11 minutes from 95 towards 83. west side clear and an 11
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minute drive from 795 towards 95. an 8 minute trip from the beltway to the fort mc henry tunnel. we have a couple of traffic alerts that may effect your morning commute. the couple of express toll lanes on 95 closed now until thursday. westbound lanes 695 at 95, the exit will be closed. rerouted to westbound route 43 to southbound 9 a. we posted it on on wednesday, a huge construction project starting on 895, crews going to replace concrete decking on a 4-lane bridge south of the toll plaza. delays expected during august, you are encouraged to use the key bridge or fort mc henry until the construction is completed. summer tour kicks off
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today. not the type that probably first comes to mind when you think of a summer tour. >> a group of nuns are traveling across the country. the latest information on a wild fire in california , the video is incredible. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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breet favre's legal team will file a motion against a civil suit against massage therapists claiming he sexually harassed them. a jury will deliberate in the roger clemens perjury trial. he repeated denials that the major league baseball player used steroids and human growth hormones. 9 nuns are kicking off a
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tour highlighting work with the poor. summer camp for homeless children will open up today in patterson park. camp st. vincent is free, a summer day camp dedicated to serving homeless children in baltimore city and county and provides a free breakfast and lunch. check this out, this is the hms bounty in annapolis, there since thus. the replica ship is known for its mutiny that took place in tahiti in 1789 on board the british vessel and used in three of the three pirates of the caribbean movies. >> it's a great looking ship down there. let's go to traffic. >> well, so far, so good through the tunnels. all major construction, plan
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for 895, will begin wednesday. expect heavy delays. use the key bridge as the alternate routes. no delays 95, easy ride in to the city and the beltway, nice and clear all the way around. >> back to the weather, it was beautiful this weekend. >> it wasn't too hot. it was nice. >> we will do it again today in terms of temperatures. we will get clouds today. be prepared for that. as we look at the most powerful radar, we are going to be dealing with wet weather coming in across the area as of now we can see around walkersville, light shower around woods boar. we see showers across the area. gaithersburg, 270, wet this morning, the bulk of the rain is coming from the west, sliding in here as we head through the rest of the morning and the afternoon. the ships, music, history, the celebration begins today.
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>> today a special event is planned at fort mc henry, on that day, two centuries ago the u.s. declared war on great britain. it's about peace and becoming allies. big names will be there including bob shaffer and martin o'malley. this is video from the blue angels over the weekend. the british and kay son and daughterrian ambassadors will also attend. the theme from enemys to allies, recognizing we are friends with the british. national pride filling the inner harbor with the celebration and pride in other areas of the city as well. >> collin shoes ter, he
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graduated college, he knew what military division he wanted to join. >> i chose to go with the coast guard because of the role it plays. >> his family is proud of him and he is excited to be part of this celebration. they are giving back to the community today. dozens are helping out at the recovery program. the volunteers will chat with the men and taking part in scheduled events throughout the course of the day. news around the nation, we are mon monitoring dry conditions. this fire near san diego, this fire prompted residents to leave homes. it burned 100 acres in the first few hours. the brush fire is at 250 acres. 50 firefighters are trying to gain control using two air tankers and a helicopter and an
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air attack plane. hostage situation at texas hospital is over. a man held several people hostage yesterday in an emergency room. one of the hostages reached for the suspect's gun trying to wrestle it away and an officer shot the suspect killing him. no one was reported injured or killed. a oregon woman was found alive, trapped for four days underneath her dresser. she was moving the furniture and the dresser fell on top of her. she was found friday. casey has more on how concerned neighbors were the ones that saved her life. >> i called the cops. call the cops. they broke down the door. >> rich lived in this quiet building for a year. when his upstairs neighbor, 67- year-old virginia was too quiet, he and other neighbors
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started to worry. >> i hasn't seen her in a few days or heard much noise. she is quiet anyway. >> reporter: when the next door neighbor noticed the newspapers piling up, he called police who kicked down the door when she didn't answer. moments later, paramedics announced after four days of trapped under a dresser, she was alive. >> i'm shocked. she was really in there for five days. >> she was treated in the hospital for injuries to her legs and released on saturday. new diaper bag program is a model for the nation and helping parents strapped for cash. many mothers have to make a choice between food and diapers. the act of keeping babies dry and clean is not simple for single moms. you can't get diapers through the food stamp program because
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it's considered a hygiene item. the alternative is reusing diapers. >> before i had my daughter, i didn't know how many pampers i would use in a day and week and month's time. >> the diapers are donated from individuals and from corporations. you are a mom, meagan, you talked about this before, you never know how many diapers you can use in a day. >> once your babies get bigger, you have diapers you are not going to use, it's a great program to donate them to somebody else. lynette is back. things will be changing in the days to come. >> i know you like the weekend's temperatures. we will do more as we go through the day. baltimore, close to 60 degrees. along the eastern shore, we are looking at the temperature around 52 degrees. it's cooler, the reason is we are getting the easterly flow in here, that's going to keep the temperatures down as we go
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in to the afternoon. towards the west, temperatures in hagerstown, 64, 6 be in winchester. here are the winds, the winds are going to influence the weather for today. we are calm along the eastern shore. they will begin to pick up more as we go through time. light in baltimore with the easterly flow about 3 miles per hour and 14 miles per hour sustained wind in haguers town. satellite and radar, we have the clouds, also showers now beginning to come around montgomery county, dc area, the biggest batch of rain is towards the west, if you are heading out that way, be prepared for moderate rain. you can see that in the yellowish colors and orange colors in pennsylvania. this is what is going on. this area of high pressure, that's anchored offshore right now. we are getting the clock wise flow pulling in the easterly wind, that's wopped that's going to keep us on the coolish side for today. 75, we should be around 83, 84
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for this time of the year. back towards the west, this is the system that's going to make us bake as we go in to the middle of the week. the warm front will slide through. we are going to feel the heat. u going to add insult to injury. the temperatures will be feeling like we are in the triple digits. let's put future trend in motion, a possibility of an overnight shower to pop up across the area. we should stay dry and that will continue in to wednesday, thursday, and friday will be our next chance for showers in the forecast. this is it in a nutshell. hour by hour showers today. mild with the temperature coming in around 75 degrees. here is a check of the seven- day forecast for you as summer will begin and you know what, on queue, the temperature at 94 degrees. we get hotter from there and more humid from there. temperature 97 and 91 degrees as we head in to thursday and friday. now a check of the time saver
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traffic with loren cook. good morning, how are the roads? they are not heating up like the forecast. 97 degrees, i can't believe it's going to be that hot. if you are using the jfx, no problems, in to the city, no problems. howard county, a live look at interstate 70, columbia pike, no concerns, not too much activity. an easy ride to the beltway, travel times, if you are heading on 95, four minutes from white marsh boulevard to the beltway , the beltway nice and clear, 11 minutes to travel the outer loop towards 83, west side going to be clear and traveling from 79595, 11 minute drive. wegman's looks like a scene at a black friday. they opened in columbia. the store says the line of 2000 people were waiting for the
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store to open. the 5th in the state of maryland. new report says suvs may not be as safe as you think they are. country in transition, candidate who declared himself next president of egypt and the results are not expected until later this week. you are waking up to what is new in maryland. it's a blurred shot, that is the white house, down in dc. we continue in a moment.
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