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tv   Nightline  WMAR  June 18, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight on "nightline" -- weigh less drink more? an alarming new risk of gastric bypass surgery after today a study shows it may increase the odds of alcohol addiction. all about the hidden danger of losing big. get real. those confident stroller dads from what to expect when you're expecting. the numbers are more than doubling. we go inside the lives of real trophy husbands. plus, call me maybe. why has this man never heard from the president? we spend the day with marco rubio, now at the center of president obama's decision to let young illegal immigrants stay in america.
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good evening, i'm terry moran. every year, more than 200,000 americans undergo weight loss surgery. for most, the procedure is life-saving, literally. but this kind of surgery works dramatic changes to the body and it can cause many unexpected effects. today, a new study suggests a startling link between gastric bypass and increased odds of alcohol addiction. so are patients getting thin only to become alcoholic? here's abc's deborah roberts. >> reporter: youtube is full of confessions of people who dropped weight from gastric bypass surgery and then found themselves drinking heavily. >> i'd start and pour myself a glass of wine, finish it, and then more. >> when i woke up, i was still pretty drunk. >> you have to have an addictive
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personality to really become a morbidly obese person. >> reporter: singer wilson was drinking up to ten martinis a day. >> i was getting drunk very fast and i was getting sober very fast. and it was frightening. it was frightening. >> reporter: andrew kahn knows that feeling, after his bypass, he, too, found himself losing control to alcohol. >> i started drinking, and it was the first time in my life i was drinking heavily that i thought i didn't have control over myself. >> reporter: now, a new study out today that may offer explanation. according to the journal of the american medical association more than 1 in 10 gastric bypass patients have become alcoholics after two years after the surgery. >> essentially what a gastric bypass does to alcohol is similar to what people who snort drugs would get into their
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bloodstream. >> reporter: that's because the stomach is shrunk to roughly the size of an egg, limiting the body's ability to absorb calorie eyes. that also includes alcohol. so patients both feel the effects of alcohol and also sober up quickly. >> one drink which may not have had any effect on you, may have a very, very big effect on you following a gastric bypass. >> reporter: for many, life after weight loss surgery can be a troubling reality. >> my weight loss surgery was entirely done in vanity. >> reporter: in 2006, beth had her stomach reduced and went from 320 pounds to 160, half her weight. her husband had it, too, and lost 200 pounds but after the high of losing weight quickly, she began feeling let down, frustrated and regretful. >> every day you get up again and think i'm going to get on the scale again and it just -- you ride it. >> reporter: what happens when the honeymoon ends?
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>> well, you're married. you're married to the surgery. and not all marriages work. >> reporter: beth began blogging and soon realized her feelings post surgery were common. what else do you hear from people that surprises you about this weight loss surgery? >> addiction. >> reporter: addiction other than food? >> when it's over and you can no longer use it as your crutch, you've almost got to find something to fill that missing space where food was. alcohol is rampant in our community. >> reporter: so alcohol becomes the addiction because it's easier to digest than food. >> if you can't swallow chicken, you can swallow wine. >> reporter: now, they're attributing it to something called addiction transference. that's always been a controversial theory. today, study adds new fuel to the debate. >> i think it has to do with the fact that alcohol which is already an addictive drug
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becomes more addictive when we alter your anatomy. >> reporter: more complicated that weight loss is emerging as the most effective way of combatting obesity. it can be life-saving. >> there is no more effective procedure in medicine, they go into complete reverse of diabetes before they've lost any weight. >> reporter: bariatric surgeons say follow up with patients monitoring is key but hasn't always been a priority. >> in the early days, we probably didn't have the connection that we have now. >> is that the biggest feeling in weight-loss surgery, the lack of emotional support? >> any surgeon can take care of us here, but nobody touches this. >> reporter: still beth like so many others she talks with online says even knowing the risks, she'd do it all over again. do you regret or are you mostly happy with this decision?
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>> i'm a success. it worked. the surgery did what it was supposed to do. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'll deborah roberts in new york. >> a fascinating and important link, thanks to deborah roberts for that. up next, you seldom know what to expect when you're expecting. now, we meet some real life trophy husbands. [ banker ] mike and bre d a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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right on the heels of father's day, we bring you the so-called trophy husbands. they're the cooking, cleaning, stay-at-home dads who pack lunches for their wives, schedule play dates and stay fit at the gym.
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since the number of at-home dads has more than doubled in decades this could be staying power. sharyn alfonsi got a slice of the husband's life. >> reporter: remember the bumbling mr. mom character from the 1980s? well, today's stay-at-home dad say new breed. they push strollers with swagger. like dads know what to expect when you're expecting. ♪ throw your hands in the air and be the true playa ♪ >> reporter: like jake howard-potter, stay at-home dad competes in triathlons and then the toddler the next. pick out her outfit or do her hair or wharf. is any of it emasculating to you? >> no, i just don't think of it at all. i had a dad say to me, god that skirt's really cute. i said to him, man, who would
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think that cute dads are here getting their kids out of swim class. >> reporter: we got a peek of the stay-at-home dad. >> pretty much eat a salad. >> reporter: 8:00 p.m., he packs his wife a lunch and sending her off to the office. >> bye-bye. >> throw kisses. >> bye-bye. >> have a good day. >> reporter: while she manages her job as a high-powered tax attorney, he manages the house, the chores and their very active daughter skylar. >> i often stand in awe of him and all that he does, and that i think is incredibly attractive as well. >> reporter: according to the census, the number of stay-at-home fathers has more than doubled in the past ten years. still at 9:00 a.m. on a wednesday, jake's the only dad in the mommy and me class. he's treading on uncharted
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territory. be honest, not everyone is going to say that's wonderful but what's the real reaction. >> they say that, but they say, oh, that's wonderful. it's like a i'm so sorry for you attitude. i totally don't look at it like that. >> reporter: 11:00 jake and skylar have tea with melny and her dad. then the four are off to lunch erica, she's knee deep in tax documents. why are more men at home? according to a recent pew study women now place high importance on having a successful career than men. 2:00 in the afternoon, and jake is with other stay-at-home dads at this weekly play group, behind the closed doors, chaos. >> i have friends who say they would never leave their kids with their husbands. what do you say to that? >> the way women interact and men interact with kids, it's
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rough. >> mom say be careful. dads say, how high do you want to go? here's one of those dads he's spent 12 years in the navy. >> people think i'm a bum i should be out there working like my wife working, i'm not working. and i am working. and they're saying oh what a great mother she is, i'm a great father. try to respect is that too. >> reporter: his wife runs a media company. he says he has no problem when moms whisper about him on the playground. how do you feel about the term "trophy husband"? >> that's me. >> reporter: you don't mind it at all? >> no, come on. >> reporter: your wife's the breadwinner what do you say to that? >> welcome to 2012. that's as crazy as saying i'm female, i could never go in the
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workforce, i'm just going to stay home. >> reporter: as the day drew to a close for skylar and jake, countdown to mommy begins. >> mommy! >> is that her? i don't think so. >> reporter: it's 6:30. >> mama. >> reporter: but seconds before erica walks in the door -- >> oh. >> reporter: -- mommy's there to kiss it and make it better. >> oh. >> reporter: erica gets just 30 minutes with skylar before bedtime. she reads her book and the couple says they count their blessings every night. >> we really feel lucky and privileged to do this. i never look at anything i have to deal with in terms as a challenge. it's really an opportunity. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm sharyn alfonsi in new york. >> thanks to sharyn alfonsi for that one. just ahead, he's the tea
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he's the fastest rising hispanic political star. marco rubio, he's the junior
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republican senator in florida and right at the top of vice president for mitt romney's wish list. here's abc's david muir with a "nightline" interview. >> reporter: standing in front of the miami home of marco rubio. >> i put that in the sidewalk years ago. >> reporter: this freshman senator is now carving a new role for himself. quickly becoming the hispanic star of american politics, but as we prepared to sit down with rubio in his miami home, he had to delay the interview. he was rushing to respond to the curveball from president obama, news making that the president changed policy. what's your reaction? >> well, i know that many ever these kids will take this as good news because they're desperate for some sort of resolution. it's a short-term solution. >> reporter: so the president should never have done this? >> i think he should work with
11:56 pm
the congress to balance them. >> reporter: the obama administration with the dream act and that it was stalled in congress. they say congress should still act. >> i'm glad you asked about the dream act because i have an alternative to it and i've never gotten a single call from a person at the white house. >> reporter: a speculation that rubio pick for v.p. could help romney with the influential spanish vote. rubio speaks of his parents who came from cuba, his mother a maid, his father a bar clerk. >> he identified with success, people who wore a suit and tie. he said i want you to grow up and wear a suit and tie to work. >> reporter: and also escaping castro. >> you said your parentses were cuban exiles and escaped a thug. do you regret having told the story that way? >> i regret having the date right. i never talked about my parents
11:57 pm
getting on a boat ands scraping castro. i never talked about some midnight run that got them to the united states. part of the narrative is that my parents were born and lived and loved their country. >> reporter: he said hispanic candidates no matter where they came in the country, rube bio responding that romney needs to do better. do you think it gets better for romney? >> yeah. our message, there's nothing more important in the hispanic children than leaving our children better off. you say our message. do you think it would help governor romney? >> when i say our, the republic republican conservative message. >> reporter: you've got to be thinking about it, we heard the freudian slip. >> three, four, five, six, seven years from now, if i do a good
11:58 pm
job as vice president -- [ laughter ] >> that wasn't a freudian slip, when they ask you so much about a title,s eventually it's going to sneak through your commentary. >> reporter: some worry aloud if rubio is experienced enough. >> do you think there were vetting problems? >> i think people forgot how much enthusiasm she brought to that campaign. look, john mccain did not lose the election because of sarah palin. >> reporter: four years later, rubio welcomes questions about his own history, his memoir out tomorrow. it is the family's many moves as a child, the journey to las vegas. where for a time, the family switched to the mormon church. you were baptized in the mormon church. you and your cousins i read would sing, like the osmonds? >> the osmonds were very popular, especially among mormons. we would lip-synch. >> reporter: which song do you
11:59 pm
remember? >> sweet minister. >> reporter: today, he attends mass with his wife and four children, they as attend services at a baptist church. back here in west miami, he's still the boy who would show up after school. >> vice president? >> not now. >> not now? >> he deserves to be president. not vice president. >> president, not vice president. >> reporter: all of this for the whirlwind he met back in college now with four children. when you look at your husband, do you see a vice president? >> don't fall for it. >> i see a husband and a dad, that's what i see. >> reporter: as the republican party and mitt romney tonight still debates whether they see something else. i'm david muir for "nightline" in miami. >> well, tonight, marco rubio announced he's shelving that version of the dream act until after the election. thanks for david muir.


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