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tv   News  ABC  June 18, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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once you get onto the jfx, 11 minutes southbound from the beltway, all the way downtown to east fayette street. the west side, traffic is really starting to pick up. a 13-minute ride on the outer loop, 795s towards 95, east side, picking up as well, not as bad, though, 12 minutes to travel the outer loop, 95 to 83. the ship, music, history, celebration of the sail-a- bration continues today. today is the day the war of 1812 started 200 years ago. sherrie johnson is live at fort mc henry with what is planned for today. >> all is quiet now, in just a few hours this place is going to be packed. look behind me. you can see the chairs are already lined up, expecting 450 guests that ceremony starts at 11:00 and runs until noon, today's marks the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812
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and june 18th, is the day that the united states declared war on great britain. today's event is about peace and being allies. governor martin o'malley will be here. the ambassadors will attend. today's scene is from enemys to allies. i have maryland war of 1812, by centennial commission. thank you for joining us. what does this ceremony and the event mean for the state? >> the economic impact. not only celebrating our history but the impact is just amazing. hundreds of thousands of visitors, people from all over the world as well as our broader region, pennsylvania, new jersey, virginia, our hotels have been full. restaurants have been full. transportation service providers, group tour operators, the cash registers are ringing. it's been wonderful, an economic boost for us and a
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boost to our ego, and sharing our history with the world. >> though the tall ships take off tomorrow, things wrap up tomorrow. this is just the beginning. >> it is just the beginning. despite the name, it was a 32 month war, our big moment was september 1814, look for a huge celebration in september 2014, we will be all through the next 32 months, all over the state of maryland. it is a statewide story, st. michaels, salmon's, we will be celebrating big activities. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. once again, the first half is going to wrap up tomorrow morning with the ships taking off. a lot more to come. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. president barack obama made a shift when it comes to illegal immigrants. linda so is here to explain fv3 what it means for younger undocumented illegals. >> they are thousand allowed to
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stay -- they are allowed to stay in the us if they meet certain guidelines. opponents say it's bad news. republicans against the new policy will hold a press conference in dc. the policy could effect 800,000 undocumented immigrants. effective immediately, deportation will not be enforced under the guidelines that protect the immigrants who came to the u.s. before they were 16 and not older than 30 and lived in the u.s. for 5 years with no criminal record. for young immigrants who came here illegally with parents, this policy is huge. >> we need to find ways to integrate them, rather than trying to do a mass exit. >> the people not respecting the laws of the country, i don't think it's something we should support. >> those who back the policy in maryland, say, out compliments the dream act, up for referendum in november. it would grant in state tuition
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to illegal immigrants. a 10 hour standoff in pennsylvania ended with the suspect walking out of the home peacefully. richard an off duty police officer barricaded himself in a southeast pennsylvania home, the house reportedly belonged to his estranged wife. police say he fired several shots at them, one officer was injured by shrapnel. kindergarten students are told to hit a classmate accused of bullying. >> the mother is speaking out. amy wants to make it clear, her 6 year old, 50-pound son, is far from a bully. the family says weeks ago, a teacher at the elementary school accused him of being a bully and decided to teach him a lesson by having other students line up and hit him. >> 24 of the kids hit him. he says most hit him twice. he had friends in the classroom, they didn't want to hit him, but she instructed
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them to hit him. >> another teacher came forward. the teacher who told the students to hit the boy will not be hired back. the teacher who failed to report the incident will return to the classroom next fall. we have posted the on our facebook fan page. stay with us, this next story is important for you. >> a safety concern from older chrysler models and what could be done to fix the problem.
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gas tanks in certain models of jeeps run a greater risk of catching fire. more than 5 million types made between 1993-2007 are under the microscopic. >> we have 3.5 million jeeps, grand cherokees, cherokees and libertys, driving around with defective fuel systems, if hit in the rear, can result in a fuel leak and catastrophic fire. >> 15 people have been burned to death in rear impact crashes. chrysler insist they are safe. they say no recall necessary
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because the rear ends are not defective. alex the lion and rest of the madagascar gang reigned this father's day weekend. it held the top spot at the box office for a second week in a row. nipping at its heels, sci fi thriller clin offed second place. rock of ages, that jammed its way in to number three. >> i turned to my wife and asked if we could leave. >> it's like bad karaoke. >> it's not chicago. stay with us this morning, sell sail-a-bration continues here in baltimore. i'm sherrie johnson, live at fort mc henry, the stage is
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set for a special ceremony as the events continue. a live report coming up. one man died in a house fire this weekend. i'm linda so, why his family says things could have been worse had it not been for their dog. traffic pattern if you are taking the metro, why you may want to double check your train and destination before you get on board. picking up where we left off in terms of temperatures. change is here, i will have the details coming up. traffic is starting to slow down on 895, i will have more on what the beltway looking like coming up in my time saver traffic report. ♪
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let's kick it off with a check of the forecast. >> good morning, good morning, everyone. we are dealing with rain showers on maryland's most powerful radar. this is pushing from the west, towards the east, as we go through time, we will get in
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heavier time throughout the morning. we are looking at mount airy, to the north, seeing a little heavy shower across the area, along i-70, wet, i-95, getting in on the wet weather towards columbia. the further to the south you go, you are dealing with wet weather around silver spring, dc, virginia, alexandria. rockville, we are seeing some rainy conditions across the area. the clouds, mostly cloudy as we go throughout the day with showers in the forecast for you. we have the coastal flood advisory for the areas in the blue until 11:00 this morning. congestion is starting to pick up on many of the main lines, northeast corridor, slow, in the white marsh area, route 43 to the beltway, if you are traveling through the tunnels, the southbound lanes of 895, starting to jam up,
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major construction project will begin on wednesday on 895, expect delays throughout the entire summer. use the fort mc henry or key bridge as your alternate routes. a live look at the west side, at liberty, going to be jammed on the outer loop. a 14 minute ride from 795, towards 95, congestion continues as we look at the beltway and parkville, bel air, the outer loop slow toward the boulevard. man's best friend is credited for saving a family's life in a deadly house fire over the weekend. one man did not make it. linda so is here with the details. >> the family says they pit bull started barking when he saw the flames and got four people out of the house , the fire was too for hbor to rescue bruce wagner. he died in the home where he
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lived with his wife for 30 years. wagner was in the hospital for a week with a kidney infection and had just got home when the fire broke out about 2 hours later. there were no working smoke detectors in the house. >> never had it. he was supposed to put some in there but never did. >> one woman was taken to the hospital with burns. tafamily believes wagner may have been smoking before the fire started. if you live in the city, call 311. today is the historic day in u.s. history, when the u.s. declared war on england as part of the war of 1812, festivities continue today, concludes tomorrow. sherrie johnson is live at fort mc henry with the details. >> reporter: we are here live
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at fort mc henry. a special event at 11:00, until 12:00, today is the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812, i'm standing here with ranger vince and ranger jim. they are all decked out in the official reproductive garb. this is amazing. first of all, let's talk about the war of 1812. >> the british stealing american sailors, confiscating ships, american flag didn't have respect. united states made a stand, declared war on this day 200 years ago. >> reporter: wow, what else is going on today? we got the event at 11:00, the governor, all kinds of folks coming. what else can folks take advantage of. >> we are going to have living history. listen to drums, watch and hear the cannons fire and experience the war of 1812. >> reporter: excellent. the theme is from enemies to allies, what do you want people to get out of the event.
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>> we celebrate the peace. it's great that actually, three countries, canada, united king dom and united states have been friends. now, the trending from cast your vote, is overwhelmingly not to declare war. that legacy of peace seems to resonate. >> it is so amazing watching you guys. i'm glad you put the uniforms on. does it make you feel great? >> you feel 10 feet taller. >> thank you so much. you look 10 feet taller. i'm a short person in between you guys. thank you for joining us. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. today not only marks the start of the war of 1812, it's also a historical day for women. on this date in 18983, sally ride became the first american woman to blast off in to space. she and three colleagues were aboard the space shuttle
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challenger. major service adjustment for metro rail is about to take effect. the rush plus service starts today and during the rush hour it's going to effect 110,000 riders on the green, yellow, blue and orange lines. 21 stations will see an increase in the number of trains during the morning and afternoon rush hours. bounty is sailing off today after in town for sail-a- bration, one of the most famous in the world. the replica was used in the 1962 movie, it was featured in two of the three pirates of the caribbean movies. the only tall ship docked in annapolis for the sail-a- bration events. a councilman headed to prison for embezzling 350,000 dollars, said he was humbled by his prosecution. hairy thomas is scheduled to report wednesday. he received a 38 month sentence
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and with good behavior, could be released february 2015. heed he admitted to taking funds air marked for youth sports programs. training flightses happening tonight and tomorrow night over washington dc, exercises are intended to strengthen the operations. f-16s and u.s. coast guard helicopters are among the aircrafts used. the training is from 11:00 tonight until 5:30 tomorrow morning the same for tomorrow night in to wednesday morning. summer catch begins in ballet -- camp begins in baltimore. counselors working with campers to keep up the reading and math skills during the summer. the students are taking part in traditional camp activities including swimming, hiking and arts and crafts, that camp is running from now through august
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10th. new york yankees are the ones surging, bombers won 9 straight, they have a game and a half lead in al east over baltimore. five things you need to know before you head out the door, the trial begins in the case against jerry sandusky. defense has not said if jurors will hear from the former football coach. president barack obama is in loss cabos mexico for the g20 summit. leaders will be headed to mix
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mexico for the meeting. announcement expected from microsoft. they are expected to hold a press conference in los angeles and there is speculations they will unveil a tablet. more homes evacuated in northern colorado as firefighters battle a wild fire going 56,000 acres strong. flames are 15 miles west of fort collins and destroyed 180 homes by becoming the most destructive wild fire. winds will make fighting the
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flames difficult today. in california 150 homes evacuated sunday as a wind fed wild fire burned 450 acres out west. >> we can see what is going on across the nation. they are dry, they are not getting the wet weather, dealing with hot temperatures. this is sliding towards the east. we slide in close to home. we are dealing with the cooler weather and the wetter weather. satellite and radar, picking up on showers coming down across carroll county and also all the way in to virginia. woe could see a batch of rain towards the west. as i take you to lorel, we are dry, we are dealing with cloud cover out there this morning. it's going to be rare that we get sunshine in here for today. i'm going to call it mostly cloudy, more of the same in ellicott city. more in the way of cloud cover
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for today. now, temperature 61 degrees baltimore. more of the same in pennsylvania. york, pennsylvania. as we look at the eastern shore, temperature at 55 degrees. it will be cooler along the eastern shore for today's. the reason why, high pressure anchored off the coast. on shore flow and that keeps the conditions a little bit on the cool side. we look across the middle of the nation, that's going the slides in here, we are really going to heat thing up as we go through time. a slight chance for a shower overnight, but drying things out as we go in to wednesday, thursday and friday. here is the temperature today, 75 degrees, as you head out and about, take the jacket. it's cool but grab the rain gear, this is what it looks like, summer begins wednesday. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. good morning, we are dealing with several accidents, trouble in southeast baltimore, a crash on eastern avenue, cane
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street, to 95, expect heavy delays. a new accident here along the southbound lanes as you approach 695, if you are headed to the west side of the beltway, here is what it looks like at liberty. a lot of congestion on the outer loop will continue towards edmonton avenue. it's not going to be much better on the beltway in parkville. folks at leukemia lymphoma for a gala event saturday, they raised $290,000 named their 2012 man and woman of the year. they were named for this year.
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